Yes... I Ride a Friggin Sportster

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
  • In my first episode of my new weekly motovlog, I discuss the reasons as to why I prefer riding a Sportster. Sorry about some of the wind noise! I had a deadcat windscreen on my mic, but the wind just got really strong a few times!
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    Music from Epidemic Sound and Soundstripe.

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  • C Smith
    C Smith 2 days ago

    I’m a short guy (5’ 6” maybe), but I just want the bike because I like how it looks tbh.

  • Kowabunga US
    Kowabunga US 2 days ago +2

    Hey man, nothing wrong with a sportster, I’m just unfortunately a bit too long for one.

  • Rana Ehtisham Manj
    Rana Ehtisham Manj 3 days ago +1

    I love this bike ❤️

  • Joshua Odom
    Joshua Odom 4 days ago

    my battery cover came off going over a set of train tracks.. aint no popping out that dent, lol

  • Mark Holm
    Mark Holm 5 days ago +1

    I ride my motorcycle

  • Amador Robancho
    Amador Robancho 7 days ago +1

    Great video!! Definitely subscribed to your channel. I’m 41 and just about to start riding and the Sportster Superlow is what I’m aiming for to start off with. If you don’t mind me asking, what size bars do you recommend for someone who is 5’5” ?

    • Amador Robancho
      Amador Robancho 3 days ago

      The Grow Sesh being my height, I always thought a Harley was too big for me; therefore, I never rode but my cousins are all riders and are pressuring me to get a Harley. The other day, I went to the Harley store here in town to look at the Sportsters. But the Road King got caught my eye; it was love at first sight. I sat on that bike and had no problem planting my feet on the ground. The salesman said that I can even drop it an inch but it is perfect as it is. It was comfortable. I’m going to take that rider course then gong right back to purchase that Road King. I’m very excited!!
      Thank you for your reply,

    • The Grow Sesh
      The Grow Sesh 4 days ago +2

      Amador Robancho, you can go stock or anything. Comfort and satisfaction are what count man! I know guys your size that have stock bars & other that have swapped more than once. It all comes down to your personal preference my friend. As my dad said when I was about 16 “if it makes you happy, throw it on and grin like hell!” That ride is yours bro-experiment, tinker, learn and enjoy the adventure. Every biker will tell you, once you start customizing, you never really stop. The bike will forever be a work in progress. That’s the joy of the lifestyle man. Just keep the wheels down, the throttle twisted & the babes begging for more man!

  • Priyo Widodo
    Priyo Widodo 8 days ago


  • Robert Herrick
    Robert Herrick 8 days ago +1

    Great first video. I even enjoyed the music which is rare for me. So many of these cruiser guys play that "hip" kinda music. Not sure how to describe it. I'll be checking out your other videos.

    I'm seriously considering a Harley Davidson for my next bike. Currently riding a 2018 Honda Shadow Phantom. The relatively low weight is nice and the MPG is good but it would be nice to have something with more power. The problem is that all the other similar-sized bikes that are more powerful have smaller gas tanks and less MPG: Indian Scout, Sporter 883 & 1200 etc. The new Softail Low Riders look nice and they have a 5 gallon tank but I'm not a fan of all that chrome. Plus they are heavier and way more expensive. Can an aftermarket 4.5 gallon tank be installed on an Iron 1200?

      BEACHBIKER  8 days ago

      Hey! Thanks man! And yes, an aftermarket 4.5 gallon tank can indeed be installed on an iron 1200 👍🏼

  • 7316bobe
    7316bobe 9 days ago +1

    I do NOT like any Harley-Davidson motorcycles. From 1930 until 1958 they had a factory in Japan making Harley-Davidson motorcycles and supplying Harley parts for the American market. You just can not trust a Motorcycle company that does a thing like that. They even sold the company to AMF a bowling ball company for a few years. As bad as things got during the 1930s depression Indian (the proper Indian) motorcycles never did anything as bad as this.

  • Doug
    Doug 14 days ago

    I just wish they put a 4 gal tank on them then perfection would b n order

    • Doug
      Doug 14 days ago

      yes true but for me not the looks imo compared to the 2019 883 but u are correct on the custom

      BEACHBIKER  14 days ago

      I mean that's what the 1200 custom is for though... It has the 4.5 gallon tank

  • Shawn Hinzman
    Shawn Hinzman 14 days ago +1

    That's one reason why I like cruising with some friends rather than these big Harley group rides. I'm in a CMA chapter and we usually have a couple Harleys, an Indian, a couple Yamahas, a GOLDWING! We're all friends and we have a great time.

