Dick Gregory on Drinking Water

  • Published on Jul 23, 2014

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    KATSU Hour ago

    i drink water when im thirsty

  • JJ Bigga1
    JJ Bigga1 17 hours ago

    Miss this guy man. Knowledge

  • KJ 5000
    KJ 5000 20 hours ago

    Lmao i got a bad leg. Well i put $20million out there. Watch everybody be out there bad leg folks and all.

  • KJ 5000
    KJ 5000 21 hour ago

    it's why fat ppl can sustain bigger injuries then skinny people

  • Pretty Young Thing.
    Pretty Young Thing. 23 hours ago +1

    Spring water, that's all I drink. This man knows what he's talking about. He's on point when it comes to sleep. I could go as far as to say lack of sleep is extremely detrimental to your health..

  • Kharin Muhammad
    Kharin Muhammad Day ago

    Peep Harriet Tubman in the back 🤲🏾❤️

  • Avelardo Bermudez

    Thanks OG

  • Shay Vaughn
    Shay Vaughn Day ago

    I love spring water straight from the spring

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson 2 days ago

    Gm edagdwg love this video I learned how to just be don't do anything just be still god at work he loves us 🙏 so glad I know God for myself linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯

  • des895
    des895 2 days ago

    Come on?!!! Where his second video?

  • Sailing Team
    Sailing Team 2 days ago

    My fourth great grandmother lived to be 96 with cancer, while smoking cigarettes everyday and drinking alcohol consistently 😂 different strokes for different folks

  • Jack Da Money
    Jack Da Money 2 days ago +2

    80% of the body is water, so you get out what you put in.

  • Cynthia Graves
    Cynthia Graves 2 days ago


  • Califas
    Califas 2 days ago

    The real concern and question is where can we obtain clean spring water? At this point of time all water of all kinds and from all accessible locations is tainted or poisoned. We are not given the opportunity to drink clean water and we are not allowed to make our bodies strong and fully functional to its full potential. We are being destroyed and eliminated slowly without noticing whats happening concerning even the most basic simple things that life to survive needs to Prosper

  • D.Y.
    D.Y. 3 days ago

    The thirst is real

  • Him Bike
    Him Bike 3 days ago

    I love Dick Gregory but running don’t cause brain damage

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard 3 days ago

    This man just told me to ask a man with Alzheimer's to remember something, I'm not listening to him! 😂😂

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard 3 days ago +1

    This man just told me to walk until I sweat because running, biking, and weight lifting isn't physical fitness. I AM NOT LISTENING TO THIS MAN

  • Davonti Howard
    Davonti Howard 3 days ago

    This man said I could survive a hatchet if I drink 75 ounces of water, I'm not listening to this man.

  • Nicholas Breecher
    Nicholas Breecher 3 days ago +1

    "None of the sleep you get after midnight counts."
    Sounds well researched, definitely not some rambling nutjob.

  • Dante D Monzell
    Dante D Monzell 3 days ago

    Universal God bless this man thank you God for him

  • Charles Hunter
    Charles Hunter 3 days ago

    dick said Jesus had no job I read people saying Jesus was a carpenter that is a job no that is a skill a trade I'm a painter it's only a job if I paint and receive some type of pay money goats cows Etc

  • TwoLeftFeet
    TwoLeftFeet 4 days ago

    When was this recorded?

  • mzurilove
    mzurilove 4 days ago

    I love you sir. Father Gregory God bless you, thank you for saving our lives xx

  • Bryce Manee
    Bryce Manee 4 days ago

    Aqua pana spring water😉

  • kevo h
    kevo h 4 days ago

    Jesus was a carpenter

  • Scrappy Plays
    Scrappy Plays 4 days ago

    Thats a lie Jesus was a carpenter

    • Terran
      Terran Day ago

      His father was. Jesus taught in the synagogues.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 days ago +1

    Wise grandfatherly advice with a twist of science and chemistry. He reminds me of my dear grandpa RIP! Definitely helped me view things in a different way in life and expanded my mind. Good to know these type of people. Stay grounded.

