Redefining Storytelling | Rana Daggubati | TEDxHyderabad

  • Published on Nov 21, 2017
  • Rana daggubati is a National Award winning film maker, Digital post enterpreneur and a successful actor in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films. Having inherited a passion for cinema from his illustrious family, Rana's first film as a Producer " A belly full of dreams" won
    him the National Award for best film, in 2006. His recent film the magnum opus Baahubali - The beginning and the conclusion has become one of India's most successful film globally. Rana Daggubati is a National award winning filmmaker, Digital Post entrepreneur, and a successful actor in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films. Rana Daggubati made a sensational debut in Telugu and Hindi simultaneously as the lead actor in the political thriller ‘Leader’ and the crime thriller ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ in 2010. Having inherited a passion for cinema from his illustrious family, Rana’s first film as a Producer “A Belly full of Dreams” won him the National Award for best film, in 2006. His recent films the magnum opus Baahubali - The Beginning and the Conclusion directed by the India's ace director SS Rajamouli has become one of India’s most successful film globally. Rana has won several other awards for the roles he has essayed in films.
    Rana is accredited with having transformed the evolution of the digital postproduction landscape in South India. A suave businessman, his company, Ramanaidu Studios is one of India’s largest integrated production powerhouses offering production. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Meghana Naga
    Meghana Naga 6 days ago +1

    I'm really touched ....👍👏 and proud of you dear

  • Meghana Naga
    Meghana Naga 6 days ago +1

    First of all thank you rana for encouraging new comers of script writer's a very happy to hear that from you about the methods and instructions of story telling

  • krish reddy
    krish reddy 11 days ago

    Wow what a respect of your job ..

  • n v
    n v 19 days ago +2

    cenima in tollywood like fighting song love fighting song love and finally balakrishna jokes

  • anon
    anon 26 days ago +2

    ah lovely! kickass! man, you have spark! Really felt it watching you here as much as I did watching you in Bahubali!

  • Rajeev Venugopal
    Rajeev Venugopal Month ago

    Your great

  • Oshank kumar
    Oshank kumar Month ago

    this is what we call class and intellect, not like a bollywood so-called stars and pseudointellectuals.

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  • Prathibha Reddy
    Prathibha Reddy Month ago +1

    Feeling good that we telugu people have rana garu to represent our telugu industry.

  • sreya hepsiba
    sreya hepsiba Month ago +1

    He looked like Venkatesh at few places in this video

  • Anshu Anshu
    Anshu Anshu Month ago

    Nice sir

  • Spurthi Veronica
    Spurthi Veronica Month ago

    All artists are children. They aren't meant to grow up. The moment they start growing they cease to be artists. They start analysing their own work and lose productivity. When the artist is dead all life comes to a standstill. It's his job to give people the will/desire to live. Only he can do it. So it is everyone's responsibility to protect and nurture the Artist. Don't let him be badgered into silence by middleclass morality. What our people should learn is to atleast let him be himself. Democracy has actually made life difficult for artists.

  • shimjitha musthafa
    shimjitha musthafa Month ago +1

    I dint know much about Rana. But, really I like him well. I think he is very dedicated for his field.
    Only the reason i watch this vedio, it is presented by RANA DAGUBHATTY....... 😊😊😊😊
    Sir........ wish you all the very best.....

  • chitoo p
    chitoo p Month ago +1

    He is a man of Absoleute clearity

  • Ganesh Puppala
    Ganesh Puppala Month ago +1

    He is an excellent speaker in andhara and one of the best speakers in the India...

  • G.S. Revanth
    G.S. Revanth Month ago +2

    Rana has always been good at catching up and persuading people around to like and encourage the films. He doesn't have inhibitions like a 'traditional actor'. He is young at age and mind. I have high hopes for him.
    The only con in this video was he addressed only 'sirs' not madams 😉

  • Shivaji Reddy
    Shivaji Reddy 2 months ago

    A small correction. E in TED stands for Education, not Entertainment😅
    Nevertheless, great talk!

  • satish Kumar
    satish Kumar 2 months ago

    Telugu hero shaking india

  • Sanjay Varma
    Sanjay Varma 2 months ago

    thats a great speech bro..😍😍

    ANUDEEP AENUGU 2 months ago

    nice speach.....................

  • Potla Naveen
    Potla Naveen 3 months ago +1

    If you bring ramgopal Varma it will be a memorable & inspirational speech forever for people's and it will be a great achievement for TEDx as per my terminology...

  • Cynthia Seecharan
    Cynthia Seecharan 3 months ago

    Rana....true Indian!

