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Living Rent-Free Next to Millionaires

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022
  • For decades, the “anchor-outs” have enjoyed living in rent-free boat homes in the Bay Area. Their boats, anchored just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, float illegally in the sightline of one of the country’s wealthiest zip codes. But now, as enforcement ramps up, their way of life could be coming to an end.
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Comments • 11 026

  • VICE News
    VICE News  2 months ago +72

    We talked to the team who reported on the "Anchor Outs", here - ru-clip.com/video/XFVEyIzrreY/video.html

      ONE1ONETIME 13 days ago

      I envy these people!

    • Tracy Scott
      Tracy Scott 18 days ago +1

      While I do sympathize with the Anchor Outs, THE OCEAN comes first. But here’s who we all should really be after: LANDLORDS. WHY IS RENT AND HOUSING SO EXPENSIVE

  • Z
    Z 4 months ago +10923

    When a poor person has a boat and lives in it, it’s called being “homeless”. But when a millionare lives on a boat it’s called being “adventurous” or “living the dream”, or having an “exotic excentric lifestyle”

    • davidhunternyc
      davidhunternyc Day ago

      Right? ...and look at those boats. They look awful! We can't even BBQ in our backyard because they're so ugly. We've got to go to Saint Tropez to avoid this riff raff.

    • normie x
      normie x Day ago

      Honestly, in my country only millionaires can afford a boat they can live in... or just a boat.

    • JewVol
      JewVol 3 days ago

      @Moorish Knight people don't live on board in Holland?

    • Mike Cork
      Mike Cork 4 days ago

      @melelconquistador I don't think anyone is camping in the city centre and homeless don't camp out in the woodlands and forests, they would die...

  • Ramad Jones
    Ramad Jones Month ago +726

    Wow, the feels are hard on this one.
    I'm a brother who wouldn't know the first thing on what to do to live on a boat. The maintenance needed to keep it seaworthy. How to hunker down in storms. How to monitor the depth so I don't hit something and take on water. Hell, just keeping it fueled up and livable day to day. You'd need a special type of person to be able to do that life. And you reduce them down to meth heads and criminals? Crazy.
    Then to put them into a tent down next to the yard that literally destroys their home as the watch and listen? That's a special type of cruelty. I understand the whole "not in my backyard" mentality, but to crush a persons only asset, their home that contains all of their worldly possessions? Its not just inhumane, its sociopathic.

    • Vincent MacKay
      Vincent MacKay Day ago

      So very cruel.

    • littlestbroccoli
      littlestbroccoli 3 days ago +2

      In what place does the city destroy a rich person's car for violating traffic laws? These boats are still property, it doesn't seem to add up that they'd be demolished for breaking the law.

    • Will Howard
      Will Howard 5 days ago

      Well said

    • William Prieto
      William Prieto 12 days ago

      NIMBY'S .......Not in my backyard.

    • Marshall Wages
      Marshall Wages 12 days ago

      Thats the problem neither do a lot of these people and or cant afford it. They just live there till they sink then who pays for the clean up

  • Falcon Sky
    Falcon Sky 2 months ago +399

    I lived on a boat for over a year. Best time ever. I did pay small docking fees, but was not supposed to be a "live aboard". I was not "on drugs" or an "alcoholic". Cleaned other boats for a living. It's literally, the ONLY place I've ever been able to afford by myself, not living under some crazy person's roof (my last Landlady left all 4 stovetop gas pumping into the house before leaving for the night, and I had a migraine, lucky to wake up, and had to drive a city bus, my then current job, for a week, after almost being gassed to death...yet SHE was sane enough to buy a home?
    Lasted until my boat was stolen.
    I miss the ability to live on my own.

    • Jim Burley
      Jim Burley 12 hours ago

      @Nicole Aspcia
      Oh, I haven't been to the West coast since my x wife left me, YEARS ago. I was in Washington State and there were free beaches there
      The guys attitude was all too easy for wealthy people to contract. I'm not worth over a million dollars and it was hard in coming. Property values, not liquid cash. I'm in AA too so I throw no stones at people with a drinking or drug problem.
      I guess the world is going to get like I've heard it NO MIDDLE CLASS! Either very well off like that Man in the house or poor like that man on the boat. I was lucky to move from a poor area (Black Hills) to MPLS. But I'd be just as poor if I stayed in So. Dak. So I have eympothy for him on the boat. I've worked like a dog to get a little better off - no free ride anywhere and wish him God's mercy.

    • Nicole Aspcia
      Nicole Aspcia 13 hours ago

      @Jim Burley Last I checked, all harbors in California are a 'rich man's beach'.

    • Nicole Aspcia
      Nicole Aspcia 13 hours ago

      @D Overcomer. Where ? I live in San Diego and there's nothing free here for any long term stays.

    • manatee
      manatee 14 days ago

      How does somebody get their way is by downgrading somebody else faults information, but Can you work for minimum wage.

  • Darcy Bhaiwala
    Darcy Bhaiwala 2 months ago +276

    when will people recognize that working hard doesn't equal wealth

    • Jas Bataille
      Jas Bataille 5 days ago +1

      When will people realize that working hard can be more fulfilling than being wealthy without anything to do?

    • Lord Farquaad
      Lord Farquaad 7 days ago +1

      Ofc working hard don t mean anything it's studying hard, it's determination for education that really sets the boundaries between them and that dude who lives in that house

    • TheBallsKicker
      TheBallsKicker 7 days ago

      Working smart.

    • David Lee
      David Lee 9 days ago

      When the bubble pops.

    • Annie M
      Annie M 11 days ago


  • Andrew Cheshire
    Andrew Cheshire Month ago +121

    I really feel for these people. It makes me so angry when rich a’holes judge the poor as if it is simply their choice. There are so many people with horrible backgrounds and it’s extremely difficult to break free from the past. Nobody makes it to the top alone. But almost everybody at the bottom made it there alone.

  • Virgil Palmer
    Virgil Palmer 3 months ago +3594

    You can tell about a man's integrity, by how he treats the poor....

    • Rogelio Carrillo
      Rogelio Carrillo 12 days ago

      I don’t know about that. My parents being Immigrants came to America and started from absolutely 0 to owning a house and being able to retire. My dad always said a man has to work you only go as far as your work. And I see homeless people at my town and On my way to work asking for handout n I pitty that. When there in front of a “hiring now” sign. I’m not disrespecting them calling them names or anything. I just go on about my day

    • A K
      A K 14 days ago

      ​@Michael Dunn I'd sell the multi-million dollar property I own and downsize into a rental. The dude works in finance he could be leveraging that amount of money like crazy. But nah, "Muh dock!! I just NEED my waterfront bougie home!!" get bent dude.
      Imagine complaining like a toddler after 16 different people crash into your dock. They probably all did it on purpose after the first guy because he was an asshat to them.

