I Mastered The Gelatin Flower Cake

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • It's not a real flower, and it's 100% edible!
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    Gelatin cake
    Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images
    Gelatin cake
    Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images
    Gelatin cake
    Ba Tung Huynh/Getty Images

Comments • 1 286

  • Sharon Tanhueco
    Sharon Tanhueco Day ago

    she's so clumsy

  • Nishka Rathore
    Nishka Rathore 2 days ago

    Honestly she's adorable and reminds of Mable from gravity falls

  • mr Kip
    mr Kip 2 days ago

    she is cutely clumsy...

  • Vinson Huynh
    Vinson Huynh 4 days ago

    Mastered is a bit cocky

  • eN xUaN
    eN xUaN 5 days ago

    Making it big?

  • Justin Mena
    Justin Mena 7 days ago

    Where did you get the gelatin cups and lids?

  • Johary Diaz
    Johary Diaz 8 days ago

    Is it the background music or are many people talking?????

  • 3388winterthur
    3388winterthur 10 days ago

    I don't like to play with the food

  • Kay's Macaroons
    Kay's Macaroons 14 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does it feel like Idga is doing a surgery on someone instead of making a gelatin cake? XD

  • Abby Bohn
    Abby Bohn 14 days ago +1

    Alvin needs to do a make it big of this cake

  • Loony Hype
    Loony Hype 14 days ago

    Do the chefs that are in Tasty not have any office work ?

  • XxPotato_AaronXx ._.
    XxPotato_AaronXx ._. 19 days ago

    I tried it before! But the thing is you can’t keep poking holes in the jelly you have to use the same hole and move from the bottom to make the flower or it might break

  • Sarah Hobden
    Sarah Hobden 20 days ago

    Why is she afraid of the mixer?

  • iiFlxuy
    iiFlxuy 22 days ago

    Who’s here from Bloxburg?

  • Niko Ramos
    Niko Ramos 25 days ago

    I wanna see Alix do it 😂😂

  • Happy Face
    Happy Face Month ago

    My mom does this and it looks very cool
    But when I try to do it I get failure

  • Braydan BigBoi
    Braydan BigBoi Month ago

    "Bowls" bruh those slushie lids

  • Harsh
    Harsh Month ago

    i wish i could get a personality like that

  • LU Silva
    LU Silva Month ago

    you did good

  • Trinity Morgan
    Trinity Morgan Month ago

    I just really like her voice and personality. She's really cute and it's really nice and relaxing to watch.

  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lence Month ago

    Please marry me igna! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Jessateamten
    Jessateamten Month ago

    the bowls are so cute lol HAHA

  • Jessateamten
    Jessateamten Month ago

    its so cute lol haha

  • Jessateamten
    Jessateamten Month ago

    Shes like a singaporean lol by the way she acts HAHA

  • Ivanna Barajas
    Ivanna Barajas Month ago

    This looks simple but nerve wracking

  • up to down
    up to down Month ago

    her voice is changing over time

  • Pawel zepeterinma
    Pawel zepeterinma Month ago

    I didn't know how to make flowers in baking back in high school, as such, I was kept off the honor roll during that semester.

  • Scarlett Niu
    Scarlett Niu Month ago

    You should sell these

  • Mahul Biswas
    Mahul Biswas Month ago

    its like tattooing a gelatin cake

  • Christopher Celeste

    Ok why is this called "cake" this is not cake it's gelatin!!!

  • Ebru Özkan
    Ebru Özkan Month ago

    She just said “I’m just trying to be creative”
    Girl, it’s been a long time since you achieved that. You’re simply amazing ❤️

  • Christine Beah Mariñas

    You're amazing! So inspiring.

  • Mariam Makkawi
    Mariam Makkawi Month ago +1

    Tasty u should give ur food to homeless ppl like if u agrer

  • Salted Milk
    Salted Milk Month ago +1

    Can you do this with almondmilk?

  • Evan Aparri
    Evan Aparri 2 months ago

    Before I watched this, I thought the yellow and white flower was a fancy egg

  • manimaran muthuveeran
    manimaran muthuveeran 2 months ago

    You should make giant version

  • logan long
    logan long 2 months ago

    5:32 it ain't much,but it's honest work.

  • Germini0
    Germini0 2 months ago

    calling this "master" is an overstatement
    great job though

  • daniel kang
    daniel kang 2 months ago

    this girl is an inspiration. She’ll work hard to get to the end and always keep an optimistic, cheerful attitude!!!

  • brEad cola
    brEad cola 2 months ago +1

    Asian iCarly

  • Jenn N
    Jenn N 2 months ago

    Inga and this series give me hope that I maaaaybe can do it too LOL

  • MrBowser
    MrBowser 2 months ago

    you left it in the warm water too long when taking it out

  • So yummy
    So yummy 2 months ago

    Wasting all ingredints and time🙄😏😡

  • Bianca Dela Cruz
    Bianca Dela Cruz 2 months ago +5

    when it said sugar sugar sugar i read it as suga suga suga

    There’s something wrong with me :,)

  • M. AHMAD
    M. AHMAD 2 months ago +1

    The colour was a paid actor

  • Farid Zack YT
    Farid Zack YT 2 months ago

    the flower as beauty as you

  • Trena RBLX
    Trena RBLX 2 months ago +1

    my mom made this before, it taste good

  • Farah Alani
    Farah Alani 2 months ago

    You are amazing 😍

  • abuya -
    abuya - 2 months ago

    you did a cute job (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

  • Ton Chawit
    Ton Chawit 2 months ago


  • Cupcake Queen
    Cupcake Queen 2 months ago

    The container looked like slushy caps

  • scary spaghet
    scary spaghet 2 months ago +1

    She sounds a bit like mabel from gravity falls

  • Saphire Addams
    Saphire Addams 2 months ago +1

    Using gelatin has never been so normalized 😂

  • I know right!
    I know right! 3 months ago

    What is her nationality?

  • Life laugh LOL
    Life laugh LOL 3 months ago +5

    Imagine if microwaves said " reheating reheating reheating" then "nice" when it's done lol.

  • Angelina Pearl
    Angelina Pearl 3 months ago

    She's so cute

  • Zackary D
    Zackary D 3 months ago

    I work at a factory that uses gelatin every day. Nobody tells you how terrible it smells 😵😵😵

  • Ton Chawit
    Ton Chawit 3 months ago

    What’s your name girl

  • Ton Chawit
    Ton Chawit 3 months ago

    You are sooooo good

  • Crystal SS
    Crystal SS 3 months ago

    So, this is kinda like them Snapchat “satisfying” clips? Where they inject the coloring and shake it? Wow.