Using 6000 CPU Cores for SCIENCE - HOLY $H!T

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
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Comments • 6 367

  • Mahek Tailor
    Mahek Tailor 6 hours ago

    Hehe they are using windows 7

  • Alper Yücel
    Alper Yücel 13 hours ago

    1.5k disslike from flatearthers XD

  • noth606
    noth606 17 hours ago

    Lol @ ting, I pay $12 a month, but I'm in NL. I guess mobile is a lot more expensive in the US and Canada.

  • vgaboy
    vgaboy 23 hours ago

    seeing all this crazy tech stuff, then seeing someone using what looks like a steam box, makes me proud im a gamer

  • Ken Bash
    Ken Bash Day ago

    Really loved this video! Thank you guys for putting this together!

  • a c
    a c Day ago +1

    3 tabs on Chrome now enabled

  • Thomas Hounsome
    Thomas Hounsome Day ago +1

    Thank you for an excellent video Linus , enjoyed it immensely!

  • Anatalia Slatkowa

    The blue part of the light gets reflected from the Mirror(?) and the yellow one goes through... but why penetrates the blue part the mirror on his second try and the yellow gets reflected? If the mirror reflects the blue... why does it let it through afterwards?

  • Mohamed Shuaau
    Mohamed Shuaau 2 days ago +1

    I have been using a 4 core CPU for more than 5 years

  • Big Wood
    Big Wood 2 days ago

    More applied tech videos Linus! Science ftw!

  • noodlewhale
    noodlewhale 2 days ago

    brain hurty hurty

  • Nimesh Madhushka
    Nimesh Madhushka 2 days ago

    some may argue.. this one is much more better than most of the tech shit..

  • Kenneth Gitau
    Kenneth Gitau 2 days ago

    @3:39 That's Debian

  • Hannes Zietsman
    Hannes Zietsman 2 days ago

    mine with them Monero :-)

  • Phi6er
    Phi6er 3 days ago +1

    6000 cores? Is that the new Ryzen?

  • Ewen Chan
    Ewen Chan 4 days ago

    This is super cool! Got my super nerd/geek on.

  • TheOneSpam
    TheOneSpam 5 days ago

    This video (and the one with smarter every day) have been my favorites in a long time!!!!
    Love expanding the geeky stuff beyond just raw specs and seeing how impressively massive compute power is being wielded for science!
    Great video!

  • sexiewasd
    sexiewasd 5 days ago

    I have no idea how a vacuum that pure is possible on that scale. Super impressed!

    HORNY CATS 5 days ago

    Thank you Linus, loved this science content like.

  • Felipe Santos
    Felipe Santos 5 days ago

    Where are the Macs?

  • gn Fur
    gn Fur 5 days ago

    Your bananas are fake.

  • J Blob
    J Blob 6 days ago

    Man what i wanna see it a tomahawk in Nuketown get an over the roof spawn kill at 1,000,000 fps.

  • MadBunnyRabbit
    MadBunnyRabbit 6 days ago

    How do you even... Like seriously what the actual fuck... This is insane :]

  • TulgaD5
    TulgaD5 7 days ago +2

    11:18 wtf they are able to measure gravitational waves but there are not able to rearrange that multiscreen pattern on that Mac? This triggers my ocd

  • Simon Vestvik
    Simon Vestvik 7 days ago


  • IronBat
    IronBat 7 days ago

    The vacuun is more complete than space? I didn't know that was possible.

    • creamythicchobknob
      creamythicchobknob 7 days ago

      I think what they mean by 'a more complete "vacuum" than space' is that space has got lots of contaminates such as dust, gasses, etc. However in the video is states that they have cleared the tube to be as clean as possible, much cleaner contaminants a reliable and accurate "vacuum" tube.
      Sidenote or fun fact:
      real vacuums are virtually impossible - there is still a type of quantum field that exists: the Higgs Field, which basically assings bosons (a type of particle) their mass. Without this, they would be considered massless. Unfortunately, one just can not remove this field from space, thus the quantum excitement of the Higgs Field - Higgs Bosons - exist *everywhere*.

  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 8 days ago

    I feel like LTT has more ram and graphics cards than 4TB and 64 cards

  • theguywiththecoolprofilepicture

    so this is basically a multi-billion dollar project to detect when your mom gets out of bed in the morning

  • Thijs Vader
    Thijs Vader 8 days ago

    3:46: Well there you have it guys, LINUX

  • massive irrelevance
    massive irrelevance 8 days ago

    I wonder how long a tube would be needed to measure down to the plank length.