    • Definitely not a towel
      Definitely not a towel 17 days ago +2

      @Michael Dunn See if you’re singing the same tune if you or someone you care about was in the same position. Instead of judging them be helpful or just mind your own business.

    • SSlowMusic
      SSlowMusic 21 day ago

      Well said Sir😎👍-For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul🙏✝

  • fastfoodi
    fastfoodi 2 months ago +182

    "The bottom line is you're breaking the law"
    The most cowardly justification of all. Moral people have an obligation to disobey unjust laws.

    • cwill212
      cwill212 13 days ago

      Yeah I don’t agree with this law either, but it’s also a job which aren’t super easy to come by. Further, I’d agree more with your explanation if it was a more heinous act or law

    • stevebean1234
      stevebean1234 Month ago +5

      Yeah I guess “bottom line” isn’t the best term to use. Your point is the best I’ve seen against his viewpoints (I don’t think he was right but I thought he was otherwise well spoken).
      With an environmental and marine background myself, I assumed the law was written for several reasons to include minimizing environmental damage (something I could justify). Although that’s not to say it isn’t up for debate.
      The issues here strike me as very similar to homelessness issues. Yes, it is bad certain people do certain things. But where are they going to go? What are they going to do?
      I don’t think it’s the financier’s job to answer that question, but I sure wish someone would do something. I do think the guy’s point was valid, but if I had his money I would probably feel obliged to spend it on helping homelessness after his experiences. Maybe he already does, idk. Wish we did a better job - as a society - protecting the environment and our vulnerable population

  • Daxter
    Daxter 14 days ago +71

    Being proud of trying your hardest to destroy someone's boat because it's not seaworthy
    while you know that they live there is just insane

  • quicksite
    quicksite Month ago +91

    This was very well-reported; reporter had great demeanor to keep all relaxed, never framed his question in gotch or hostile manner. That's the whole key to getting people to open up and speak honestly. Props!

  • XHAD
    XHAD 4 days ago +4

    "these boats are not seaworthy"
    I fully agree with this statement. I have no issue about boaters being on the water or homeless people trying to live their life. Trying to overload the boat with spare garbage and trash that can fall into the water or having the boat constantly pollute the water is just not sustainable. Nobody is bashing on vanlife since it doesn't litter the environment.
    If someone can live on a boat tax-free proving that their boat isn't polluting the environment or in danger of sinking then I support that over paying absurd fees for taxes and rent. If a person from a shoreline can see a change in color beneath the water from a boat then something needs to be done about the living conditions of that person that still allows them to live their life the way they want to while keeping the environment clean and healthy.

    • Loner 12
      Loner 12 2 days ago +3

      Just don't forget that the rich folks "dirty work"(maintenance on their motors, manufacturing of all their positions, killing of their food, pollution, etc ) is all done in a lower income area or hidden behind factory walls. The man with one small dirty boat still has a smaller footprint.

  • Faz Nisha
    Faz Nisha 3 months ago +2634

    It makes me feel so good that a lot of people in these comments disagree with how people are being treated in this video. It’s so sad to see people who can’t afford rent or houses having their boats being destroyed. Imagine coming home one day and someone has demolished your house.

    • Dick Fitzwell
      Dick Fitzwell Day ago

      @Taylor Griffith that’s why you’re poor and complaining on the Internet.

    • Don
      Don 4 days ago

      @Tyson at anchor, into the ocean. In a Marina, you must have a holding tank.
      It’s not as bad as it sounds. The fish will eat it up pretty quick.
      Ugh. That sounds worse. Lol

    • Andrew Sloan
      Andrew Sloan 9 days ago

      @Faz Nisha Eventually people are gonna break and won't put up with it anymore. People can get crazy

    • dcamron46
      dcamron46 9 days ago

      Oh it makes you feel good? What a load of BS.

    • Olivia Lambert
      Olivia Lambert 13 days ago

      Most people don’t even understand what happens here and only thing they should support the underdog no matter how stupid they are

  • Jay Dickson
    Jay Dickson 2 months ago +29

    I don't understand why they couldn't introduce some sort of 2 or 3 year mandatory boat maintenance scheme. This means all boats on the harbour would have to remain in good condition, it creates jobs for those who do the maintaining and it keeps the anchor out community safe. So long as the maintenance costs are partly offset by the local authority so everybody can afford to keep their boats to a certain standard. But really they just don't want poor people cluttering up their playground.

    • Edis Golubich
      Edis Golubich 2 days ago

      Because nobody would follow it.
      You are talking about making a new law, when these people have been placing their boats illegally to begin with. If they had money to take care of the boats they would have enough money for rent, maybe not in California, but somewhere. A boat is a money pit, not a house.
      The issues here are complex, starting with American Culture, and their obsession with the white picket fence house with a yard, which is impossible to provide for hundreds of millions of people, let alone needed. People were raised in small houses, flats, and even whole families in single rooms. Nothing will happen to your kid if you raise him in a flat next to a park. Yet everyone is obsessed with living in the suburbs in the US, so you get the Single Family House zoning laws everywhere, keeping rent and prices sky high for all properties.

    • Diary of a Loser
      Diary of a Loser 12 days ago +2

      Agreed. This would have been a much better option.

  • Ben Sampson
    Ben Sampson 2 days ago +2

    What really got me was the harbormaster saying "the bottom line is: you're breaking the law," as if that somehow justifies the destruction of these people's homes. It's obvious that he understands what he's doing to these people, but he feels like he has some sort of duty to uphold the law, no matter how cruel it is. That's some dark stuff.

  • Angela McFadden
    Angela McFadden 2 months ago +28

    I wish this piece had addressed the cost of keeping a boat seaworthy. Some cities recognize the challenges low-income homeowners face in maintaining their properties and provide assistance. I also wish the journalist had asked the harbormaster whether the City issues warnings to vacate so the anchor outs might clear out to avoid risk of seizure and, if not, why not.

