Dave Chappelle jokes about Kanye and Trump


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  • Rob Lowe
    Rob Lowe 11 часов назад

    Lmao these democrats man still trying to play on peoples emotions !! But they NEVER deliver and more and more african americans are starting to realize it !

  • Matt Jonson
    Matt Jonson 13 часов назад


  • Navenator
    Navenator День назад

    not the dave i remember. reading from the same script.

  • Ramonenumber5
    Ramonenumber5 День назад

    Mr. Chappelle is a classy gentleman.

  • Ramonenumber5
    Ramonenumber5 День назад

    Mr. Chapple is real, the other guy is a fool. If you dont see that. Watch the video again. A wise man listens where a fools speaks.

  • Danny Martinez
    Danny Martinez День назад

    I found the joke guys, it's the title of the video. That's the fuckin joke

  • d d
    d d День назад

    Van Jones is a little too jumpy and goofy to be playing the part of a political analyst. He seems more akin to someone just hanging out and free associating about current events.

  • Izzy Jaded
    Izzy Jaded 2 дня назад

    I like Dave but that Ben dude can get fucked

  • Adam Everett
    Adam Everett 3 дня назад

    Make America great again. !!! Democratic Party wants black babies aborted and adults put in prison.

  • isaiah perez
    isaiah perez 4 дня назад

    CNN is garbage

  • Air Pro
    Air Pro 4 дня назад

    Wow wow that not no way David that bad fake clone and he's answer are not funny at all all fake

  • CatchCanista
    CatchCanista 4 дня назад

    Dave looking like the MJ crying meme in the thimbnail.

  • Jjj 2014
    Jjj 2014 5 дней назад

    Dave Chappelle - CLONED -

  • calvi in california
    calvi in california 5 дней назад

    why do we need to be open minded? if someone said to you, hey i want to rape your wife and blow out your brains with this pistol, would you say fuck off? or would you say, hmmm let me be open minded.

  • calvi in california
    calvi in california 5 дней назад

    ben jealous (lol that fuckin name) looks like fat bloated depressed vince vaughn if his life didnt work out and he drowned.

  • Tressie Teta
    Tressie Teta 5 дней назад

    His last show on Netflix... Dont know what to say, I didn't know him this morning.. daamn

  • Hermann Steinrucks
    Hermann Steinrucks 5 дней назад

    I cant listen to that white dudes dumb politics.

  • Curtis Oller
    Curtis Oller 6 дней назад

    Hah stfu

    BLK PILL 6 дней назад

    I love you Dave Chappelle. Never change, always stay real

  • E E
    E E 6 дней назад

    Fuck kanye West and Trump!

  • Manuel Juarez
    Manuel Juarez 6 дней назад

    Not all minorities are against Trump we are not communist socialist.

  • land marq
    land marq 6 дней назад

    I hate this imposter i dislike him with a passion

  • Jeff Price
    Jeff Price 7 дней назад

    What about the 10,000 plus black kids he put through college why is that never mentioned

  • Tommy
    Tommy 7 дней назад

    Dave Chappelle didnt do anything good for the Blacks. Just pointed out there ugly side. good economy is more jobs, less crime. Prsident thats hard on crime is good for blacks. people like DC and the rights doesnt want the blacks to progress.

  • Jeff Price
    Jeff Price 7 дней назад

    Dave on cnn yeah that’s a clone

  • Aizya
    Aizya 7 дней назад

    haha this guy should be a comedian!

  • JoeNoobie
    JoeNoobie 7 дней назад

    lol you guys really tried hard to get dave shapiro to support you. it was just unfortunate that he had a mind and a voice of hisd own to look critically at the issues. And as a man, he couldnt come down on one or the other as an adversary.

    DAVID TROUT 7 дней назад


  • mattiesful
    mattiesful 7 дней назад

    Bunch of assholes...

  • Jason Arnett
    Jason Arnett 7 дней назад

    Dave Chappelle grew up in the country around a bunch of white farm boys. I used to like him but now he's a bitch.

  • Derp1819
    Derp1819 7 дней назад

    god, you can feel the host trying to spin Dave into saying something hes not.
    what the fuck cnn. "Dave jokes" doesn't mean "Dave has an honest conversation"

  • Vic Chavez
    Vic Chavez 7 дней назад

    This is not david .

  • Justin Naylor
    Justin Naylor 8 дней назад

    Lol Dave Chappelle sold out lol

  • clashing with the riddler
    clashing with the riddler 8 дней назад

    Gender?? Look down...either u have a dick or a fucking pussy ....gender = genitalia

  • pamplemousse
    pamplemousse 8 дней назад

    The host is Mike Tyson's twin angel.

  • Fernando Alexander
    Fernando Alexander 8 дней назад

    its the New Dave, and THE MEDIA that is owned " Jokingly" jokes about Dave Chappelle by not taking him seriously.

  • zan cz
    zan cz 8 дней назад

    This CNN nigga still in US..? thought i heard he's moving to Canada if Trump gets elected.