  • Penguinator
    Penguinator 8 days ago

    Don't do a video about Science without a guy who can emphasize how cool it is TO HAVE A NEW SYSTEM TO DETECT GRAVITATIONAL FUCKING WAVES!

  • Emufasar
    Emufasar 8 days ago +1

    11:19 what’s with that box with a steam logo under the monitors?

  • David Kirchner
    David Kirchner 8 days ago

    For the prize you pay for ting you could get unlimited internet, unlimited minutes and texts and save 6 buck in Germany. And Germanys comparably expensive to other countries. America explain

  • Jacques 79
    Jacques 79 9 days ago +3

    12 year olds watching this video: holy shit i could run fortnite on 6000 cores, 64 gpus, 4tbs or ram and 5.5 petabytes of ssd storage @ 700000 FPS

  • Romner_set
    Romner_set 9 days ago +1

    2:59 iLego?

  • Pretty Much Everything

    It's too complicated for me

  • BladeAddict8
    BladeAddict8 9 days ago

    Awesome video.

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith 9 days ago


  • Ocean Man AKA The bon appetit

    and it runs windows xp i bet

  • Bill D3agl3
    Bill D3agl3 10 days ago

    finally, you can run 3 chrome tabs

  • ZzLy
    ZzLy 10 days ago

    And what have we gained from this

  • Guy Jordan
    Guy Jordan 10 days ago

    A great vector for LMG. Aproachable high nerd info for the win.

  • Morten Holsmo
    Morten Holsmo 10 days ago

    I wanna be inside that observatory ;)

  • CrazyHawk2000
    CrazyHawk2000 11 days ago

    How is there noise when there is no medium? 8:00

    • First Last
      First Last 9 days ago


    • First Last
      First Last 9 days ago

      There is a medium, even in a perfect vacuum. Just one your not aware of. What is it? This video might help

  • Ian Whyte
    Ian Whyte 13 days ago

    Confirmed linus isnt human

  • wasup23tube
    wasup23tube 13 days ago

    i live right next to ligo! :D yay cancer!

  • Will Faust
    Will Faust 16 days ago

    Hearing about this science stuff and understanding it makes u realize just how dumb and silly flat-earthers are. If any flat earthers see this... fuck you for spreading lies and conspiracy!!

  • Hypersonic Racing
    Hypersonic Racing 17 days ago

    1:15 autism intensifies

  • xX FritoTheLay Xx
    xX FritoTheLay Xx 18 days ago +2

    linus: only 20 watts of laser power
    me: wtf man with 20 watts you can cut through anything

  • Bharath G
    Bharath G 20 days ago

    3:48l linus says they use 20w lasers veritasium said that they use 1 Megawatt laser, who is correct

  • Hex Fairydance
    Hex Fairydance 21 day ago

    I can badly even sync up my phone and switch....

  • Temp Name
    Temp Name 22 days ago

    Waving arms - 1 graviton per million years?
    No. It's still trillions and trillions of gravitons, but they have lower energy.

  • Just an another guy 96

    I think there computers might run crisis

  • Donovan Shea
    Donovan Shea 25 days ago

    Opens two tabs on chrome

  • Channel 420 News
    Channel 420 News 29 days ago

    i live just 30 min from LIGO in Louisiana

  • David Wong
    David Wong Month ago

    Still not enough RAM to run Google Chrome...

  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews Month ago


  • Abricson K
    Abricson K Month ago

    I understood that reference 0:06

  • Jithin A P
    Jithin A P Month ago +5

    Some videos are 16:9, some are 18:9....
    We need consistency.....

  • Exploit Entertainment

    3:40 debian default wallpaper, nice

  • Karan Bakshi
    Karan Bakshi Month ago

    I'm amazed at how superbly intelligent some people are......#reallifesheldoncooper

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap Month ago

    Goddamnit, you missed that opportunity to yell "Holy Shit!"

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap Month ago

    Baby, I'm hung like a pendulum.

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter Month ago +1

    I enjoy all the content of this channel, from build guides to the fun DIY, but it's even better when they go in depth on something really interesting and do it very well.
    Then again as a physicist I may be biased 😅

    • EdgyShooter
      EdgyShooter 6 days ago +1

      @Alexander Cipher Touché good sir, that was a good one

    • Alexander Cipher
      Alexander Cipher 12 days ago +2

      Insert hydrogen wave function joke here --> __________________

  • Ernanie Gregorio Jr.

    I stopped at around 8:00, couldn't handle all the geeky stuff.

    • Mark Mathews
      Mark Mathews Month ago

      This is simple stuff, you should be ashamed of yourself. No wonder the world has gone to shit is this is how people view science.