    • Rob Kitchen
      Rob Kitchen 12 hours ago

      The government would have to acknowledge that boats are viable homes for people and that's the last thing they would do because property taxes are the largest source of revenue for local governments and recognizing the boats as homes would encourage others to move out on the water and advoid paying rent to landlords or mortgages to banks and property taxes themselves...
      It's always about the money

    • Edis Golubich
      Edis Golubich 2 days ago

      Because they are illegally there to begin with? Also, if you checked, they are mainly taking boats that aren't seaworthy. Boats that can't be considered boats anymore, but scrap, so destroying it isn't really illegal and destroying someone else property. Hard to consider a boat that floods with water and can't sail a boat, let alone the other hundreds of minor issues you could find with them.
      It is why there are still people in the bay, they aren't taking the good looking boats (so far).

    • T
      T Month ago +2

      There was a seaworthy program offered to over 100 boats that would have given them a few more years before they had to move. They had to make the boat seaworthy, with help, and register it, have a holding tank, stuff like that. Only 9 boats took them up on the program. Other's at anchor didn't want to be told what to do. Many boats were just used to store extra stuff and not as a home, like you would a storage facility. I don't know if any of them have insurance to cover if they damage someone else.
      I've heard they do issue warnings by putting a notice on the boat giving them 10 days to move it or have it removed. Some people argue that when they go away and then return the boat is gone with no notice, while people giving the notices will argue that they were given notice. By now, everyone knows that there is a 72 hour limit, so they should plan that before they are gone they should move the boat or have someone move it regularly. I don't think most of the boats are able to move under their own power.

  • S
    S 2 months ago +28

    8:10 It should also be noted that when they crush the boats, the plumes of toxic dust and fiberglass from the crushing process fills the surrounding area and air before settling on the camp the city set up for the anchor outs, not only that... but right after this doc was filmed, the actual parcel of land (which is a "leach field") overflowed with sewage. It happens all the time and the city knew that before putting the anchor outs there.

  • Logan
    Logan 4 months ago +5041

    When a poor guy hits a rich guys dock with his boat, we change laws and hire people to destroy his property, when a rich man exploits a poor man’s labor for 50 years and gambles, loses and destroys the poor man’s retirement savings, we give the rich man our tax money because he’s too big to fail and that’s all you need to know about America in 2022 really.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 4 days ago +1

      Rich guy said it himself. It's capitalism, he's awfully self aware, yet continues to destroy peoples homes, makes me really sad.

    • Krazy Stories
      Krazy Stories 7 days ago

      Disguise why do his teeth when he said he works for a living more like you have other people working for your living

    • Krazy Stories
      Krazy Stories 7 days ago

      YEP 👍🏽

    • Danika Florence
      Danika Florence 8 days ago

      Not really how it works but ok OP

  • creator 44
    creator 44 2 months ago +36

    “The bottom line is your breaking the law” yeah remember that people just like you make those laws as an excuse to remove themselves and yourself from feeling any personal responsibility for the problems in your area

  • RedShipsofSpainAgain
    RedShipsofSpainAgain Month ago +35

    2:51 "Jim Robertson works in finance..." came as absolutely zero surprise to me. Translation: "Jim Robertson is ungodly wealthy relative to 99 percent of America and is unaware of just how good he has it with his waterfront house."

    • LazyPops
      LazyPops Month ago +6

      He even claimed to "work and pay taxes", the bastard. When thieving based on speculation is work, it's sure a hard day of grinding isn't it

  • The Black Unicorn
    The Black Unicorn 17 days ago +1

    Its heartbreaking to hear how someone could just bypass other people.
    Does he ever stop to consider that it could have been the experience of going through homelessness is what could have caused someone’s initial addiction.
    I think anyone would have to find something to grip onto to stay alive especially after losing your home & lively hood.
    You don’t have to be (job-less) to be considered homeless.
    Some individuals experiencing homelessness work and work very hard.
    I think we should all be conscious enough to know that ( Hard Work ) isn’t the reason why people have homes or not.

    MATH LOVER 2 months ago +29

    I love when he said 'there is no more buildable land' that was funny. I work in Marin co. and 65% of it is still raw land. They just don't want housing.

    • Benbom Cars
      Benbom Cars 22 days ago +1

      65% is public parks, watershed, etc. it’s a MUCH bigger hurdle to change what that land is destined for than many think.

  • tippin turtle
    tippin turtle 4 months ago +8957

    It's okay if the oil companies destroy the Gulf but a gas can on a personal watercraft is a real "threat" to the environment. Amazing!

    • Video Superhero
      Video Superhero Month ago

      Not understanding the comparison... both are bad for the environment right?

    • Austin V
      Austin V Month ago

      EPA Logic in a nutshell

    • Mike Honcho
      Mike Honcho Month ago

      @World Changing Videos I'm certain the epa are completely aware of the outcomes of fracing

  • Gaurav Bansal
    Gaurav Bansal 2 days ago

    The millionaire comes across as insensitive and arrogant but he does have a fair point. Unfortunately there are no easy answers to such situations. And while humanity figures these things out, countless lives would be left in pain.

  • Bart Southwick
    Bart Southwick Day ago

    Its sad that we have to resort to living on boats and living in these loopholes. Its insane that we see this as an okay thing now

  • CH
    CH Month ago +10

    I love how the narrative is unbiased towards either side and just focuses on the issue. And it does not paint either side as the villain in this whole thing.
    The whole issue involves three sides, the wealthy, the poor, and the middle man. All sides have valid points that all of us can relate to, which is good because it provokes conversation and discussion instead of conflicts.
    I was especially surprised about the rich guy's answer on viewing those who's homes were destroyed. Like I did not expect him to have genuine compassion for those people. Yet, he still stands his grounds. He sums it up really good: "In Capitalism, you're gonna have those who wanna work hard, who are smarter, those who are lucky, those who are unlucky..."
    It is true. Despite any idealism, you're gonna have those who benefit from it and those who don't. And it's just the rule of this world right now, so there's no right or wrong.

    • choob
      choob 9 days ago

      And yet in the comments, a bunch of low level one sided thinking people.

  • Matthew J Douglas
    Matthew J Douglas Month ago

    That's what you call freedom, definitely a life I would love. Living on a boat away from nosy neighbours and theiving bastards

  • Jacob Mrdutt
    Jacob Mrdutt 3 months ago +3617

    The rich finance guy’s frustration is understandable, but the way he just stereotypes all of them as being meth addicts or burnouts is very telling of his attitude. He looks down at them from his ivory tower and doesn’t care where they go as long as they are out of his line of sight. Cares more about his property value than human beings.

    • M. Knight
      M. Knight 15 hours ago

      I’m with the rich dude.

    • mcashnv
      mcashnv 15 hours ago

      @Volts n Bolts And that's the best you can do? Really?

