The OWNER JOINED gave MAX EXP and BROKE THE GAME! (Roblox RPG Simulator)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • welcome back to another roblox vid today we're back here bye !
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    TITLE: "The OWNER JOINED gave MAX EXP and BROKE THE GAME! (Roblox RPG Simulator)
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  • Anchali Prathummang
    Anchali Prathummang 3 days ago

    Can you show that
    I love you🏃🏻‍♂️

  • Rebekah Johnson
    Rebekah Johnson 4 days ago

    Tofuu I got ten rebirths in one hour with no robux

  • Sajal Saha
    Sajal Saha 4 days ago +1

    Of corse we are all in 2019

  • Sajal Saha
    Sajal Saha 4 days ago


  • Sajal Saha
    Sajal Saha 4 days ago

    I snap haters

  • Christina Adams
    Christina Adams 4 days ago

    We all now the truth about toffu that he that he is rich

  • Samantha Young
    Samantha Young 4 days ago

    Your. The. Best. RU-clip. Ever

  • Angel Barron
    Angel Barron 5 days ago

    I will snap out poke channel TEAM TURTLR

  • Ankita Koirala
    Ankita Koirala 6 days ago


  • Mahd Syed
    Mahd Syed 7 days ago

    Tofuu add me I will give u the best pet and it will be a Permanent pet

  • Zach The Blessed Sebastian

    Joe is a pro in roblox

  • xxzach the evil gacha lover xx

    I would snap out my annoying friend who think project zorgo is real

  • gamer kid101
    gamer kid101 7 days ago

    Play breaking point

  • SANDWICHES57 Roblox
    SANDWICHES57 Roblox 8 days ago

    I feel like you are the the bestest person in the world an I loves you are the best you tuber ever

  • Sean Krister Caldejon


  • John Adulcikas
    John Adulcikas 11 days ago

    i speak spanis

  • Nicholas Olivero
    Nicholas Olivero 11 days ago +1

    I love you

  • jhondy larrios
    jhondy larrios 12 days ago

    Your so famous but you are my one and only favorite Joe : )

  • riley bates
    riley bates 12 days ago

    Toffu i subbed liked shared and im going to buy ur galixy merch

  • Jon Rose
    Jon Rose 13 days ago


  • jade hipplan
    jade hipplan 13 days ago


  • Elias Ramos
    Elias Ramos 13 days ago

    Bruh he didn't waist any robux.

    Thats would make it even better content Like if u agree

  • Mary Anne Garcia
    Mary Anne Garcia 14 days ago

    Hi tofu

  • ken weng
    ken weng 15 days ago

    so waek

  • Danilo Agag
    Danilo Agag 16 days ago

    I sub give me orbux username is highbird000

  • kidninja 30
    kidninja 30 16 days ago

    Would you rather break comp or delete channel

  • Javier Catana
    Javier Catana 16 days ago

    Play youtude simeler im alames 1 play Touufu piz

  • enzo mishchils
    enzo mishchils 17 days ago


  • enzo mishchils
    enzo mishchils 17 days ago

    basanta grg jou ar stoepet

  • Daniel Talosi
    Daniel Talosi 17 days ago


  • Jason Null
    Jason Null 17 days ago

    I join yer group can you give me 9999 my name is freeride123456.

  • Muhammad Farooq
    Muhammad Farooq 18 days ago +1

    I love you tofu

  • Jayden McInnis
    Jayden McInnis 19 days ago

    Joe I've had 1 rebirth sand I'm on lion king thing zone with no robux I'm a beast at slaying sim

  • Azis Mohammad
    Azis Mohammad 20 days ago

    hi forstaken pleass give me a robux name:killernaruto131
    pleassssss give me robux i want all your youtube in i notifications all your videos pleass give me robux

  • Dallas Wooster
    Dallas Wooster 22 days ago

    I would snap tofuu haters

  • natalie rennie
    natalie rennie 24 days ago

    I subbed and turned on notifications

  • Shayne Meconnen
    Shayne Meconnen 24 days ago

    I can give you a broken egg

  • Marzena Ulichnowska
    Marzena Ulichnowska 25 days ago

    Yes you are

  • Riley Jenkins
    Riley Jenkins 27 days ago

    rjjronaldo23 that is my robotic name

  • Starr Foley
    Starr Foley 27 days ago +1

    Friend me my name is coolrivpro2

  • Brett Nielsen
    Brett Nielsen 28 days ago

    I love you’re vids tofuu/joe

  • brooklyn ballentyne
    brooklyn ballentyne 29 days ago

    i bean watching u for 3 days

  • Wayne Wear
    Wayne Wear 29 days ago

    Snap ur self out of existence

  • TheUncleNoob 63
    TheUncleNoob 63 Month ago

    I am ALOT better than u i have a 300b weapon and i had 10 supreme pets without robux my name is moneys7p7y

  • rebecca xiong
    rebecca xiong Month ago

    Joe i have a dare dare: its kiss me pls

  • Marceau Kavanagh
    Marceau Kavanagh Month ago

    I wish you could play a game with me

  • Marceau Kavanagh
    Marceau Kavanagh Month ago

    Joe I love you you are the best RU-clipr

  • Rhys Morgan
    Rhys Morgan Month ago


  • King Richard
    King Richard Month ago

    would u rather be homeless for life or never be able to gain money....

    • tht1guy 123
      tht1guy 123 Month ago

      That's pretty much the same thing

      But I would rather be homeless

  • Mercy Hope
    Mercy Hope Month ago

    I like all of your videos

  • Levon Pritt
    Levon Pritt Month ago

    Tofuu pls willl you give me 1m robox pls I’m a fan pls give me robox pls tofuu

  • Minve Playz
    Minve Playz Month ago

    0:20 true I was think that

  • Minve Playz
    Minve Playz Month ago

    You won in match and will win in rb battles

  • Alex Sean
    Alex Sean Month ago

    i clicked the notifications subbed and subscribed ;) mY username is .. thegoodnoothatlives and i always watch you every single day!!!!

  • FluffyPixel Gamer1567
    FluffyPixel Gamer1567 Month ago +1

    Tofu Face reveal!

    • Randlee Reddy
      Randlee Reddy Month ago +1

      FluffyPixel Gamer1567 if you are an og fan he did face cam but them he didn’t like it so he stopped

  • Shariq Munir
    Shariq Munir Month ago

    I used code tofuu it worked!

  • Madeline Ronau
    Madeline Ronau Month ago

    Thx for uploading everyday:D

  • Madeline Ronau
    Madeline Ronau Month ago

    Joe I wove u u the best yt ever XD

  • Guindalyn Pendaloo
    Guindalyn Pendaloo Month ago

    Everything but Turtles

  • rancer's wierdness
    rancer's wierdness Month ago

    joe: gives ppl with team turtle merch robux
    me that cant afford team turtle merch and i want robux for it: am i a joke to u