Fortnite's Black Hole Numbers SECRET REVEALED..

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Fortnite Chapter 2's Secret hole numbers SOLVED. Fortnite Season 11 or Fortnite Chapter is also rumored to start on Tuesday :(
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  • Hollow
    Hollow  21 hour ago +2012

    Thanks you all who consider using my Creator Code for launch of Season 11

    • BigRipzz
      BigRipzz 2 hours ago

      Hollow this is shitty content do better at your job and stop playing this shit game

    • Mohamed Hazem
      Mohamed Hazem 3 hours ago

      Season 11 trailer is leaked

    • Josh Abenojar
      Josh Abenojar 3 hours ago

      I’ll make a theory! I think it’s coordinates to something

    • VNMC Bloody
      VNMC Bloody 3 hours ago

      Hollow trending #2 🥳🥳🥳💪

  • obese
    obese 2 hours ago

    The numbers mason...

  • Miss Chanadler Bong
    Miss Chanadler Bong 3 hours ago

    My mom:You can’t keep staring at that black hole. You need to get some rest
    Me: I don’t need sleep I need answers

  • Lizard _yeboi
    Lizard _yeboi 3 hours ago


  • xd Blitz
    xd Blitz 3 hours ago

    Number 2 on trending

  • Owen Wilko
    Owen Wilko 3 hours ago


  • LaQuinn Rap God with the Rah-Rah

    Sweet.....breaking out the Matrix

  • yo Rainny
    yo Rainny 3 hours ago

    It’s on October 17 Thursday at 4pm Chapter 2 season 1

  • Brandon Wilcox
    Brandon Wilcox 3 hours ago +1

    Me: Fortnite is kinda trash
    Me: ight, imma Stay

  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez 3 hours ago


  • THEPRO3001
    THEPRO3001 3 hours ago

    what id fortnite is in a loop, for example, your playing the same game over and over and you don't know that and people like the visitor isnt stuck in it and isnt the only one.

  • Moo Moo Murder Moose
    Moo Moo Murder Moose 3 hours ago

    I'd prefer the black hole to stay there until the end of time
    Better than the current state of fortnite

  • Rafael Nunez Jr.
    Rafael Nunez Jr. 3 hours ago

    A black hole isn't really black is actually white.

  • Mohamed Hazem
    Mohamed Hazem 3 hours ago

    Season 11 trailer is leaked

  • SSB JoshYT
    SSB JoshYT 3 hours ago

    They leaked it finally

  • Edward Mendoza
    Edward Mendoza 3 hours ago

    Congrats for trending #2. You deserve it

  • andrien cuellar
    andrien cuellar 3 hours ago

    Your on trending 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Peter Christo
    Peter Christo 3 hours ago

    #Stop5G 5G KILLS

  • Aizurre
    Aizurre 3 hours ago

    Fortnite Season 1Chapter 2 Trailer:

  • John John Penafiel
    John John Penafiel 3 hours ago

    You hear yourself bro? 😂 “2 days with out playing the game” you are a grown up man, this at least shows the world and gives all this kids a brake to think for a little about life and what they would do without fortnite. I play fortnite a lot but there is a difference between playing a lot and not being able to chill with the game for 2, a week or a month because its coming back and that’s all tha matters

  • FNM Fatalbros
    FNM Fatalbros 3 hours ago

    Trending on 2

  • Roy Samuel
    Roy Samuel 3 hours ago

    Will we get refunds? If we don’t i’m suing

  • ElloIsCool801
    ElloIsCool801 3 hours ago

    No one :
    Hollow : how to get 1 mill views in a day

  • xX Morpheus
    xX Morpheus 3 hours ago

    You guys need to wake up man the encoded message is about the construct deconstructing itself this winter solstice. We return to the center, Sophia is the black hole, where this entire reality was holoprojected. We return to hyperborea, 12/21. Make it simpler, we are players in this matrix, and we are returning back to our original form. It's not only fortnight hiding these messages for us to find, the matrix is hiding it in many new movies coming out as well. We are Alice in wonderland. The system is collapsing and this system won't continue past 2020. I don't play fortnite, but this is easy to decode. The next season of fortnite I'm predicting might even have a mystical magical theme to it. Give me all the numbers and I'll decode this easily

