NEW Epstein Article: 1000's To Be Named? & Pamela Anderson For Julian Assange On The View!

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
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    • Tyler Dawson
      Tyler Dawson Month ago

      It was a good time 🤙

    • Mother Clucker 101
      Mother Clucker 101 Month ago and and Rest assured if there happens to be a decent prosecutor...

    • Josh Howard
      Josh Howard Month ago


    • T. C.
      T. C. Month ago +2

      Thanks for the great video! Best wishes, also check out Amazing Polly.

    • Diane Va
      Diane Va Month ago

      Thats what I think 😮

  • p0llenp0ny
    p0llenp0ny 19 days ago

    Ooh wowww they're going to name people. Is anyone going to jail? Nope. So tired of this shit.

  • ☺smylyface☺
    ☺smylyface☺ 21 day ago

    What a dumb move. NEVER announce something like that. Just do it. Otherwise you might be next.

  • J Sanchez
    J Sanchez 24 days ago


  • Christine Seidman
    Christine Seidman 27 days ago

    I don't believe he's dead either plus there's a picture of him recent on his island. From above can't prove it but it certainly looks like him.

  • Leo Wilke
    Leo Wilke Month ago

    You don't release a list of potential individuals that MAY be associated with that messed up pervert! That is WRONG, WRONG WRONG! After the person's life is destroyed, the media says, "oh gee I guess they are innocent. Use your head man! Investigate, grand jury and convict if guilty. Do this the right way.

  • william punte
    william punte Month ago

    jessy smolett justice ...

  • Deb Cameron
    Deb Cameron Month ago

    I question the authenticity of Epstiens "Death". He is Jewish and Jewish people don't creamate. And I heard that he was cremated...kind of reminds me of Bin Ladins "Death"...

  • Living Light
    Living Light Month ago

    ❤️ Pam & Julian! HATE The View! They ARE WITCHES! Thx An0maly

  • Renae Anderson
    Renae Anderson Month ago

    McCain is not right wing she's a disgrace and needs to shut her big fat mouth Assange is a hero to me we need more real journalist I wish him well they dont want knowledge he has to get out completely hence his health in turmoil

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff Month ago

    Trump is from Hollywood.
    Good on paper but once he is in office it's obvious that he is just one of them.

  • Anthony Dio
    Anthony Dio Month ago

    Meghan McCain used to be a Democrat. You could say she's a moderate but she's sure not more right as she is in the middle somewhere. She's a RINO and Republicans know it.

  • Teresa Stratton
    Teresa Stratton Month ago


  • Brooke
    Brooke Month ago

    Pamela made it off set without being eaten by Megan. I hope.

  • Jeff Cummings
    Jeff Cummings Month ago

    Muslim brotherhood = C_A

  • Courage Deniger
    Courage Deniger Month ago +1

    I am so glad you brought up the Vegas massacre we are still waiting for answers 🤔

  • Karen Holland
    Karen Holland Month ago

    Pam stayed classy for sure, McCain is a clueless talking head.
    McCain grew up as a rich kid. She's never been Independent and traveled without her Father's " history" clouding her judgement and understanding.

  • Karen Holland
    Karen Holland Month ago

    its scary. absolute evil

  • Onepoint21jiggawatts

    Love ya bro

  • Terry Owens
    Terry Owens Month ago

    Ms McCain is an establishment tool.

  • Dinahsoar
    Dinahsoar Month ago

    If Trump's name is on the list you KNOW they will be released AND it won't matter what the connection is; it could be nothing, but if they can't damage Trump they will do it.