    • Volts n Bolts
      Volts n Bolts Day ago

      @mcashnv Bootlicking the rich, ah fun fun.

    • Caleb Coleman
      Caleb Coleman 2 days ago

      The way he smiles when he says they’re all ex felons is sick

    • saf
      saf 2 days ago

      he said 80-90% of them not all of them.

  • Shnarkle VonBarkle
    Shnarkle VonBarkle 6 days ago +1

    One of the reasons they don't go after anchor outs for being anchored over 72 hours is that it just gets annoying when they all start pulling up their anchors and moving from one end of the bay to the other every 72 hours.
    It isn't that difficult to keep a boat floating. Many brand-new boats are fitted with blocks of Styrofoam. They call it "positive floatation." Simply stuff discarded foam, one and two liter plastic bottles, or anything else that floats into the bilge until it's completely full. Problem solved.
    If all those people with waterfront property chipped in $30.00, they could hire a guy to chain all those boats up to concrete blocks. It wouldn't fix the view, but it would prevent them from crashing into their docks again.
    They could all drift a few miles inland and live unmolested, but then there wouldn't be as many people just walking up and handing them money for no good reason. They could drift all the way up into the Sacramento delta where there's plenty of unused land to grow food and fresh water for irrigation. They might still get boarded by the Coast Guard once in a while, but if they're not cooking meth they'll eventually be left alone.
    I lived in Marin off and on for five years. There are people dug into the hills out there right next to multimillion dollar homes with those same million dollar views, but they're smart about it. They're not walking around in those same neighborhoods. They're not cooking meth or partying and making a lot of noise. They don't litter or collect and hoard garbage.
    States like Florida insist that anyone anchoring out must live on their boat. They also subsidize a pump out service so that they have no reason to pump their poop overboard.

  • nicepepperonirick
    nicepepperonirick Month ago +3

    I am well connected with the Sausilito Anchor outs and have lived on boats there. Truely a community of pirates. Artsy, rugged, and unique people. May God shed some light on the situation.

  • Kandi Baby Briscoe
    Kandi Baby Briscoe 2 months ago +3

    This is just amazing... awesome way to live I see nothing wrong with using what the universe is giving us to enjoy

  • LESSwithMS
    LESSwithMS 15 days ago +1

    This breaks my heart. How are people supposed to get by? People find loopholes and then government crushes them shut.

  • xavier cook
    xavier cook 4 months ago +6882

    This isn't about safety, it's about keeping the property value high 🤷🤷

    • Brandyn Thompson
      Brandyn Thompson 6 days ago

      It is about safety though. These are not well taken care of boats. Does the safety of the marine life not matter at all? If these people had PROPER jobs for the area and lived on the water in a well maintained boat then the homeowners would look the other way just as law enforcement had been.
      Thus video is the prime example of why giving homeless people a home would never work. If you can't afford a home you can't afford to take care of a home.
      If they justnwant a spot on the water their were many other places they could go anchor at....

    • nathan wendoloski
      nathan wendoloski 8 days ago

      Bro alot of those boats are death traps if you spent any time at sea you'd know this

    • Luke
      Luke 11 days ago

      @Just some Commie I'm not saying that everyone doesn't have worth by the way, I'm just saying some of these guys are in the negative as far as "society" is concerned and have the means to do better but refuse.

    • xavier cook
      xavier cook 13 days ago

      @Phyrom Huy job security, I just so happen to fix cars 🤣🤣🤣

  • Justin L
    Justin L 17 days ago +3

    Why is it that almost every time I see a rich person complaining about how those less fortunate than them are causing problems, their solution is to use power to get rid of the people they see as the problem and help themselves rather than using their power to find a solution that benefits everyone. This finance guy can take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Kris Sanders
    Kris Sanders 13 days ago +3

    Wow. Literally ya can’t live anywhere on any land without someone wanting to destroy ya property, then punish you for not wanting to spend money when you literally lived in a boat off land. What a planet we happened to been born on.

  • Jas Bataille
    Jas Bataille 5 days ago

    If I was rich and lived in this area, it'd be on really cool traditional wooden boat, rebuilt with a flat bottom from a submarine and space for everyone. I've been on a boat like this and when you see those people reactions and respect... that's the baller's life right here. I don't care about those boring finance guys on the shore. Also those small aren't meant to go on the sea because this isn't the sea - that's like saying that a Wolkswagen Golf is terrible cause it's not race-track ready, it doesn't mean anything - also a Golf turbo could beat quite a lot of sport cars in the ending, but that's another topic. Just a good analogy :)

  • Kimroy Bailey
    Kimroy Bailey 18 days ago +3

    How does this guy know that 80-90 per cent of them made bad life choices especially since he clearly never talked with them.

  • Peace
    Peace 3 months ago +1081

    Life is not fair for everybody. We must always keep in mind that every person in this world is fighting his own battle and destroying a poor man's home is the worst thing that anyone can do.

    • TruthMatters
      TruthMatters 11 days ago

      Tell that to 🇮🇱 that took over 🇵🇸

    • Peace
      Peace 2 months ago

      @Sara Hewson can't disagree with you

    • Sara Hewson
      Sara Hewson 2 months ago

      Financially poor and ethically poor are both well represented in this video.

    • rlgsbs
      rlgsbs 3 months ago

      People expect too much.

    • Bloodyidit
      Bloodyidit 3 months ago

      Many millionaires have never gone without anything. So we should take it from them to make them see.

  • Julie
    Julie 20 days ago +2

    🥺 Even the sea, they own it. 😤
    I can only hope for all the children that is going to be born or already here when they grow older enough to face the reality of our society will not end up like this and I hope also, all parents who chose to be parents will work hard to give a better life for their children to not became part of the society who are unlucky.

  • Ben Gardener
    Ben Gardener 3 days ago

    If I was this guy, the first thing I would do is ensure my docks are more solid than the boats hitting them, so the only thing that gets damages by impacts are the boats themselves.

  • Ej Edwards
    Ej Edwards Month ago +4

    Are we supposed to understand the plight of the poor rich man in his mansion upset because his view has been ruined by people living a lifestyle that hasn't been a problem for 70 years but now suddenly is because they built mansions?

  • moureen
    moureen 3 days ago

    It's hard to see people treated this way

  • Spring J
    Spring J 4 months ago +464

    Fast forward 10 years and they’ll be interviewing millionaires outraged that they can’t find a housekeeper within 100 miles. I’m sure they’ll have a great explanation, like, “it’s pathetic… nobody wants to work anymore.”