  • mstokess16
    mstokess16 4 days ago

    I'm 25years n weight 123 ....I don't drink anything but water. He is talking factss!!!👏

  • Nike23 Air23
    Nike23 Air23 4 days ago

    Water is life!!!!!!!

  • Justin bieber is underated

    my dog would eat anything tho from dirty diapers to trash fluid...

  • donmon808
    donmon808 5 days ago +1

    Physical fitness=walking
    Also do your physical fitness naked in front of a mirror.
    *grabs mirror and goes outside*
    *gets arrested*

    • donmon808
      donmon808 4 days ago

      Um I'm just making a joke

    • mediacenter man
      mediacenter man 4 days ago

      This man wants to ban any physical sport that involves running. So no more basketball, football, soccer and track???? Hell naw. Black people have been blessed to excel at those.

  • donmon808
    donmon808 5 days ago

    "Honey! Can I see the baby for a second?"

  • Nicole C.
    Nicole C. 5 days ago

    Did he say he ran from Los Angeles to New York City... Dang

  • Hudson Haverford
    Hudson Haverford 5 days ago

    What Mr. Gregory said was absolutely false and misinforming. Many of people have poised dogs and costs by putting substances in their food and drink. The animals consumed it without thinking twice. He was full of a lot of nonsensical information.

  • Mark Grays
    Mark Grays 6 days ago

    This guy is out of his mind..

  • ItsInTheDetails
    ItsInTheDetails 6 days ago +1

    “Running sends shock waves up your legs through your spine and into your brain causing damage” there should be a study on that.

  • Iv V
    Iv V 6 days ago

    Idk malcom warned me about you..
    *drinks tropo Chico mineral or whatever water

    LEGIT SAINT 6IX 6 days ago

    Americans waste a lot of time criticizing and complaining and whining and fighting about bullshit. This man is TEACHING YOU but ur too goofy. You all need to learn to shut up and ACT. Everything is not a "controversy". Just catch the damn msg

    LEGIT SAINT 6IX 6 days ago

    I guzzle. Addicted to water. Cant go an hour without water. My son is worse! Lol

    LEGIT SAINT 6IX 6 days ago

    WHYYY will cats always choose toilet water every time??? Wont touch bottled water..

  • Alexes Anderson
    Alexes Anderson 7 days ago

    This guy is wrong about almost everything he talks about. Example, not all gasses rise up. Also I've seen dogs drink from the toilet. Another thing the number one cause of traumatic death in babies is hear trauma, caused by falling. I guess running isn't physical fitness. Fake as medical experts talking shit they have no idea about.

  • Darrell Tanner
    Darrell Tanner 7 days ago +8

    I eat early in the morning... skip lunch... drink water all day while working and then eat a light dinner. I'm in the best shape I've been in since my teens and I'll be 40 in June!

    • Darrell Tanner
      Darrell Tanner 4 days ago

      +mediacenter man you completely misunderstood what I said, take a second read.

    • mediacenter man
      mediacenter man 4 days ago

      Metabolism is person specific. As a physically active person on a medical diet, skipping breakfast and not taking in calories through the day would have me in the ER. But glad it worked for you.

  • Caden Pardo
    Caden Pardo 8 days ago

    If running sends shockwaves that damage the brain I'd love to see a long term IQ study on marathon runners. Intense exercise is shown to actually increase neurogenesis, and humans are primally gifted runners. Between that and "the grease in your blood rises as you sleep" sounds like some major broscience.

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith 8 days ago

    "Babies fall out of the window and don't die"???

  • Musa Ntobeko Ngcobo
    Musa Ntobeko Ngcobo 8 days ago +1

    Jesus was a carpenter & queen Elizabeth could do some mechanic work to name a few both sound like industry trades to me...but i'll drink my water & get more rest

  • robertsmith
    robertsmith 8 days ago

    What made me think was.. the orange juice instead of water thing , i thought. ..if I was a car running on water it would be stupid to put orange juice on the tank 😄

  • Curtis Liner
    Curtis Liner 8 days ago

    Go ask someone with Alzheimer's disease when is the last time they were thirsty. They cant tell you cause they got Alzheimers.

