How I Make My Favorite Recipes I've Learned Since Moving To America • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • Rie shows us how she makes her favorite recipes that she's learned since coming to America.
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  • Rie McClenny
    Rie McClenny 3 months ago +4395

    Thanks for watching! Tag me on instagram (@thedessertsnob) if you make this 😀
    Also, subscribe to my new channel! I'll be posting videos here soon!

    • Kya Gallery
      Kya Gallery Day ago

      Rie!!! Your the tasty mom 😂 and my favorite

    • pathetic aesthetic
      pathetic aesthetic 3 days ago

      Rie McClenny I would love it if you tried making some Turkish food! ❤️

    • Epic Kid
      Epic Kid 10 days ago

      Hai i’m late

    • Sib Martin
      Sib Martin 12 days ago

      Thank you Rie..x

    • Rachelle Girard
      Rachelle Girard 15 days ago

      Rie!!!! You're my favorite!!! I love every video you're apart of

  • Eve Valentine213
    Eve Valentine213 11 hours ago


  • Joe Kuan
    Joe Kuan 16 hours ago

    She should go to Masterchef USA

  • Luke Mordew
    Luke Mordew 2 days ago

    Although, apple pie is anything but American. It is an English dessert for those that do not know.

  • Diti Kumar
    Diti Kumar 3 days ago

    Please try some of Indian cuisines. :)

  • Nurul Aisyah
    Nurul Aisyah 3 days ago

    I wanna be like you, Rie!!!! ♥️

  • Subscribe To Pewdiepie
    Subscribe To Pewdiepie 3 days ago +1

    Love your videos Rie!! You should try making some amazing Swedish desserts. Some of my favorites are Kladdkaka (like a chocolate cake), Prinsesstarta, and Swedish pancakes with fresh lingonberry jam.

  • Pat H
    Pat H 3 days ago +1

    Rie is such a smart chef! I'm learning so much thank you~

  • Lazy queen
    Lazy queen 5 days ago

    El Salvadoreño food plzzzzz

  • Gaby G.G
    Gaby G.G 6 days ago


  • Antoinette
    Antoinette 7 days ago

    Love you Rie!!!!

  • david moyo
    david moyo 7 days ago

    no no no we call cookies cookies biscuits biscuits and scones scones

  • Za World
    Za World 8 days ago

    Bruh is that the Popeyes’s biscuit. Not gonna lie, Popeyes’s biscuit is hella dry

  • Hiếu Lưu Chí
    Hiếu Lưu Chí 8 days ago

    U can make some VietNamese foods

  • Nick van de Peppel
    Nick van de Peppel 8 days ago


    I'm so sorry, I just laughed to hard at it don't be mad😆

  • Beatriz
    Beatriz 8 days ago

    She's so sweet

  • Hoetist Ur mum
    Hoetist Ur mum 8 days ago

    (speaks foreign language)

    tasty get some regional ppl to edit ur english jesus


    try to do carapulcra con sopa seca of peru just look at it with that name on the internet, good luck!!!!

  • Rachel Harris
    Rachel Harris 9 days ago

    Why is everybody ignoring the fact that the tails were left on those shrimp in the jambalaya?

  • Sky Bunny
    Sky Bunny 9 days ago +1

    I love eating American foods from restaurants or trying new foods from other cultures. But I will never ever get the same feeling eating those foods that I get when I eat traditional Italian food that my grandma makes. It reminds me of where my family has come from. I feel like that all Italian food you eat it until your full but when you get offered seconds you take it anyway :) because it’s just too good. My mother used to make lentils and noodles, spaghetti, and homemade pizza pie all the time when she had time

  • Mix Up
    Mix Up 9 days ago

    You should try making mämmi(a finnish dish) I personally love mämmi and don't get scared when you taste it bc people describe it as poop with a hint of orange

  • Harry Master
    Harry Master 10 days ago

    i always love spicy chickens

  • The Invincible Gamer
    The Invincible Gamer 10 days ago

    I want a one more she is so cute. and a lovely person...Cant stop watching her cook !!

  • Serah Thuo
    Serah Thuo 11 days ago

    Rie, you’re amazing

  • Ishmail Bari
    Ishmail Bari 11 days ago

    You can eat scones with butter and jam and all that! this solves my problem when figuring out what americans mean by biscuits! I can just think scones!

  • Diana Giles
    Diana Giles 12 days ago

    With making ur biscuits we call them scones in australia -try adding grated cheese and chives to mixture..oh they are so yummy...serve spread a little butter on them...

  • Anais Leal
    Anais Leal 12 days ago

    This video almost made me cry it’s so pure how respectful and eager to learn she is towards other cultures this is how it should be look beautiful sharing and understanding eachother can be :,)

  • Kathryn Gay
    Kathryn Gay 13 days ago

    You should make middle eastern food!

