Best of Lonzo Ball So Far | 2018-19 NBA Season

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • Check out the best highlights of Lonzo Ball's second season with the Los Angeles Lakers!
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  • Ram Chamling Rai
    Ram Chamling Rai 6 days ago

    This guys got all the tools, just need to learn to turn it up all the time

  • grouchobono
    grouchobono 13 days ago

    0:10 if that wasn't carrying, I don't know what is. One of the reasons NBA sometimes gets on my nerves.

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  • Hamza Hussain
    Hamza Hussain Month ago

    Lonzos the goat

    SWiFT PEMDAS Month ago

    Theres a reason this video is 3 minutes long

  • Jordi Smith
    Jordi Smith Month ago

    I really think lonzo and bron could of worked with a different coach

  • ballerz 20
    ballerz 20 2 months ago

    Lonzo is not worst so far that should be the title

  • Break Requizar
    Break Requizar 2 months ago +1

    Lakers are gonna regret trading Lonzo for AD really soon after this season and they gonna he like we want to Lonzo back. Pelicans gonna be like well too bad you traded him sucks on you.

  • 백백백
    백백백 3 months ago +1

    His Father is SHIT

  • Liam Elliott
    Liam Elliott 3 months ago +1

    Sorry 0:31

  • Liam Elliott
    Liam Elliott 3 months ago +1

    At 0:27 it sounds like a song

  • Barny13
    Barny13 4 months ago

    @1:31 is it just me or is the commentator talking to the beat 🤣🤣

  • Greg Castruita
    Greg Castruita 4 months ago

    The Lakers actually won more games when Lonzo played than when LeBron played and thats facts

  • Vakyrae xii
    Vakyrae xii 4 months ago

    “Better then Steph Curry”

  • アッテルソンジェイス

    0:31 commentator’s words almost matches the audience’s beat, with just one short!

    DEZ VIN 4 months ago

    0:31 nice rhythm:D

  • Jay Marin
    Jay Marin 4 months ago

    Lonzo is a star stop hating cocksuckers

  • Guby Burcea
    Guby Burcea 4 months ago

    He is shit

  • Abel
    Abel 4 months ago +1

    To improve :
    - Jumpshot
    - Free Throws

  • Sam Crane
    Sam Crane 5 months ago

    Tbh idrk why everyone hates on lonzo, when they don't watch the games , his Is gonna be an all star at the pelicans i reckon

  • Bob The Frog
    Bob The Frog 5 months ago

    More like lobbo ball.

  • Eli_2Ffly YT
    Eli_2Ffly YT 5 months ago

    He may be the worst shooter you ever seen but hes one of the best passers and defensive players if he trains on his shot and good shot selections he can be a real threat

  • Tyrone Fusilero
    Tyrone Fusilero 5 months ago

    @Troydan *insert crying emoji*

  • ChangoBokole
    ChangoBokole 5 months ago

    WHAHAHA now search for lonzo Lowlights this kid is trash its the pelicans problem now

    • Efrem Marcus
      Efrem Marcus 5 months ago

      Search for all the NBA players lowlights

  • Nehemiah Hicks
    Nehemiah Hicks 6 months ago

    So we just gonna ignore the fact tht lonzo had a bad coach😕

  • Rexxx HD
    Rexxx HD 6 months ago

    Poor lonzo he should had stayed

  • prince nelson
    prince nelson 6 months ago

    He good!! His dad fucking him up.

  • rhev escudero
    rhev escudero 6 months ago +1

    Pelicans will be lit with Zo Zion and BI

  • Sebastian Hockersmith
    Sebastian Hockersmith 6 months ago

    Bruh everyone hating on lonzo he’s really good but the lakers are booing him too it’s dumb he’s good but people are stupid

  • TsG_ GoatedOTS
    TsG_ GoatedOTS 6 months ago

    Notice how there are no 3 point or any shots other than dunks lonzo is kind of overhyped and some people need to stop dick riding him. I’m not a hater I think he can get better in the future and he has potential. But people need to stop dick riding him

  • KingRanVII
    KingRanVII 6 months ago

    Lonzo is king of passing.

  • Subaru
    Subaru 7 months ago +1

    Who's here after lonzo got traded for the pelicans

  • Chilled Gaming
    Chilled Gaming 7 months ago


  • Joseph Simmons
    Joseph Simmons 7 months ago


  • KrazyAce 1995
    KrazyAce 1995 7 months ago

    Lavar ball: steph doesn’t bounce like my boy, he’s not dunking like lonzo
    Lakers: well he can pass.. that’s good too

  • affliction504
    affliction504 7 months ago

    No jump shots

  • d b00gi
    d b00gi 7 months ago

    they should've kept lonzo, they messed up

  • Adrian Calamia
    Adrian Calamia 7 months ago

    For a tall kid, Lonzo is super quick. He can be a dangerous player

  • Informer.p0p
    Informer.p0p 7 months ago

    I was expecting a made FT.

    • Informer.p0p
      Informer.p0p 6 months ago

      Jade Berry That literally supports my point.

    • Jade Berry
      Jade Berry 6 months ago

      He dont even make those

  • allowishes dula jr tv
    allowishes dula jr tv 7 months ago

    Lonzo ball is magic Johnson jr

  • Naturedrex31
    Naturedrex31 7 months ago +1

    Welcome to, New Orleans!!!

  • Ooz Purple
    Ooz Purple 7 months ago

    Who is here after the trade to get AD

  • Julian LosLaker
    Julian LosLaker 7 months ago

    Now hes away

  • Deshaun Allison
    Deshaun Allison 7 months ago +1

    People who call him trash legit have to be blind to the game of basketball

  • Kilo Ruffin
    Kilo Ruffin 7 months ago

    Good luck w the pelicans

  • Alrhafie Andaru
    Alrhafie Andaru 7 months ago +70

    Who come after the trade?

  • Mel bogs
    Mel bogs 7 months ago

    Welcome to new orleans

  • Huff 23
    Huff 23 7 months ago +1

    Welcome to New Orleans

  • Yorg
    Yorg 7 months ago

    Dimer me momma

  • Em Zo
    Em Zo 7 months ago

    Kuz highlights got nothing on Zo. Keep this man

  • Pancar Cahaya
    Pancar Cahaya 7 months ago +1

    lebron kyrie is a duo we what wanted, lebron lonzo is a duo we needed.

  • Sup LvTour
    Sup LvTour 7 months ago

    Lol everything vs the suns (jk) he has great highlights

  • Lil Gay
    Lil Gay 7 months ago

    I say Lonzo needs to be practicing his shooting because he’s good at rebounds and assists. He’s on an old all star team

  • Carbon X
    Carbon X 7 months ago

    He's gonna be a problem if he develops a shot

  • MoneyMakinMitch
    MoneyMakinMitch 7 months ago

    Why does Lonzo get so much hate serious question

  • Shirley Fitz
    Shirley Fitz 7 months ago

    Lonzo is the clamp God

  • Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1

    He’s a good passer as a player he’s okay nothing too special 🧂🧂

  • OG_clutchh
    OG_clutchh 7 months ago

    0:32 that rap sync

  • Owen Rhodes
    Owen Rhodes 7 months ago +1

    LeBron and Lonzo have a dynamic duo

  • Ezralibrascale
    Ezralibrascale 8 months ago

    Next Chicago bull