25 Amazing Geological Phenomena

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
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    8 - Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada
    This sacred lake is located between the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys in British Columbia’s desert. The lake has large amounts of magnesium sulphate, calcium, and sodium sulphates, as well as traces of silver and titanium. During the warmer months when the lake dries up, the mineral deposits remain behind as these giant circles.
    7 - Wulingyuan, Hunan, China
    Wulingyuan is a gorgeous area filled with limestone karst. A karst is a dissolution of rock over time. Fog often winds between the limestone pillars lending to the other world wonder of the scenery. The area consists of several national parks and there are over 3,000 karsts in this Unesco World Heritage Site.

    6 - The Grand Canyon, USA
    The Grand Canyon is one of the most recognised geological formations on earth, and one of the most studied. Yet scientists can’t agree on how old the Canyon is. One side says it is 6 million years old, while others argue it is more likely 70 million years old. The older theory explains it came about when the Colorado River carved out the canyon, the other supposes the Colorado river simply rerouted into it. What we can confirm is that it is old and big.
    5 - Bunnet Stane, Fife, Scotland
    Picture a giant stone mushroom growing out of a cave, and you have a visual of the next geographical phenomenon on the list. The Bunnet Stane, or Bonnet Stone, is precariously balanced on the edge of a cliff. While there are tons of tales of how it came to be, the rock is a result of natural erosion. Below it lies a manmade cave, again steeped in folklore, each more romantic than the next, but the most likely explanation is that shepherds carved it out for shelter, or it was part of a 19th-century geological survey.
    4 - 100,000 Soldiers of Trabuc Caves, France
    The next phenomenon truly is an anomaly that science can’t explain. On entering the Trabuc caves, you are confronted with thousands upon thousands of strangely short concretions clustered together in a small area all side by side. So, what is the big deal right? Surely, it’s just stalagmites, the natural formation below a stalactite caused by mineral-rich water dripping from the ceiling, right?
    Except the cave roof above is completely void of stalactites. So, that’s creepy. Where did these 100 000 ‘soldiers’ come from? To this day these remain a scientific mystery with no geological explanation.
    3 - Enchanted City of Tamajón, Spain
    A visit to the small village of Tamajón, in Guadalajara in Spain is like a whimsical oversized sculptured garden, complete with caves. The stretch of karst landscape is dotted with oversized sculptures chiselled over time by nature as the limestone rock was eroded by wind, water and ice. The natural caves and arches also add to the dramatic and fun landscape to explore.
    2 - Salt Hill, Hungary
    Salt Hill was created after water rich with calcium, sulphur, magnesium, and other minerals pooled and solidified on top of two active hot springs. This created a series of pools, each bubbling over into the next creating a terrace of medicinal pools with massive white mounds of calcified pool edges. The striking and ancient geological phenomenon is also known for its healing powers, and many suffering from eczema, back pain, gynaecological diseases to name a few, have reported feeling better after a visit to Salt Hill.

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