  • MoonWalkerTexsRanger
    MoonWalkerTexsRanger 8 дней назад

    Damn Vince Vaughn took some weight.

  • Fabian Girsch
    Fabian Girsch 9 дней назад

    The face he makes at 1:43 :'D like "bitch stfu"

  • Michael Hulsey
    Michael Hulsey 9 дней назад

    Is Ben Jealous black? Cuz he looks like Vince Vaughn's fat brother. If Ben Jealous is Black, I'm Chinese....

  • jay c
    jay c 9 дней назад

    Damn Dave Chappelle..Vince Vaughn and Terry Cruz..all look bad on this video

  • The Mastema
    The Mastema 9 дней назад

    Wait....civil...rights? You got that really...really wrong....

  • Jdrifts Whitehead
    Jdrifts Whitehead 9 дней назад

    I love Donald Trump

  • Shotgun barrel nostrils
    Shotgun barrel nostrils 9 дней назад

    Dave looks different

  • B Fall
    B Fall 9 дней назад

    US democrats are slavers now. Are you so caught up shoving identity into it that you can't see this?

  • Dan Evan Fishing
    Dan Evan Fishing 9 дней назад

    Vince Vaughn got fat AF

  • sem
    sem 9 дней назад

    you were supposed to destroy them not join them ;-;

  • Lisa Voyce
    Lisa Voyce 10 дней назад

    Here we go, CNN trying to put Dave Chappelle on the spot and hate Trump so they can all laugh like fools who never liked his comedy ever. These political hacks try to get ANYONE to publicly hate President Trump. It's sickening. You are not journalists, what is going on in Europe? I know, why don't you report???? Not reporting is false reporting and you continue to do it. Do you like being the puppets of Propaganda TV?

  • chriscat85
    chriscat85 10 дней назад

    Old white guy telling black people what to think.

  • Shubby McKnight
    Shubby McKnight 10 дней назад

    You need to re-evaluate your definition of genius when you actually say Kanye is a genius. get real. He's a zero talent pop star with a less than remarkable voice who has his material written for him by industry pros. To get behind a proud racist, when you are black is an even bigger shit show.

  • Maro Vok
    Maro Vok 10 дней назад

    About bigger salaries min wage to min 15$ now and taxes 76% on rich ,the rest people don’t care about that much except gad about gas 1.50$ a gallon ...stop bullshiting people with other distractions...

  • RealTakerslady
    RealTakerslady 10 дней назад

    I love Chappelle, I hope Kanye starts taking his meds and get better.

  • Candice Mills
    Candice Mills 10 дней назад

    He just trying to take up with the Elite. If people remember correctly he had moved to Africa because he was afraid of the the elite. And he is a very racist man! do your research on him people!!

  • oooKYLEooo
    oooKYLEooo 10 дней назад +1

    The audience makes me cringe I think snowflake is a new demographic

  • Amberlyn Faulstich
    Amberlyn Faulstich 11 дней назад


  • kodak boppin
    kodak boppin 11 дней назад

    y cnn tryna make him look like he crying

  • Emil Hebert
    Emil Hebert 11 дней назад

    People will show you who they are... when they do, BELIEVE them... and when they lie to you, believe them as well... apperently...

  • dingo weed
    dingo weed 12 дней назад

    here's an idea: eliminate the offshore fed; defeat globalism; stop human trafficking (build the wall); clean up the deep state. wake the fuck up.

  • C-Note De Burgerac
    C-Note De Burgerac 12 дней назад

    I can't fathom the amount of disgust and hatred I feel at the majority of people weighing in on the superficiality of what he looks or sounds like I used to wonder how Trump got in the White House... and you that chimed in with your not so slick opinions and shity comments make me fear for humanity as a whole more and more each day. What the fuck happened to America?

  • Spence
    Spence 12 дней назад

    Every party stands for civil rights.

  • Shane Ford
    Shane Ford 12 дней назад


  • Stephen S
    Stephen S 12 дней назад

    Kanye is no genius.. why they keep sayin this is beyond me. He’s a rich douchebag so people listen to him. If he was a genius he would say and support things that united people not say stupid shit and want to be around people like Donald Trump who is a narcissist dictator. Dave’s on my shit list he continues to support moron celebrities just cuz he’s friends with them. Lame

  • James Young
    James Young 12 дней назад

    I feel like van Jones is over doing it with his laughing..... Like my nigga that shit is not that funny 😆

  • Álax Alves
    Álax Alves 13 дней назад +6

    "This isn't about parties this is about ideas" THANK YOU

  • Ram Nyl
    Ram Nyl 13 дней назад

    Trust. They all are on the same agenda.

  • Susanna Guzman
    Susanna Guzman 13 дней назад

    Trump is insensitive speaker, but he is doing good things.

