Lena Dunham Pranks Her Mom on Kimmel

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Jimmy helps Lena play a prank on her mom and video chat with her live during the show.
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    Lena Dunham Pranks Her Mom on Kimmel
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Comments • 280

  • Legendary Ghidorah
    Legendary Ghidorah 29 days ago +1

    6:06 settle down jimmy, you're getting too excited

  • Madisonblit
    Madisonblit Month ago

    She plays on American horror story cult

  • A Ru
    A Ru 4 months ago

    boring, whats the point of this

  • claudia mastro
    claudia mastro 4 months ago

    no whatsapp in the us?

  • Ayhan
    Ayhan 4 months ago

    Disliked and now going.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 7 months ago


  • anders damin
    anders damin 7 months ago

    Isn't she supposed to be a feminist? Why is she perpetuating the 'slut' concept?

  • Emily Teleposky
    Emily Teleposky 7 months ago

    I really enjoyed this video! Go Lena!

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool 8 months ago +1

    Morgan Freeman and Lena Dunham. Jimmy Kimmel really loves his rapist guests.

  • Liliana Catalan
    Liliana Catalan 8 months ago

    Such a boring and pompous blob. No talent at all.

  • Tudor Miller
    Tudor Miller 8 months ago

    I love this half Wasp half Jewish middle class New York feminist. ❤️

  • Your cats filthy vomit chunks

    I remember when she tried to prank her sister, but her fingers went in too deep and it was then considered Sexual Assault. :/

  • Avis Wrentmore
    Avis Wrentmore 8 months ago +3

    Leah your make-up looks beautiful:) love the lipstick and outfit:) and pretty hair:)

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago +2

      Yeah, she's a child molester, real beautiful.

  • jobless.bum7
    jobless.bum7 8 months ago

    i have a keurig coffee machine and i will never support trump. ever. i hated trump long before he ran for office.

  • Rudi Johnson
    Rudi Johnson 8 months ago

    she thinks shes funny. shes not.

  • Easy Company
    Easy Company 9 months ago +2

    Lena the molester Dunham

  • Shell Bee
    Shell Bee 9 months ago

    Why is she even a thing? She’s not redeemable. Nope.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool 9 months ago +7

    There's more likes than dislikes on this video. That's unacceptable.

  • Terri Wells
    Terri Wells 9 months ago +2

    She looked better than I have ever seen her look. Lovely. She is a strong woman. Of course, that is so controversial. It's time we move past that non-issue.

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Definitely! Kim Kardashian doesn't get this much hate. Why Lena Dunham ?

    • Terri Wells
      Terri Wells 8 months ago

      @Ashleigh Denise Argyle Will do, thanks!

    • Ashleigh Denise Argyle
      Ashleigh Denise Argyle 8 months ago

      @Terri Wells She wrote about the 10 year incestuous assaults in her own words. I'd definitely look it up so you can read for yourself what kind of monster she is.

  • Van Gannaway
    Van Gannaway 9 months ago

    Lena Dunham Was raped by Barry

  • Kate Meaney
    Kate Meaney 9 months ago +1

    I love Lena!!!!!!!!!

  • Junior Dynamo
    Junior Dynamo 9 months ago

    why is she still on television?

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Because people still love to hate her every time she appears on TV.

  • elaeiffel
    elaeiffel 9 months ago

    How can Kimmel criticize the senate and kavanaugh for the sexual assault affair yet invites a confessed rapist of minors?
    Also "Hi mom, I touched my 7 yo sister!"

  • Brandon Thrower
    Brandon Thrower 9 months ago

    What a darling family

  • Myles Heneke
    Myles Heneke 9 months ago


  • B G
    B G 9 months ago

  • Janice Hagen
    Janice Hagen 9 months ago

    I have no.idea who this is...

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      She's a child molester that's who she is.

  • choosemyadventure
    choosemyadventure 9 months ago

    ugghh i thought she was canceled.

  • imajenn2
    imajenn2 9 months ago

    HoLy Hater Fest!

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      @imajenn2 people are trying to bring everyone in the light about who she really is and what she's done but it seems like no one in the entertainment industry is pushing this serious issue with her. Now let's be honest if the same incriminating information came out about a high profile male celeb his life would be ruined (well unless it's Roman Polansky) yet for some odd reason she gets a free pass.

