Barbie Doll Babysitting LOL Baby Goldie & Punk Boi Family

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Barbie mommy and LOL Punk Boi family are going to fancy dinner party. Baby Goldie, lil sis goldie, Punk boi, and lil punk boi stay with babysitter Barbie. The evening routine starts with the babies drinking their bottles and going to sleep. The LOL kids watch the new secret life of pets movie! Lil Goldie y Lil Punk sneak out of their cribs! They play in the playground. Oh no! The babies are hiding! Will they find them before the parents return??
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    Hey Guys! Can you tell me in the comments
    What other adventures you’d like to see Goldie do next?

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    Die Gold ist eine Bank die goldene aus die Prettin in den Going in the und relax the Ring sammelt and an der Gold zu Bett

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    Make goldie ' s father please

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    Grandma B 3 days ago

    Can you have golde go to the store

  • shafaq suhail
    shafaq suhail 3 days ago

    Yes I did see where they went

  • Venecia Garcia
    Venecia Garcia 3 days ago

    I want another episode of summer camp

  • Peacan Greenwood
    Peacan Greenwood 4 days ago

    Elsa and a playground and in the kitchen with Barbie with pass and then they went past year I was going to downstairs and they they went back upstairs and in a bedroom and sleep in their mom and Punk Boi mom and Goldie mom

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    I love Goldie her little sis and punkboy his little brother . And afcourse I love you titi😘😘😛

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    Under the table .

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    Essa Luiz 9 days ago

    They are outside in the hole time and they come in befor barbie look outside and the babys were drinking milk and go to sleep

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    Babies are so cute

  • Beverly Sheppard
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    They snuck out doors and we’re playing with Miss skunk with a wagging .

  • leah atanacio
    leah atanacio 11 days ago

    With Punk Boi or Boy

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    leah atanacio 11 days ago

    Or let Goldie watch inquisitor master

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    leah atanacio 11 days ago

    Titi toys and dolls can you tell goldie to watch Alvin and the chipmunks

  • leah atanacio
    leah atanacio 11 days ago

    Can you make Goldie watch Alvin and The chipmunks and chippettes

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    little Godie is cute 💋😻🍕💕

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    Under the table and by the chairs

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    Tejer en la calle

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    We're Goldi's dad

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    Can u do a vid that Goldie gets a broken leg and the whole calls gets her

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    Outside and in the kitchen outside even in the crab

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    They were under the table

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    Make more Goldie and punk Boy videos I watched all of them and I love them

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    Your vids are cool🤘🤘🤘❤❤

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    Titi toys and dolls . T t t t t t t t

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    Death kits babies under dead table drinking milk dead whole time

  • Maria J Zambrano
    Maria J Zambrano 15 days ago +1

    Noooo goodie and punk boy sitting un a tree k I s s I n g oo lala

  • eyescube29
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    You should give goldies mom a husband

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    The beach

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    They went outside then they went under the table

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    I saw the bus when you are finding that they were both under the table no chairs no tables no chairs I just say table

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    I LOOOOVE your vids!!!!!🤩❤🤩❤❤🤩

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    Titi toys and dolls can you make a dad for goldy

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    I have lol to

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    Outside & under the table

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  • Amoya Smith
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    Little Goldie and little punk boy hide outside then under the table with milk and then went back to bed

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    They had in the park

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    Alicia Wise 20 days ago

    once the babysitter left they went to the park then they got the milk so they got tired and went to sleep.

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    They were outside getting pulled around in the wagon by a skunk

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    Goldie and punk boy went out to the front yard last night and then the king in the house in the kitchen to drink some milk and then they went back to dead and my name is Lisa love you guys

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    Pls make a video of punk boi marrying goldie plsssssssssssssssss

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    You make a video of a roblox game so we can know what you look like in roblox

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    They claimed out of their creb and went to the backyard because they wanted to play

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    I love you u are my faves youtuber

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    I love the time we’re doing the best of the year in the past week to see the results i
    Really really enjoy the
    That Godie and punk boy got together!!!
    Yahoo has been a good idea of the last few days

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  • little bearingstin and me lyes

    Goldie: leave a comment down below and say where they were hiding!
    Me: sooooo.......... You were coming the whole time sooooo.. cheek the footage!

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