  • Post Tramatiq
    Post Tramatiq 17 days ago +1

    I love bikes,that 883 is my favorite bike, I never had a chance ride a bike at all. Now that I'm out the military, and got all the time in the world,my body is too f#cked up for two wheels now lol I still watch sportster videos to learn from because I'm getting a Can am Ryker which is they're sportster model,since I cant ride 2 wheels, that's going to be my 883. Plus my wife saids that with my PTSD anger issues,she doesn't want me on 2 wheels. Lol

  • Tyler M23
    Tyler M23 19 days ago

    = yes I'm a friggin hipster

      BEACHBIKER  19 days ago

      You're calling me a hipster?? Pffff 😆 Wow that could not be further from the truth lol

  • Eric Blair One
    Eric Blair One 20 days ago

    What size & age ( 1990 XLH , not running😭) s your's?

  • Jim Russo
    Jim Russo 21 day ago +1

    I have a '93 883, he's got n4 cams, tricked heads, bassini pipes, & reworked carb !!
    Living in South Florida Daytona is 200 miles north, we haven't missed in years
    If you love your Sporty keep riding and the hell with all the negative comments

      BEACHBIKER  21 day ago

      Amen Jim! And sounds like you've got an awesome bike!

  • Dakota Hallmark
    Dakota Hallmark 21 day ago +1

    R u from Midland? I'm born n raised in Odessa

      BEACHBIKER  21 day ago

      I lived in Midland for to years, but I'm back in my home state of Florida now 🤙🏼

  • Darrol Dewey Jones
    Darrol Dewey Jones 23 days ago

    My first Harley was a 68 xlch I wish I still had it Kickstart only what a beast,now I have a 2001 Road King now then I'm totally happy with that but you know what I had just as much fun on my Sportster probably had more chicks with my Sportster because I had it all custom painted up like a bobber and it was bad to the bone.

  • Joey CxTxHxC
    Joey CxTxHxC 23 days ago

    Ride what you wanna ride and who cares what other people think.....Is that why you're whispering?!?! Lmao! Just kidding, bro! Seriously though, who really does care....riding is all about the freedom, the wind in your face, the open road with absolutely no destination and love! Nowhere in there did it say riding is about what kind of bike your ride and it's been that way since day friggin one! There's guys I know that ride rigid custom choppers on long Poker Runs and cruises and absolutely love it even though hitting a bump/pothole feels like you just ran over a friggin Prius and there's other guys I know that love to ride full dressers and complete suspensions so it feels like you're riding on air so the only thing that truly matters is how comfortable and happy you are on your favorite style. Not everyone's the same, not everyone's a 1%'r MC badass, not everyone's a weekend warrior and not everyone's a basic Dyna kind of rider. There NEVER has been a rule book for riding and there NEVER will be! Ride safe my brothers & sisters \m/

  • Adonis Giovanni
    Adonis Giovanni 26 days ago +1

    NIce bike! I love riding my sporty too, it's very nimble and comfortable for my daily commutes. What kind of bag do you have strapped to your sissy bar in the intro?

      BEACHBIKER  26 days ago

      Thanks man! And it's just a lowepro camera gear backpack lol

  • Jack Lynn
    Jack Lynn 27 days ago +1

    Love the video but the wind noise not so much.

      BEACHBIKER  27 days ago +1

      Yeah man, this was one of my first videos I did, and those West Texas dessert winds are rough! I learned from it though and changed mics for better audio after the fact 👍🏼

  • LarryRickenbacker
    LarryRickenbacker 28 days ago +1

    This man's enthusiasm is infectious. This long-time Honda rider will consider a Sportster 1200 for his next bike. There's a H-D dealer less than one mile from my house.

      BEACHBIKER  28 days ago +1

      Haha nice! The 1200 sporty is an amazing bike. You'll love it!

  • Red Spain
    Red Spain Month ago +1

    Dude you know bro Rides, his bike his hands are white as a damn ghost from wearing his gloves

  • Richard Maldonado
    Richard Maldonado Month ago +1

    Right on !!!!

  • 310gwin hooligan
    310gwin hooligan Month ago

    Sporsters are fine but my first thought was damn he"s way to big for that bike .

