Katherine Langford on 13 Reasons Why, Orlando Bloom, and Romeo + Juliet | Screen Tests | W Magazine

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • In this Screen Tests interview, Australian actress Katherine Langford discusses how her life has changed from landing her role on 13 Reasons Why, her first celebrity crush Orlando Bloom as Legalos, her love of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, how Titanic made her cry, her first red carpet dress, sending her first email via dial-up modem, her love of sci-fi, training as a swimmer when she was growing up, and her secret skill.
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    Katherine Langford on 13 Reasons Why, Orlando Bloom, and Romeo + Juliet | Screen Tests | W Magazine
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  • Charles Benson
    Charles Benson 2 months ago

    Used the typing grid and she seems isfp which is also Liv Tyler and myself

  • Charles Benson
    Charles Benson 2 months ago

    Lotr fan cool I crush on Liv lol

  • Zador Asador de quesadillas

    Sería bueno ver todos los vídeos xd tan solo si supiera ingles

  • charis williamson
    charis williamson 4 months ago

    her accent is GONE TF

  • Mjd Ali
    Mjd Ali 4 months ago

    So sweeeetie I love her accent idk what's wrong with people

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny 6 months ago

    I think we have some the same characteristics, like I love also Orlando Bloom/Legolas and I'm obsessed of Rome and Juliet. 😘

  • Vanessa Johnson
    Vanessa Johnson 8 months ago

    Looks exactly like Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl :o

  • AniTa Maurya
    AniTa Maurya 9 months ago

    Katherine, is such gorgeous and awesome actor. She is such fine artist.💜

  • Krzysztof Kartasiński
    Krzysztof Kartasiński 10 months ago

    The prettiest girl I have ever seen

  • pritam de
    pritam de 11 months ago

    Hypermobile lol good to know....

    • Marz
      Marz 10 months ago


  • Kyleigh Carroll
    Kyleigh Carroll 11 months ago +1

    you and your sister are so pretty

  • L. T C.
    L. T C. 11 months ago +3

    Can't wait to see her in Avengers 4!

  • Charlotte Slater
    Charlotte Slater Year ago

    We need asmr

  • Sarah
    Sarah Year ago

    I was affected by Titanic at 11 too.. hmn..

  • Me Kate
    Me Kate Year ago +3

    I just love her so much
    Adorable ❤❤❤

  • Gigi Parker
    Gigi Parker Year ago

    Damn shes really boring

  • Cinematic Sunset Records

    I love her

  • Aroob Manzoor
    Aroob Manzoor Year ago

    Who keeps laughing in the background, I literally can't stop laughing now because of it HAGHSGUHDGUACU

  • Dekho Rhakho
    Dekho Rhakho Year ago +2

    I love Katherine langford wish I meet her someday.

  • Vive Kananda
    Vive Kananda Year ago

    She look like adele to me 😊😊

  • Sydni Taylor
    Sydni Taylor Year ago

    I like Katherine Langford, I'm glad she's nothing like the character she plays as a teen who kills herself to get revenge. Screw Jay Asher for making Hannah's character that way.

  • James Rooney
    James Rooney Year ago +1

    My wife 😍

  • i’m a koala
    i’m a koala Year ago +1

    She’s one of my fav actresses, she’s so beautiful

  • Karlie T
    Karlie T Year ago +1

    Katherine,You Are So Beautiful♥️♥️

  • Sandy Morales
    Sandy Morales Year ago

    I have to do this!!!

  • Sarah Owens
    Sarah Owens Year ago

    I'm a lesbian and Orlando Bloom as an elf was my first crush lol

  • Sourabh Chouhan
    Sourabh Chouhan Year ago

    Awesome actress and most beautiful girl!!!!😍😍

  • PSP
    PSP Year ago +2

    She is so cool. And pretty. And beautiful ❤️

  • Roger Davis
    Roger Davis Year ago +1

    She’s starting to lose her Australian accent! There r major Septic strands! (Aussies will get the septic reference)

  • Stina Barthel
    Stina Barthel Year ago +1

    She is so stunning ugh i love her

  • Sabrina Gaskin
    Sabrina Gaskin Year ago +1

    She switched between American and Australian like 67 times in this video 😂

  • Idk
    Idk Year ago

    Why she is sooooooo cuteeee I love her so much

  • Melissa Bentley
    Melissa Bentley Year ago +9

    I know she is australian but her accent is turning american very quickly! Its such a shame. 😭

  • corbin Veltum
    corbin Veltum Year ago


  • Sheena Farro
    Sheena Farro Year ago

    Still think it's crazy how far she's come, i'm from Perth, her home city. Last time she visited Perth she went over to my friends house for drinks and chills because she went to high school with his sister and they are friends!?! haha

  • dawn
    dawn Year ago

    her ascent keeps changing mood

  • Ika Yuniar
    Ika Yuniar Year ago

    She's gorgeous

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil Year ago

    Sadie Sink in 6 years

  • Roland Herbert
    Roland Herbert Year ago +81

    Damn 13RW really helped her financial situation

  • tylerrjoseph peters

    I thought this was ASMR when I clicked

  • Kate
    Kate Year ago

    does anyone else see the eyes in colour

  • Kate
    Kate Year ago

    why do i see the eyes as brown

  • Kate
    Kate Year ago +1

    katherine youre so gorgeous you are my love hope you see this u deserve to know ur DDG

  • linoy frisher
    linoy frisher Year ago +5

    She's amazing👑❤I really want Katherine to do asmr

  • Mountain Troll
    Mountain Troll Year ago +1

    The laugh at the end though ❤️😃

  • Goldfinger
    Goldfinger Year ago

    Im looking at her and still see Hannah Baker

  • Gabriela Rocha
    Gabriela Rocha Year ago +1

    Damn she can do anything

  • iasmiii ii2818
    iasmiii ii2818 Year ago

    Ok finding out that her first audition was for 13 reasons why gives me a loot of hope because I want to be an actress but I'm living in a small poor country and sometimes I feel like I have no chance to be a big known actress. I hope I'll become that after I'll go to college in London. 💕

  • Wadima Saeed
    Wadima Saeed Year ago +1

    natural beauityyy

  • MTran0708
    MTran0708 Year ago

    She's so confused with her accent lol

  • Sia iere
    Sia iere Year ago

    i love her so much

  • gerard comics
    gerard comics Year ago

    Mars attacks? As in Tim burton?! I love that film

  • stqrrs
    stqrrs Year ago

    she’s so beautiful im crying

  • Hugo Paiva
    Hugo Paiva Year ago

    I identify myself with the swim part...

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue Year ago +3

    She is one of my favourite actresses

  • Patricia tha bibliophile

    I admire how humble, kind and down to earth Katherine is.

  • Aulia Salsabila
    Aulia Salsabila Year ago +63

    how can she sit there and laugh and look so beautiful?

  • Swimming Arcade Cow

    ugh I love leonardo dicaprio sm wtf YOU TOO KATHERINE

  • karen cvx
    karen cvx Year ago

    So humble and down to earth!!! Much love

  • moez bk
    moez bk Year ago

    she look like Lana Rhoades .. :v