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The Mob Boss visits Icebox for a $50,000 drive-thru pickup! 😎💎🧊


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  • Binky Doinkus
    Binky Doinkus Year ago +1659

    "Keep the change."
    (Plot Twist) - He was 20K short, and somehow you owe him money now.

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner Year ago +277

    That was sweet for his husband to take him out for a ride and a new necklace.
    Hopefully he likes the lingerie later, too. 😂😂😂😂

    • Dj Mccallum
      Dj Mccallum 9 months ago

      That necklace is covering up the pearl 1 his man gave him before they left home

    • D Mula
      D Mula 11 months ago

      Disrespectful throwing the money at him

    • Shaker Xero
      Shaker Xero Year ago


    • TWKFNY
      TWKFNY Year ago +5

      God damn you got no chill🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😩

  • Heavens Of Earth!
    Heavens Of Earth! Year ago +883

    Its nice to see him and his boyfriend going out on a date together!

    • Cesar Ancapichun
      Cesar Ancapichun 6 months ago

      @Young Finance 777⁷77777777777⁷777777777777777777777⁷77777⁷77⁷⁷7777⁷⁷

    • Elena Zapata
      Elena Zapata 6 months ago

      @Young Finance is good to hear from the boys

    • King Acosta
      King Acosta 7 months ago

      Hi how are you doing

    • Conan Seecharan
      Conan Seecharan 8 months ago


    • Cole
      Cole 11 months ago

      @FANOFWAR34 ye i like that

  • LookAtMeMom
    LookAtMeMom Year ago +133

    This the “well shit we paid the actor for the whole hour” scene. 🤣🤣

  • Always Pure 😇
    Always Pure 😇 Year ago +110

    I didn't know you're brother was in the Russian Mob even though he isn't Russian.

    • Always Pure 😇
      Always Pure 😇 Year ago

      @NitPikit yes it's short/skit. I was joking about the Russian mafia obviously his brother isn't apart of it. It was Sarcasm.

    • NitPikit
      NitPikit Year ago +1

      @Always Pure 😇 oh so you knew they were acting right?

    • Always Pure 😇
      Always Pure 😇 Year ago +2

      @NitPikit so was mine.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • NitPikit
      NitPikit Year ago

      Its a joke u hard head

  • Alrubayai
    Alrubayai 3 months ago

    The Mob Boss@ICE BOX Shorts series are just hilarious..
    I get a kick out of the videos.i wish I can live that cool rich & lavish laid back lifestyle..KEEP THE CHANGE !!!

  • fifo pipo
    fifo pipo Year ago +14

    That’s me ordering a Big Mac at the drive through at mc donalds

  • leon scott
    leon scott Year ago +417

    Looks more like a mob boss's assistant to his accountant pullin up. Mob bosses move different than anyone you know of short of a the queen of England. Those dudes don't pick things up 😭 they get the whole store's collection shipped to their DAUGHTER's 15th birthday by helicopter on a private island. And it will NEVER be on freaking RU-clip 😂

    • New one Always
      New one Always 11 months ago

      It’s fake

    • Peter Piper
      Peter Piper 11 months ago

      True this is just fake bro for views

    • Arron Williams
      Arron Williams 11 months ago

      @Public Alias You literally know nothing about the Russian Mafia then. Lol they are the most discreet and quiet people. They definitely wouldn't be buying jewelry from a shitty place like icebox. They own their own high end jewelers. 😂😂😂

    • Jae P
      Jae P Year ago

      @thomas 777 bullshittin

    • thomas 777
      thomas 777 Year ago

      @Jae P what is capping

  • stellers fan 11
    stellers fan 11 11 months ago

    This dude living like a legend

    GLOCK SEVENTEEN Year ago +53

    I wish I could live like this .

    • Barbara mumphrey
      Barbara mumphrey 10 months ago

      I wish I could live that lifestyle for once .

    • 7MX
      7MX Year ago +1

      You won’t be satisfied

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi Year ago +1

      @Rachel Bradley Sorry about that my uncle don't get girls irl

    • Jamari 🖤
      Jamari 🖤 Year ago

      @BapfrmoutWest X 💯

    • Jamari 🖤
      Jamari 🖤 Year ago +1


  • you know the Vib
    you know the Vib Year ago +19

    The driver didn't even look over he kept his head straight

    • Max Dowell
      Max Dowell Year ago +2

      trust me bro! you cant stare at the mafia

  • Barbara mumphrey
    Barbara mumphrey 10 months ago

    I wish I could live that lifestyle for once in my lifetime.