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      I mean I feel super comfortable on it with the forward controls and mini apes

  • Tyler Hotsinpiller
    Tyler Hotsinpiller Month ago +2

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 2019 1200NS ! Absolutely in love. At first I was worried about looking too big for it but I changed my mind watching your video so thank you! I was considering a yamaha bolt but.... why not get a Harley for not much more!
    Thanks again, "it doesnt matter what you ride, just THAT you ride"

    • Tyler Hotsinpiller
      Tyler Hotsinpiller Month ago +2

      @BEACHBIKER I will definitely! Gotta get the forwards and pipes but still loving it! Thank you!

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      Awesome bro!!! Glad that my video helped your buying decision! Enjoy that sporty dude!

  • Andy Havill
    Andy Havill Month ago +1

    turn the volume down on the background music, just because I ride a Harley, I'm not deaf,,,,,,, I SAID I'M NOT DEAF DUDE !!

  • James Polucha
    James Polucha Month ago +1

    Great video thanks, I’m a retired Harley-Davidsons mechanic and the sportster is the best bike harley makes,if you knew what’s inside the 2003 and newer big twins you wouldn’t ride it, not going to get into it but I have 13 bikes and my sportster is the bike I ride the most, it’s just fun easy to ride and reliable

  • guy anderson
    guy anderson Month ago +2

    I am 59 and only had Imports all my life.bought my first Harley a sportster and wow

  • booggieman2u
    booggieman2u Month ago

    I love my 2012 sportster 48

  • 883 rydr
    883 rydr Month ago +1

    I have a 2006 sportster 883 and fully customized everything and absolutely love every second on it I've been to bike nights and every bike event and could care less about what anyone says it's my ass in that uncomfortable seat keep up the great work on your channel I watch every video

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Haha amen bro! And thanks for being a regular viewer! 🤙🏼

  • Paul J
    Paul J Month ago

    I rode one of these fuckin things once; about 15 miles across London and back.I liked the noise, but the brakes were rubbish, it was too heavy, gutless and didn`t want to go round corners. the hadlebar furniture was good but the bolt on bits, footrests etc looked cheap.
    they are unique, thank fuck. If you think it is quick you should try almost anything else.
    The V Rod was fun. I still reckon the Moto Guzzi Le Mans (1) is as good as you`ll need.

  • John Oakes
    John Oakes Month ago +1

    My '93, 883 has 110K on it and it's been pretty reliable. I bought it new and don't see any reason to get rid of it. Seat, bars pegs , gearing, everything is set up for ME! I've changed from a belt to a chain to gear it the way I want. It'll cruise at 80 with a pretty well stock engine.Open up the exhaust and put a Screaming Eagle air cleaner on it. Ignition Module and find someone who can do a GOOD ,multi-angle, valve job. You don't need a different carb or open pipes. Stock cams are OK. You can get 60HP on an 883 with them. Idle nice and are great in town. If you've got an early 5-speed, '91-'97, put a '98 oil pump in it. Scavenges much better. There's other things you can do. The list is endless so do it your own way. The above has worked well for me. I'm old now 75, and don't ride much so I doubt if I'll do anything else to it BUT, I've got an idea! Putting a front head on the rear jug and make a dual-carb Sporty. Yes, the beauty of a Sportster.

  • Jake Palyo
    Jake Palyo Month ago +1

    Really well said. Thank you for making this video. My uncle is a big Harley guy and while he doesn't knock the Sportsters, he's always said "oh you'll get rid of it in a year" but he can also afford a $30k road glide. I was considering a sporty before but this makes me confident that it's going to be a great option for me not just in the beginning, but for years to come.
    Thanks again!

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      Awesome dude! Glad to have helped you in your bike search! And I've been riding a Sportster since 2015, and still don't want anything else! You'll love it 👍🏼

  • Rock Dog
    Rock Dog Month ago

    There for runts n women

  • Jared Howe
    Jared Howe Month ago +1

    F-11 Topcoat will clean and preserve your black denim paint. It will remove finger prints and smudges. It will protect the finish and keep it looking new. RU-clip f-11

  • R D
    R D Month ago +1

    I've got an older fuel injected HD bagger with a hopped up motor. I love it, but man I loved my Sportster. I think I might need another.

  • randall cochran
    randall cochran Month ago +1

    Sportster went rubber mount 2004

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Month ago +1

    Sportys are smaller bikes its a fact, but they serve the purpose they were intended. It's a entry level Harley Davidson that has endless options for customization. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS YOU LOVE YOUR BIKE !

