Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Oct 3, 2009
  • Michael Jackson's official music video for "Thriller"
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    Michael Jackson's 14-minute short film "Thriller" revolutionized the music video genre forever. Hailed as the greatest music video of all time by MTV, VH1, Rolling Stone and others, "Thriller," directed by John Landis, is also the only music video selected to be included in the Library of Congress' prestigious National Film Registry.
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    Written by Rod Temperton
    Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
    From the album Thriller, released November 30, 1982
    Released as a single January 23, 1984
    Director: John Landis
    Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California
    Michael Jackson's short film for "Thriller" was the third of three short films produced for recordings from Thriller, which continues its reign as the biggest selling album of all time with worldwide sales in excess of 105 million as of June 1, 2016 and in December 2015 became the first ever album to be awarded triple diamond status (i.e.: sales in excess of 30 million) by the RIAA for US sales alone. The "Thriller" single reached No. 1 in four countries in 1984, topping the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart as well as charts in Spain, France and Belgium. The song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Thriller the first album to feature seven Top 10 singles. The Recording Industry Association of America certified "Thriller" Gold and Platinum on December 4, 1989.
    The groundbreaking short films for the Thriller album, starting with "Billie Jean," following up with "Beat It" and culminating with the epic, nearly 14-minute "Thriller," truly expanded the possibilities of "music video" as art form. "I wanted something that would glue you to the set, something you'd want to watch over and over," Michael wrote in his 1988 memoir Moonwalk. "I wanted to be a pioneer in this relatively new medium and make the best short music movies we could make."
    In the short film's extended prologue, Michael's moonlit date with his girlfriend (played by model Ola Ray) is interrupted by his sudden transformation into a howling werewolf. While the "real" Michael and Ola, observing the scene in a movie theater, walk home from the their date, Michael teases her by singing the verses of "Thriller."
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  • Alfred Woodall
    Alfred Woodall 2 hours ago

    A classic right here i remember when he died. A prison across the world pay tribute to Michael Jackson. By this thriller dance .

    HUMBERTO AUDE 2 hours ago


  • John Joshua Amper
    John Joshua Amper 2 hours ago

    ??? Whos with me??? September 17, 2019

    JUANITO ALCACHOFA 3 hours ago

    4: 13

  • Thái Nguyễn Duy
    Thái Nguyễn Duy 3 hours ago

    I miss him 😢

  • Jissele Your soul sister

    The respect that people have to not unsubscribe and still comment on these vids is amazing 👍🏻😁😀

  • Chai Xiong
    Chai Xiong 4 hours ago

    Still the best hands down! Awesome!

  • Sharper
    Sharper 4 hours ago

    This will never get old.
    My future children will see this, that is for sure.

  • BadzWannaBleed
    BadzWannaBleed 4 hours ago +1

    Legend for ever...👌🏻

  • Josh Parton
    Josh Parton 5 hours ago

    How does this video not have a billion views

  • Vlad Kronos
    Vlad Kronos 5 hours ago

    September? anyone eh?

  • Noelibeth Carrizo
    Noelibeth Carrizo 5 hours ago

    Por que ponen a maicol como un monstruo aunque del internet es uno

  • Blinks rule
    Blinks rule 6 hours ago

    Why this doesn’t have atleast 7 billion views like c‘mon !!!!

  • Sonali Acharjee
    Sonali Acharjee 6 hours ago

    I'm actually watched this on the roof of my house at 23:38 pm👽

  • Ferre Benard
    Ferre Benard 7 hours ago

    I do

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    Robin Tomka 7 hours ago

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    Robin Tomka 7 hours ago

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  • Robin Tomka
    Robin Tomka 7 hours ago

    I déle it

  • Robin Tomka
    Robin Tomka 7 hours ago

    I love it

  • Jason xxx
    Jason xxx 8 hours ago

    I bet he be dancing and looking like that for real now...r.i.p

  • Michelle Sui
    Michelle Sui 8 hours ago

    so he chose the night it was a full moon to propose-
    well done michael

  • Yosef Orozco
    Yosef Orozco 8 hours ago

    Hello i'm Yosef

  • 李Jolin
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  • Fatima Asad
    Fatima Asad 8 hours ago

    I love Michel Jackson I used to watch him when I was 6 now I’m 11 my he Rest In Peace

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  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 8 hours ago

    9:40 always gives me chills 😄

  • Gidelma Narcizo
    Gidelma Narcizo 9 hours ago +1

    Amo Thriller

  • Paul Ernest Baleba
    Paul Ernest Baleba 10 hours ago

    Dead people coming out of their graves... and start dancing... pure genious!!!

  • Rihanna AlEssa
    Rihanna AlEssa 10 hours ago

    Rest In Peace ❤️🙏🏻

  • Arturo Cardenas
    Arturo Cardenas 11 hours ago +1

    Who's watching this in octuber 2019?