  • Christopher brassie
    Christopher brassie 13 days ago +1

    Who else scrolled down to the comments just to read good things about rie

  • Makayla Fernando
    Makayla Fernando 13 days ago +1

    is it just me or does rie always make it look easy? everyone loves her

  • anuj pradhan
    anuj pradhan 13 days ago

    So no one's talking about how she says substitute at 00:52 ? I mean I found it innocently cute

  • kavya vijay
    kavya vijay 13 days ago

    Some Indian food too😋😋

  • Tashan Thomas
    Tashan Thomas 13 days ago

    Thank you tasty for hiring Rie

  • Kamsii___ _
    Kamsii___ _ 13 days ago +1

    Omg she’s so cute 😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Keira Douglas
    Keira Douglas 13 days ago +2

    We need to see Rie more
    Plz like this 😜

  • Nory Keo
    Nory Keo 14 days ago

    Rue is
    my favourite tasty producer

  • Tayla Dawe
    Tayla Dawe 14 days ago

    We need to discuss ‘biscuits’. In the UK we have cookies (soft/chewy, made with brown sugar typically and often have chocolate chips) and biscuits (hard, sweet, usually used to make a sandwich style biscuit like custard creams or bourbons). She said the ‘biscuits’ are like scones but softer, in which case they’re what my area calls baps. Similar to bread rolls but slightly denser and sometimes sweeter. It might be called different things in the UK but we don’t call cookies biscuits because they’re two different things!!! Rant over, Rie is adorable ❤️

  • The Pouring Channel
    The Pouring Channel 15 days ago

    Lmao shes always venting at the end of videos

  • Michael faris
    Michael faris 15 days ago

    It seems like every time someone makes chicken pot pie on tasty, they use Wolfgang pucks recipe for the chicken that he made on this channel

  • becca k
    becca k 15 days ago +1

    For a different no-waste technique for pies, peel your apples, then leave a bit of your syrup and spice mix out on the side. Coat the apple peels in syrup and spice and fry with some butter (or bake for a crispier texture) for an awesome snack to tide you over while your pie is baking, cooling, and sitting in your fridge waiting for your relatives to come over so you can finally eat the goddamn thing!

  • xXPenguinPlayzXx yeetus

    why did nick leave buzzfeed, he was so funny on the tastiest vids you guys make

  • Anicodeaufo 59
    Anicodeaufo 59 16 days ago +1

    I don’t know about the last one. Adding chocolate to key lime pie seems like sacrilege

  • Moi
    Moi 16 days ago

    Hey Rie, I love watching your videos! You’re always so positive and I love learning more about Japanese cuisine and how it influences your dishes and cooking :) Since you asked at the end of the video where we are from and if you should cook something from that country - I am german and I would love to see your twist on some of our cakes. For example the infamous “Baumkuchen” or the Black Forest Cake. I would also recommend our soup dumplings called “Maultaschen”. Wish you all the best ❤️

  • Lui Byrne
    Lui Byrne 16 days ago

    I love rie so much. I am also Japanese and she reminds me of my mum😊

  • Resmi Shyam
    Resmi Shyam 16 days ago

    your married ?????

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan 17 days ago

    I really love rie she seems like I very shy person

  • Mark Canlas
    Mark Canlas 17 days ago

    Rie means click!!

  • Jacob Stott
    Jacob Stott 17 days ago

    Love you rie, that is a scone.

  • Ivy Dawn Ganas
    Ivy Dawn Ganas 17 days ago +1

    Filipino food miss Rie!! You should try it

  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama 17 days ago

    3:00 U tryna get diabetes?

    ABU JAFOR 17 days ago

    Please try Bangladeshi cuisine
    I am sure you will love it

  • Little kid -
    Little kid - 18 days ago +2

    This comment section is only for *RIE*

  • Hana Saragih
    Hana Saragih 18 days ago

    In Sumatera, Indonesia we have traditional food called saksang. It's pork with heavy spice in it. I'd like for you to try that! There's the older way to do it which includes the blood, and the more modern way which doesn't include the blood. Hope you read this! Good day Rie.

  • Trainer Hyunki
    Trainer Hyunki 18 days ago

    Rie is coming hot! One video after another! Good job Rie! You're my favorite Tasty Producer!

  • Cieran Paterson
    Cieran Paterson 19 days ago

    Scottish food I love it

  • Daniela Martinez
    Daniela Martinez 19 days ago

    I would love to see you make your own interpretation of Peruvian ceviche🤤

  • Flame Eyed
    Flame Eyed 19 days ago

    Hey i think you should try Azerbaijani foods , they're really tasty , especially plov 😋

  • maureen
    maureen 19 days ago +2

    Rie! try making Filipino dishes particularly Sisig or Adobo. I've never seen Tasty guys make a dish from the Philippines. :)

  • joão Alves
    joão Alves 20 days ago

    Try Portuguese Cousine!!!!!!

  • FuriousHydra252
    FuriousHydra252 20 days ago

    No offense but please let me know if I’m the only one who eats chicken wings with my fingers not on bread

  • ashu singh
    ashu singh 21 day ago

    Well you and tasty should try Indian food...