  • Jared Howe
    Jared Howe Month ago +1

    I enjoyed your video. Get "F-11 Topcoat" it will protect your flat black denim paint. I have a 1997 sportster 883 hugger, that I bought new. And, I have a 2008 Dyna Low Rider I bought new. Have fun and ride safe.

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      Thanks man! And I've heard a lot of good things about F-11. I might have to check it out!

  • SirNightFox
    SirNightFox Month ago

    Sportsters are they way to go in my opinion. Have had a couple and this includes the bigger 96ci. My fave is the seventy two. Loved it.

  • Dwight Wilson
    Dwight Wilson Month ago

    Right on Sir. About time someone recognized the awesomeness of the sporty. I’m 62 years old and I ride a 1200 roadster. Best bike I’ve ever owned. BTW, your painting old guys with a broad brush is just like people talking bad about sportys........

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      I said "those old guys" when I was referencing the sporty haters because while not all old guys hate Sportsters, nearly 100% of Sportster haters ARE old guys lol.

  • sneven
    sneven Month ago +2

    live it love it brother.. I"ve got a 883 xl custom... just as loud and beautiful as any harley

  • nonya biz
    nonya biz Month ago

    Glorified lawn mower engine on two wheels motorcycle... even takes the same dumbass Champion spark plug as my piece of shit Briggs and Stratton riding lawn mower

  • S
    S Month ago +1

    So I've never owned a motorcycle but my brothers gotten one and he wants me to get one so we can ride together. I'm 5'5ish - 5'6ish so would the 883 be a good size for me? Never sat on one bc the only dealership is like 2hrs away lol

    • S
      S Month ago +1

      @BEACHBIKER thanks for the reply!!!! I'm stoaked now!!!

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Dude you would fit perfectly. You could probably swing the mid or forward controls

  • Stephen Harriau
    Stephen Harriau Month ago +2

    Lowered with a $2500 kit, some cams, improved air and exhaust, a sportster isn’t as bad a a 1999 bagger with wobble problems.

  • m jordan
    m jordan Month ago +1

    Preach on brother! My 2017 883N is possibly the best motorcycle ever!

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      Awesome! Glad you love that thing! 🤘🏼

  • r.e. mcguire
    r.e. mcguire Month ago +1

    Great video!👍

  • Shane Pettibone
    Shane Pettibone Month ago +1

    I had to trade up from a 2018 sportster, to a 2019 sports glide. That extra gear, bigger saddle bags, and better outfitted for long hauls. But that sportster is damn near bulletproof and reliable.

  • Northern Rider
    Northern Rider Month ago +1

    I had a vrod muscle and rode the piss out if it. I got tired of the feel and wanted that traditional harley rumble. I have the exact bike you have only in denim grey, same year and all. I will eventually build it to a 1200 or 1250. Its a great bike. Haters gonna hate. 🤷‍♂️

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      Exactly! And honestly, I just like the leaner and more classic look for the Sportster. The bigger Harley's look bulbous and chunky lol

    • Northern Rider
      Northern Rider Month ago +1

      @BEACHBIKER If I went that route Id give the heads a massage with a cam but I really enjoy the bike how it sits. There is a lot of ego out there with the harley crowd. I just love to ride. EVERYONE has a street glide and i don't want to be a sheep.

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Awesome! Yeah, building it out to a 1250 would be sick!

  • Xavier Martinez
    Xavier Martinez Month ago +1

    Your from midland? I’m from pecos, I also have an iron, we gotta ride some time 🤘🏽🤘🏽

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Oh nice! But I used to live in Midland, I live in South Florida now!

  • Damian f.
    Damian f. Month ago

    Only fat old men feel this way, if you need to ride a big Harley to feel like a man, you a little bitch.

  • matt soles
    matt soles Month ago +1

    Before I got my street glide I had a sportster 1200. I absolutely loved that bike and would still have it today if I didn’t have to trade it in towards the street glide 😔
    I wanted a bigger bike for comfort and stability. Either way I would recommend a sportster for anyone, great bikes.

  • joey berry
    joey berry Month ago +1

    Well Im a Old Guy. but i loved my Sportster 1200xlR. i will watch your Chanel. but I am a Old guy.

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Amen man! And you'd love corpus!