  • Aidan Mitch
    Aidan Mitch 3 hours ago

    Oh dangg im sshtoopid i just watched the 3rd minute

  • JMaster 255
    JMaster 255 3 hours ago

    1:47 nice

    VICIOUS VELLY 3 hours ago

    Congratulations u hit trending

  • Rigon Kavaja
    Rigon Kavaja 3 hours ago

    Yo hollow you're my absolute favorite youtuber for the last 3 years

  • Maurofilho animations
    Maurofilho animations 3 hours ago

    fortnite: deletes
    numberblocks: i'm here for the secret numbers

  • This is epic
    This is epic 3 hours ago

    2 days not being able to play fortnite? you mean 2 days not being able to make money lol. there are alot of other games to play other than fortnite. i havent been playing for 6 months thank god

  • GaiGaiSwa
    GaiGaiSwa 3 hours ago

    #2 trending hollow!!! Congrats bro❤

  • Mike Witkowski
    Mike Witkowski 3 hours ago

    COD mobile is better

  • Luis Calderon
    Luis Calderon 3 hours ago

    Hollow blowing up

  • Raxood
    Raxood 3 hours ago +1

    Love the new season. It’s very dark tho idk why.

  • Austin James
    Austin James 3 hours ago

    i DO MUSIC! - You don't have to check me out if you feel like i'm promoting but I do what I love & it's on my channel!

  • VNMC Bloody
    VNMC Bloody 3 hours ago

    TRENDING #2 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Hypebeast Heaven
    Hypebeast Heaven 3 hours ago

  • LittleDUP2
    LittleDUP2 3 hours ago

    Hollow on trending😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Qasim Awan
    Qasim Awan 3 hours ago

    #1 trending in uk

  • MrOlive Boi
    MrOlive Boi 3 hours ago

    How do Fortnite plan on escaping a black hole
    I need answers on how they plan to do this

    Also why are u trending on the trending bit but you’re not trending on Gaming trending????

  • fire ninja kausaun
    fire ninja kausaun 3 hours ago

    Reeeeeee sticky joe

  • Comrade doggo #hate cats
    Comrade doggo #hate cats 3 hours ago +1

    Fornite is dead

  • Aidan Mitch
    Aidan Mitch 3 hours ago

    Theres 8 too

  • Monsieur_BIR Gaming
    Monsieur_BIR Gaming 3 hours ago

    Why are you lying 😒

  • Aidan Mitch
    Aidan Mitch 3 hours ago

    Dont forget 8 im saying this to get ur attention

  • Aidan Mitch
    Aidan Mitch 3 hours ago

    Theres an 8 too i saw it on my screen

  • Freaky O_o
    Freaky O_o 3 hours ago

    I'd frick that hole

  • Aidan Mitch
    Aidan Mitch 3 hours ago

    Theres an 8 too

  • YggR Memes
    YggR Memes 3 hours ago


  • Aidan Mitch
    Aidan Mitch 3 hours ago

    Theres an 8 too an 8 pooped up on my screen

  • Arjun Khakh
    Arjun Khakh 3 hours ago +13

    1985: the future will have flying cars
    2019: staring at a black hole for 24 hours

    DEATH HUNTER 3 hours ago

    *Fortnite gives codes to decipher*
    Gravity Falls: Am I a joke to you?

  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 hours ago


  • DSS Car Salesman
    DSS Car Salesman 3 hours ago

    Lol people really paid money and then fortnite deletes that game

  • Estiven Rodriguez
    Estiven Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Maybe they were testing the fortnite community to see how they react to what they litarly asked for

  • Ties Brasser
    Ties Brasser 3 hours ago


  • Daniel Marrero
    Daniel Marrero 3 hours ago

    1:53 69=snitch🐀

  • Gannop
    Gannop 3 hours ago


  • Hamid Jahed
    Hamid Jahed 3 hours ago

    1st on trending
    Nice hollow

    TASY KYNO 3 hours ago

    24 H allmost :p