Niall Horan & Julia Michaels Must Escape to Perform Their Song

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • In this extended cut, James walks his music guests Niall Horan and Julia Michaels to a Late Late Show-themed escape room where they must work together to emerge before the end of the show to perform their new song, "What a Time."
    Our thanks to Fox in a Box for their help with the escape room. Learn more about their rooms:
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  • chloe mosedale
    chloe mosedale 22 hours ago

    this whole Niall look >>>>>

  • Fish is here
    Fish is here 23 hours ago

    Did anyone hear Niall laugh at 13:52?

  • Phg Trang
    Phg Trang Day ago

    12:04 featuring Taylor Swift

  • Always Obrien
    Always Obrien Day ago

    13:33 literally the cutest

  • Ally Vlogs
    Ally Vlogs 2 days ago

    Is there anymore of this pls do more I really enjoyed it

  • kristinns19
    kristinns19 2 days ago

    That chick is grabby. Lol

  • Man City
    Man City 3 days ago


  • Maya Statham
    Maya Statham 3 days ago +5

    James: do as the British do
    Niall without missing a beat: *runs to the tea*

    It's so accurate it hurts

  • Novella Telfer
    Novella Telfer 3 days ago

    “I need a wee”
    Has carpool karaoke flashbacks

  • Lena Schiettecatte
    Lena Schiettecatte 3 days ago

    How can they even sing after running so much???

  • Lena Schiettecatte
    Lena Schiettecatte 3 days ago +1

    There are big red buttons on the wall
    Niall and Julia: let's search for clues in this little box

  • asfi eline
    asfi eline 4 days ago

    what happened to his hair?????

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty 4 days ago

    Honestly, there are no words to describe how much I love him.

  • Vianca Rica Umali
    Vianca Rica Umali 5 days ago

    i like julia michael's personality

  • Vianca Rica Umali
    Vianca Rica Umali 5 days ago

    niall is still as cute as before

  • Émi' G.
    Émi' G. 5 days ago

    « Niall from one direction » please 🥺

  • Teddy Meep
    Teddy Meep 5 days ago +1

    4:19 “the guy with the platinum blond hair”
    “Niall from one direction” 😂

  • Abdihamid 114
    Abdihamid 114 5 days ago

    First time watching I didn’t realize it was Niall Horan. The enthusiastic Niall from 1D.

  • FatFluffyGingerCat
    FatFluffyGingerCat 5 days ago

    Holy shi- the camera was so smooth when running.

  • Rayane Meghni
    Rayane Meghni 6 days ago

    do this with little mix .. normani ... ariana 💖💖💖💖

  • Fangirl forever
    Fangirl forever 6 days ago +1

    Julia: the guy with blonde hair
    Niall: Niall Horan from one direction?

  • Diana Lynch
    Diana Lynch 6 days ago

    Man y’all got Niall running when y’all know his knee is messed up smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Anna m
    Anna m 6 days ago

    "The guy with the platinum blonde hair."
    "Niall from one direction."
    That part had me dead

  • Veronica Stylinson
    Veronica Stylinson 7 days ago

    "Do what British people do"
    *Niall left the chat*

  • Veronica Stylinson
    Veronica Stylinson 7 days ago

    Their voices are so calming it blessed my ears

  • Cassie Brooke
    Cassie Brooke 7 days ago

    Poor Niall he's stuck. 😂😂

  • Maddy
    Maddy 8 days ago

    james feeds us well. we need to thank him

  • Ισιδώρα Τσέλιου

    Is it me, or Niall is the guy everyone puts on friendzone?

  • Abigail Garcia
    Abigail Garcia 9 days ago

    The “I need to wee” remembered the carpool

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 12 days ago

    *JAMES -- please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls collection.*

  • dennis danapala
    dennis danapala 12 days ago +1

    Why would anyone want to escape that room?

  • Loubna Ferrariste
    Loubna Ferrariste 12 days ago +1

    I need escape game with Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam !!! 🇨🇮💚💙❤

  • jade q de 1D
    jade q de 1D 12 days ago

  • Mariah Jackson
    Mariah Jackson 13 days ago

    I thought something was sticking out of niles pant for a sec

  • Ahlam Boham
    Ahlam Boham 15 days ago

    How do you see 4 red bettons and not press it first before doing anything else

  • Eva Golstein
    Eva Golstein 15 days ago +2

    Why do I feel like it’s Harry talking during the dogs?