    • DC R
      DC R 10 months ago

      Trust Me Money Makes Some People Very Miserable.

  • Odell Beckham
    Odell Beckham Year ago +1

    Now we all know what he does for a living

  • YodaCOSaNostra
    YodaCOSaNostra Year ago

    I feel sorry for you if you believe that’s a real mafia boss 😂😂😂

  • Christopher Dominguez
    Christopher Dominguez 11 months ago

    The disrespect when he threw the money on the floor🔥😂

  • Angelito Cordova
    Angelito Cordova Year ago +21

    His famous line is "Keep the change" lmfao 😂😂🤣

  • usscharlottessn766
    usscharlottessn766 Year ago +1

    I understand you’re a Russian boss and everything but bruh you just ain’t gonna throw money at me and drive off😂😂😂

  • DM
    DM Year ago

    Such an inspirational man.

  • alanmeires
    alanmeires Year ago +3

    I would have given him a silver chain all stamped up like gold, he most probably wouldn’t have even known the difference 😄👌

  • Air Jason
    Air Jason Year ago +104

    No serious and intelligent mob boss hiding in the background would do that for some boring diamond chain.

    • Alexzander Romero
      Alexzander Romero 10 months ago

      He said boring like he won’t be smiling ear to ear wearing a diamond necklace

    • Vilda Chaya
      Vilda Chaya Year ago +1

      aye aye captain obvious

    • Mr. McLaren
      Mr. McLaren Year ago


    • I am Love
      I am Love Year ago +4

      Yea cus you know every mob boss in the world

    • FGC
      FGC Year ago +1

      @andrew Chills yeah he look like a joke

  • Derick Londono
    Derick Londono Year ago +80

    He’s definitely not about that life lol. I can read “soft” just by the look in his eyes

    • Dillon Cruise
      Dillon Cruise Year ago

      *has sunglasses on*

    • Snooooop
      Snooooop Year ago +2

      And you are huh “derick” 😂

    • Manuel Mendoza
      Manuel Mendoza Year ago +1

      Ur soft... We the ones that look soft we twisted in the head . U gangster lol

    • Mocoso
      Mocoso Year ago +1


    • Worwor
      Worwor Year ago +12

      You probably don’t realise it, but you sound very soft for acting as if you are about that life

  • Theo Johnson
    Theo Johnson Year ago +2

    Hope he never falls on hard times any time soon... He'll be BACK!!!!

    • PYRO ON
      PYRO ON 11 months ago

      He will if he shops w these guys

  • Garrett Day
    Garrett Day Year ago +31

    If someone would have throw that cash at me I'd just be like "nevermind bro I think Imma keep it instead" 🙄 hell nah

  • Gamza Hoosain
    Gamza Hoosain Year ago +1

    Icebox were never ready to get roasted this hard 😭

  • Bobby Ellis
    Bobby Ellis Year ago

    No way in hell I'd be driven around with that kind of money

  • x iDropKillz x
    x iDropKillz x Year ago +3

    Made sure to have security out there 🤣

  • Bling
    Bling Year ago +1

    I love ❤️ this guy he kind 🙏🙏🙏

  • Jaryus4pF
    Jaryus4pF 11 months ago +1

    One day all our dreams are going to come true 💯

  • Cartel Jr.
    Cartel Jr. Year ago +13

    The real mob bosses keep it lowkey and even when they don’t there not flashing there wealth with jewelry it’s usually with body guards and suits

    • Cartel Jr.
      Cartel Jr. Year ago +3

      I never seen a single picture of mob BOSSES with multiple chains covered in diamonds on .. that’s usually that’s rookies or right hand sides of them

    • Dr Green thumb
      Dr Green thumb Year ago

      Not now days like anyone else they show of

  • DS Kayla 🇷🇺
    DS Kayla 🇷🇺 17 days ago

    Dam I like how he just throws the money at them and say keep change 😅

  • El Numero
    El Numero Year ago +14

    When I ordered my 1st super sized combo in the drive through after the stimulus check.

