Ben Wallace Defense on Shaq - 2006 ECF Game 5 (Famous Block)

  • Published on Jun 4, 2015
  • Big Ben did a good job on Shaq defensively, including his famous block. Shaq had a big game, but most of his points came without Wallace on him.
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  • Dejuan Johnson
    Dejuan Johnson 2 years ago

    Shaq aint want no smoke wit big ben lol

  • JomoDaMusicMan
    JomoDaMusicMan 2 years ago

    what logic is they can put Bill Walton in the hall of fame while, denying Ben Wallace entrance, OK, Bill got more friends on the committee, Ben Wallace scored more career pts, three times as many rebs than Walton

  • Eugene Krabs
    Eugene Krabs 2 years ago +1

    I love shaqs facial expressions when hes getting locked up lmao

  • Iron59
    Iron59 2 years ago +10

    Draymond Green seems weaker than Ben Wallace.

  • Cae B
    Cae B 2 years ago

    the post game interview with Shaq was the best though lol.

  • Z
    Z 2 years ago

    Rasheed was heavier than Ben so why Ben was on Shaq and not Rasheed

  • Kenansson
    Kenansson 2 years ago +3

    Imagine if Pistons drafted Melo in 2003 :(:(

  • evan jenkins
    evan jenkins 2 years ago +2

    great defender

  • Sercia Soliven
    Sercia Soliven 2 years ago +3

    yep, and he have nothing, he never knew nothing, no one dunking on him as he been into so much already, but all he knows is to work hard, thanks Big Ben, for showing the true definition of working hard, much Respect here in Europe..

  • Jordan Faumui
    Jordan Faumui 2 years ago

    Miami leads 3-1

  • Mlssr Sevenseven
    Mlssr Sevenseven 2 years ago

    How come Shaq didn't do Ben Wallace the same as Mutombo...yeah thought so...

  • thegiftedmedia
    thegiftedmedia 2 years ago +8

    Hall of Famer for sure.

  • Hash Money
    Hash Money 2 years ago +1

    wade single handle detroit

  • Mikaél Rence
    Mikaél Rence 2 years ago +23

    Top 5 Defenders of the 2000s
    - Ben Wallace
    - Marcus Camby
    - Bruce Bowen
    - Shane Battier
    - Tony Allen

  • More Life
    More Life 2 years ago +3

    2:57 .Fuk feminism bitch

  • More Life
    More Life 2 years ago

    Damn even on 180p I can't see tht shit 😭

  • Snek
    Snek 2 years ago

    4:01 Ben Wade

  • Snek
    Snek 2 years ago

    Miami leads 3-1. ;)

  • The Big O
    The Big O 2 years ago

    He fouled him. Great play tho.

  • giholste123
    giholste123 2 years ago +45

    I feel like nowadays that'd be a foul called 99% of the time. All ball.

  • The Great
    The Great 2 years ago +22

    Ben Wallace is the Greatest Defensive Center of All-Time

  • JAred Leonard
    JAred Leonard 2 years ago +23

    Man Ben Wallace was one of the few players to give shaq a hard ass time on the defensive end

  • LuckeeManiac
    LuckeeManiac 2 years ago +15

    1:57 "World War Wrestling"?! 😂 ooo Hubie....

  • TELEthruVOXx
    TELEthruVOXx 2 years ago +4

    Oh my word. Somebody on TNT needs to ask Shaq about this game. Geeezus. The deasil looks baaaad! Lol

  • Al Vaili
    Al Vaili 2 years ago +4

    Shaq is not as strong as his build portrays. Of course he is hella strong being that size but I'm saying is if Wallace could push him around I have no doubt Wilt would ragdoll him.

  • Uh Wasd
    Uh Wasd 2 years ago

    6'6 without shoe

  • grace ya
    grace ya 2 years ago +1

    Spectacular rejection by Wallace on I know why shaq doesnt talk about the block after all these years..haha

  • Rick
    Rick 2 years ago +1

    "ESPN HD"

  • Tony Stank
    Tony Stank 2 years ago +4

    Shaq twerked Big Ben to the floor lol

  • Matthew Mannix
    Matthew Mannix 2 years ago +9

    No disrespect to Wallace but Shaq certainly wasn't in his prime at all in this season

