Voice actor scams the scammer! TOO funny...! #scambaiting

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • This scam was from an eBay listing that a friend almost fell victim to. Learn about this weird scam, what to look for, and how to avoid it. PLUS watch me reverse troll them in the funniest way ever using my voice acting skills to confuse the living daylights out of them!

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  • IRLrosie
    IRLrosie  2 months ago +49

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    • Joseph Colborn
      Joseph Colborn 6 days ago

      IRLrosie I tried to call dad number to mess with them now they’re doing reservations for a hotel

    • Nuclear Atom
      Nuclear Atom 26 days ago

      Respectfully, I think I want to marry you that was so awesome cute and funny.

    • Alan fry
      Alan fry 27 days ago

      Brilliant, just brilliant, hahahaha

    • Troublesum1980 FromCincinnati
      Troublesum1980 FromCincinnati Month ago

      IRLrosie u from Dayton?? Heard u say 937....

    • SSgt Mole
      SSgt Mole Month ago

      Way cool. I wish the current head of the FCC was more interested in protecting human beings connected to the United States telephone system, instead of helping/protecting the behavior of agencies that are exploiting the "service." The FCC is more interested in hardening this system to protect product providers - and there by helping to "protect" scammers - instead of protecting the citizenry from predatory providers and scammers. The technology used by the US government to monitor phone systems could be targeted against phone scammers, and be used to track them down for arrest and incarceration.
      You are continually hearing about Grandmothers and Grandfathers losing their retirement funds, but you are never hearing about phone scammers being arrested, their assets seized, and being made to pay restitution.
      My go to reply to phone scammers is less amusing than your very funny technique. After the scammer gives their pitch, I thank them for calling back, tell them that I was hoping they would call, and ask them to stay on the line while a drone flying in their area is tasked to target the building they are in with a Hellfire missile. They hang up rapidly after that.

  • Scott Morton
    Scott Morton 2 hours ago +1

    Lol, I'm going to collect my payment at my nearest Budweiser factory today.... Thank you Ebay.. lol👍

  • ankoslitoflower
    ankoslitoflower 8 hours ago

    Your shifty5 clip made me fall off the couch. Thank you.

  • emily evans
    emily evans 14 hours ago

    I got scammed like this trying to buy something from someone

  • r hm
    r hm 18 hours ago

    That is one absolutely fantastic answering service voice! P

  • Maggie Garden
    Maggie Garden Day ago +1

    If you buy something that is a total scam and didnt have to pay s/h and it's something like an empty electronic you can't get your money back or leave a negative on the sellers account. That was the day I realized Ebay is a big scam and Iv lost close to $200.00

  • Brent Caldwell
    Brent Caldwell Day ago

    ...I believe we’ve spoken before! 😂😂😂😂

  • theflyingstonemason 68

    Awesome. You nailed that customer service voice. 😀

  • Aryan Samya
    Aryan Samya Day ago

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  • Aryan Samya
    Aryan Samya Day ago +1

    PART 2??

  • LesBiaNTriGGeR
    LesBiaNTriGGeR 2 days ago

    Scammers: Hello, Im Wendy I'm here to take your credit information and steal YOUR money because i don't have a life :)

  • Horizon
    Horizon 2 days ago

    That Voice Tho

  • Tammohawk
    Tammohawk 2 days ago

    Wow, you do that automated call very well. Too well in fact.

  • yolande letu
    yolande letu 3 days ago

    I absolutely loved the: collect your money at the Budweiser factory. Brilliant!!!

  • Sandra Martin
    Sandra Martin 3 days ago

    that was very cool

  • Felix Culpa
    Felix Culpa 3 days ago +6

    Wow, I will never hear those automated voices the same way again! Well done! :))))

  • john hernandez
    john hernandez 4 days ago

    Fucking cringey asf lol😂

  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott 4 days ago

    You can scam me any day plz lol

  • Fred Barriskell
    Fred Barriskell 4 days ago

    This woman is amazing!!

  • therainbowcreeperRBX

    fucking legend

  • Reuben Wich
    Reuben Wich 5 days ago

    gotta finish that pop tart 😂😂😂

  • Ragnar lodbrok
    Ragnar lodbrok 6 days ago

    Soooo goooood girl and your beautiful to scam them all them scammers

  • thomas dixon
    thomas dixon 6 days ago

    thats hilarious

  • Clifford Agyekum
    Clifford Agyekum 6 days ago

    That voice acting was superb 😂😂

  • ItsYFDU YT
    ItsYFDU YT 6 days ago

    delightfully devilish.