  • Daniel Cadena
    Daniel Cadena Year ago

    Shout out to me IceBox!
    Dont ever let anyone throw money at u and if so throw that chain in his car like he did you. Give respect to get respect

  • LambSauce
    LambSauce Year ago +17

    Me: I want acting
    My mom: we have acting at home
    Acting at home:

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago +77

    If this was real and he threw that money at me I'd just walk back inside he ain't getting shit

    • Thomas Poafpybitty
      Thomas Poafpybitty Year ago

      I’ll take it 50,000 extra nobody to kool for an extra 50000

    • lilmanq
      lilmanq Year ago

      That’s why you can’t have a business

    • OU ZEEM
      OU ZEEM Year ago +1

      @TONEakaSHOW you speak for your race as if you struggled for them or whomever you refer too. Being immigrants and first generation Americans struggle more with getting the respect in America.

    • TONEakaSHOW
      TONEakaSHOW Year ago

      Well I value actual respect, this is nothing to be dramatic about. Then again I am blxck in America, my race has felt many levels of disrespect this is small compared to real disrespect.

    • Dylan
      Dylan Year ago +4

      @TONEakaSHOW you value money I value respect I already have money

  • Ricky Miller
    Ricky Miller Year ago +4

    How I feel pulling up to mickey D's on pay day😏


    No matter how rich or powerful that person is, i would never allow someone to throw money on me like that

  • Jordan Nesmith
    Jordan Nesmith 11 months ago

    I’m dead these are so good these make my day

    • D W
      D W 11 months ago


  • Vanhook4456
    Vanhook4456 Year ago +163

    Mob bosses don't pick up there own shit!!! Nor do they pay for it.

    • Calvin Burgos
      Calvin Burgos 3 months ago

      Looks like no one ever heard of Al Copone

    • Apple
      Apple 6 months ago

      that russian!

    • Clint
      Clint 8 months ago

      @Jay Sosaaa he wasn’t Russian

    • Arron Williams
      Arron Williams 11 months ago +1


    • Vanhook4456
      Vanhook4456 Year ago

      @Jay Sosaaa got caught!!!

  • Christo Johnson
    Christo Johnson Year ago +6

    The boss ain't pulling up with 1, top down, middle day lmao and movie perception doubt the boss throwing money at ppl lol 😂 he still got manners and respect.

    • Mike Butler
      Mike Butler 9 months ago

      Вы очень мало знаете о нашем роде.

  • Floof
    Floof Year ago

    You touched his neck, and that means you accidentally touched his suit you owe him 50k now

  • Anthony A-M-P Jimenez

    Disrespectful tossing the money on the street at you like that, regardless if he paid for the jewelry or not. That's crazy

  • who Gon cut da grass

    Dude literally looked and sounded high as a 🪁

  • Seagull Trash
    Seagull Trash Year ago

    That Lamborghini: rented
    That suit: rented
    That money: rented
    That Russian accent: RENTED! 💀

  • Ryan De Seixas
    Ryan De Seixas Year ago +4

    Guy can’t even afford a real pair of Ray-bans😂

  • MR M
    MR M Year ago

    Me at McDonald’s drive thru when I spend £9.87 😎

  • Kalandi Nadabo
    Kalandi Nadabo Year ago +4

    The payment and the 'keep the change' was 🔥

  • Cortez Nelson
    Cortez Nelson Year ago

    No mob boss ever called themselves a "mob boss"

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    He's most certainly the valet dude

  • ¹⁵K⁷I⁷D⁷ FF
    ¹⁵K⁷I⁷D⁷ FF 11 months ago

    Russian Mob: I can buy the whole of ice box
    Ice Box: u wish🤖

  • SayWin
    SayWin Year ago +1

    I was with someone when he throw 5k out the window for a parking spot to a police officer. She picked it off the ground and put it back in the window of a limo.

  • king Russian
    king Russian Year ago +1

    En un momento pensé que el también tirara la cadena como le tiro el billete

  • M P
    M P Year ago +31

    How they think people will react to this,
    Audience: Woww.. what a cool guy!1!1

  • Alberto L
    Alberto L Year ago +1

    Most awkward mobster of all time.

  • Dan_M
    Dan_M Year ago +8

    Блин , от души посмеялся 🤣🤣

    DRIPTUNEZ DA PICKGOD 11 months ago

    Lmao these vids are hilarious

  • MrJamesdryable
    MrJamesdryable Year ago +7

    No guy looks tough being adorned by another man.

  • Ethan Cohen
    Ethan Cohen 10 months ago

    Mob boss never gonna drive a flashy car😭😭

  • Batman
    Batman Year ago

    Well if I was him, I'll throw the chain down for him to pick it up

  • Jose Tapia
    Jose Tapia Year ago

    At the end of the day when he pulls up to his RV and pets his cat one day

  • Think Tank
    Think Tank Year ago +1

    His take down would be a walk in the park.