    • Shawn Orjiakor
      Shawn Orjiakor 2 years ago +1

      Matthew Mannix he wasn't

    • JAred Leonard
      JAred Leonard 2 years ago +23

      Matthew Mannix what the hell are you talking about? Shaq averaged 25 and 15 in 2005 o.o he was 2nd in MVP that year behind Nash. This is the year shaq keeps talking about how Nash robbed him of the MVP. Shaq declined horribly after 2005

  • Dayo Olufade
    Dayo Olufade 2 years ago +6

    Hubie Brown was old then and he is still working

  • Nobunaga Gg
    Nobunaga Gg 3 years ago +5

    Wallace is on the peak time but shaq is over peak time

  • thesmoothone
    thesmoothone 3 years ago

    Def one of my top 5 defenders

  • Sal Amander
    Sal Amander 3 years ago

    Olajuwon, Robinson, or Ewing never looked this bad at Shaq's age.

    • Rose David
      Rose David 3 years ago

      totally! I Guess wallace is jud too good of a defendet

  • Nigel Cooper
    Nigel Cooper 3 years ago +71

    Ben Wallace is the fourth best defender in NBA history imo, behind Dennis Rodman and Bill Russell and Hakeem Olajuwan

    • MusiKinG 101
      MusiKinG 101 2 years ago

      shant719 ummm boxing football basketball baseball ufc Silva jon jones etc. even golf tennis

    • TheShadowMan2121
      TheShadowMan2121 2 years ago

      hockey sucks ass. bball is much better. and what do black people have to do with this?? dumbass bitch

    • shant719
      shant719 2 years ago

      jimbo when black people dominate a real sport then talk!!! Hockey is for real men!!!

    • Al3jandr0101
      Al3jandr0101 2 years ago +1

      YouGotOwned Owned, first of all lets look at their career stats instead of cherry picking. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are both still averaging ahead of Harden. That's not to say that Harden can't get there, but as for now he is behind. Let me ask you something. How many NBA All-Defensive teams has Harden been a part of? I'll let you look that one up. I'm not even a fan of either James or Wade but I'm not stupid, you have to know that some people just are not good at defense.

    • YouGotOwned Owned
      YouGotOwned Owned 2 years ago

      The last 2 seasons his defense during the regular season is better than Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. He has more steals and blocks than the both of them. You have just been owned. Now go cry in a corner. Now this is where you ignore actual stats because I just made you realize you know NOTHING about basketball. How does it feel to get owned? How long did I make you cry?

  • Italiano Accent
    Italiano Accent 3 years ago

    Not only did he block Shaquille , he knocked that dude down from 7'2 all the way to the floor! Damn!!!!!

  • Mr. otivarag
    Mr. otivarag 3 years ago +13

    I almost forgot how much of a beast big Ben was, that '04 team was fun to watch

  • Suicidal in Cleveland
    Suicidal in Cleveland 3 years ago +4

    Glory days of the NBA, in my opinion. I just don't care about the NBA today - too diluted and the very-very top-tier Stars are retiring or on the decline. Steph and especially Durant do absolutely nothing for me.

  • Dorito Maldonado
    Dorito Maldonado 3 years ago +1

    imagine this team with Carmelo fuck back then fuck

  • bigtyme27
    bigtyme27 3 years ago +8

    Miss these days. I was a senior in high school when they won the title in 04' That defense was stellar. Shaq was 9-15 19 pts. But does anyone realize that T> Prince went off for 29 that game!!!! dude always had quiet numbers because of what was around him.

  • SFO14
    SFO14 3 years ago +161

    6'8 PF's that owned Shaq: Big Ben & Rodman.

    • Dejuan Johnson
      Dejuan Johnson 2 years ago


    • texaslupe
      texaslupe 2 years ago +9

      and shaq even said the smaller guys gave him the most trouble

    • Tomi Saric
      Tomi Saric 2 years ago +10

      rodman is 6.6 6.7 half a inch taller then MJ

    • Money Baggs
      Money Baggs 2 years ago

      +Tip 10K his fro big asf

    • Not Listening
      Not Listening 3 years ago +9

      @C MoNeY no hes 6'9 (7'1 with the fro)

  • Veyronp87
    Veyronp87 3 years ago

    that was one of the best blocks against shaq i've ever seen

  • isiah johnson
    isiah johnson 3 years ago +52

    Rodman & Ben were the only two players that was agressive against Shaq

  • jahazey
    jahazey 3 years ago +71

    2:44 for the block

  • Lars Wölk
    Lars Wölk 3 years ago +219

    Imagine Wallace being 7"1 or something, man he would have been unstoppable.

