Harley Davidson IRON 883 Side mount licence plate NOW FOR SALE


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  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 7 месяцев назад

    If you like side mount! you have to check this out!
    A must for all Cruiser and Cafe Racers!

  • Peter J c
    Peter J c 10 месяцев назад +1

    What a mess bro !!

  • Frankielee
    Frankielee 11 месяцев назад

    Yes where did u get the licence plate holder

  • Saad Luay
    Saad Luay Год назад

    intro music for which song !!! nice bike bud

  • Brandon Estrada
    Brandon Estrada Год назад

    What RAM mount set up are you using?

  • David Stuart
    David Stuart 2 года назад

    Where did you get the plate made? i have just got the same bracket.. need the same size plate, cheers.

    • David Stuart
      David Stuart 2 года назад

      not around anymore, gutted, I've seen a few of his videos, so ill see if he can help, thanks for getting back to me.

    • aplasticcup06
      aplasticcup06  2 года назад

      +David Stuart i got it on ebay as a recommendation from @Moonfleet41, Delboys garage. they were called Jap_Plates, but i dont think they are around any more.

  • Gibbo
    Gibbo 3 года назад

    Yo pal, How did you get on with the licence plate holder? Would you recommend it? looking to put it on my Iron.

  • aplasticcup06
    aplasticcup06  3 года назад

    Now for Sale: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2013-Harley-Davidson-Iron-883-Stage-1-/121604216339?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c502d1613

  • Geoff Marshall
    Geoff Marshall 5 лет назад

    What make is the side mount you are using

  • Jason Boswell
    Jason Boswell 5 лет назад

    does the aux output drain your battery???

    • Jason Boswell
      Jason Boswell 5 лет назад

      have you had any dramas with it ???

  • Jason Boswell
    Jason Boswell 5 лет назад

    where did you get the cigarette lighter from??? and how has it been working ??

    • aplasticcup06
      aplasticcup06  5 лет назад

      +Jason Boswell I snaked it up past the seat and under the tank and simply cable tied it.

    • Jason Boswell
      Jason Boswell 5 лет назад

      where did you mount the cigarette lighter??? i am trying to figure out where to put it

    • aplasticcup06
      aplasticcup06  5 лет назад

      Hi, I bought it from Amazon i think... was not too expensive. It works just fine for when i need, which is very occasional use if i need to charge my phone or intercom etc.. I think HD actually make one... but be prepared to pay alot more!

  • Hex Marlboro
    Hex Marlboro 5 лет назад

    Nice accent, bud.... but that's ONE HELL OF A MESSY garage! You probably have enough stuff in your garage for an extra room... hahaha

  • mccannsn
    mccannsn 5 лет назад

    Plastic cup, I need this same mount. Is this is UK version of the side mount or is it the US version. The plate area seems bigger. Also, have you got the part number from the catalogue? Cheers.

  • aplasticcup06
    aplasticcup06  5 лет назад

    Cheers, at H-D they told me i couldnt get tinted lenses on the back as they are a LED composite item.. (that is to say H-D dont do them)

  • Raku Foxx
    Raku Foxx 5 лет назад

    it works out much cheaper if you get it yourself which is £150 from harley website. the dealers usually charge more to supply parts.

  • Daniel Falcón
    Daniel Falcón 5 лет назад


  • Blitzkrieg-MeX
    Blitzkrieg-MeX 5 лет назад

    that English weather never looks good.. nice bike btw!

  • aplasticcup06
    aplasticcup06  5 лет назад

    Bought and install from Harley Davidson. Supply and Install was £300.

  • Aimee Rosewell
    Aimee Rosewell 5 лет назад

    'This is where you need nails' haha. Cool mods!

  • aplasticcup06
    aplasticcup06  6 лет назад

    Hi, the HID is installed! Looks great. Although I still havent managed to get the side light changed yet. Word of warning before you do this: The alarm system doesnt like it. Usually when you turn the ignition on you hear one beep. Now it doesnt beep, and after 2 seconds the alarm sounds. So you have to turn the ignition off and back on again and your ready to go. It is odd. But it still works! If anything its an extra security measure! lol

  • Jamie Bellsham
    Jamie Bellsham 6 лет назад

    Hi. How did you get on with the headlight? I have a iron also and done a few mods myself,was thinking of doing my headlight.