    • joey berry
      joey berry Month ago +1

      @BEACHBIKER I know what you talk about I run into it too I now have a heritage but it's a 2016 you know what the Chrome on it I'm fixing to be 55 years old and I think the wife and I are going to move down around the Corpus Christi area right now we live at Grove Oklahoma so it's going to be in adjustment I think we'll be happy though but you're right as fellow writers need to stick together whether it's a 50cc scooter or remember that big old Vulcan what was that thing and the Tramp triple rocket thing

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago +1

      Haha well that's good! Sorry if I grouped all older gentleman together. I was merely referring to the portion of them that do act that way! 😂

  • Timmy C.
    Timmy C. Month ago

    I have the Piaggio BV 350. Just bought on March 13. Ride every day. Approaching 1100 miles. Automatic transmission. So fun!

    • Timmy C.
      Timmy C. Month ago

      To continue..... great acceleration. Turn the throttle and it takes off! Don’t let 3500 cc or the term scooter fool you. So fun! Automatic transmission!!!!!

  • Pusha MC est.1972
    Pusha MC est.1972 Month ago

    Its a wussy bike point blank period ...grow a pair

  • Stuart Butler
    Stuart Butler Month ago +1

    Brilliant review. I agree with what you have said. I've got an 883.Ride safe from the 🇬🇧.

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Thanks man! I appreciate it 🤙🏼

  • Greg Frumburson !
    Greg Frumburson ! Month ago +1

    Love my switchback, but I miss my nightster, it was just a beast.

  • Howard S
    Howard S Month ago

    Sporsters are for stumpy legged mofos

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Haha I get ya man! Honestly, I'd love to own a sport glide or something in addition to my sporty for those longer rides

    • Howard S
      Howard S Month ago +1

      @BEACHBIKER I was just yanking your belt (Harley joke)
      I'd do the same if I wrote a Sportster but the wife and I like to travel together so of course I have a Road Glide

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      lol at 6"2', I'm definitely not stumpy legged! But I did swap the mid controls out for forwards... so that helps 👍🏼

  • Justin Powell
    Justin Powell Month ago +1

    good stuff brother! i like the way you lay down the facts!

  • Lj Gaines
    Lj Gaines Month ago +1

    Nice video brother Midland Texas got to love it I'm from Fort Worth myself are you an oil field worker LOL keep them coming catch you later

      BEACHBIKER  Month ago

      Haha oh god no! 🤣 But I'm actually living in South Florida now (thank God) and loving life. Those two years I spent in Midland were some character building years though, that's for sure! 😂

  • k carr
    k carr Month ago

    I Ride a 2013, XL1200C, Harley Davidson "Sportster"......When you ride a Harley, you get respect !
    "Then Came Bronson" 1969, rode a Sportster too, 👍 Yepper ! Great old TV show about his Sportster life. That show made me want a bike ! Watch episodes on "Daily Motion".

  • CHAINS7337
    CHAINS7337 Month ago +1

    Sportster is Harley's number one selling motorcycle, they're great bikes, and the options to change things around are endless. I've seen Sportster's that I thought where dyna's till I got right next to em. I'm actually looking to get a 1200 nightster to turn into a chop-chop. Suicide shift coffin tank z-bars. Rubber down brother

  • Rick DeWitt
    Rick DeWitt Month ago +4

    I'm 44, ridden motorcycles for over 25 years, and I've been riding my '98 Sportster since I bough it new. It's just meat and potatoes, nothing fancy and just great bike. Best motorcycle I have ever owned and has never let me down.

  • Ricky Harvey
    Ricky Harvey Month ago +1

    I went from a sportster to a streetglide to a roadglide !!! Did 1.250 miles in 24 hours on my 60th birthday from Michigan to florida

  • Robert Bock
    Robert Bock Month ago +2

    I ride a sportster as well and there's nothing wrong with riding something other then a Harley .Hell when I was young I owned a moped and I think about that now and it brings a smile to my face .it's not about what you ride it's the feeling you get of freedom .Live to ride ride to Live .
    Ride safe everyone

  • eric heine
    eric heine Month ago

    Mopeds are like fat women.
    They're fun to ride but you wouldn't want to be seen on one.
    Iron American Dream on RU-clip.
    A song about Harley Davidsons

  • alpha lion
    alpha lion Month ago +2

    WOW ,,,dope music bruv ,,, love from India

  • Brian Dennis
    Brian Dennis Month ago

    Gained a new sub, Love the cinematic value of your video and the true biker attitude of not giving a fuck what people think about your bike ride what you want you payed for it no one else!!
    I got a 883 and I'm 6'3" 305 pounds and it carries my lumpy ass just fine! Fuck the haters keep riding bro!!