    • imajenn2
      imajenn2 8 months ago

      @Pandas are cool jesus....wtf

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago +2

      That's what happens when somebody like her molests her own sister for 10 years.

  • 9rEmpire
    9rEmpire 9 months ago

    Kimmels laugh is like a witch’s kackel

  • Zaea
    Zaea 9 months ago


  • Rabbit Beall
    Rabbit Beall 9 months ago

    Almost as disgusting as kimmel's dead kid! The trump curse strikes again!

  • Dilraj Mann
    Dilraj Mann 9 months ago +20

    People hate her because she's on tv and she's not some people's typical ideal of beauty. She is however super talented and way more interesting than most people.

    • Your cats filthy vomit chunks
      Your cats filthy vomit chunks 8 months ago +1

      Wow, its almost impressive how much of a lie that is. I'm impressed, but this is the internet, so we know that's bullshit.

    • Ashleigh Denise Argyle
      Ashleigh Denise Argyle 8 months ago +4

      People hate her because she molested her sister in horrible ways, admitted to it in her book, and doesn't think she did anything wrong. You're gross for supporting child molestation

  • better secret
    better secret 9 months ago

    The idea could have been fun IF she actually choose something bad to wear! The dresses were not even in the awful range!
    But apparently she prefer to be beautiful than funny

  • SuperHorseman22
    SuperHorseman22 9 months ago

    why you have a murdered on your show

  • Heleve Joergon
    Heleve Joergon 9 months ago

    Lena Dunham =Dislike magnet.

    • Heleve Joergon
      Heleve Joergon 8 months ago

      ... ..... ...................... yes. yes I would

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Bet you'd do her in a heartbeat.

  • Heather Griffin
    Heather Griffin 9 months ago

    hahahaha Keurig hahaha exactly. It's actual espresso machine or French press you Heathens. hahahaha Love it.

  • Addy Davidoff
    Addy Davidoff 9 months ago

    This is literally the cutest!!!

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool 9 months ago +2

    She "pranked" her sister many years ago. The left and the liberals thought that was acceptable and funny.

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago

      @Ashleigh Denise Argyle I'm guessing you've molested many people and are okay with it.

    • Ashleigh Denise Argyle
      Ashleigh Denise Argyle 8 months ago

      @Pandas are cool yawn, you're like a broken record

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago

      @Ashleigh Denise Argyle Liberals love that she molested her sister.

    • Ashleigh Denise Argyle
      Ashleigh Denise Argyle 8 months ago

      Ew idk what libs you're referring to but people on both sides dislike her. Stop trying to make this stuff political

  • Rose
    Rose 9 months ago +4

    love her! she's delightful and fun.

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      @Tudor Miller cause the family as awhole as a reputation of being extremely odd especially her father. Has for her sister....ever heard of Stockholm syndrome?

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller Month ago

      Ashleigh Denise Argyle. The abuse apparently began when Lena Dunham was seven, and her sister was one. In her memoir, she actually told her mum about touching her sister and kissing her. Her mother didn't act violently towards Lena, as you'd expect in such abuse cases, neither did her father. Even to this day, none of her family are taking action against her, or even disowning her for what she did. So explain why do you think that is ? Why would they not cut that disgusting paedophile, who committed incest, from thier lives completely ?

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller Month ago

      Lena Dunham was seven when these abuse claims began. So far I haven't heard her sister or her parents take action against her. Or even disown her, as most families would do in abuse cases. So why do you think that is ?

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      @Tudor Miller she molested her little sister for 10 years

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      So do I. What's everyone's problem with this half Wasp half Jewish middle class New York feminist anyway ?

  • J. Cash
    J. Cash 9 months ago +9

    Both disgraceful PIGS!!!!!!

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair 9 months ago +2

    Her mom still talks to her after she admitted what she did to her sister??

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      My understanding is that whole family (especially the father) are weird motherfuckers? Lena is a sick child molester but you know I have a feeling Lena may have been taught that behavior by a older relative herself. They're one sick puppies

  • Kathi
    Kathi 9 months ago +5

    Maybe facetime your sister...

  • Abhisek Backup
    Abhisek Backup 9 months ago +2

    Her mom is an intelligent woman.

