Danmoto Highwayman Full Exhaust for Harley Davidson Sportster Installation + Soundclip

  • Published on May 16, 2017
  • Danmoto Highwayman Full Exhaust for Harley Davidson Sportster 2004+
    Installation + Soundclip
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  • Jacob James
    Jacob James 20 days ago

    WIll passenger pegs work with this pipe?

  • Todd Porterfield
    Todd Porterfield Month ago

    Where are the Harley part numbers for this exhaust system?

    • Todd Porterfield
      Todd Porterfield Month ago

      Jacob James I mean the part number for exhaust gaskets.

    • Jacob James
      Jacob James Month ago

      Huh? It is not a harley exhaust

  • Zac Chapman
    Zac Chapman 7 months ago

    What forward controls are you using with the Danmoto exhaust? Most companies are saying their controls don't fit

    • Christopher Mier
      Christopher Mier 2 months ago

      @David Dyer yes im also looking to find out if it fits with mid controls. Does say sportster and not all sportsters come with forwards

    • David Dyer
      David Dyer 6 months ago

      Also looking to find out!!

  • Ron Koyonagi
    Ron Koyonagi 9 months ago +1

    Thanks for the Video...Made my Installation Perfect. the Sound is Awesome !

  • Taylor Wisner
    Taylor Wisner 9 months ago

    Can't find anything for the touring bikes.... instructions are poor at best

  • MikeRCJ420
    MikeRCJ420 10 months ago

    Wow that front head pipe looks REALLY close to the frame!

  • Timothy C
    Timothy C Year ago

    i just got mine from RevZilla. im dealing with a lot of rusted nuts and bolts on the old exhaust system. any suggestions?

    • vector6977
      vector6977 5 months ago

      Use PB Blaster on them. It works wonders.

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems 7 months ago

      use your hands to clean or uninstall ............

  • Stevie- TV
    Stevie- TV Year ago

    would I be able to install this with stock mid controls on an iron 883?

    • Christopher Mier
      Christopher Mier 2 months ago

      that's what I'm also looking to find out, any luck?

    PC PAYLOAD Year ago +3

    A full install and detailed explanation of proper gaskets, o2 adapters etc.. So rare for a company to do these videos anymore. THANK YOU Danmoto! It really makes me want to buy this exhaust for my 48.

  • A.J. Leon
    A.J. Leon Year ago +1

    Installed this exhaust on a 2017 Iron 883. Not as simple as the video makes it out to be. Every time the video cuts to the next frame is when this guy is struggling putting his own exhaust together. I know this bc in his steps, those were the exact moments I was having to fight with things to make it fit properly. Mine didn’t come with the 18mm to 12mm O2 plugs either but if you listen to the beginning of the video he’s supposedly showing everything that comes with this exhaust which is wrong. Pain in the but to put on but it does sound pretty good once complete. Btw a little WD40 where the pipe collect into one makes a world of a difference. The exhaust gasket he says you need are the screaming eagle performance gasket kit. Part Number 17048-98

    • Edgar Logarta
      Edgar Logarta Year ago

      Is your 883 stock? Having any troubles with foot brake on mid controls?

  • Pavlos Kapalas
    Pavlos Kapalas Year ago

    Hello, I am intersted in purchasinh this: Danmoto Highwayman 2-1 Full Exhaust Harley Davidson Sportster 1988-2003 HM35, Can you verify it will fit my 883Roadster 2002 model ? Thank you

  • Paul Seabrook
    Paul Seabrook Year ago

    Will tis pipe work with mid-mount controls? Also, using ultra black sealant on joint so that you can take pipe apart?

  • Adrian Rubi
    Adrian Rubi Year ago +1

    That thin socket extension. What brand of tool is it details please?

  • Andrew Willis
    Andrew Willis Year ago

    I just installed mine today and it didn't come with the o2 sensor adapter. It only came with the o2 sensor eliminator. Is it supposed to come with the adapters as well??

  • Eazy Ryder
    Eazy Ryder Year ago +11

    I really do like the way the look of this exhaust goes but what in the hell is up with the O2 sensors being so visible

    • Christian Beary
      Christian Beary 11 months ago +1

      Agree, that really looks bad on an exhaust that would otherwise look really good.

  • Goose1125
    Goose1125 Year ago +1

    Hello, been looking for a set of instructions with no luck. I wanted to order the gaskets so I could have them ready to go when the exhaust arrived. Any chance you could tell me the part number?

    • Goose1125
      Goose1125 Year ago

      Thank you much! Just wanted to make sure I had the right part number, ordered the exhaust today and want to be prepared

    • Danmoto International
      Danmoto International  Year ago +1

      here's a link:
      Best regards