    • David Kenneth
      David Kenneth Month ago

      These rich folks will see their own bbbbbbbthats all folks too its time.that they offer solutions not problems .oh thats right they dont give a flyin cr....p

    • David Kenneth
      David Kenneth Month ago

      Its easter mr big shots these people are homeless.

    • Hex
      Hex 3 months ago +2

      They will literally have import programs where people from other places can like live with them and work for them for a year.

    • Cory Sturgis
      Cory Sturgis 3 months ago +5

      Fireman, teachers and nurses can't afford to live there. Wtf

  • Hannah Riedel
    Hannah Riedel 2 days ago

    “The bottom line is you’re breaking the law”
    The law is stupid. Illegality does not equal immortality. Think for yourself.

  • Loretta Leger
    Loretta Leger 2 months ago +4

    Being a boat owner, I feel for them. By the grace of god I have a home. Vancouver is stupid expensive for a home. I wish homes were a lot less pricy. It’s almost evil how prices have gone up. What will our future look like.

    • U-Shanks
      U-Shanks  21 day ago

      Everything is inflated
      You know everything is smaller
      It’s the unbearable taxes
      Stop supporting the credit card system

  • Late Night Creation
    Late Night Creation Month ago +5

    I just want to throw my opinion into the void…
    Yes big oil drilling in the water is likely a hazard to the environment. And very likely bigger a risk than these boats. I imagine the who ever has authority over these boats don’t have the same authority over big oil.
    But there is a bigger issue that bothers me. I don’t think their wrong, these little boats are falling apart in the water. They aren’t all fit to be lived on.. But taking away the boats without dealing with the underlying issues - expensive housing/cost of living and homelessness - isn’t the responsible either.
    The problem isn’t that these people are living on the water in shitty little boats. The problem is “why are people choosing to live in shitty little boats?”

    • LazyPops
      LazyPops Month ago

      And so we go down the setup, and correct, rabbit hole of SYSTEMIC inequality.

  • Matthew Steingass
    Matthew Steingass 4 hours ago

    I've lived this way. Not on a boat but in a ski town surrounded by the elite of the elite. Trick is to stay out of sight and keep a tidy camp. Valuables go in a storage unit or with friends. You end up with a letter on your tent asking you to vacate in 3 days. Hopefully you've kept a minimalist camp and move less than a half mile to a site you've already scouted or prepared. When I see a bunch of dilapidated boats out there for everyone to see it's obvious that it's not going to last. Also if everyone continued to look the other way imagine what the bay would look like in another 20 years. With all that I still find myself thinking, hey there's still 4 years left!

  • slosher
    slosher 3 months ago +1406

    No matter what these people's life decisions are they still deserve a place to exist, but the housing market and gentrification in California have made survival so difficult that people have to go to these lengths

    • Nobody
      Nobody 2 months ago

      @JMC biggest clique ever said.
      I bet you are also against pro-choice

    • JMC
      JMC 2 months ago +1

      Nobody deserves anything in this life, its earned.

    • Bryan Daudt
      Bryan Daudt 2 months ago

      Would you like to offer a cost comparison to validate your gibberish?

    • Nobody
      Nobody 3 months ago

      @Dune571 Oregon was already a fruitloop away for a full bag of cereal.
      Oregon is ruining washington to be fair with the increased homelessness and drug use.

  • Sammich
    Sammich 8 days ago

    Looking at both sides, I see where both sides have their views. For these anchor outs, its a way of life to enjoy on the water and live rent free. For the people who have water front property its an eye sore and would be like looking over to see the view of a free-way. Yet there has to be some way both can work together. Give them a place to port that won't harm the wildlife and won't piss off those with water front properties. If anything make a homeless shelter on the water if people can't afford it. Work a comprise.

  • Tim Mitchell
    Tim Mitchell 17 hours ago

    Fact is they can pull up to your dock for 24 hours and you really don’t have a legal leg to stand on. International marine law allows you to stop for provisions or repairs. Not sure how they can enforce this legally

  • Adventure inventors
    Adventure inventors Month ago +25

    Hey Jim, with all your millions, did you offer to help any one single person to fix their "not seaworthy" boat? We know the answer.

    HOODKAGE JAMES Month ago +3

    Imagining voluntarily being so mad and dedicating your time all because people want to live off the grid

  • Echobo or something
    Echobo or something 3 months ago +1076

    It's time to Decriminalize poverty, this man in the interview "Jim Robertson" basically implied that because these people are poor they must be drug addicts or screw ups and therefore it is acceptable to kick people out of there homes and destroy what little possessions they have left. I can't believe people can think this way.

    • Rage
      Rage 4 days ago

      They think this way and worse

    • Boofer T. Washington
      Boofer T. Washington 15 days ago +1

      And then they immediately cut to a guy that's clearly a meth addict! 🤣

    • Andrew Morton
      Andrew Morton Month ago

      I totally agree with you

    • Lucas Coval
      Lucas Coval Month ago

      Needs more likes.

  • preacherjohn
    preacherjohn 12 days ago +1

    Something life has taught me: It's possible for a poor man to live contentedly with very little, but you can be certain a rich man will come along sooner or later to take that little from him!

  • iP0G
    iP0G 8 hours ago +1

    Wait, so the law is that you cant anchor for more than 72 hours? Just un-anchor and move your boat 100 ft. every 71 hours or less

  • Thomas Savage
    Thomas Savage 14 hours ago

    Ending quote of 'there's no compassion around here'. Well, they're not following the law, keeping boats sea worthy and then those paying taxes get stuck with the bill for cleaning up their mess isn't fair either. You boat around the Delta and bay and so many of these out anchor boats capsized and washed up, trash and debris everywhere, half sunk, is not acceptable and very expensive (and difficult to clean up). Harbor master is doing the right thing and the regions around this need to do the same.

  • gg chiu
    gg chiu Month ago +8

    When the dude whose boat got crushed and he goes and visits it and sees his grandmother’s photos, I started crying. How could they not even give these people at least a heads up about demolishing their boat, their home? Their possessions, possibly even living things on the boat like kids and pets. It’s possible they didn’t know that those living things were on the boat and could’ve killed them. This just shows how fucking heartless these rich people are. When that rich guy said he felt bad at the end, I saw right through his lies. You feel bad, yet you still continue to do this to them? You feel bad yet you don’t help them find their feet after what you’ve done? You feel bad yet you don’t solve the root problem that causes some of these people to live in these boats in the first places. You’d do anything to get them out of your sight as you sit in your ivory towers. You’re despicable.