  • Kristaps Jankovskis
    Kristaps Jankovskis 7 days ago +4

    Nice to see that even girls trolls and scams the scammers. :D Nice, funny video.

  • patsy Muse
    patsy Muse 7 days ago

    Good one. You have perfect voice for this.

  • Heather Anderson
    Heather Anderson 7 days ago

    Hilarious video!! Love it!! 😂😂😂

  • ɥɔıɹ ɹǝqǝʍ
    ɥɔıɹ ɹǝqǝʍ 8 days ago

    LOL your the best so funny

  • Michael F
    Michael F 8 days ago

    Press 55, Scammer pressess 555555555 lmfao, Please collect at the budweiser factory OMG i'm dying

    SQUAD 8 days ago

    Yo that voice funny af

  • Kenneth Gerard
    Kenneth Gerard 8 days ago

    Got emmmmmm

  • Bill j
    Bill j 8 days ago

    I can never get Ebay cards from 7-11 anymore because they said some woman named Rosie keeps coming in and grabbing a handful of them. So I gave up and tried to get a job at a Budweiser factory, and when I walked in they asked if I was there to collect my $200 from Ebay cards. This Rosie is screwing up the entire country,

  • Terri Davis
    Terri Davis 9 days ago +1

    I've been getting these calls about suspension of my SS#. I'm a teacher and I can hear them calling all day while I'm teaching and my phone is on vibrate. Thank you for your PSA'S about these scams.

  • Karl
    Karl 9 days ago

    Amazing automated call attendant voice 👍

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher 9 days ago

    hope u make more videos like this at least urs is funny!!

  • Karma IsReal
    Karma IsReal 9 days ago

    🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣✌✌✌so funnnyyy

  • UniversalExpanse
    UniversalExpanse 10 days ago

    great video !

  • mike m
    mike m 10 days ago

    Budweiser factory to funny🤡🤡🤡

  • Steven Russell
    Steven Russell 10 days ago


  • Filly1984
    Filly1984 10 days ago

    Omfg I' had to subscribe

  • Mark Sablan
    Mark Sablan 10 days ago

    Wow nice

  • Bacon Me Crazy
    Bacon Me Crazy 10 days ago

    OMG! Total hilarity! 😂

  • Moon Turns The Tides
    Moon Turns The Tides 10 days ago


  • Stephen Baker
    Stephen Baker 10 days ago

    This is great

  • The Lone Wolf
    The Lone Wolf 10 days ago

    You literally sound just like the ebay chick

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher 10 days ago

    u do that so awesome!!

  • Jason Jimenez
    Jason Jimenez 10 days ago

    That was awesome!!!

  • GreyHatGizmo
    GreyHatGizmo 10 days ago


  • Melvin Gonzalez
    Melvin Gonzalez 10 days ago

    You're not only cool, you are also very pretty..

  • Charlene Herrella
    Charlene Herrella 11 days ago +1


  • Terri Davis
    Terri Davis 11 days ago

    Schfiftyfive, lol, so freakin funny

  • Yusuke Heller
    Yusuke Heller 11 days ago +2

    It's 2:40am and I have no idea how I arrived on your video... But holy shit that had me cracking up. Collect at your nearest budweiser factory.

  • Techswreck
    Techswreck 11 days ago

    W O W Just WOW! I am speechless spot on. Subbed!

  • sarnobat2000
    sarnobat2000 12 days ago

    As entertaining as that is, with your talent you should be doing standup comedy instead of this. You'd be amazing at it.

  • sarnobat2000
    sarnobat2000 12 days ago

    Instead of Budweiser Factory you should have said, "our automated data analytics software has detected that you are a scammer. Please get a real job." (in the legendary synthesized voice of course)

  • Kin Jur
    Kin Jur 12 days ago +1

    It's sounds like globe in customer service here in Philippines 😂😂😂

  • Kin Jur
    Kin Jur 12 days ago

    That was good

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen 12 days ago

    That was good. You will go far in life mam.

  • Hadrian
    Hadrian 12 days ago +1

    This is 2019, age of high quality production video blogs, sharp picture and cinema tier editing, and yet we have this, everything in this video feels like in old days of youtube.