  • Stst 46
    Stst 46 Month ago +1

    I don’t know, Linus. How do you measure something small?

  • StodgyPigeon061
    StodgyPigeon061 Month ago

    4 TB of ram
    BuT cAn It RuN gOoGlE cHrOmE

  • YLKb24
    YLKb24 Month ago

    When people have no education in physics and talk about physics
    People: Oh Awesome

  • Photosounder
    Photosounder Month ago +7

    No one:
    Linus: **flails spastically** I'm actually waving space-time right now

  • Wendyn70
    Wendyn70 Month ago

    11:18... what's Steam machine doing there...

  • Blyatman
    Blyatman Month ago

    0:00 When she asks you how big it is.

  • Jared Moss
    Jared Moss Month ago +1

    Linus doing science videos... I like it. Nice link to computers with processors :)
    Seriously. Got to be one of my favorite videos to watch by Linus.

  • Nestle has stopped working

    Why doesn't this PC has RGB?

  • ryu
    ryu 2 months ago

    apparently linus is not human

  • James Mote
    James Mote 2 months ago

    Just want to point out two things here at 11:19 she has a steam machine on her table and her displays aren't positioned properly. she moves her window to the right then it appears on the left monitor.

  • jakob findlay
    jakob findlay 2 months ago

    Idea for next HOLY $H!T. PC fiber-optic cables such as this one

  • Not Reaper
    Not Reaper 2 months ago +2

    0:47 Talking bout lasers
    0:48 (Insert sponsor here)

  • Corey Wray
    Corey Wray 2 months ago

    Yeeesss more like this :D

  • Twinrehz
    Twinrehz 3 months ago

    And this, people, is what happens when you go full nerd. (Not hating, I think it's glorious).

  • Hagrid Wells
    Hagrid Wells 3 months ago

    earth is flat Linus. Sorry to break that one.

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones 3 months ago

    But why tho

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones 3 months ago

    Thanks Linus, very cool.

  • Lateaf Smith
    Lateaf Smith 3 months ago

    Sun systems huh??? Last time i delt with sun systems token ring was a thing...

  • Dope Boy
    Dope Boy 3 months ago

    jesse pinkman : sience .....word

  • Furzzy the Fox
    Furzzy the Fox 3 months ago

    2:34 so does this mean *_t i m e t r a v e l ?_*

  • Brian Maynard
    Brian Maynard 3 months ago

    My mind is melting from all the scientific mathematics lol. Don't understand 90% of it

  • Slikx666
    Slikx666 3 months ago

    Nice to have something different 👍

  • Mananga Lilla
    Mananga Lilla 3 months ago

    11:01 dat bod doe

  • Fufner Keywheel
    Fufner Keywheel 3 months ago

    They can detect these Gravitational Waves. Can they produce them?

  • RapMastaC1
    RapMastaC1 3 months ago

    I love your videos but the last time I was this fascinated with your content was on the DWave Quantum Computer video. Keep up the great work and do more field trips! LHC in the future?

  • falconflylow
    falconflylow 3 months ago

    this is the worst case of destroying billions of dollars on unimaginable things whose importance is like how often my goldfish farts in a century. Only to build all that. And they improving it all over time. And all paychecks for scientists.....some African countries have a smaller budget.....

  • Panduka Rathnaweera
    Panduka Rathnaweera 3 months ago

    And all we asked for was a headphone jack...

  • Dannie J Conde
    Dannie J Conde 3 months ago

    sir linus please spare me a motherboard and a processor please sir :(

  • GoldenFox
    GoldenFox 3 months ago

    Actually linus the ktp laser Crystal's need alot more ir light then they release into green light do to the laws of energy conservation, you need about 100mw of ir light to make 5mw of green light. This is do to them having to dump alot of their energy into the crystal to get it to flores just like a ruby laser. Their super inefficient compaired go the more modern but more exspensive green lasers that dont do any light conversion.

  • Its all Gucci Rahhh
    Its all Gucci Rahhh 3 months ago

    Why tho? Seems a bit pointless.

  • Zeropathic
    Zeropathic 3 months ago

    Holy shit that's cool

  • Ernest Tabao
    Ernest Tabao 3 months ago

    how is this a tech tip?

  • The Wave
    The Wave 3 months ago

    Yeah yeah I know... but does it have RGB?

  • George James
    George James 4 months ago

    3:05 someone seems to be using Debian check out the wallpaper. I love linux

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes 4 months ago

    im imagining a bunch of people in white coats tip toeing around the lab to avoid vibration