    • Corey Kennedy
      Corey Kennedy 3 years ago +2

      +Lars Wölk Shaq only looked hard because he never had to deal with anybody anywhere close to his size. If he was Wallaces size he would have been working at a quilting store.

    • Nan Lei
      Nan Lei 3 years ago

      +Lars Wölk jawohl du bist Deutscher. hätte auch gewundert mit den Namen Wölk und Lars. Schade um das Deutsche Team 2016 Rio. Nowitzki wäre das letzte mal dabei gewesen, wäre sicher eine gute Abschiedsparty. jetzt sind Mando Lo und Dennis Schröder noch zu sehen. gestern war Columbia gegen Yale. muss mal schauen. Kraftraum bei Big Ben wie bei DRodman. force room weight. Selbst der Vergleich Yao als Rookie 2002 und am Ende 2008 9 war ein Resultat des Kraftraumes. Es ist eben doch kein Folterkammer. In der NFL ist der Kraftraum vielleicht noch wichtiger. Schade eigentlich dass nur in Amerika Football und Basketball in Kombi trainiert wird, weder in Osteuropa noch in Deutschland fliegt das Ei. Ei von Wilson und Bas von Spalding wäre sicher im Training und Spielentwicklung auch eine Bereicherung in Europa. Die Gewichte und das Kraftraumtraining macht für Football und Basketball doppelt Spaß und Effizient auch für Baseball.

    • Nan Lei
      Nan Lei 3 years ago

      +Lars Wölk Ben Ben was okay using board and glass combination. he could shoot with help and by hitting the glass board. his dunks are there and were okay.

    • Lars Wölk
      Lars Wölk 3 years ago +2

      +Nan Lei Was hat das denn jetzt mit Ben Wallace zu tun? ^^ I think you missed the point, the conversation was about Wallace and what force he would have been if he was taller. Sure, I get your point. Maybe Shaq was the much more loveable one, who motivated his teammates and always had very good games. But Wallace had other "mental skills", his presence made the whole defence stronger and he fighted for every rebound and every shot contest. No question, Shaq was a machine, a guy you proberly wont ever see again, but he had all requirements to be that dominant. A very tall body with much mass and muscles. This alone wont give you the brightest future, you have to work hard still obviously. But Wallace wasn't that tall, had mad muscles but didn't have that much mass. And he still was one of the greatest defenders of all time. And you can tell, he trained very hard.

    • Lars Wölk
      Lars Wölk 3 years ago +1

      +ucialum well, maybe he would have had postmoves if he wouldn't have been undersized. It's quiet hard to throw shit above a much taller player.

  • RockSteady
    RockSteady 3 years ago +15

    "big ben" "king james" "sir charles" hahaha NBA love England

  • Premo
    Premo 3 years ago

    the amount of times shaq had ben thothis ia one game allthoygh i respect both players shaq got more

  • aTROLLwithBlades
    aTROLLwithBlades 3 years ago +1

    man i miss big ben

  • Mr. Entringer
    Mr. Entringer 3 years ago +21

    Shaq was #2 in MVP voting a year before and if it wasnt for Wade`s TO in 4th quarter on game 7 against this Pistons Heat would face Spurs in 2005 Finals. It would have been awesome as well. Shaq still had it on Miami. He declined after he left Heat. Big Ben was a beast on D.

    • Tony Roca
      Tony Roca 2 years ago

      Yep, the year after they won the title Shaq's time as a star was done.

    • JAred Leonard
      JAred Leonard 2 years ago +3

      Mr. Entringer shaq had it for one year with the Miami heat. He was declining in 2006, he had a horrible final series against Dallas. Wade carried him to his 4th ring period. Shaq average 13 in that finals. In 2007-08 he was clearly gone. He had one good year in Miami and he himself said he had motivation to get in shape because he was mad that the lakers traded him.

    • Kevin Derr
      Kevin Derr 3 years ago +4

      +Nobody Touches Jordan
      Wade was 2-0 against the Wizards without Shaq. Shaq was 0-1 against the Pistons without Wade. *HUGE* difference. Shaquille O'Neal was most certainly the best player on the team during the 04-05 season, hence coming in 2nd in a very close MVP race.