  • SM Gu
    SM Gu 3 months ago


  • sashi karri
    sashi karri 3 months ago +1

    I don't think there is anybody in Tollywood who can talk like you.

  • Korrapati Joseph
    Korrapati Joseph 3 months ago

    Good English

  • Hope
    Hope 4 months ago

    I m listening him for the first time and I must say it was impressive.

  • Valentina Thalla
    Valentina Thalla 4 months ago

    Please call samantha akkineni

  • Manaswi Lingutla
    Manaswi Lingutla 4 months ago

    Grt RANA....upto now i just loved u. But now i have started admiring you

  • RD fan Gowri
    RD fan Gowri 4 months ago +1

    After watching this video only one thing to say, R-really, A-amazing, N-noble, A-actor. 🙏🙏👏hatts off sir and very versatile person you are rana sir

  • nalin jinki
    nalin jinki 4 months ago

    Tedx please call Vijay sethupathi

  • Candy Mike
    Candy Mike 4 months ago

    wooowwwww u luk good.... u sound good.... u r moreee dan a chick magnet

  • sri hanuma
    sri hanuma 4 months ago

    Call chiranjeevi

  • Ammuch 94
    Ammuch 94 4 months ago

    Ranagaru great seeing u on this paltform....ur speech abt film industry was really awesome.....paid r unpaid doesn't matter but the way we explore our selves n the work which we r dng matters the way u said was really good....😃😃😃😃

  • Chetan Krishna
    Chetan Krishna 4 months ago +4

    Call BANDLA GANESH, RGV, NBK, MOHAN BABU they are really inspiring personalities

  • devadi usha
    devadi usha 4 months ago

    I would definitely want to see ktr and he would rock it

  • sandeep lvrs
    sandeep lvrs 4 months ago

    TedX Hyderabad, please invite director Sukumar. He has surely set a benchmark in film making and brought freshness to the way stories are being told. He made marvels like 1 Nenokkadine and Rangasthalam.

    #INDIAN GIRL 4 months ago +1


  • mallela pavan kumar
    mallela pavan kumar 4 months ago +4

    Who want Vijay devarakonda in TEDx

  • manoj..pola pola
    manoj..pola pola 4 months ago +1

    Peace, Win-Win

  • Sudheer Kumar
    Sudheer Kumar 5 months ago +1

    I was required with a double likes for this video. But unfortunately found only 1. This was awesome.

  • Hari A
    Hari A 5 months ago


  • Chhaya Gouhar
    Chhaya Gouhar 5 months ago +1

    Rana you are truly dedicated to your art .😍and u have an inspirational voice ur my favorite

  • markandeay medida
    markandeay medida 5 months ago

    Call nagarjuna akkineni

  • markandeay medida
    markandeay medida 5 months ago

    Call Jr ntr

  • rajesh Shivarathri
    rajesh Shivarathri 5 months ago

    Call rgv

  • Mussy shruthi Friends forever

    Amazing speech..

  • technical a designer channel

    My favorite actor

  • NKT authentic
    NKT authentic 6 months ago +1

    Thanks Rana sir.. . For inviting us into a whole new dimensional reality of Filim industry in the side of production part

  • Naguru subhan
    Naguru subhan 7 months ago

    Rana u r Star of ur Own not directors...Great Job

  • sharan chenna
    sharan chenna 7 months ago +1

    aah kinda pointless

  • Shahistha P
    Shahistha P 7 months ago

    Awesome speech rana

  • Er. Piyush Pandey Trainer B.Tech, MBA

    भल्लालदेव जै हो👍👍👍

  • Poppy Priyanga
    Poppy Priyanga 8 months ago +1

    Rana I can listen Ur words. I'm completely smitten by Ur personality. I'm trying to listen the words but lost my concentration by looking at u

    RAMESH KUMAR 8 months ago


  • Mozart Benedict
    Mozart Benedict 8 months ago

    Excellent Speech. Good Public Speaking Skills. You should look beyond Indian Film Industry.

  • Sanjeev Nag
    Sanjeev Nag 8 months ago

    TED platform put to absolute waste.

  • Akshay Shukla
    Akshay Shukla 9 months ago

    Jai Mahishmati...

  • babu rao
    babu rao 9 months ago

    Nice speech bro.

  • Bushra Tarique
    Bushra Tarique 9 months ago +2

    Rana 😍😍😍

  • Rabbuni Dasari
    Rabbuni Dasari 9 months ago +1

    Cinema doesn't make any impact on common man but what it communicates can
    That's what is story telling

  • Vani Devarasetty
    Vani Devarasetty 10 months ago

    please call Surya (Actor) sir , he is a really inspiring person

  • Sri Harsha
    Sri Harsha 10 months ago

    idea worth sharing!
    great talk!