  • networkdeath1
    networkdeath1 9 months ago

    I thought Jimmy Kimmy couldn’t get any lower than hosting a washed up porn queen, but he aced himself with this child rapist. Say it, Jimmy!
    JUSTICE KAVANAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pareidolia
    Pareidolia 9 months ago

    Poor Lena’s Mom 🤣🤣🤣 concerned about a skirt being too short and slutty 😂😂😂 did she not watch her daughter’s show?!!

  • Ruok
    Ruok 9 months ago

    She is the celebrity version of the typical annoying overweight girl narcissist

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Yeah, but I bet you dream about doing her anyway.

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 9 months ago

    Justice Kavanaugh losers!!!! Ahahahhahah got molest your sister again Lena, you nut. Bwahahahahhahahahaja

  • Extremely Annoyed
    Extremely Annoyed 9 months ago

    They look like the family from 'Get Out' lol

  • Ash
    Ash 9 months ago

    You people are full of bullshit. You won’t believe a woman when she comes forward but you’ll push around Lena after her SIBLING (not sister) has said a million times they don’t feel like that’s what happened to them at all. That should be enough. You’re making clear you just want to hate so your words lost all validity.

  • Sage Meridian
    Sage Meridian 9 months ago +3

    Lena Dunham is the Donald Trump of liberals, stop giving her a platform

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Does that mean she'll become President Dunham one day ?

  • Lily Poon
    Lily Poon 9 months ago +2

    Her parents are so nice!

  • Bob Hart
    Bob Hart 9 months ago +1

    Disgusting white creature

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago +1

      And you mentioned her colour because ???

  • John Daly
    John Daly 9 months ago +2

    Kick Jimmy Kimmel off RU-clip

  • looney1023
    looney1023 9 months ago +7

    Bring back Sarah Paulson...
    Sarah Paulson sitting in silence is more enjoyable than this entitled, fake woke 'feminist'.

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      I love this half Wasp half Jewish middle class New York feminist. ❤️

  • Olivia
    Olivia 9 months ago +48

    this was the lamest “prank” ive ever seen

  • mellovibefilms
    mellovibefilms 9 months ago +3

    This was cringe worthy! Public access interview type. Who blew who to get her on the show?

  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong 9 months ago +1

    The best part was her mom.

  • Mohamed Alfalo
    Mohamed Alfalo 9 months ago

    In all honesty, her mom has a point. She has the fashion sense of Norm McDonald.

  • Marissa Patton
    Marissa Patton 9 months ago +7

    Lena Dunham is vile.

    • Marissa Patton
      Marissa Patton 8 months ago


    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Lena Dunham is hot. I only watched Girls just to see her getting naked and fornicating. 🤘

    • Hannah Frome
      Hannah Frome 8 months ago +2

      @ScreenFunFacts When she was young she molested her sister and wrote about it in a book as an adult. She talks a lot about predatory men and harassment but has a reputation for harassing men herself. Conservative critics don't like her very liberal stances on sex, and body positivist, and feminism, and liberal critics think she is hypocritical and discredits feminists when she is lumped with them.

    • ScreenFunFacts
      ScreenFunFacts 9 months ago

      I'm not familiar with her. Why do people hate her so much?

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 9 months ago

    who is she?

  • Prashant
    Prashant 9 months ago +4

    Just came here to make sure the dislikes were up. Keep it up folks

  • Jordan Colby
    Jordan Colby 9 months ago +4

    such a disturbing... woman?

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 9 months ago +5

    I actually really like Jimmy but come on. Lena is a horrible person. Why is she on the show?

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      @Tudor Miller well she is child molester

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Us Lena Dunham really that horrible compared to other guests Jimmy Kimmel has on his show ?

  • Drew Valentino
    Drew Valentino 9 months ago +6

    Hey look, it's that lady that molested her baby sister..

  • Mullet Head
    Mullet Head 9 months ago

    No mayo.

  • Mullet Head
    Mullet Head 9 months ago

    Make me a sammich woman!!

  • Max Power
    Max Power 9 months ago +24

    wow. never thought that jimmy would let a extremist and sexual predator on his show. disappointed and disgusted

    • Method Man
      Method Man 8 months ago

      This ugly girl is a sexual predator? Who is the victim and what's her name?

