5 Times People Have Caught Scary Things In Churches!

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
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    Churches throughout history have generally stood for peace, but as we know weird and strange things can happen at a moment’s notice in any location. Which is why we’re constantly scouring the internet for the most outrageous and obscure stories. Sometimes churches are filled with weird and strange ghosts, and other times they’re simply led by the wrong people. That’s why today we’ll be looking at 5 Times People Have Caught Scary Things in Churches!
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    Wow...crazy! Your videos are never disappointing! Love to watch #supremefamily

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    Don't know about other viewers but I am so disgusted in the way these “preachers” take advantage period. It makes it worse when these people are giving these frauds money most people need desperately. Money that would be better spent on their family. But why give money to this fool, bc these people believe that he can help them not scam them. Ppl poor as fuck and dudes living in a mansion and shit. There's a chance I'll go to Hell ppl like this it's a guaranteed personal pit of fire.

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    Hard to say but I think number one is a shadow heaps of people there so it's possible

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    I think all evangelists are shady and crooked

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    As the video title says "scary things caught" It's still creepy. All to often this is a strong sign of control and dominance. Anything but consolation.

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    It's just a act of Satan and his angels. I am positive that ghost aren't real. The devil his just playing around with the minds of God's children. Read Revelation

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    Good video. Just found this channel by accident. Anyhow i have come to question recently something I belived for year's. When you die can you choose to stay on esrth or are you forced to cross over? I'm starting to think all supposed ghosts or known spirit's is nothing human that has passed that it's all demonic beings appearing as the soul of a person. There is alot of evidence of both so it be really hard to draw a conclusion however low growls and black shadows i would say is the presence of a demon. There was a cool show on back in 2008 around there aboit top 10 most haunted and in the one episode the family moving into the house a young boy who in his bedroom in that house a left behind rocking chair he seen an old man only he did the oldman tells him to leave and at night becomes a monster. Sure enough that night the apperation shows up with black pits for eyes long fingernails ect. Terrorizing this kid and their family. Point being is if I ever see a ghost id say don't believe or trust what your actually seeing since demons do in fact tend to deceive to gain trust.

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    Oh yeah and your RU-clip channel is fake

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    Ghost or not real Slender Man is not real movie statues are not real

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    What are you the Supreme taco oh yeah and guess what all those things that you say that are real they're not and guess what every one of y'all should unsubscribe him and give his videos 0 likes

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    I love all your videos I love all the comment and all those I'm out all the videos, scary for kids with things at Park analog video without like things with school and know that that's one of the SEC from a playground but it's from a wood

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    That man is a man of Satan God is not in to theactrics he does not play games

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