Conceited & Charron Take Down RiceGum 😂 ft. TK Kravitz | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • RiceGum found himself facing off against Conceited & Charron in this Wildstyle battle, but was his bars good enough to take down the OG’s? 😂
    #Wildstyle #WildNOut #MTV
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Comments • 2 577

  • TheJeenbeen
    TheJeenbeen 4 hours ago

    Ricegum is lame as fuck kick him out

  • Jawad Samaha
    Jawad Samaha 10 hours ago

    Ayo d shay d wreck cut the beat 2:04

  • O'lynn M
    O'lynn M 21 hour ago

    Shit was weak

  • Zix Pack
    Zix Pack Day ago

    F*ck you ricegum

  • King Noarastar
    King Noarastar 2 days ago

    They racist af

  • Lamine Barbosa
    Lamine Barbosa 2 days ago

    Two wongs (chinese couple) don’t make a white

  • Princess Kaay
    Princess Kaay 2 days ago

    Check it for free to Finch

  • SkwitchIzPlaying
    SkwitchIzPlaying 2 days ago

    Rice replaced tim 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Cook The Book
    Cook The Book 3 days ago +1

    chico always killing it man con always cutting the beat and it gets annoying...

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama 4 days ago +1

    Almost the whole audience is black

    • Honey Kim
      Honey Kim 2 days ago

      Joe mama
      How is this relevant

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama 4 days ago +1

    ''Rice'' and "gum" ain't nothing good together

  • Syrio
    Syrio 5 days ago

    get rid of ricegum and bring back tim


    Rice your shite pal

  • Doja Audio
    Doja Audio 6 days ago

    B Simone always look mad

  • donte
    donte 6 days ago

    My boy rice gum 😭😭😭idk why he gets hate the niggas funny

  • MALF0urz3r Clips
    MALF0urz3r Clips 7 days ago

    Yo rice got toasted

  • Tomashu007
    Tomashu007 7 days ago

    2:40 dem tiddies

  • Baron Von Balls
    Baron Von Balls 7 days ago

    This is embarrassing for everyone involved

  • Ly Bou
    Ly Bou 7 days ago


  • Sabriyah Mackrell
    Sabriyah Mackrell 8 days ago

    Ricegum is horrible

  • Jae Simmoms
    Jae Simmoms 8 days ago

    Y'all really in the comments acting like anyone on the red team wouldn't have flamed Ricegum without the asian jokes they were just easiest lmao

  • abood junior
    abood junior 9 days ago

    anyone heard Conceited Saying " Ayo D Shay Dwrek " LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • dot dot
    dot dot 9 days ago

    Do you guys not understand the show is a gaint script so don’t get mad at the writers for not using rice gum

  • Rda Sailo
    Rda Sailo 10 days ago

    I saw bewbs on the thumbnail

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose 12 days ago

    Hitt man that was fucking painful black people are African to so you basically talking and out you’re self and family 🧐🧐butch ass nigga don’t even make sense fake teethe having ass nigga don’t even know how to burn like wtf🤨🤨😡😡

  • young r.o.d
    young r.o.d 12 days ago

    timothy dela hell no 😂😭 broo

  • بلا اسم
    بلا اسم 13 days ago +1

    Not a big fan of ricegum but he's a human too and he have feelings so let him live his life he can do whatever he wants so stop talking about him I mean he didn't hurt anybody why do you guys hate him what did he do

  • Joshua Roché
    Joshua Roché 14 days ago

    So much more to roast rice on besides Asian jokes. Cmon where’s the originality?

    ETN QUEEN 14 days ago +1

    1:20 killed me

  • Jay Rock
    Jay Rock 14 days ago

    Yea you know they gonna be mad. They started it so yea they sad. Only so many Asain jokes but damn they men but only fun they have is with another man and giving him strokes

  • Yvong Worl6
    Yvong Worl6 14 days ago

    The reason why RIceGum is in the show, is because his youtube channel had to go.