  • Moi MacArt
    Moi MacArt Month ago +1

    It's also a budget thing. If you want a Harley and a Sportster is the only bike you can afford. Go for it and ENJOY the bike. Who cares what others think? They're not the ones riding it, you are. So, enjoy what you ride.

  • LarryRickenbacker
    LarryRickenbacker 2 months ago +1

    OK, I'll bite: What is your 883's highest "comfortable" cruising speed?

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago +1

      Awesome! Yeah, definitely give the Sportster solid consideration. It's a bulletproof bike with a bulletproof motor that will go for 200,000 miles with ease

    • LarryRickenbacker
      LarryRickenbacker 2 months ago +1

      This is the kind of info I need. I admire your passion for the H-D Sportster 883. Thank you! To be fair, my '07 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 (Shaft-drive, liquid-cooled with it's 1100cc engine) can't claim any faster cruising speeds and I have a comfy Mustang seat and big Memphis shade windscreen. My Honda weighs in at 575 lbs. I'll consider a Sportster when I retire, as I live very close to a H-D dealer and would like to own an American bike.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago +1

      With a windshield, I can go 70-75mph all day long with a mustang seat as well. Stock seat will have you spitting up blood within 30 minutes of riding at any speed lol. Without a windshield, I can handle 60-65 comfortably, but can very much still do 75-80, but it becomes taxing after awhile.

  • fluffykittynoodles
    fluffykittynoodles 2 months ago

    Making videos with titles like this and explanations like you're coming out of the closet just make more of a negative image a reality. Just ride what you want to ride, damn.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      You missed the point entirely. And guess what? You watched a video like this. Meaning I succeeded. I'm producing content for my RU-clip channel that will grow my views and subscriber count. I don't have to defend my bike choice, but I'm more than happy to make a video about it because it attracts new viewers and attracts lots of comments like this one 👍🏻

  • J Swan
    J Swan 2 months ago +1

    I dont ride a sporty.... but i do ride something with a sportster heart... i love my 2000 Buell M2 Cyclone.. little different.. but so much fun!

  • Skunk72
    Skunk72 2 months ago +1

    Bro, you ride what you want to ride! I dont care if you are out there splitting lanes on a vespa, you have my respect!
    You totally described my Dad with the cut off sleeves and leather chaps.... Bur he doesnt judge!

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      Haha that's hilarious. Glad he doesn't judge though!

  • zee
    zee 2 months ago

    Do you really feel you have to defend your sportster ownership,,,,, grow up

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      Grow up? lol bro, I did this video to gain new subscribers. I don't have to defend shit. But this topic attracts viewers and sparks lot of comments, which helps it go viral. All part of my plan to grow the channel ✌🏼

  • Orion Fixr
    Orion Fixr 2 months ago +1

    I also ride a Sporty . Since I was 16 its all the bike I ever wanted. I had to wait till I was 57 years young to make that happen. that was in 2005 . And yes it's still all the bike I want or need. Great bike !! Mines a 1200 C .

  • el
    el 2 months ago +1

    I have always loved how sportsers look and while harleys are not known for speed this is the best medium between wanting a harley and speed i never understood the hate

  • Elijah Butterfield
    Elijah Butterfield 2 months ago +1

    Considering your video quality, it's odd you dont have more subs

    • Elijah Butterfield
      Elijah Butterfield 2 months ago +1

      Dayum. That's not long.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago +1

      Thanks Elijah! Hey man, the sub count is growing rapidly! Only been doing this RU-clip thing consistently since January.

  • Tim Cowan
    Tim Cowan 2 months ago

    The evolution motor is not the same as a Evo motor they are all different. Do your homework.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      Yes it is. Evo literally stands for Evolution. You need to do your homework.

  • Momma SaydSo
    Momma SaydSo 2 months ago +2

    If it has two wheels, you’re good. Live happy and ride hard. 🤙

  • Lil Dead
    Lil Dead 2 months ago +1

    I ride a Sportster 2013 XL1200 C

  • John Risinger
    John Risinger 2 months ago +1

    I used to work for an Odessa Harley dealer in the sixties. Had some good times riding out to Fort Davis and Carlsbad NM.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      That's the dealer I bought my Iron from!