  • Eric Jordan
    Eric Jordan Year ago

    Me when the bill at $19.46 and I hand over a $20

  • Jose-_-
    Jose-_- 11 months ago

    I promise u if someone throwing my money like that I’m decking them💯

  • Fuc 12
    Fuc 12 11 months ago

    He should’ve thrown the chain at em like them gas station videos 🤣

  • Megasstunt
    Megasstunt 2 months ago

    *seeing your own brother driving a mafia boss 😂*😅

  • Árpád Tészta
    Árpád Tészta Year ago +3

    Guy didnt even count the money, but still gave the guy the chain..

      NBA YOUNGBOY Year ago

      he gave him 50 thousand and said keep the change

  • Devon
    Devon Year ago

    They don’t get paid enough 😂

  • Open Close
    Open Close 7 months ago

    imagine the guy throws the chain at him 💀

  • JahK47
    JahK47 3 months ago +1

    *runs over the money*
    sir you’re now short on 20k

  • Klux Buster
    Klux Buster Year ago

    he’s not wearing any ice after all these pick ups?

    GMONEY- -GCODE Year ago

    How disrespectful lol I would've thrown his chain in the car just like he threw the money 💰

  • David Green
    David Green Year ago

    When your stimulus check comes in

  • Maurice Drake
    Maurice Drake Year ago +1

    No such thing as the mob. :)

  • P B
    P B Year ago

    This is the world we live in now 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Vintage Lefty Guitars

    Come on Z I thought you had more respect for yourself than that. Lettin ppl throw bread at you like a stripper smh

  • Texan Infidel
    Texan Infidel Year ago +8

    renting a lambo and throwing fake money doesn’t make you a mob boss.

    • Trevor Philips
      Trevor Philips Year ago

      who you talking to
      who thought he was a mob boss?

  • Hussleman1
    Hussleman1 Year ago +1

    I bet lil baby is in the full video doe 😂🤣

  • Otu Eke
    Otu Eke Year ago

    That was funny 😁

  • Don Tattoo
    Don Tattoo Year ago

    Probably happens everyday to icebox

  • Bill NYE
    Bill NYE 11 months ago

    Meanwhile real mob boss saving his money at home lol

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar Year ago

    Russian mob boss 😂

  • cade. s
    cade. s Year ago

    That’s gotta be the smoothest show up and then showout😂💀

  • Wes one
    Wes one Year ago

    I'm poor and I've got stuff delivered to my doors

  • Fr3e
    Fr3e Year ago

    the shut is always like a usb-stick 🤣

  • MMira Castro
    MMira Castro Year ago

    Couldn’t just hand the cash over …. I woulda chucked his chain as far as I could and say thank you come again !

  • No No
    No No Year ago +1

    I don't care how rich you are or a mob boss, don't throw money at me, show good manners.

  • Chris W
    Chris W Year ago

    That's how toddlers think tough guys act🤦‍♂️

  • Mark Whelan
    Mark Whelan Year ago

    How many people have suffered for him to be able to do this?.

  • sarangahe
    sarangahe Year ago

    When mom says we have actors at home

  • Cesar David
    Cesar David Year ago

    Such a little guy 😂

  • Alberto Grams
    Alberto Grams Year ago

    Supposed to throw the chain in the air bk at him🤣

  • Владимир Заболотный

    Небритый миллионер, теперь я видел всё 😅

  • Jamel H
    Jamel H Year ago

    How fake do you want the video to be?
    ......: Yes

  • Alexander Ibarra-Bueno

    I would of sock off on him for throwing that shiii at me n run off with the chain 😂

  • Jesse Davis
    Jesse Davis Year ago

    He better pick my money up sukka 😂 I know he’s playing a joke

  • MAC P
    MAC P Year ago

    I would've threw that chain on the ground

  • Blinxdz Blaze
    Blinxdz Blaze 11 months ago

    Him “keep the change “ after the video “alright ima need the change now “

  • Misty Leber
    Misty Leber Year ago

    Look at the smile Yu no they played this out he Almost forgot what to say

  • J D
    J D Year ago

    Didn't know the Russian mob is flexing in GA lmao

  • Sandra Garcia
    Sandra Garcia 9 months ago

    I wouldn’t have given him anything cause he threw the money on the floor. How rude!

  • Luk3
    Luk3 Year ago

    He’s feelin himself too much