  • Eric Platz
    Eric Platz Month ago

    What I don’t understand is how you can blame the trump ministration every time you turn around a democrat or button heads with him or keep him occupied bill barr has been busy doing his investigation but yet you blame Trump administration you need to be slapped you to wake up

  • Saucen Bear
    Saucen Bear Month ago +1

    Pamela and Julian sitting in a tree k I s s I n g... I'm done

  • Betsy C
    Betsy C Month ago

    This is the first time a video of yours has come up on my feed in ages. :(

  • Papa Jose
    Papa Jose Month ago

    Who doctored that thumbnail pics of yours with Julian & Pamela? LOL

  • OSCAR Online Skill-sharing for Arts and Re-creation

    Dude, Epstein is not dead, but he is in the hands of the white hats. He’s giving up info to stay out of real prison. He’s the one who gave up the 1,000 names.

    • Brooke
      Brooke Month ago

      @OSCAR Online Skill-sharing for Arts and Re-creation
      Actually yes. I DO know all about Q. I know each and every lie the moment they happen. You don't. AND when the group is busted you defend them as "tricking the bad guys". Really??
      Because YOU start fapping to the idea of "HRC extradition in motion" does not mean she was spooked.
      Can you tell me why she wasn't extradicted and detained 2 hours later? What "bad guy" believed that? Only YOU people believed it. Day one. I hoped. Then I just did what Q said and I did a proof check.
      Lies. Right out of the gate. And YOU stupidly think that Coleman, Jordan and David are "insiders". Lolol
      God says do not lie. Yeshua said a liar has NO truth in him.
      Gonna weasel around now and justify it? God does not give exceptions. Not even to "trick the black hats". Only allah does that. Who do YOU worship? Who do you obey? Nevermind. Clearly you have made Q an idol. No point in arguing. I already know you spend more time picking up bread crumbs than in the Word.
      Btw, do you know what bread crumbs are??

    • OSCAR Online Skill-sharing for Arts and Re-creation
      OSCAR Online Skill-sharing for Arts and Re-creation Month ago

      Brooke Do you even know what Q actually is and how it became a world wide phenomenon? Do you even know what Q was called before it was called Q? Please enlighten us.

    • Brooke
      Brooke Month ago

      Stop chasing Q nonsense.

  • Breda Vegana
    Breda Vegana Month ago

    i dont think hes dead either

  • Silky Chicken
    Silky Chicken Month ago

    I met Pamela Anderson in 2002-2003 in Las Vegas fashion show mall when I worked at guess. I think it was when she was w Kid Rock ,if am remembering correctly. That’s the end of my useless story 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😉

  • Karen Skowronski
    Karen Skowronski Month ago


  • J Carroll
    J Carroll Month ago

    Meagans opinion matters show respect her father had decades of experience as a war criminal.

  • mugsy spud
    mugsy spud Month ago

    My theory, some b list , expendable people will come out and go down as collateral damage and coverup for the A list big wigs. Kinda like taking down Farakhan to justify taking down paul joseph watson

  • Darrell Covello
    Darrell Covello Month ago

    All I do is chill
    My life is a thrill
    For real

  • Mathew Paul
    Mathew Paul Month ago

    ...lies on top of fuckin' lies, that's the Left for you...

  • Brenda Lewis
    Brenda Lewis Month ago

    They have to look at it first to see if they can pick out all the Democrats out of the list and keep only republicans.


    obviously mr clinton is the 1 unnamed man who doesn't wan't names released

  • White Obama Is Beta O'Rourke

    "I don't even think hes dead" that's a take for ya

  • Kenny Haddix
    Kenny Haddix Month ago

    You silly,silly fish, can't you see this is just another hook? One thousand names?, and a "judge" MIGHT release them???? Come on people, they killed the guy that held all those names. You guys know judges commit suicide too, right?

  • Marcia Green
    Marcia Green Month ago

    You are WRONG! President Trump has no power Over the left, if You don't know that now then you are blind....I used to watch you all the time but you push hate against our President and blame on him when there is none....... disgusting

  • TheIndianscout
    TheIndianscout Month ago +1

    The former first lady of Honduras was just sentenced 58 years in prison for stealing government money.You are correct sir that their is no accountability here.