  • Oshi maida
    Oshi maida 2 months ago +1

    Subscribed on the intro alone..

  • Speedemon7777
    Speedemon7777 2 months ago

    I can't believe those Harley guys believing their bikes are fast! Please go test ride a 1000cc sports bike!!! 🙈🙈🙈

    DJR TACO 2 months ago

  • Coal Moto
    Coal Moto 2 months ago +4

    Best Regards from Germany! I ride a Forty Eight and enjoy every single trip!

  • Michael Ogden
    Michael Ogden 2 months ago +2


  • John Avy
    John Avy 2 months ago +1

    Sportster are awesome

  • Me 93 117
    Me 93 117 2 months ago +1

    Great videos, you gotta let your hands get some sun 😂😂😂

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      Sounds awesome man! Glad to hear you're proud to rep that Sporty! 🤘🏼

    • Me 93 117
      Me 93 117 2 months ago +1

      @BEACHBIKER we have the exact same bike, I did biltwell bars, Vance and Hines short shots, larosa solo seat, Avon grips and blacked out the forks with vinyl and tank lift, you should check out Rp sporty on e-bay they cater to only riding.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago +1

      haha thanks man! And yeah, I had a pretty severe hand tan... or lack there of lol... at the time in this video. Getting plenty of sun on the hands in south Florida now though!

  • jaxxsun
    jaxxsun 2 months ago +1

    If I did not have to carry work stuff around with me. A sportster would of been on a short list. A great bike.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      You'd be surprised what you can fit on a Sporty with a tall sissybar mounted to it!

  • Overby's Raiders
    Overby's Raiders 2 months ago

    I ride a 1200 Sportster. I'm 270 lbs. Just under 6 ft. Has plenty of power, love the torque! Much better to ride than a monster bagger for around town and is just fine on the highway. Love it!

  • BEBuch Webmaster
    BEBuch Webmaster 2 months ago

    Lose the apple watch

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      I now have a Note 9 and a galaxy watch, but I still don't see your point

  • blind fredy
    blind fredy 2 months ago +1

    Mine a bit more basic than yours, I got a 1996 1200S. Carby rigid mount engine, love it and I'm 60. Been ridin' over 50 years and still love it with a passion. If someone wants to give me a run and thinks the there're better than this old fart. I just roll out my Honda CBR 1100XX and then ,let the young fuckers try and keep up. Good vid mate.

  • David Brooks
    David Brooks 2 months ago

    You can customize a sportster 500 times and it still looks badass,you can’t do that with no other Harley

  • David Brooks
    David Brooks 2 months ago +2

    In 2015 I bought a 2005 883 sportster,fast forward to Nov 2018 I got a stage 111 which it’s now a 1200,I love my sportster,even the guys that ride baggers love looking at my bike,nothing on earth compares to a sportster.

  • preacherman65
    preacherman65 2 months ago +3

    Thank you brother! Ohio rider checking in. I love my sporty. It comfortable, fast, and loud. Respect for all my two wheeling brethren

  • Dozeyish
    Dozeyish 2 months ago +1

    Sportsters rule ok ,,,,, simple as that, you can not find a more customisable , fixable, reliable go anywhere bike with so much history. I have two, I have done 85K miles on my first one, it will get to 100k no problem. I ride with all kinds of riders and the sports bikers often ask me " how does it go round corners so well.

  • Wicked Coolname
    Wicked Coolname 2 months ago +1

    Personally, I'm a Triumph guy. But I like pretty much all motorcycles. These days it's hard to find a truly bad bike. Too each his own, just get out there and ride.
    I'm 6' and around 210 lbs and I spent last summer bopping around on a little Yamaha TW200 and I had a blast putting around in the woods and cruising around the back roads.

  • Charles Te Huia
    Charles Te Huia 2 months ago +1

    There's nothing wrong with sporties, I loved my sporty

  • Patrick Sheeley
    Patrick Sheeley 2 months ago +1

    Ride a 1200 custum.Im a really big guy,6,1 280.Get slack for riden my moped,
    I don't take real long cruise's just around the county and town.comfortable enough. 60yrs. Old don't want to go in debt for a bigger bike.any way REALLY dug your site. Looking forward to more.

      BEACHBIKER  2 months ago

      Thanks Patrick! I completely agree with you!

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 2 months ago

    Cool story, Bro...