• Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • It took me so long to get this video out we got 2 more million views then what we had when I recorded!! WHAT!!
    THANK YOU ALL! I'm thrilled so many are enjoying what we made! I promise you the future of Hazbin Hotel is my number one priority, but in the meantime I have lots to share about more cartoons and goals for this channel moving forward!!
    Stay tuned for an official Helluva Boss trailer soon as it's nearly done and ready for be seen! Helluva has been in production from a new team since the summer and thanks to the amazing artists I worked with for it Hazbin was able to finish in time for it's October release!! So you can thank Helluva for Hazbin being done when it was! I can't wait to share these new characters with you all soon and clue you into the BRILLIANT people who helped with it!!
    If you'd like to be part of funding more Hazbin content like comics (possibly even shorts if things take too long to sort out for a season), or brand new cartoons produced for your free entertainment please consider donating on patreon or buying any merch that might strike your fancy!
    Video Edited by Fakanza!
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  • Peter John the Brave
    Peter John the Brave 16 minutes ago


  • ButterBall Billy
    ButterBall Billy 35 minutes ago

    Every comment:
    "We want to make a full season"
    Sample Text

  • Rudy De La Rosa
    Rudy De La Rosa 36 minutes ago


  • Gabriel Muniz
    Gabriel Muniz 44 minutes ago

    Also good job

  • Gabriel Muniz
    Gabriel Muniz 44 minutes ago

    Mmmmm not going to lie but saber said it was bad but guess what saber it's not it perfection

  • Squidhuman Uprising
    Squidhuman Uprising Hour ago +1

    I’m truly inspired by the story telling in animation. I was bored one day so I checked my phone for notifications on RU-clip, Helluva Boss came first on my phone and I was amazed. So then I continued to Hazbin Hotel. Keep up the good work!👌

  • Aidan Makes Things
    Aidan Makes Things 2 hours ago +1

    I’m down for just 10 minute videos my guy. If it means we get them sooner and it’s easier on you guys.

  • Hecking Boi
    Hecking Boi 3 hours ago

    I fucking loved it along with helluva boss, I strongly look forward to any updates

  • Eric Palmer
    Eric Palmer 3 hours ago


  • Agent Zazzy
    Agent Zazzy 4 hours ago +1


  • Waffle
    Waffle 4 hours ago +1

    People are saying that RU-clip is going to die.... so can you join Netflix? I don’t want this to die :(

  • MaxyboiELITE -
    MaxyboiELITE - 4 hours ago

    Her: making support for hazbin hotel
    Me, a helluva boss fan: hmmm 🧐

  • Chloe Ross
    Chloe Ross 5 hours ago

    You need a discordddddddddddddddd

  • ThatOneCutie
    ThatOneCutie 5 hours ago


  • Anonymous Emoji
    Anonymous Emoji 6 hours ago

    U seriously need to get on Netflix

  • Koyubi_OHB
    Koyubi_OHB 6 hours ago

    YES! YES! YESSSSSSS!!! I feel so glad to hear there will be an episode 2 just we don’t know when, and I already spotted some of my favorite characters from Helluva Boss, Loona, and Hazbin Hotel, Alastor. I feel glad you’re bringing some of your old the characters back I can’t wait to see what you have to make for us!

  • Magos Explorator Adeon

    Whoever would greenlit this knows what's a good adult cartoon.

  • Stormorc Gaming
    Stormorc Gaming 6 hours ago

    the word ur looking for is booya all i can say is plz once the 1st season plz release a dvd copy as well as helluva boss dvd season on dvd id love to have it on my shelf

  • jamiebhoy8
    jamiebhoy8 7 hours ago

    You mean nineteen milllon views

  • Allen Beef
    Allen Beef 9 hours ago

    Please don’t let these shows get softer and boring by the influence of the media

  • Kira Madeleine
    Kira Madeleine 10 hours ago +1

    I just screamed and now i'm in trouble for screamin: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    i uh-

  • Tocaboca Crazyness
    Tocaboca Crazyness 10 hours ago

    I hope this becomes a Netflix show

  • NeOZero
    NeOZero 10 hours ago

    Ive followed your channel since the die young animated video.....

  • Oscar Dawson
    Oscar Dawson 12 hours ago

    20 mil now

  • Miliana Haruno
    Miliana Haruno 12 hours ago

    Tá ficando famoso em outros países também

  • Kelli Clark
    Kelli Clark 12 hours ago

    Im new to this and hooked already. Keep it up!

