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  • Published on Jul 16, 2013
  • Ignore my long waisted mannequin, she be brokedid LOL
    Piccies coming soon when I get a chance to neaten it up a little and wear it!
    This is the commonly know abbaya style 'farasha' which means 'butterfly' for obvious reasons, the batwing-ness to it!
    I did this very quickly for you guys, I urge you all to TAKE YOUR TIME when doing yours and thinking through every step so that its logical in your head lol.
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  • Shes Keila
    Shes Keila 2 years ago +5

    Christian woman here I just LOVE the way Muslim woman dress I’m inspired by the fashion it is very respectable and beautiful. So modest !!! Thank you for this video looking forward to making my own dress like this one.

    DAGMAR RAMGAD 8 years ago +243

    I am not muslim but regardless, I think this is a beautiful look. I plan to crank a few out after I fire my machine up this week. I saw some women wearing abaya at my work and they are very striking. Much more of an intriguing look than woman who just run around in skin tight everything. People need to open their minds when it comes to this fashion. I think it's beautiful!

  • Rayne Rosario
    Rayne Rosario 8 years ago +81

    New subbie! I love the style of the abaya and Muslim culture as a whole. I am Catholic and I appreciate the modesty of the dresses. I agree with other comments wayyy better than skin tight. It is very classy. Thank you for the tutorial can't wait to make my own.

  • Marina Delabre
    Marina Delabre 8 years ago +1

    I like how everybody meets on here. :)

    AMINA A 9 years ago +1

    Very nice Dina! Masha'allah love how easy you made it for beginners :). I've been sewing for awhile so it may be easier for me to play around with my chosen fabric to create a cool eid outfit, seeing as am broke (just keeping it real) so thanks for this lovely video Dina :D. Happy Ramadhan X

  • sadzii10
    sadzii10 9 years ago

    Absolutely LOVED this!! Have sooo many ideas already and finally have an EID outfit! thank you so much Dina! :) xx

  • Ivlia Blackburn
    Ivlia Blackburn 9 years ago

    Thanks for the video, will make one for my daughter (and maybe myself) using this pattern. Love the belt around the waist idea. And for Zainab Salam, use a lightweight georgette chiffon for the main body of the abaya/caftan and then make a straight under-dress in the same/contrast fabric with short/long sleeves to wear underneath to act as a lining. You can even make a number of over and under robes in different colours to mix and match thus making a different look every time you wear one.

  • Rehana Aiman
    Rehana Aiman 7 years ago +1

    I didn't get it completely the first time so I watched it again. Problem solved! Makes complete sense and now I totally get why this is perfect for beginners! Jzk Dina! 😊

  • Harli V
    Harli V 8 years ago +19

    I loved your styling and the simple but fun tutorial! Plus, I think you look gorgeous in your glasses and they suit your fun personality!!! I'm really glad I came across your video:)

  • Nahcirrahh Muhammad
    Nahcirrahh Muhammad 2 years ago

    I want to say that I absolutely love you. I have watched many videos tonight that start with the fabric already folded and I wasn’t able to make sense of it. YOU held the fabric up to yourself so I was able to understand the folds!!!! Thank You soooooo much. May ALLAH REWARD YOU!!!

  • ja.ni:ce
    ja.ni:ce 7 years ago

    This was the best tutorial on how to make this abbaya/kaftan! Thank you so much I'm excited to make some!

  • barzy ali
    barzy ali 9 years ago

    i've always wanted to make my own abbaya and now i can!! yay~!! thank you so much for posting this vid i loved it! jazakallahukhair sister xxmwah

  • Rahima Hassan
    Rahima Hassan Year ago

    thank you so much for this i love it I was having a hard time finding someone to make it for me but then i noticed i could just buy online but for a long time i wanted to learn how to make it myself, i have already fabric its been around for a couple years but today was the day i had time to look up how to and this is so simple and you are so cool how you explain, i am an artist i paint on anything fabric canvas shells, and i do a lot off crafty stuff like bags jewellery skirts from jeans just add fabric in the middle after taking the seam out, making clothes is so fun. ive made a kids pajamas before hand made no sewing machine!! it was a school project, so for years i wanted to have a sewing machine and learn more , my daughter also wants a sewing machine she does graphic design but also draws and paints so i think it will be great to get one and have fun with it together, i cant wait, and this is a good video to learn and i really knew it would be that easy i just had to see it done to confirm what i started was correct and it is, the fabric i have i made it into abaya but with pins without watching anyone or a video so i only need a machine and thank you for this im gald i watched it, i cant wait to make lots! -Abaya for every woman! peace

  • Trayne1837
    Trayne1837 8 years ago

    Love this. Thank you so much. Needing to make a quick and easy kimono sort of costume I know I can adapt this. Much thanks

  • Uzziah Roberts
    Uzziah Roberts 4 years ago

    Thanks for making this so simple. I'd like to make one myself so it can be unique and show my personality.

  • Paula C
    Paula C 7 years ago +2

    Love your presentation style. Great tutorial

  • Whatbeautyistojen
    Whatbeautyistojen 9 years ago

    loooveee this sooo beautiful dina as always !!! love the abbay and love your outfit as well!! and love you <3

  • khaoula OURAMDANE
    khaoula OURAMDANE 6 years ago

    That's sooo easy

    ITSJUSTMEHEREILY 9 years ago

    love this video dina! Please do more of this type of videos! Thanks :)