  • Bar
    Bar 3 months ago +1274

    He asked the guy with the house where they should live with the absurd rent and buddy really hit him with "I don't know, but you can't live here"

    • P H
      P H Day ago

      Those who attack the poor deserve to die.

    • A MC
      A MC Day ago +1

      they are literally DAMAGING HIS PROPERTY....lol! i mean, c'mon.

    • Jacob Campbell
      Jacob Campbell 2 days ago


    • Kevin Roberts
      Kevin Roberts 3 days ago

      @Casey Alan Right? I responded to one inane comment ("most of these got rich through their crimes...") with simply "I pray you are a child."

  • Rasul Bogdan
    Rasul Bogdan 2 months ago +8

    The rich, which created these unaffordable living standards, are complaining about the homeless people. The irony.

  • jesse lehmann
    jesse lehmann 21 day ago +8

    I NEVER advocate violence towards anyone but if someone with everything takes everything from someone who has nothing violence is only a matter of time. I'ts so sad that it's the only thing rich people understand.

  • Jeff Nighswander
    Jeff Nighswander 3 days ago

    It never fails to piss me off that all the people who complain about stuff like this, also don't want to pay taxes that goes towards helping other people. They don't want anchor-outs, but they don't want to pay taxes that go towards ending homlessness. They don't want people on drugs, but they don't want their taxes to go towards public health care in the way of rehab instead of the prison for profit system. They don't want women to have abortions, but they don't want their taxes to go towards welfare. The list goes on. This guy who is lobbying politicians to end the anchor-outs works in the same industry that caused the housing crises. Also, the icing on the cake is that these same people attack people like the anchor-outs for not wanting to pay taxes while they themselves pay lawyers to get them out of paying their fair share of taxes. I love capitalism, but I don't like hypocrisy. We all have to live in this soceity. If we want to tell people how to live then we all also have to be willing to help each other. If you don't want anchor-outs then help solve the real problem, otherwise you're just part of the reason they are there.

  • polskatoja
    polskatoja 2 months ago +3

    “I do feel bad…but, that’s the law”
    What a twisted ass world do we live in…😐?

  • Shawn Sheehan
    Shawn Sheehan 3 months ago +429

    Let's keep it real, it's not about saftey or protection of the enviroment. It's about property values. If someone wants to live on the water, that's their right.

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson 16 days ago +2

      @Kurmot target the corporations polluting 10,000,000x more than these folks who live on the boats. Not all pollution is made equal. Bet you weren’t that upset about all of the oil spills that’ve happened throughout the past 30 years.

    • Kurmot
      Kurmot 18 days ago

      no it's illegal and risk to the enviorment

    • Nathan Pitek
      Nathan Pitek 22 days ago

      It literally is not lmao

  • Chinchin lovs
    Chinchin lovs 2 months ago +9

    3:10 I love how he jumps straight to slandering them to try and get us on his side

  • D C
    D C 11 days ago

    I appreciate the presentation of this topic. Well done, Vice.

  • ashelton 4813
    ashelton 4813 Month ago +6

    It's a bummer when you have to actually SEE, or acknowledge, the people that are suffering from the system that allows a few to profit.

  • Patrick Bertlein
    Patrick Bertlein Month ago +2

    Bottom line is you are saying people who break the law deserve to get everything taken from them. Goddamn, I needed to watch this, definitely feeling better about myself as a human being now. What true lowlifes.

  • Joe
    Joe 4 months ago +2288

    I love how when the millionaire was confronted with the question of where those people would live if they were kicked out, he just basically said "idk lmao not my problem". Really shows the consequences of wealth inequality.

    • Jordan Forbes
      Jordan Forbes 7 days ago

      @Riley Senn I own a house and I wouldn't want people camping on my property but I'd be happy for them to live for free in a shack somewhere in my neighborhood.

    • Jordan Forbes
      Jordan Forbes 7 days ago

      @Ⲛⲓⲣⲉⲙ ⲭⲏⲙⲓ not necessarily smarter. There are plenty of dumb rich people, especially nowadays with advent of influencers. Just as there are lots of very intelligent people e.g scientists and researchers who don't earn that much but make a huge contribution to society. Wealth does not equate to intelligence. Very narrow minded way of looking at things.

    • Riley Senn
      Riley Senn Month ago

      @Alexis B. I don’t have all of the answers which is why I’m just a tax payer and not in gov. I do know that we have more than enough tax dollars to support the people who legitimately need help in this country, our welfare system has incentivized not working and has enabled people who are only on welfare because they don’t want to work not because there’s any physical or mental disability. Women are pretty much paid to pump out babies with different fathers and far too many able bodied men are draining the system’s resources just because they want to be drug addicts and deadbeat fathers if “father” is even a deserving title of a deadbeat. So again I don’t have all the answers I learned a long time ago that the only thing I can really control is myself and what I do with my family so my contribution to society is being the best man I can be working hard being a productive respectful member of society, I don’t steal from anyone or hurt anyone, I’m doing my best to raise kids that will go on to be productive respectful members of society.

    • Alexis B
      Alexis B Month ago

      @Riley Senn of course, but every society regardless of how it's set up has people that won't be able to make it financially. So the question is how do you stabilize things so that way people aren't being knived by mentally ill people that should be institutionalized but are instead homeless. That's just one example.

  • Dave
    Dave 3 days ago

    "Bottom line is they're breaking the law." Interesting.
    The laws that people came up with to prevent any divergence from "normal" tax producing existence - so what happens when their boats are destroyed because of that law?
    They become homeless and have to live in tents.. Oh, what's that? It's illegal to live in a tent within city limits now? (That's a real law in Denver.) Huh, I guess the bottom line is actually that we're criminalising existence below a certain income level, aren't we? This isn't just happening in Marin county - this is the guiding principle (without the boats part) of gentrification, which is happening nearly everywhere that neighborhoods exist.

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 2 months ago +3

    Just because someone doesn't choose to live like you doesn't mean its the wrong way.

  • Michael Robertson
    Michael Robertson 4 days ago

    "But where will we live!?" This is the equivalent of tent cities in Seattle. Empathy for these folks sure but it's also weak and pathetic.Why not relocate to an area where they can work and live within their means? Migrants from all over the world come to the US, some without knowing English. And they are able to build a life for themselves and their families.

  • M johnston
    M johnston 2 months ago +13

    "The bottom line is being homeless, is the breaking the law."