  • micheal balogun
    micheal balogun 14 days ago

    get nle

  • Jaysen T Banks
    Jaysen T Banks 16 days ago

    how many seasons it been?13?15? and they cast still with race jokes...

  • Michelle Atenogenes
    Michelle Atenogenes 18 days ago

    Why do you try to rap Ricegum are you Rice and gum what ?!!

  • Kushblowing420
    Kushblowing420 19 days ago

    I was just looking at Justina's nice ass boobs 2:40 🤤🤣

  • EndureMJ
    EndureMJ 19 days ago

    Get eminem on here oh wait sorry nick cannon

  • Madelynn Martz
    Madelynn Martz 20 days ago

    Why anybody even let rice gum on the show

  • lb_ catxhu
    lb_ catxhu 20 days ago

    Not this toenail 🙄🙄🙄

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez 21 day ago

    2:39 justina really busting them titties out lol

  • Edgardo Olivares
    Edgardo Olivares 21 day ago

    Rice gum is wack ass fuck

  • SupraJZA80
    SupraJZA80 21 day ago

    Replace Rice with MC Jin!

  • soju69jinro
    soju69jinro 21 day ago

    2 wongs? that's racist... at that point, it's no longer a battle, that's just pure racism.

    GaMEr LIVES 22 days ago

    Just y?

  • D.J. Valentine
    D.J. Valentine 23 days ago +5

    chico bean coming in with the flow, makin everybody look bad Lol

  • Guy FromCali
    Guy FromCali 23 days ago

    RiceGum should've came with a bag of Popeye's chicken or some watermelons. Or maybe a basketball.

  • Josué Gama
    Josué Gama 23 days ago

    It took him months to spit that SHIT? Nick’s a momma to this newbies, wth.

  • Clamp
    Clamp 23 days ago

    All the jokes they made on rice was racist asf.

  • ScorpiusXnadiA Uniwalrus

    bruh why is everyone being so fucking racist to ricegum

  • Anomaly Yaj
    Anomaly Yaj 26 days ago

    So this black dude made a Asian Stereotype roast and I came back at him with a Black Stereotype roast. Guess who made it personal. He decided to swing at me. I was like, "DAMN!!!" How u get butthurt and I'm not

  • Manthona Bobo
    Manthona Bobo 27 days ago +1

    Conceited is always doing his bars on people's careers and Asian foods stop judging people of what they eat my nigga stop what you fucking doing🙄

  • Jimmy Tran
    Jimmy Tran 27 days ago

    I was hoping for better lines other than the old Asian jokes. Shoot if I was on there I’ll make black jokes. I mean it’s a comedy show right? People shouldn’t be offended. I really just wished they said some new Asian jokes.

  • Sasha Kory
    Sasha Kory 27 days ago

    So they don't make black jokes but they make Asians jokes and they say we're racist. It's not funny to be racist

  • BlindBeauty #BlindGirlMagic

    So it will be OK if he was to talk about black people, fried chicken, and watermelon? It wasn’t funny

  • Xx citusom-plays xX
    Xx citusom-plays xX 28 days ago

    Bro what is up with that white boi always talking shit about asians😂

  • anish bachu
    anish bachu 29 days ago

    What sneakers were those though?

  • Ryu and Brothers Yang
    Ryu and Brothers Yang 29 days ago

    I'm just here to see what Ricegum is doing here.

  • D Rayo
    D Rayo Month ago

    U killed it rice gum

  • AyoGG
    AyoGG Month ago

    Yalls if you took out Tim (probs the best Asian rapper/comedian in the industry) why you tryna replace him with Rice? Like if you gon take the Asian rep out, don’t replace him with someone worse just cause they have more clout, yall just look desperate.

  • iiamnancy _
    iiamnancy _ Month ago +28

    Rice looking for his ghost writer in the crowd😂

  • Hip Hopedits17
    Hip Hopedits17 Month ago

    Use me for I hate rice gum button