  • Curtis Liner
    Curtis Liner 8 days ago +1

    He started getting into the weeds at 8:00.

  • SockPuppet Granny
    SockPuppet Granny 8 days ago

    One thing I really learned from Mr. Gregory, *DO NOT DRINK DISTILLED WATER UNLESS YOU ARE FASTING!!* Distilled water leaches things out of your system. Not only toxins, but minerals also. The best water to drink is spring water, NOT purified.

  • Marlon Williams Refrigeration&HVAC

    Lmao this dude is exactly who dr sebi be talking about. I’m hearing nothing but theories without explanation but dr sebi gave facts. So Dick said don’t run 😂 running isn’t exercising lol he said you’ll develop bad bones and it’s bad because when running 🏃🏾 because your body vibrates you brain. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rajan Rai
    Rajan Rai 9 days ago

    Most of what he’s saying is backed by modern medicine, especially about getting sleep, not sure about the sleeping after 12 but still really ahead of his time

  • Wise One
    Wise One 9 days ago

    // My personal meditation: "100 outbreaths":
    - I inhale to full lung capacity through my nose for around 2-4 secs.
    -Then I slowly exhale out my mouth for 5-8 seconds (until all air out of lungs completely)
    -Then I do this 100 times counting down until the last exhale at 0.
    - I do this during an evening walk through nature. Natural light and oxygen and the beauty of nature is helpful.
    - But it works anywhere you feel comfortable, whether walking, standing, sitting or lying down.
    - Along with emptying your mind the goal is to get a light fluffy cloudy feeling thru your body. Calm your heart rate & feel fresh/revitalized.
    *relax your shoulders, chest, tongue, throat and jaw, just gradually let them fill with warm circulating oxygen and they'll ease up on their own.*
    *If you have any abdominal/anal tension, relax your feet and thighs as you let your core comfortably expand (trust me)*
    +you'll learn your body over time and tweak it to suit your needs
    +It ain't gotta be perfect, just keep showing up daily
    +If you want to do 150, 200 outbreaths, or more that's fine. Go until you feel centered.

  • drdizzly
    drdizzly 9 days ago

    Is regular Poland Spring water good enough. The dollar ones they sell in the stores?

  • Joe Doherty
    Joe Doherty 9 days ago

    I wish we could all have the best water on earth available for all of us! Water is our bodies ultimate fuel!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago

    What I never understood is ... every liquid every contains water ... even soda so

  • Poop Jr.
    Poop Jr. 10 days ago

    Black people need to be told to drink water lmao

  • Toreno cox
    Toreno cox 10 days ago


  • Stephanie Cleveland
    Stephanie Cleveland 11 days ago +1

    I have heard these things a million times before but not like how he explained!!!! WOOOWWW♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • cisco sandoval
    cisco sandoval 12 days ago

    What the best bottle water to buy??

  • Kedar.
    Kedar. 12 days ago


  • Willie Daniel
    Willie Daniel 13 days ago

    Brilliant Brother Dick Gregory rest in paradise

  • Dubem28
    Dubem28 14 days ago

    I need water. Respect to all the great elders

  • Mrs Marroquin
    Mrs Marroquin 15 days ago

    I did research on water several years ago and I came to the same conclusions about spring water being the healthiest because it actually hydrates the body, but these other bottle waters cause mineral shifts to happen ( in my opinion) and can cause you to become dehydrated; not severely, but enough to cause problems over time.