  • millicent mozo
    millicent mozo 18 days ago +1

    his pants is totally distracting me

  • rosie
    rosie 18 days ago +1

    When he says I'll go first so I don't see your "Hoo-ha" 😂BABY NIALL!!! YR SO SWEET

  • Sneha Gadre
    Sneha Gadre 18 days ago +3

    Niall always have to wee during TV shows😁😁🤣🤣

  • Zachary Jamora
    Zachary Jamora 18 days ago +1

    I'm just gonna put 20 second later i don't know why am i doing that but

  • Ace Family and moree fav youtubers

    U freaking liars the fourt picture with dog wasnt rhen u put it on

  • Sanjvi Anand The potterhead

    Niall is seriously underrated in 1D ..... I find him better than louis, no offence to the louis fans

  • krinamite
    krinamite 20 days ago +1

    in the thumbnail, Niall Horan looks like James Corden with a wig

  • Nizza Jurban
    Nizza Jurban 22 days ago +1

    "Niall from One Direction"

  • Lola Staniforth
    Lola Staniforth 22 days ago

    Ooh woof woof ! - Niall

  • Lola Staniforth
    Lola Staniforth 22 days ago

    Loving nialls pants 🤪💜

  • Brenci Dominguez
    Brenci Dominguez 22 days ago

    Tbh i hella ship them pwjrmalnxdk

  • Luisana Acevedo
    Luisana Acevedo 23 days ago

    10:34 they think of the day in the room it was getting weird and they couldn’t stop laughing 💙

  • Alina holstensson
    Alina holstensson 23 days ago

    Ugh I love this duo🥺✌️❤️

  • Yen
    Yen 23 days ago

    Niall winked in the tunnel I"m dying

  • Daffy .tvdx_
    Daffy .tvdx_ 23 days ago

    8:03 Oh Damn That Was So Cute 😍

  • Angel Gabi
    Angel Gabi 24 days ago

    I went to an escape room, it was dark and it was an old hospital room

  • mwratts
    mwratts 24 days ago +1

    U should do this again with different stars

  • Kgebby2005
    Kgebby2005 24 days ago +1

    I miss Niall’s blonde hair

    AYAT IJANI 24 days ago

    4:18 Julia: is it not the guy with blonde hair?
    Niall: Niall from One Direction.😂😂😂
    3:30 Niall's dance is the qutest thing ever...😍😂
    8:05 that wink 😍😍
    & Ofcourse 13:41 to 14:04 his running.... & His 😂😂😂 ... I know that u all know what I am talking about.... 😂

  • Nikki Kumar
    Nikki Kumar 24 days ago

    *Hailee Steinfeld has left the chat*


  • Kenzy Ahmed
    Kenzy Ahmed 24 days ago

    Niall from one direction is the dude with the platinum blonde hair

  • Micol Cortellari
    Micol Cortellari 25 days ago

    They’re adorable but really fucking blind too 😂

  • maisy
    maisy 25 days ago +1

    yooo niall’s wink at 8:03 has me dead

  • Cookie Directioner
    Cookie Directioner 26 days ago

    I couldn’t focus, I was too busy paying attention to Niall’s eyes.

  • Markson Png
    Markson Png 26 days ago

    The hug...The hug...😍😍😍

  • Maria Welter
    Maria Welter 26 days ago

    Nial is such a gentleman

  • Kit Kat.
    Kit Kat. 26 days ago

    Niall is a gentleman PERIOD.

  • Chad Kase
    Chad Kase 26 days ago

    I love Julia 😍

  • Dana Hilderbrand
    Dana Hilderbrand 26 days ago

    Julia is annoying.

  • lone improv
    lone improv 27 days ago +1

    12:30 James: Have you guys ever seen this segment of our show called "animals riding animals"?
    Niall: no but it sounds messed up.

  • sa ra
    sa ra 27 days ago

    I DIED AT 8:02

    • Fish is here
      Fish is here 23 hours ago

      @sa ra How can you be if you wrote this comment after what he did?

  • Devina Sisilia Sutandy
    Devina Sisilia Sutandy 28 days ago +2

    Why this video keep popping up? :")

  • Rahaf Styles
    Rahaf Styles 28 days ago

    4:15 i think that was harry’s voice 😂

  • Prapti Prajapati
    Prapti Prajapati 28 days ago

    0:21 reference from the carpool karaoke ride 😂

  • littlemissmello
    littlemissmello 28 days ago

    I can't believe how bad they are XD

  • Cameron C.
    Cameron C. 29 days ago

    I would just take everything and throw it on the floor trying to open it

  • Alex Linko
    Alex Linko 29 days ago +3

    Niall proudly: "I've got a snake." Well... :D

  • Hey xxx
    Hey xxx Month ago +3

    Niall “that’s very hot water that”
    *one second later*
    “what’s in that?”

  • Apil Regmi
    Apil Regmi Month ago

    fuck man i was expecting something very special