    • JL
      JL 3 years ago

      +Mr. Entringer It was Damon Jones fault for the Heat not going to the Finals in 05

    • Konphetty
      Konphetty 3 years ago +1

      +Nobody Touches Jordan REGULAR Season MVP though. Tim Duncan is a good one aswell...

  • Texbullnettle
    Texbullnettle 3 years ago

    shorter and stockier Bill Russel

  • menyak01
    menyak01 3 years ago +1

    Shaq on Lakers would kill Ben Wallace. Good Defense though

    • Melvin Redoble
      Melvin Redoble 2 years ago +2

      And then they swept the lakers lmao 😂😂👏

    • Money Baggs
      Money Baggs 2 years ago +6


    • salman sufi
      salman sufi 3 years ago

      @ucialum *26 and 10.

    • salman sufi
      salman sufi 3 years ago

      +menyak01 Isaiah Thomas said it best,"The Pistons love playing the Lakers in the Finals because every time it's a sweeeeppp."

    • aTROLLwithBlades
      aTROLLwithBlades 3 years ago

      shaq on lakers still lost to ben wallace in the 2004 nba finals. pistons vs lakers

  • Beats S
    Beats S 3 years ago +18

    saw 2015 nba finals and this highlight.... 2015 nba finals was pathetic

  • Pops Poy
    Pops Poy 3 years ago +45

    He is strong for an undersized forward/center.

  • terd ประดิษฐาราม

    Shaq is old is he

    • Money Making Mafia
      Money Making Mafia 3 years ago

      46year d

    • TT Boy
      TT Boy 3 years ago +3

      +MaccBoii 1992

    • ParkCity Chef
      ParkCity Chef 3 years ago

      @เทอดศักดิ์ ประดิษฐาราม Was 34 in this game. His diet was at the least partially the cause of his lack of speed.

  • truthseeker89 for life
    truthseeker89 for life 3 years ago +164

    Ben wallace the best defender ive ever seen

    • Adrian Flores
      Adrian Flores 2 years ago +2

      tubenachos Gary Payton he guarded ball handlers on second thought maybe Hakeem

    • tubenachos
      tubenachos 2 years ago +25

      I'd say Dennis Rodman a little better.

  • Sercia Soliven
    Sercia Soliven 3 years ago

    this takes me awhile to believe,that big ben,by far could defend shaq, even though,they lost this series in game 6,when wallace join the bulls in 07 they swept shaq miami in 1st round,of play offs,thats unforgettable

    • EveryDayIsAGoodDay
      EveryDayIsAGoodDay 2 years ago

      Shaq and Wade were both injured in 07 and there team was way way worse

  • Daniel Matos
    Daniel Matos 4 years ago +186

    Shaq was afraid off Ben since 2004. All his body language tells you that, he didn't want to mess with Big Ben.

    • Adrian Flores
      Adrian Flores 2 years ago +2

      Dan Clark Limarez that's why I hate shaq I don't respect him I'm a huge Kobe fan and an even bigger Lakers fan but Kobe played second to u for years u got all the accolades all the mvps all the credit and when Kobe started to emerge as the best player in the game not the team the GAME u couldn't take the passenger seat and give us the fans more banners more parades but u went ahead and took a back seat to Dwayne wade o and to Alonzo mourning too?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • BboyZoinks
      BboyZoinks 2 years ago +8

      shaq is not scared of ben, he always looks dopey but piss him off and his dumbass face turns to anger and your in for it, but, ben isn't scared of shaq either

    • Dan Clark Limarez
      Dan Clark Limarez 2 years ago +1

      dxburner222 i feel bad for that squad. Malone was injured and shaq and kobe basically just want things to be over with. I wish shaq just went second fiddle to kobe starting 2004 but he instead rocked the boat further. Shaq went on to form a great duo with wade. Kobe won 2 more rings but found out too late that the talent he and shaq had could have given them couple more rings.

    • Dan Clark Limarez
      Dan Clark Limarez 2 years ago

      Rose David i cant google domonated so as your brain.

    • Rose David
      Rose David 3 years ago +1

      +dxburner222 true. Pistons still domonated though HAHA!

  • ronsmurff10
    ronsmurff10 4 years ago +49

    Is Shaq ever gonna admit that Big Ben was no pushover? ....idts