How To Play The Pokemon Trading Card Game

  • Published on Sep 29, 2013
  • Here is our video talking about how to play the Pokemon trading card game
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  • Dalverne Jens Steffensen

    Where Can I Get The black and white back of the card thing

  • Harper Schultz
    Harper Schultz Day ago

    This game is so complicated like how did my friend beat me he forget to called bingo

    all jokes aside thanks for the tutorial me and my dad thank you

  • Amy Domingues
    Amy Domingues 2 days ago

    The guy sounds like James Charles 😐

  • Giovanni Mejia
    Giovanni Mejia 5 days ago

    Now I I know how to play

  • Giovanni Mejia
    Giovanni Mejia 5 days ago

    Thanks guys that helped me a lot

  • Noch
    Noch 11 days ago +1

    Do you have to place all of your basic Pokémon at the begging? If your bench is full, can you switch bench Pokémon to Pokémon in your hand, for free?

  • Golden Kookie
    Golden Kookie 13 days ago


  • Lightning dragon Studios

    Who is playing on 2020

  • Emily Jordan
    Emily Jordan 18 days ago

    I have 300 and there only 10 pound

  • Syeda Begum
    Syeda Begum 18 days ago

    Who plays 2020 hey yo

  • Donna Pope
    Donna Pope 22 days ago

    hi i'm doug wife if u could msg me i will see it more

    • Donna Pope
      Donna Pope 22 days ago

      we have diffen last name but we life togetter

  • doug dennis
    doug dennis 22 days ago

    hey we ur new to the Pokemon worlds me n my wife r over 40 yrs old we play Pokemon go n have a fell Nintendo switch game for Pokemo i have play mtg just about from the start we have a friend who is a game with want play to.

    • doug dennis
      doug dennis 22 days ago

      PS We also play Dice Masters too but we argue over the rules all the time

    • doug dennis
      doug dennis 22 days ago

      doug dennis
      1 second ago
      any help with rule well help will argument. ty

  • ErnieMoi
    ErnieMoi 25 days ago

    Wtf. You lost me at evolution. I will never ever learn to play this

  • Rhog Shaman
    Rhog Shaman 25 days ago

    Who's playing in 2020? Wait, it's not 2020 yet.

  • James Peter
    James Peter 26 days ago +2

    When I was young I didn't know how to play so when someone in shcool challenged me in a pokemon battle I would just say " I got my charzard....... in battle mode...." and my friend would say " um.... so you do nothing????

  • stickmaster rocker
    stickmaster rocker 29 days ago

    I love Pokemon

  • Latifah Bailey
    Latifah Bailey 29 days ago


  • Nehemiah Louisy
    Nehemiah Louisy 29 days ago

    How many cards do u need for the 2 people playing

  • Zechie minginmar
    Zechie minginmar Month ago


  • swarankumar singh
    swarankumar singh Month ago +1

    Who is playing in 2019

    • Exoticc
      Exoticc Month ago

      swarankumar singh I’m in 3049

  • manu the great beast hills ultimate gamer

    What is the use of dice

  • asheesh patel
    asheesh patel Month ago

    this totally helped

  • Red Player
    Red Player Month ago

    This helped

  • Mohdin Gerninja
    Mohdin Gerninja Month ago

    Yeah can someone tell me how I get a deck with a load of energy card cause I don’t

  • Khadijah D
    Khadijah D Month ago

    Lets make a video for kids to pay pokemon and open it by using the F word.. big miss. 👎

  • Khan Kakar
    Khan Kakar Month ago

    Cut your BS

  • Junior Clan
    Junior Clan Month ago


  • D LiciouS
    D LiciouS Month ago


  • leena choudhari
    leena choudhari Month ago +1

    I have a ho_ho

  • Tech Life
    Tech Life Month ago

    Wayyyuy too much talking..

  • Mayo
    Mayo Month ago

    I just started knowing how to play. I still don't know. I'm here to learn!!!!

  • Karim Nader
    Karim Nader Month ago

    I don’t have energy cards

  • Radvin Sadeh
    Radvin Sadeh Month ago +3


    like if 2019

  • Mahesh Kesavan
    Mahesh Kesavan Month ago

    Do we need to have the black Pokémon cards

  • Skitches
    Skitches Month ago

    just letting you know that 6 stack shuffle is a card mechanics dream

  • TocaLifeRoleplays2DAY

    I was

  • TheDerpy 1
    TheDerpy 1 Month ago

    How much damage do you receive if it’s a burn?

  • Lavender Creme
    Lavender Creme Month ago +10

    It sounds like she’s playing with James Charles.

  • RARJT Molnar
    RARJT Molnar 2 months ago

    I tried to play with my brother after watching this video, he kept saying his pokemon was not paralyzed so we quit.

  • narayan acharya
    narayan acharya 2 months ago

    Can you send me a new veideo

  • Black knighter Pro
    Black knighter Pro 2 months ago


  • condie dinson
    condie dinson 2 months ago


  • Nimesh Mittal
    Nimesh Mittal 2 months ago


  • counter gaming
    counter gaming 2 months ago


  • Aiden Vlogs
    Aiden Vlogs 2 months ago

    I am

  • Kawii-chan Rose
    Kawii-chan Rose 2 months ago

    I’m writing this down and I’m writing this twice for my friend ;-; my hand is going to die.

  • sgt_excaliber
    sgt_excaliber 2 months ago

    Anyone else trying to get into Pokemon TCG ??

  • Syeda Begum
    Syeda Begum 2 months ago


  • Syeda Begum
    Syeda Begum 2 months ago

    I know how to play yugioh but not pokemon thanks for teaching me

  • Lorenzo Ramon Delima Yap

    0;11 wow

  • Raiden Ackermann
    Raiden Ackermann 2 months ago

    not gonna lie but i feel like this would be better if there wasnt much talking/jokes and they started immedietly

  • perfume gaming
    perfume gaming 2 months ago

    to me they sound like jesse and james

  • Kelly Archibee
    Kelly Archibee 2 months ago

    How many cards are in a deck for playing pokemon trading game card game and which ones should be in the deck?

  • AIiff Azz
    AIiff Azz 2 months ago

    What the fuck....

  • Sophia Antony
    Sophia Antony 2 months ago

    I don't have many energy cards what should I do?

    • Brandon Grady
      Brandon Grady 2 months ago

      Slap your dick on the Pokemon and it has unlimited energy

  • xzakex 16
    xzakex 16 2 months ago

    At our school we have hidden places and classes go over there in break and two people oppose each other and do a match of rock paper scissors and the deal cards sell cards and they wear bandanas and then teachers come and we flee

  • S. DEMI
    S. DEMI 2 months ago

    This is too much it shouldnt be this complicated takes the fun out of the pokemon dice and coins it should just be cards and rules how can you have a tournament with all this

  • Tobias Farragut
    Tobias Farragut 3 months ago

    The love for my 5yo has me suffering through the circular and useless banter of these two fucking dweebs i hate “Adrian” from the school bus my son rides for introducing my son to these fucking cards he now wants to trade and play .....FUCK U LITTLE SHIT! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Evie Walters
    Evie Walters 3 months ago


  • Dill Pickle310
    Dill Pickle310 3 months ago

    What do you do if you don’t have a energy in your 7 cards and someone please answer