  • Emily Campbell
    Emily Campbell 21 day ago

    Spoiler alert

  • skp raji
    skp raji 21 day ago

    Indian please

  • Seda Avci
    Seda Avci 21 day ago

    You'll gain a lot weight 😂

  • Wallace Morgan
    Wallace Morgan 22 days ago +7

    My better half sent me the recipes, tried a few.
    So simple and yet so amazing. My method,
    KiSS, Keep it simple stupid, just kidding.

  • K McG
    K McG 23 days ago

    She's so sweet!!

  • This Is Something
    This Is Something 23 days ago +9

    If Rie likes and/or makes it, you know it’s good.

  • hortopiro
    hortopiro 23 days ago

    I fucking luv Rie

  • bobunitone
    bobunitone 23 days ago

    Protect her at all costs!

  • Yousra Nasser
    Yousra Nasser 23 days ago

    Try Saudi 👌🏻

  • TvM78
    TvM78 23 days ago

    megga burrito

  • Weihang Lin
    Weihang Lin 24 days ago

    Nooo I like nick

  • Sivaranjani Rangaswamy

    Try Indian cooking Chef!!

  • Zapples The storytime dude

    Her accent is too stronk

  • 水無瀬カンサイ
    水無瀬カンサイ 24 days ago

    You go Rie!! And thankyou so much for sharing some of your experiences with us! :3

  • The Maximilian army
    The Maximilian army 24 days ago

    I LOVE Rie

  • Jessabel M.
    Jessabel M. 24 days ago +1

    man I love rie

  • Bean Milk
    Bean Milk 25 days ago

    Who's here for rie?..... only everyone ok

  • Gildachris Mccormack
    Gildachris Mccormack 25 days ago

    The biscuit dough works

  • Sagar Gholap
    Sagar Gholap 26 days ago +1

    Rie, make chicken biryani!!! I want to see what spices you put in.

    • Luqman Al-Minawy
      Luqman Al-Minawy 24 days ago

      Sagar Gholap she prolly aint even heard of that thing like half of us frfr

  • Wagwanpifftting
    Wagwanpifftting 26 days ago +2

    Can you PLEASE make fish and chips British style! It will make us happy 🥰
    Soz if my grammar is bad 🙃

  • Lawrence Kassab
    Lawrence Kassab 26 days ago

    You're the best Rie!

  • MzCaribbeauty
    MzCaribbeauty 26 days ago

    recipe for the biscuits plz.

  • The Cold Spaghetti
    The Cold Spaghetti 26 days ago


  • Rob Newlands
    Rob Newlands 27 days ago +1

    Rei should try making Anzac Biscuits.
    Also Kangaroo meatballs or Roo tail stew with bush tomatoes.
    Incredibly lean, tart, juicy, tender stew. Super filling and works well as a pie filling too.
    6 Roo meatballs is usually too much for even Truckers. You can make it normal spaghetti but it really needs the tart Bush tomatoes to bring out the deep flavour of the Roo.

  • Rafael Zayas
    Rafael Zayas 27 days ago

    "Make it Fancy" I love Rie lol

  • Fredric Marquez
    Fredric Marquez 27 days ago

    Omg Rie my mom moves to the US first and after 7 years she got my dad two sisters and I here in 2009 and we’re almost 10 years here as well from the Philippines! HAPPY 10 Years to US! TBH I love living in the US cuz I love the cold and the diverse cultures here

  • Vivian Mai
    Vivian Mai 28 days ago

    Rie is on my favorite chefs on tasty 💗

  • Megan Soto
    Megan Soto 28 days ago


    KRWN GARCIA 28 days ago

    I think I have a crush on Rie ❤

  • xoSarahxo12 love u
    xoSarahxo12 love u 28 days ago

    Rie's Husband was so lucky... she's just so precious, kind, and sweet. it was a catch

  • Sarah Cusack
    Sarah Cusack 29 days ago

    I just adore you!!! You’re content is so genuine

  • CatGirl The Little Retard

    Try making balkan food hehe

  • Jazzel lenay
    Jazzel lenay 29 days ago +1

    Who else thinks her accint is cute🥰😍

  • Kyla Pamplona
    Kyla Pamplona 29 days ago +2

    'nick's no longer working at buzzfeed' wHAT :((

  • GamingwithKen
    GamingwithKen 29 days ago

    Title:How i make my Favorite recipes ive learned since moving to america
    Second recipe
    Rie:this is a Famous Japanese dish
    Me:I thought this is America Food

  • knucklesprayer
    knucklesprayer 29 days ago

    You're my favorite!
    Greetings from Shanghai, China.
    I love Tasty channel (from any country) I'm from Colombia and i follow you guys since there, but here now after experience so many food around the world. My cooking and my taste had change a lot.
    Keep on that!

  • TheAtferParty
    TheAtferParty Month ago

    This apple pie is FRENCH !

  • Dr.Karan Gautam
    Dr.Karan Gautam Month ago

    Such videos are heart warming

  • Joel Bergström
    Joel Bergström Month ago +1

    Try to make surströmming!