  • Kermit_TheArtist
    Kermit_TheArtist 13 hours ago

    Bruv I love all these characters, the animatics are great. I love all your Voice Actors, animators , ext. i can’t wait for another episode!

  • TheTorontoTickler
    TheTorontoTickler 13 hours ago

    Take your time please.

  • Merier Care
    Merier Care 14 hours ago

    Please don't drop the ball on these awesome shows.

  • Артем Михеенко

    Продолжайте снимать,, отель хазбин,,и,, адский босс,, незабрасывайте ети 2 мульта зашли нитолько в Америке но и в России)))

  • Kitty Crusher
    Kitty Crusher 15 hours ago

    I'm gonna do more sinful things so when i die, I'll end up in hell.

  • Chocolatevanillast Creme de la creme

    Jesus: *It's time i teach you all something called EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE*

  • Burnt Emo Soul
    Burnt Emo Soul 18 hours ago

    Me: *sees big fluffy cat at the end*
    Also me: Everything you do I want more of

  • アジアのばかPL4YER -

    Vivzie, you're just never out of ideas. Just know that you can spend all the time you need on all the awesome series you have lined up for us. The wait is sure worth it!

  • { S C O R P I O }
    { S C O R P I O } 19 hours ago

    *Yeah, I still ship Charlie and Alastor.*

    Chartor? Alasie? Alie? Chastor?

  • Margaret Rielly
    Margaret Rielly 20 hours ago

    Also anyone who hasnt seen helluva boss, GO FOR IT its so amazing!!!

  • Margaret Rielly
    Margaret Rielly 20 hours ago

    I am so in love with Hazbin Hotel and I talk about it to literally everyone who could possibly listen! I adore your work so much, and I am so grateful for you and the whole Hazbin team! Thank you so much for this!!

  • СКО Deathadder
    СКО Deathadder 21 hour ago

    Jopa piska

  • Stefano Basso
    Stefano Basso 22 hours ago

    "~OOH harder daddy!~"
    "Son ?!"

  • Kaeden Skultka
    Kaeden Skultka 23 hours ago

    Was blitzo and Luna in Hazbin Hotel

  • Neon Scythe
    Neon Scythe Day ago

    To the 1k who disliked... GET OUT

  • Lucy Puppy
    Lucy Puppy Day ago

    I watched the Pilot 5 times in a row the first day I found it on RU-clip.
    I GUARANTEE that if you make a series I will watch it till I DIE.

  • Wolf54000
    Wolf54000 Day ago +1

    What about helluva boss?

  • that one native girl

    i just want to say that it is an extreme joy having you. youre amazing and keep doing what youre doin love ;3

  • Knifeth Storm
    Knifeth Storm Day ago

    Can't wait for next Hazbin. (Want to see more of it. X3)

  • Lazy _Potato UwU
    Lazy _Potato UwU Day ago +1

    " were going to make a whole season "
    * me dying of happiness *

  • Mr Blin man
    Mr Blin man Day ago +2

    Im not even joking PLEASE make an entire show out of this and please post the episodes on RU-clip as well because i want to watch this so bad

  • Turtle Gaming
    Turtle Gaming Day ago

    You guys should sell like, actual Popsies

  • Huff Poster
    Huff Poster Day ago

    Not 6 million? Antisemite.

  • Harper Edmunds
    Harper Edmunds Day ago

    10 first week i thought

  • AlexVTEM
    AlexVTEM Day ago

    Bruh this should be a fuckin Netflix series :D

  • boo
    boo Day ago

    I seriously want some more helluva boss for some reason

  • izzy6070
    izzy6070 Day ago


  • ItsSkyeee 26
    ItsSkyeee 26 Day ago


  • BloatedBlitz
    BloatedBlitz Day ago

    You are the one youtuber I would not mind overtaking Pyro

  • One Metal Boi
    One Metal Boi Day ago +1

    Ok but what the fuck is jambalaya

  • Pseudonymous Entity

    19 million and counting

  • Merkel LP
    Merkel LP Day ago

    I hope Coopa will not ruin this amazing show

  • Ethan Luneke
    Ethan Luneke Day ago

    But now with the coppa ball drop that will be coming in 2020 I scared this channel will be forced to go one way or another either go all kid freely with no info or all adult only content with more strict guild lines but what ever happens we all know the channel and it’s content will be great