  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 15 days ago +1

    Here cause of nipsey hustle

  • higherthan u
    higherthan u 15 days ago

    my dog will drink koolaid without a dought

  • Uzi-San
    Uzi-San 17 days ago +2

    “Sleep” sleep I’m watching this at 3 am I need to sleep

  • Love_Joans
    Love_Joans 17 days ago +1

    That two jobs and no money thing... was knocking at my door

  • James Morse
    James Morse 17 days ago

    This guy is hilarious first off gravity is just a theory Einstein made it up if you don't know to drink water and exercise you're an idiot

  • Smoke 9
    Smoke 9 17 days ago

    Spring water only got it 👍

  • Moe Moe
    Moe Moe 17 days ago

    all I drink is spring water

  • Bader Bader
    Bader Bader 17 days ago +1

    One of his best sessions

  • Marcos Cruz
    Marcos Cruz 19 days ago

    Amigo 🤝 Gregory

  • No Roses 4 You
    No Roses 4 You 19 days ago +5

    Drinking alcohol at 2am is not the best time to find this video

  • Snoop Dogg
    Snoop Dogg 19 days ago

    I need to drink more water

  • Demetrius Tillman
    Demetrius Tillman 19 days ago


  • michael sharpe
    michael sharpe 22 days ago +1

    Sound advice rip

  • Drew 5000G
    Drew 5000G 22 days ago


  • DMH Sr
    DMH Sr 22 days ago

    Wtf he talking about.. my dog drink koolaid, water from tap

  • marvin canidate
    marvin canidate 24 days ago

    U still the man .

  • ALH
    ALH Month ago

    I've drank water everyday for years now.. BRB going to jump out of a window to test the theory if you don't see a follow up comment from me, you know what happend. (someone please sue on my behalf)

  • The Juice
    The Juice Month ago

    Rest in power sir

  • Jl Movement
    Jl Movement Month ago

    haha shock waves to the brain lol usain bolt is still alive :) i love running

  • S.P.S. G.E.
    S.P.S. G.E. Month ago

    Jesus was a carpenter

  • Jondu Flee
    Jondu Flee Month ago


  • HairBy Shine
    HairBy Shine Month ago

    Knowledge 🗣👌🏾

  • J G
    J G Month ago

    Here is another textbook example of a pseudo-intellectual. Although he makes some good points from time to time, a lot of what comes out of his mouth is scientifically unfounded and false.

  • Joshua Payne
    Joshua Payne Month ago

    Hastings NE

  • Yuukiharu Barzahd
    Yuukiharu Barzahd Month ago

    I actually have seen my own dogs and cats drink tap water soooo....

    • Yuukiharu Barzahd
      Yuukiharu Barzahd 24 days ago

      +JohnnyDeaux no i see what your saying, that puts it into a better perspective

    • JohnnyDeaux
      JohnnyDeaux 24 days ago +1

      this video is old maybe he's talking about back then when plumbing and water care was less advanced.....and he did also say the pets will wait a while for the gaseous chemicals to rise and leave the water bowl......idk tho

  • Son Of The Serpent
    Son Of The Serpent Month ago

    My cat loves water. This guy is the devil

  • Nicky b
    Nicky b Month ago

    Thank u elder Gregory!!

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty Month ago

    This man was too smart for his time and ours...rest his soul and may his spirit live on!

  • Timi Dare
    Timi Dare Month ago

    I can hear this man talk all day.

  • Jim Pickens
    Jim Pickens Month ago

    This guy is batshit crazy

  • depatito papito
    depatito papito Month ago

    So running is bad for you ?

  • SnesManiac
    SnesManiac Month ago +7

    This video is making me thirsty!

  • Stephanie Rumph
    Stephanie Rumph Month ago

    Dick greorys a cliwnhe goes on. Bobls law. Talk. Show giving. Infoon. Herbs to. Cure & never. Get cancer this Man died. Of. Cancer healthy.peoole. As. Real. Helth. Food. Nuts don't age it's in. Bible. Moses. At. 80 looked 30because he ate drink healthy dickgregiry. Looks old sickly bad he is a. Joke🤩🤡

  • mac crippin
    mac crippin Month ago +2

    That’s what’s the story Cinderella is about lmao 😂

  • Antony Ruhiu
    Antony Ruhiu Month ago

    So what happens when you drink loads of larger?! I think its form of water too!

    • BeingTLee
      BeingTLee Month ago +1

      You end up with a lot of misspelled words 😁. 🍻🥃🍾