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar 14 дней назад

    hahahaha Lies

    • C-Note De Burgerac
      C-Note De Burgerac 12 дней назад

      most likely your whole existence is a lie but Sally you're too stupid to pull your head out of your ass and look at what it really is. This country is in trouble n ur void of ideas... Yet you have the simplistic mindset to try and talk shit on one of our greatest free-will independent thinkers who's trying to help his country what the fuck have you done that's so good that you can stand in judgment of him? I bet it you can't even make a ham sandwich

  • Patrick Allison
    Patrick Allison 14 дней назад

    The chick with the googly eyes to the left of Dave...

  • Adam Coburn
    Adam Coburn 15 дней назад

    Dude sitting next to Dave Chapelle is an idiot.

  • Dara Nelson
    Dara Nelson 15 дней назад

    Is that white dude the former President for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People???

  • cbabyz55
    cbabyz55 15 дней назад

    Not Dave.Nice try

  • Elephant
    Elephant 16 дней назад +1

    He looks like that sad cat meme in the thumbnail

  • Chris Yim
    Chris Yim 17 дней назад

    Dave looking at these guys and like...what the duck is these guys talking about...

  • Eva Vite
    Eva Vite 17 дней назад +1

    That aint chapelle

    • C-Note De Burgerac
      C-Note De Burgerac 12 дней назад

      Eva you're probably so grossly disfigured that you don't have the courage to show your profile pic so keep your anonymous face with your shity opinion cuz no one gives a fuck just like they probably didn't in high School.

  • andrew J
    andrew J 17 дней назад

    Fake news

  • Sanat Divekar
    Sanat Divekar 17 дней назад

    Sure, you can say that Democrats care about the environment but not civil rights. Civil rights is a loaded term. Civil rights means equal rights for all marginalized people. The republicans support that more. For Democrats it means giving certain people money, food, shelter, and affirmative action.

  • Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth
    Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth 19 дней назад

    Why is this communist doing on tv? Should be in jail! Jones is bad news.

  • Climax Bonfire
    Climax Bonfire 19 дней назад

    I miss old Dave😢.

    • C-Note De Burgerac
      C-Note De Burgerac 12 дней назад

      Climax bonfire is that what your uncle called you before you molested you I don't think anyone misses the old you the new you or even the soon-to-be whatever the fuck you are. kill yourself

  • Jairo Avila
    Jairo Avila 19 дней назад

    WTF Ben, a former NAACP president.😵 u gotta be kidding me. DJ Khaled going to be next or what, call it "Another One".

  • rawzraw
    rawzraw 19 дней назад

    I was looking for jokes and heard only politics

  • Vonn Villuminati
    Vonn Villuminati 20 дней назад

    Call me crazy I think Dave left for Africa cause they was after him and when i was 6 years old in 2000 or 2001 I remember him doing a stand up and he predicted The 1st Black President.

  • jarrodcarter1
    jarrodcarter1 20 дней назад

    Fuck Trump off

  • Hector Mata
    Hector Mata 21 день назад +1

    New Dave 2019 huh

  • Stocks & Shares
    Stocks & Shares 21 день назад

    CNN is a fucking joke. The network is just a Trump bashing exercise. He’s the President GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

  • Chris Hinson
    Chris Hinson 22 дня назад

    Democrats favorite line to republicans? Y'all racist

  • Kiwoo Stefon
    Kiwoo Stefon 22 дня назад

    Dave Chapelle's voice so weight

  • Ichbims Derepep
    Ichbims Derepep 23 дня назад +1

    He looks damn old and sound different

  • jet Knight
    jet Knight 23 дня назад


  • ???? ¿¿¿¿
    ???? ¿¿¿¿ 23 дня назад

    Why do blacks feel the need to put their fellow race down when they have a different viewpoint from the majority ?

  • cleiton da silva da silva
    cleiton da silva da silva 23 дня назад

    its funny to see that nowadays everyone can say the bullshit they want and after it fails miserably they just say they were trolling and everything goes back to normal LOL
    ..its like a failsafe for dumbness..btw im trolling -_-

  • Rage Against The Machine
    Rage Against The Machine 23 дня назад

    Watch Norm MacDonald video roasting Bill Clinton. Rupert Murdoch...the owners of all the the M were VIP at a Clinton function...as they always are. Why would the owners of all the MSM be at and We Hite House function? And people still listen to these fucking clowns!

  • firmly grasp it
    firmly grasp it 24 дня назад +1

    Wtf happened to dave chappelle??

  • Project junkie
    Project junkie 24 дня назад

    CNN sucks 😂

  • Trent McDowell
    Trent McDowell 24 дня назад

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  • MjAY 007
    MjAY 007 24 дня назад


  • Aden Ruler
    Aden Ruler 24 дня назад

    Dave Chappelle has taken growth hormones. His ears has grown big time, but he looks good.

  • moose43h
    moose43h 24 дня назад


  • moose43h
    moose43h 24 дня назад +1

    Dave is a fcking legend

  • MrLantz2011
    MrLantz2011 26 дней назад

    Dave just gets it....

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson 26 дней назад +1

    "I just dont like the way he talks". Dave, that's why we may miss the moral of what he is saying?