  • Rio Hyo
    Rio Hyo 9 months ago +3

    I love Lena

  • Ella Beckham
    Ella Beckham 9 months ago +3

    Oh wow! The hate some people have... 😲

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago +2

      @Ella Beckham lol you consider a girl fingering her sister as "exploration" and "curiosity"?

    • Ella Beckham
      Ella Beckham 8 months ago +1

      Pandas are cool, for ten years? That’s not what I got out of that paragraph. 🤔 I got that she explored another child’s private parts because she was curious if they both had the same “thing” (hence why she kept asking her mom about it). She described it in a very Lena Dunham way which is cynic, ironic, straight-forward and a bit dirty (?) but obviously got a huge backlash.

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird 9 months ago +11

    even libtards hate her

  • tappyhoops
    tappyhoops 9 months ago +47

    Well I guess I'm the only one who thought this was fun. I have a great relationship with my mom too and she too is stylish and I love getting her opinions. This was relatable for me.

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago +1

      Don't relate yourself too much to this. Lena Dunham molested her sister and got away with it.

  • Zac Favreau
    Zac Favreau 9 months ago +7

    literally the worst...

  • HaileM Bradley
    HaileM Bradley 9 months ago

    Lol I just realized it’s a prank 🤣

  • Mario Myers
    Mario Myers 9 months ago +1


  • Zac Martin
    Zac Martin 9 months ago +3

    It's like pulling teeth to listen to her

  • The Dude
    The Dude 9 months ago +5

    Why is she wearing old lady clothes?

    • Violet Rain
      Violet Rain 9 months ago +2

      Twisting GRIPS She's wearing a grandma pyjama dress from Wal-Mart

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas 9 months ago

    I don't no the story what did she do to her sister

    • Juan David L
      Juan David L Month ago

      @Rado Radukov 🤢🤢 Ugh! Thats awful

    • Rado Radukov
      Rado Radukov 9 months ago +4

      Dunham admit in her book to fingering her sister when she was a baby and bribe her with candy to kiss her on the mouth for years . She also talk how she was in the same bed with her litle sister and masturbate next to her .Her sister doesnt talk about it publicly ... maybe from shame.

  • Tad Cooper
    Tad Cooper 9 months ago +23

    Lena Dunham molested her own sister and in another part of this interview admitted to sexually harassing Brad Pit. Get this trash outta here.

  • foxhound13
    foxhound13 9 months ago +6

    Nasty disgusting creep.

  • RoadDemon9
    RoadDemon9 9 months ago +7

    Lena Dunham is a drug addict and the only reason she got the hysterectomy was for the pills

  • Roguish Miggz
    Roguish Miggz 9 months ago +3

    Hahahahaha in the beginning when she said her mom said "just let me pick just let me pick" she thought that was going to be a joke and no one laughed hahahahahaha well thats what it looks like to me

  • abcharri
    abcharri 9 months ago +2

    the least funny prank ive ever seen

  • Meranda Robey
    Meranda Robey 9 months ago

    Lol all you people whining about how she's a child molester (which she is not) and you say nothing about Jimmy Kimmel. His comedy used to involve making disgusting sexual gestures at women while they weren't looking. Doesn't that offend you? It should. Otherwise, it would be a double standard, and we hate double standards, right guys? Lol you all are silly. Go focus on more important things like friends and family.

  • Deborah Praha
    Deborah Praha 9 months ago +1

    Love her!!!!

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Let's get the likes up for Lena Dunham. 👍

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago +2

      She molested her sister for 10 years, still love her?

  • Kimberly A
    Kimberly A 9 months ago +3

    Worst person

  • lirianoc
    lirianoc 9 months ago +53

    Well, that was boring...

  • apextroll
    apextroll 9 months ago +125

    She certainly has a passionate hater base.

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      @LyleDeYounges it's healthy to point out that someone is a sexual predator who should be behind bars. She gets a free when a man would of had his whole life ruined if that kind of information got out.

    • foxhound13
      foxhound13 7 months ago +1

      Well when you see your favorite host that you subscribe too, you tend to see it if it pops up on your "new video" feed. And you see his guest that has a different moral compass than you, lets go with say child molesting, you tend to have a lot of anger towards that guest because I would hope that hurting a child in anyway is a universal thing to know that isn't right. Its even more frustrating when jimmy kimmel has been very open on his feelings against the injustice, yet has a guest that wrote about her sister and doesn't bat an eye. I'm just confused and frustrated on why she gets a free pass in this day when even a tasteless joke on child molesting you loose your job (i don't support the jokes, just using an example of events that literally happened around that time this video came out).