  • Corey McManus
    Corey McManus Month ago +1

    I dont believe hes dead either. The question is,is he with whitehats or black hats.

  • blu juju
    blu juju Month ago

    pam told them dumb bs off!

  • JOHN B
    JOHN B Month ago


  • douca1
    douca1 Month ago +2

    Epstein story is important to expose the child trafficking that is going on globally.

  • Bazooka Joe
    Bazooka Joe Month ago

    Asange is a hero

  • Teresa
    Teresa Month ago

    Welp that ended abruptly, will it be continued in the next video maybe? about the stores banning weapons and ammo sales? Do you and everyone follow Colion Noir? He’s on YT & an American civil rights activist, lawyer, and host of the NRATV web series NOIR. Love you Anomaly!

  • Christina G
    Christina G Month ago +1

    Thank you for your videos!!! It's so upsetting what they are doing to Julian Assange, like you said, he didn't do anything different than what NYT or other news publications do. I also am not sold on that it was Russia who gave it to him, he says it wasn't Russia, why would he lie about that? The media constantly smearing people to promote a narrative.. Tommy Robinson is another one treated unfairly.

  • Master Money
    Master Money Month ago +1

    Everyone knows that Pam was the Marlyn Monroe of the 90's and now she will be of 2020 when they hang her from a door knob. The demorats are pure evil.

  • 5.56 CANNABIS
    5.56 CANNABIS Month ago

    That dude ain’t dead at all

  • Sea Panther
    Sea Panther Month ago

    You have so many questions that you want answers to. Follow Q 🇺🇸

    • Brooke
      Brooke Month ago

      Q is an admitted liar. You don't know when you are lied to until someone calls them out on it and then you say it's to "trick bad guys".
      You should read a BIBLE for the truth.

  • Straw Man
    Straw Man Month ago +1

    I worked with Pam Anderson on Baywatch for two seasons. Friend? No. I was just a day player grip on the show.

  • Gucci Momaa
    Gucci Momaa Month ago

    what's the name of the cult pam and julian were trafficker into as children? god bless them for what they're doing now may the whole truth become exposed ASAP

  • Drew 38
    Drew 38 Month ago +6

    Megan McCain is a garbage human being. She's a Globalist Neo-con like her daddy.

  • Jerry Whidby
    Jerry Whidby Month ago +6

    Megan is controlled Right wing. She is their to be a living strawman, that the Left can use to paint the Right in a bad light.

  • Jerry Whidby
    Jerry Whidby Month ago +1

    Julian didn't hack the Wikileaks information, but he was a hacker. He was found guilty of hacking in the past.

  • Jerry Whidby
    Jerry Whidby Month ago

    I heard that judge committed suicide next Tuesday. He had a lot of personal problems, and had dealt with depression for years. In other low key news, a list went missing.

  • Melissa HunniQ
    Melissa HunniQ Month ago +1

    Epstein docs will implicate our own government. He was being used to blackmail world leaders and others. It was meant to be that way until Trump came by. Haters can hate but he has put more human traffickers away than anyone.

  • Jbyrd Texas
    Jbyrd Texas Month ago +3

    Epstein got a slap on the wrist under Obama's presidency all these people were covered up under Obama's presidency

  • Jbyrd Texas
    Jbyrd Texas Month ago +3

    We have over 200,000 children that go missing in America every year.we have over 20 million people worldwide involved in slavery. They make over a hundred and fifty billion dollars annually on human trafficking. It's a huge problem

  • chad calderone
    chad calderone Month ago

    You would not hear one word about Epstein if Trump was not the president. JFK, Vietnam, MLK, RFK, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC bombing, Olympic bombing, 9/11, LV massacre, OJ, Parkland, etc. Have we ever got answers? Lay off the Adderall

  • lastboyscout
    lastboyscout Month ago

    It all goes back to israel n massad. False flags are one of the few things they ever invented...thanks jews.