    • David Shamiri
      David Shamiri Month ago +1

      Being homeless in a wealthy area is breaking the law

  • icantm0sh
    icantm0sh 3 months ago +559

    The pandemic really made me realize how much I align with their message. I don't want to live the typical life and be indebted to the greedy 1%. I wish I could just build a small home and not rely on any companies for gas, water, etc. (Might be because I grew up seeing what these bills do to families like mine who cant afford it) but that's "illegal"... the US is suffocating us. There is no freedom.

    • Kai
      Kai 3 months ago

      Ok then do it. See you want because you lack the actual drive and dedication to do it

    • Ben Melnichuk
      Ben Melnichuk 3 months ago


    • Travel St Lucia
      Travel St Lucia 3 months ago

      Go to the Caribbean or Africa

    • Eric Williams
      Eric Williams 3 months ago

      @SVTStrikesback even 2 of the 3 people they interviewed looked ruff. Why did they not interview or show more citizens. Yes they "work" but how much? And are they spending every penny on food and drugs. (If they spent all on drugs they would die without food).
      Not one I heard say they spent all their money (wages) on upkeeping to their boat/home.

  • ʟɛɛ ʝǟʍɛֆ
    ʟɛɛ ʝǟʍɛֆ 3 days ago

    I’d love to live like this, instead of being stuck in between 4 walls

  • Garrett Wood
    Garrett Wood 11 days ago

    When the law means taking everything someone owns just because "it's the law" while knowing it's wrong, makes you a villain.

  • Nicole Aspcia
    Nicole Aspcia 13 hours ago

    I know people who live in the water in my area and their boats are sea worthy and the ones I know are either working or living off of retirement. They're in much better shape than the ones I see here. It's illegal here too, but I don't think it should be. Here they pay a small fee, but it's assumed they don't live on it. Slip fees can be huge. If people are willing to live one the water - let 'em. It's definitely not for everyone.

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han 13 days ago +3

    Rich Guy: They're not seaworthy.
    I didn't know you were Odin the God of Boats, determining who is worthy.
    If it floats. it's sea-worthy.

  • What’s Kraken
    What’s Kraken 3 months ago +662

    My wife and I lived in our sailboat there for a while. Met some amazing people with amazing stories. We were getting our boat ready to sail south. We were treated very different because we were anchor outs. The police threatened us. Everyone of the anchor outs were great though. We would hang out with them at the church or at the coffee shop. Many were working jobs and coming back to their boat. The county made it very difficult for everyone to live out there. Shut down all the docks except one. Over 100 boats and only 1 tiny dinghy dock. Fun. The harbormaster was not very liked. He got many boats destroyed. That’s what the county was paying him to do. Many lost their homes and lived in tents. Even kids. I know everyone that was interviewed. Amazing people! Miss this place so much. A strange balance between very rich and very poor.

    • What’s Kraken
      What’s Kraken 11 days ago

      @Ramesh Krishnan trash was taken to the garbage bins and more than one pump out boat was out there to remove waste from all boats for very cheap

    • Ramesh Krishnan
      Ramesh Krishnan 11 days ago

      where did the sewage go? And did you dump garbage in the sea? I am trying to figure why environmentalists are opposed to the anchor outs.

    • Complexツ
      Complexツ 3 months ago

      @JP-A1A where are you living right now?

    • Complexツ
      Complexツ 3 months ago

      @jonymanay bruh ive been to 10 different countries and ive never seen this.

  • Zee Best
    Zee Best 2 months ago +1

    6:02 - “The water life was always kind…”. Yeah, when there were like TWO people living on the water! When a lot of people live in one area there WILL BE RULES to follow!

    • A Tap Helicopter
      A Tap Helicopter 5 days ago +1

      It’s a fucking *fishing port* there have always been lots of people on the water

  • Wyatt Rogers
    Wyatt Rogers 8 days ago +1

    “it’s for the environment, they could drop litter in the bay” -the rich people who work for multi billion dollar companies that are single-handedly making the earth uninhabitable

  • Yer_Br0wn_Dog_8_My_Rabbit

    "The bottom line is, you're breaking the law." Sure, as long as the "law" is on your side, that's easy to say.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop Month ago

    i have lived on my boat for 5 years now. absolutely love it.

  • Tim King
    Tim King 3 months ago +624

    When a law is designed to only serve the rights of the wealthy and not uphold the rights and security’s of every man woman and child equally then it’s not law it’s purely a gateway to entitlement.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 months ago

      @Brandon totally agree, but whose taxes are paying the Police’s salaries? It’s not the boat guys, right? In America everything is about money, without exception. Money buys services.

    • António Lima
      António Lima 3 months ago +1

      @Tim King it is easy to scapegoat accountabilitie in groups, we can bend morals and reason using mutual self enducting emotional reasoning, masses are dangerous and lack self preservation.

    • Kevin Lapsley
      Kevin Lapsley 3 months ago +1

      It's also fascism lol

    • Tim King
      Tim King 3 months ago

      @António Lima George Carlin said it best.
      Ppl are fine one on one,
      U can see the universe in there eyes.
      But once they clot and form groups they loose there individualism and take on the motive of the pack.
      And this is where u find the worst of humanity.

    • António Lima
      António Lima 3 months ago +1

      @Tim King people with experience will show more empathy but will be coerced by peers to act and align, this issue is old as humankind, we use politics, philosophy and religion to constrain natural human behaviours, it is a step climb to consciouness, it requires alot of altruism to escape fear of scarcity, poor people have nothing to lose, they have greater altruism displays that those with property and families to protect from harm.

  • Steven Horton
    Steven Horton Day ago

    Most of these people don't know how to take care of their boats, and I think a lot of them are ruining the water, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve to live happy lives. They've got to stop people from buying these boats to live on, so they don't waste their life savings on it and lock themselves into misery.