  • Maringi Langel
    Maringi Langel 11 hours ago +1

    Let's see who is Michael Jackson fan

  • Jhomar Salces Jamora
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    This are the real fans of MJ

  • Ξʊʀɨ ҡųŋΞ
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    Мне кажется,или Джексон вдохновился русским ,,Ну,погоди"?)) там серия,где заяц превратился в оборотня 🤣🤣

  • callesmad
    callesmad 11 hours ago

    Michael the best

  • claudios Silva
    claudios Silva 11 hours ago

    O melhor dos melhores

  • MichaelNicle
    MichaelNicle 12 hours ago +1

    I HIGHLY Doubt that this video is only in the millions in terms of viewcount.
    I Bet you it's over a billion but there's an agenda with mike so they trynna make it look as if it's not as big as it truly is.

  • Lorettajean /Masterpiece
    Lorettajean /Masterpiece 14 hours ago +1


  • Lim siew wen林秀文
    Lim siew wen林秀文 14 hours ago +1

    How did the moon got full that fast

  • Ryan Ritchings
    Ryan Ritchings 15 hours ago +4

    Anyone else on a Michael Jackson music marathon

  • Sarah Nabors
    Sarah Nabors 15 hours ago +3

    Michael is genius ❤️
    The greatest of all time forever

  • MRG
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  • Prince Liam
    Prince Liam 16 hours ago +2

    Boys and girls there goes the king of everything 1958-forever

  • Exotic Flayy
    Exotic Flayy 17 hours ago +1

    The Atmost worst part of this video is this 13:42

  • Manthan Mishra
    Manthan Mishra 18 hours ago +3

    Need support , I am a boy and I can sing in female voice

  • E G
    E G 18 hours ago +2

    Michel I Love you

  • david tungate
    david tungate 18 hours ago +1

    this song launched his solo career from the Jackson 5

  • Abdirahman Abdiwahab
    Abdirahman Abdiwahab 19 hours ago +1

    1982= the best hit
    2009= who is watching
    2010= who is watching
    2011= who is watching
    2012= who is watching
    2013= who is watching
    2014= who is watching
    2015= who is watching
    2016= who is watching
    2017= who is watching
    2018=who is watching
    2019=who is watching
    2020=who is watching
    2030= who is watching
    Mj the GOAT

  • Alvaro Ñungo
    Alvaro Ñungo 20 hours ago +2

    El mejor video musical de la historia

  • demus
    demus 20 hours ago +1

    8:36 when ur crush messages you back after 8 hours of no response

  • Cristian gabriel Dos santos oliveira

    The King of POP

  • Reggie David
    Reggie David 20 hours ago +1

    That actually scared me 🤭

  • DJ. Asi2x
    DJ. Asi2x 20 hours ago

    Thank god for RU-clip comments or else I wouldn’t know what year I’m watching this video in

  • Gonzalo Melendez
    Gonzalo Melendez 21 hour ago

    It's close to midnight
    Something evil's lurkin' in the dark
    Under the moonlight
    You see a sight that almost stops your heart
    You try to scream
    But terror takes the sound before you make it
    You start to freeze
    As horror looks you right between the eyes
    You're paralyzed
    You hear the door slam
    And realize there's nowhere left to run
    You feel the cold hand
    And wonder if you'll ever see the sun
    You close your eyes
    And hope that this is just imagination
    Girl, but all the while
    You hear a creature creepin' up behind
    You're out of time
    They're out to get you
    There's demons closing in on every side
    They will possess you
    Unless you change that number on your dial
    Now is the time
    For you and I to cuddle close together
    All through the night
    I'll save you from the terror on the screen
    I'll make you see

    Darkness falls across the land
    The midnight hour is close at hand
    Creatures crawl in search of blood
    To terrorize y'all's neighborhood
    And whosoever shall be found
    Without the soul for getting down
    Must stand and face the hounds of hell
    And rot inside a corpse's shell
    The foulest stench is in the air
    The funk of forty thousand years
    And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
    Are closing in to seal your doom
    And though you fight to stay alive
    Your body starts to shiver
    For no mere mortal can resist
    The evil of the thriller
    'Cause this is thriller
    Thriller night
    And no one's gonna save you
    From the beast about to strike
    You know it's thriller
    Thriller night
    You're fighting for your life
    Inside a killer thriller tonight
    'Cause this is thriller
    Thriller night
    Girl, I can thrill you more
    Than any ghoul would ever dare try
    Thriller, thriller night
    So let me hold you tight
    And share a killer, thriller
    I'm gonna thrill you tonight
    'Cause this is thriller
    Thriller night
    Girl, I can thrill you more
    Than any ghoul would ever dare try
    (Thriller, thriller night)
    So let me hold you tight
    And share a killer, thriller

    TRAGNIEW PARK COMPTON 21 hour ago +1


  • Karafuru ✨
    Karafuru ✨ 21 hour ago

    Michael was a legend.

  • Scott D
    Scott D 21 hour ago +1


  • autumn pummill
    autumn pummill 22 hours ago

    I remember when this song was so popular it was in every Halloween commercial time goes by so fast!

  • Dan D
    Dan D 22 hours ago +1

    1982, the day I saw this video for the first time: my Aunt, "Well your uncle recorded on the machine, but you'll have to ask you mom if you can watch it because it's kind of scary."

  • Oba*** Man
    Oba*** Man 22 hours ago +1

    Is chris Brown a better artist than Michael Jackson or even Prince

  • Oba*** Man
    Oba*** Man 22 hours ago +4

    09/15/ 2019... None of Chris Brown songs can touch THRILLER, this is biggest hits of all time.