  • gautam raj
    gautam raj 10 months ago

    Fantastic ..he is great speeker

  • ashok pawar
    ashok pawar 10 months ago

    Better speech

  • ashok pawar
    ashok pawar 10 months ago

    I know Rana dagupathi. I can't believe it. Become motivated well good. He is also good actor. I salute sir.

  • rajesh gotte
    rajesh gotte 10 months ago

    Tedx people in dilemma to whom they want to call
    finally Rana D ...

  • Nicky Anita
    Nicky Anita 10 months ago +1

    When he speaks.. It's like music to my ears.. I could be extremely biased when it comes to Ramanaidu.. An Artistic 'Aura' par excellence 😘

  • Priyanka shekar
    Priyanka shekar 10 months ago

    Love you rana

  • Eswar Prasad
    Eswar Prasad 11 months ago +2

    Some people who are all over the comments saying its not inspirational!!
    people struggling and surviving in real cinema industry knows the value of his speech,its not something that helps you clear your backlogs.Ted is a platform for diverse things,choose what you want,dont make something look down,someone else will find it life changing!!

  • Subhash Bunny
    Subhash Bunny 11 months ago +3

    wow! what an english.your speech is inspirational

  • Sl¡M tv
    Sl¡M tv 11 months ago +1


  • Edward Holland
    Edward Holland 11 months ago

    I believe I believe contact me Patrick Edward Lee Holland

  • Edward Holland
    Edward Holland 11 months ago

    I believe I believe contact me

  • Sai Netha
    Sai Netha 11 months ago +4

    We want Sandeep maheshwari

  • yugandhar gundelly
    yugandhar gundelly 11 months ago +1

    rana daggubati as balaladeva , never expected you to be such a wonderful , spokesperson bor

  • Pavan Nathbhajan
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  • Anna Jacob
    Anna Jacob 11 months ago

    synonym for perfect - Rana

  • Priyanka shekar
    Priyanka shekar 11 months ago

    You are most genuine person in the TFI...
    I like you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much rana I love you 😚😚😚😚

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  • Meenu Kutty
    Meenu Kutty Year ago

    my fav

  • J R Mohan Raju
    J R Mohan Raju Year ago

    Nice and it's grate speech "Rana"

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  • Chemmati Aj
    Chemmati Aj Year ago

    I love Rana

  • Rakesh Panda
    Rakesh Panda Year ago

    great talent

  • rohith raj Uppala

    Please redefine ur brother Abhi ram

  • ram choudary
    ram choudary Year ago

    His voice makes curious , I really don't want to listen all his words,. But I did.

  • ram choudary
    ram choudary Year ago

    Rana only the person, being human being as a real hero

  • gopala krishna
    gopala krishna Year ago

    Very very good speech about our south Indian movies

  • That's Perfect
    That's Perfect Year ago

    He is the man of Classic, love u Rana.

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar Year ago

    No one can explain about making of movies and its revolutions so perfect ....... Absolutely brilliant !!!

  • Rohit Gurnani
    Rohit Gurnani Year ago

    Can I be a part of your next story?

  • suma sumi
    suma sumi Year ago

    I l❤u Rana💕👍👏

  • Kumar Sant
    Kumar Sant Year ago

    Just from core of heart... It's motivation really.........

  • Madhavi gunupuru825

    Awesome Rana 😍

  • Er. Piyush Pandey Trainer B.Tech, MBA

    My Favourite Star, Rana

  • Er. Piyush Pandey Trainer B.Tech, MBA

    You Are Great Bhallaldev. Jai Mahishmati.

  • deep j
    deep j Year ago

    Explained really really good.

  • Irshadhassan Mnply

    Hats off
    proud of you

  • Manikanta Donthu
    Manikanta Donthu Year ago

    In that days senior RANA..& Now a days junior explore the aritistic minds

  • Hemanth Dondolu
    Hemanth Dondolu Year ago

    See Rana on TEDx expected a lot not this much "disappointment".
    After watching series of TEDx for hours today, noticed RANA D, excited fellow telugu guy and expected a lot. He well detailed and interesting subject about Daggubati family growth & said they contributed and they are the only family in Telugu movie industry. But his talk did not relate with TEDx, 80% of his talk is all about Daggubati family business.
    I am a fan of TEDx, its great stage bringing world to express and share. Very excited to see Rana and got very disappointed by his self promo.
    There are million movie industry problems and issues in country that he could address and stand for.
    He mentioned Bahubali movie very few in the audience reacted, until then rest might be wondering what he is talking about.