THE COOLEST ASTHMA KIDS YOU'LL EVER SEE | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • LAUGH!
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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  7 months ago +13233

    Mic settings were all over the shop on this one lads! I taught them a lesson and put them back in their place , Gaelic Gladiator style😤

  • Serena Jackson
    Serena Jackson 12 hours ago

    the fucking intros got me weak asf.................................LAUGH LAUGH

  • Taco Master
    Taco Master 13 hours ago +1

    the first guy: *i am speed*

  • Jenna Murdoch
    Jenna Murdoch 17 hours ago

    12:05 those aren’t the primary colours.. The primary colours are actually red yellow and blue

  • Dub Plays
    Dub Plays 23 hours ago

    6:27 literally everyone knew

  • Dub Plays
    Dub Plays 23 hours ago

    woo robin!!

  • Chevy Corcoran
    Chevy Corcoran Day ago

    Not all canadiens are ass holes

  • Jeffery Johnson
    Jeffery Johnson Day ago

    green isnt a primary colour

  • RandomBoyo#BandanaDeeForDLC

    L A U G H!

  • nita makai
    nita makai Day ago

    Jse:I'm a hard person to make laugh
    Me:I don't believe you also jse: hahahahhahahahhahahahha

  • Wifi Wulf
    Wifi Wulf Day ago

    Jack: you can’t breathe a liquid
    Me: Evangelion Pilots?

  • Jackson Almand
    Jackson Almand Day ago

    Watch snl star killer base undercover boss

  • Chance&Brayden _808

    Keke flip note jack

  • Fox Face47
    Fox Face47 Day ago +1

    When the title screen didn't play I got scared

  • YaBoi JonesSauce
    YaBoi JonesSauce Day ago +1

    I have asthma

  • Phoenix Smith
    Phoenix Smith Day ago

    Jacksepticeye= "Primary colours"- The reason for Brexit and the best CONTENT

  • Phoenix Smith
    Phoenix Smith Day ago

    Jacksepticeye+Antiseptic eye= "MEDIOCRE CONTENT"

  • Phoenix Smith
    Phoenix Smith Day ago

    3y+y^x*5/0+2=The most important quality CONTENT in this video

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy Day ago +1

    There where three people
    Shut up
    Manners and
    Dog shit
    Dog shit got lost in the woods so Manners went to find him whilst shut up called the police
    When the police asked' what is your name'
    He replied 'shut up'
    When the police asked 'where are your manners'
    He replied 'out looking for dog shit'

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy Day ago

    A guy is steeling all the wheels of police cars
    They are working tirelessly to find him

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy Day ago

    Do you entertain gaelic football
    No it entertains me

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy Day ago

    Green isn't a fucking primary colour it's yellow and blue
    The primary colours
    Thank you for your time



  • TTTEfan2002
    TTTEfan2002 Day ago

    i just tried to click the x of the ad in the video

  • Jaydev Raol
    Jaydev Raol Day ago +1

    Goddammit it Todd!

  • Meagan the Marionette

    I swear Asthma World is something taken out of an episode of both Sesame Street and Bill Nye

  • Silvia Rodriguez

    Asthma is not conthages.

  • Silvia Rodriguez

    I have asthma.

  • CarbonPolarBear
    CarbonPolarBear 2 days ago +1

    Of course it tastes like ass. It's SEPTIC juice.

  • Crzy Shrf
    Crzy Shrf 2 days ago

    That's not a gnelf, it's a gnome

  • Spoopy Blogs
    Spoopy Blogs 2 days ago

    The robots sound like cartman

  • Imessedup
    Imessedup 2 days ago

    shake sake sake that medasn

  • Fireboy
    Fireboy 2 days ago

    I have asthma and it SUCKS!!!

  • Wire One
    Wire One 2 days ago

    Vine anyone?

  • Karlons Beats
    Karlons Beats 2 days ago

    Jacks over here like see the spectrum then theres me being color blind

  • The Mak Daddy
    The Mak Daddy 2 days ago +1

    green is not a primary color

  • Cactus Gaming
    Cactus Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Jack: I knocked down the three primary colors. Red, Blue, and green.
    Me: another there is

  • Jaime Lotarski
    Jaime Lotarski 2 days ago


  • BannanaEater64
    BannanaEater64 2 days ago

    Jacksepticeye funnyest home laughs

  • Matt Petty
    Matt Petty 2 days ago

    Lmao okay you got me with the buttholes

  • CL3NR c Productions
    CL3NR c Productions 2 days ago

    *elf of the day* shows a gnome

  • Verge 013
    Verge 013 2 days ago

    who here wants to shake shake shake that medicine

  • Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba 2 days ago +1

    I have asthma and I laughed the fuck out till I couldn't breathe

  • Ankit Bharti
    Ankit Bharti 2 days ago

    He has to be Canadian

  • Kaycee Bohlman
    Kaycee Bohlman 2 days ago

    Well looks like we found the new sonic movie

  • Kaycee Bohlman
    Kaycee Bohlman 2 days ago

    17 seconds

  • jie toyao
    jie toyao 3 days ago +1

    Oh so you can bring the asthma kit to a volcano and maybe die because you did say anywhere

  • Woody Beef King
    Woody Beef King 3 days ago

    Put it to your mouth 😱

  • Sir Berude
    Sir Berude 3 days ago

    Ahh yes my favorite primary color


  • Noah Rafter-Lanigan
    Noah Rafter-Lanigan 3 days ago

    insult canada one more time im gonna fukkin fly to ireland and fukkin burn down your house

  • Namjoon'sDungeon
    Namjoon'sDungeon 3 days ago

    i had asthma when i was like 5 and i haven't had problems with for years (im 16 now) and idk where it went it just said bye felicia

  • Avery Claire
    Avery Claire 3 days ago

    That intro was golden

  • Romi Mace
    Romi Mace 3 days ago

    ...........…. green is not a primary colour 😂😂😂

  • Freeky Phantom
    Freeky Phantom 4 days ago +1

    Frickin Tod man, what an ass

  • Sharksull736 Sull736


  • Catlover239 Benedict

    I just realized that he uploaded this the day he announced that he is dating gab

  • Noah Burnham
    Noah Burnham 4 days ago


  • Lauren Fritz
    Lauren Fritz 4 days ago

    Primary color = green☺️

  • demon master64
    demon master64 4 days ago +2

    I'm asmatic and I find that offensive

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 4 days ago

    I wonder if the reason when you cough when you laugh too much is cuz of your asthma