    • f
      f 9 months ago +1

      Google for yourself she wrote it in her own words in her book, anyone supporting her is an enabler of this piece of trash, she's sub human, not to mention regardless of molesting her sister she's a hack who shouldn't be on film or tv.

    • AMorrissey
      AMorrissey 9 months ago +1

      @Violet Rain who molested her sister? Lena Dunham molested her sister? I really liked the show Girls, it definitely had its thumbs down episodes, maybe a full season of suck altogether but there was some good stuff lol the sister molesting I've never heard about! 😬

  • Kathryn Adriano
    Kathryn Adriano 9 months ago +32

    Wow kimmel brought an actual baby molester on his show 🙄

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      @SuperHorseman22 I don't think even trump would want to set in the same seat that's been touched by Lena's child molesting ass

    • SuperHorseman22
      SuperHorseman22 9 months ago

      yep and he does not bring trump on

    • ChristinaAnime
      ChristinaAnime 9 months ago


  • Henry Fok
    Henry Fok 9 months ago +52

    Wow Lena Dunham and Stormy Daniels on one night! Jimmy Kimmel’s guest choices are getting... interesting...

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      At least stormy Daniels as far as I know didn't rape anyone unlike Lena who molested her little sister for 10 years.

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      Yay! My ultimate threesome fantasy. Lena Dunham & Stormy Daniels. 🤘

    • Chocolate Muffin
      Chocolate Muffin 9 months ago

      for real? Lena was 7 and what she did was just LOOK at her sister's privates.

    • amal ahmed
      amal ahmed 9 months ago +1

      Lena molested her own baby sister

    • Chocolate Muffin
      Chocolate Muffin 9 months ago +1

      why are you guys hating on Lena she's nice

  • ey on
    ey on 9 months ago +46

    Lena "I molested my sister" Dunham

  • Doctor Sam
    Doctor Sam 9 months ago +1

    She looks like the kind of woman you wouldn't have sex with even if she was the last woman on Earth and the entire fate of the Earth depends on the human reproduction. Just totally disgusting both on the inside and outside

  • Datoxic herbivore.
    Datoxic herbivore. 9 months ago +5

    Who's this

  • GoopyBoop
    GoopyBoop 9 months ago +7

    I petty the guy who has to do her...

    • Tudor Miller
      Tudor Miller 8 months ago

      I'd do her all night long Mister. 🤘

    • Kilt Xan
      Kilt Xan 9 months ago

      He left her for Lorde

  • TyeBord
    TyeBord 9 months ago +3

    Why people hates her ?

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      Lena is a child molester who deserves to be behind bars so she can know first hand what's it's like to be taken advantage of and sexually abused.

    • LyleDeYounges
      LyleDeYounges 9 months ago

      You need to get a life... asap.

    • Michael Varnavas
      Michael Varnavas 9 months ago +3

      Dilek Sen she said she wished she had an abortion so she knows what it’s like for women to go through which is a horrible thing to say

    • Dilek Sen
      Dilek Sen 9 months ago

      What’s the abortion bit about?

    • Michael Varnavas
      Michael Varnavas 9 months ago +3

      @Akio she also wished she had an abortion

    YO JOSHO 9 months ago +14

    Les dunham looks like the old crack heads that scream at me for no reoson downtown..Horribly looking person my godness

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 9 months ago +8

    crying babies in the comments :D waaaaaaaaaah waaaaaah I like Trump... me smart anyway :D

    • Samantha Dick
      Samantha Dick Month ago

      @J B and not even in an intelligent way lol

    • Pandas are cool
      Pandas are cool 8 months ago +2

      I'm guessing you don't know the truth, do you not know she molested her sister for 10 years?

    • Dog God
      Dog God 9 months ago +2

      You sound retarded are you okay?

    • Klara Stern
      Klara Stern 9 months ago

      violet: well...

  • Dess D
    Dess D 9 months ago +113

    I just came to say I don't like this supposedly woke entitled woman. My eyes roll whenever I see her.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 9 months ago +10

    She has such a punchable face.

  • Sammuel Hayden
    Sammuel Hayden 9 months ago +6

    Her mom shouldve swallowed her