  • Rick DeWitt
    Rick DeWitt 21 day ago

    Ten years ago the cheapest house for sale in Marin County was $750K. It was a one-room former hunting cabin on a postage stamp of land barely bigger than the house, with street parking.
    I really feel this. Just a few years ago I was forced out of the Bay Area due to skyrocketing rent. I lived in a camper for 2 1/2 years. I'm no meth-head derelict criminal burnout. I'm a diesel mechanic with 20 years experience. I almost bought a boat to live aboard so I could stay in CA and live better than "urban off-grid" AKA homeless. Instead I dropped everything. I quit my job, gave away my camper,, and packed everything I own in my Dodge Dakota Fanning and headed east. I just bought a house in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's twice the size of that one in Marin, still only 600 square feet, but it has a driveway and a yard, and it was less than 1/8 the price.
    What is going on in CA is going to boil over and eventually come crashing down. Working people don't deserve to have to sleep in their cars or commute 75 miles one-way or live in old campers or boats or have every penny they can scrape up go toward a crappy apartment. However the current crisis comes to a head, it won't end well for anyone.

    iMOGENE CARGEAUX 19 days ago +4

    This makes me want to become a millionaire, hire lawyers for all of these people, get lobbyists on their side and stop the persecution towards the unhoused and working class… this pisses me off. Who are they bothering? They respect and appreciate the water more than the rich ppl. They care about each other and they take care of one another. They literally practice being good ppl who mind their own business and who don’t cause any harm everyday. More than I can say about the rich folks going after them. This is very frustrating. “Getting rid of” unhoused people doesn’t make the problem go away. Destroying their belongings and their homes, doesn’t make the, go away…. Pretending that it’s just an issue of people being lazy or not wanting to work.. isn’t true and isn’t going to make the situation better. You need to address the actual fucken problem in this country and that’s our system… that’s the lack of good paying jobs… that’s the issue of allowing the rich to control everything. That’s running this country like a corporation… I could go on and on. Leave these people alone. Let them live their damn lives in peace.

  • Dan McKinney
    Dan McKinney 12 days ago

    When times get tough, you might have to move elsewhere to find employment or cheaper rent. People did it during the dust bowl and depression. Sucks but at some point you have to take care of yourself.

  • Armands Saulitis
    Armands Saulitis 3 months ago +1272

    Imagine making your life’s mission to destroy someone else’s. Disgusting

    • emil toutou
      emil toutou Month ago

      That was rich people do

    • -KRYON1C-
      -KRYON1C- 2 months ago

      @flintson I wanna know what rock you've been living under

    • Barack Obama
      Barack Obama 2 months ago

      @flintson Buddy I got a dude named Vladmir Putin I'd like you to meet

    • salkdhfpoahergpoahre
      salkdhfpoahergpoahre 2 months ago +2

      Then invite them to live with you.

  • Robert Rhein
    Robert Rhein 5 days ago +1

    I was on the finance guys side until he started answering questions.

  • K RIS
    K RIS Month ago

    I'm soon to be living in a bus because I don't want to be around (or at the mercy of) nasty, influential people like Mr. Rich in this video. I could even watch the whole video because I was in tears for the boat people who are just living their lives and having their homes taken from them. I have only hate for people who choose money and prestige over human decency and understanding. Law!!! It's usually only there to protect the people with money.

  • arain764niara
    arain764niara 12 hours ago

    When are we gonna lower rent? Like why does it keep going up when salaries aren't? As I kid I dreamed of making the salary I make now but today I'm pretty close to check by check. Food is expensive, rent is expensive, living is expensive. The higher paid employees at my job really told me to live within my means but how does working OT every week still amount to me not being able to save to get out of this cycle?

  • Mary
    Mary Month ago

    I'd love to have a boat because I love the water, but I don't think I'd be able to live on it. Honestly, I think these people are amazing for being able to all this!

  • Rafa El
    Rafa El 3 months ago +2262

    If they want people to live on land, they need to make that a viable option first. They can't just order them to abandon their boats, only for them to become homeless on land and then go "there, much better. I fixed the problem."

    • Lane Ochoa
      Lane Ochoa 2 months ago

      @seaofgreens I'm on your side if everyone was drug free. A sober boat living situation.

    • Georgie doesn’t suck
      Georgie doesn’t suck 2 months ago

      @WhaleWatchingWhaler this is such a surface level solution for a very deep and complicated problem

    • Georgie doesn’t suck
      Georgie doesn’t suck 2 months ago

      @WhaleWatchingWhaler imagine thinking needing to work 80h a week for food and shelter is normal

  • Mary Spain
    Mary Spain 2 months ago

    Such a sad video. I had tears seeing this. Seeing those boats destroyed hurt my soul. Especially because it was someones home AND LIFESTYLE DESTROYED. What has happened to humanity.?

  • Diana couto
    Diana couto Month ago +4

    "Bottom line your breaking the law" 😡 I wounder who makes up these laws that tell human beings that they can't live where they want??? 🤮

  • king james488
    king james488 Day ago

    I wonder why.

  • ComfortableSlug
    ComfortableSlug Month ago +2

    ‘They’re not sea worthy’ they’ve lived there for years and years. Clearly they are fine

  • Prince Hasn
    Prince Hasn 3 months ago +346

    This is extremely cruel. A country that only claims to value private property, but every action and most laws goes against just that.

    • mokaPCP
      mokaPCP 3 months ago +1

      Valuing private property that much is precisely the issue here.

    • Tony Tanner
      Tony Tanner 3 months ago

      @Mark S God first is against freedom and so is abortion which ironically requires more government overreach. Yes people are leaving New York and California but they are the most successful economical states so urban pressure is higher in these states. If you are republican or Democrat I cannot continue here because you view things as left and right.

    • JK
      JK 3 months ago

      We don't only claim to value private property, but we do respect it, criminal. If you work hard and save up for a car, house, whatever, it's yours.

    • Mark S
      Mark S 3 months ago +1

      @Tony Tanner If the blue states were ran better than red states, you would not see a net migration deficit. People are leaving blue states for red states overwhelmingly. That alone should be a wake-up call for blue states. I’m more of a Conservative than a Republican. I believe in God, the 2nd Amendment, less government intrusion, against abortion, a nationalist before a globalist. These criteria, for the most part, go against the grain of the Democratic Party.

  • БойБорг690_
    БойБорг690_ 3 days ago

    in California, I feel like this is a necessity. It's a terrible place to try and live considering the minimum basic rent in half of these places. It's not as simple as "Move to a different state" in a lot of these instances. I can't afford rent where I live, but I had enough money put aside to be able to move to a different city. A lot of these people don't have that. Selling the boat sure isn't an option considering the condition some of these things are in too.

  • Halcyon Rain
    Halcyon Rain 18 days ago +6

    "The bottom line is you're breaking the law." Violence is fine, as long as rich people make it legal.

    • Basil Eldose
      Basil Eldose 11 days ago

      I agree that in this case the laws may have had influence do the lobbying the more wealthy residents carried out on people in higher positions of power...but at the end of the day they are breaking the law.
      However they shouldn't be left to live in the conditions they are so the council of the bay area should definitely set aside some money to help build affordable housing or small bungalows for the people

  • Daniel Blake Investing
    Daniel Blake Investing 2 months ago

    These documentaries are fantastic, thank you