Elon Musk: Earlier Cybertruck Tests ‘Didn’t Even Scratch The Glass’ | TODAY

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • After a demonstration showing off shatterproof windows went awry on Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says earlier tests did not damage the car’s glass windows. NBC’s Blayne Alexander reports for Weekend TODAY.
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    Elon Musk: Earlier Cybertruck Tests ‘Didn’t Even Scratch The Glass’ | TODAY

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  • ZY-ON
    ZY-ON 9 hours ago

    Why does this remind of the scene in Iron Man 2 when Justin Hammer was getting exploited lmaoo

  • Metaphorphosis Fantalities

    it looks so shattered thats how you know that its not

  • Nils Bonde
    Nils Bonde 17 days ago +2

    This was just a way to market the car. For free

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 19 days ago

    elon musk should build a boat, it will be unsinkable.

  • PixelTheKermit
    PixelTheKermit 19 days ago

    "we will have flying cars in the future"

  • Delia Esperanza
    Delia Esperanza 19 days ago

    Rip tesla cybertruck's window

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou 20 days ago

    2020: 45

  • TimTamTheCrispyMan
    TimTamTheCrispyMan 21 day ago

    Probably a popularity stunt. Think about it.

  • Ionatan Ruja
    Ionatan Ruja 24 days ago


  • Young Musician
    Young Musician 26 days ago +1

    I find it disgusting it is horrible to look at and it isn't even finnished they obviously need to go back to that drawing board!!

  • Mel Laurens
    Mel Laurens 27 days ago

    My man’s just too strong

  • Khaled Boutabet
    Khaled Boutabet 28 days ago

    أجمل طريقة للتشهير بالسيارة، حتى و إن لم يحبك الناس أو يستهزؤون بمنتوجك، فهذا يعطيك قوة، و يفتح لك بابا آخر لتحديات عملاقة.

  • Useless Virus
    Useless Virus Month ago

    Glass: Shattered
    Elon Musk : *It diDN'T gO tRoUghT...*

  • Monky Mark 2
    Monky Mark 2 Month ago

    Kinda feel bad for Elon tbh

  • Diamond H.
    Diamond H. Month ago

    Isn’t this the same car that doesn’t have breaks?

    KADAMASOUL Month ago

    you know looaing isn't bad, ie teaches you

  • Wilhelm the Kaiser
    Wilhelm the Kaiser Month ago

    I hope it fails.

  • DreadPiratLogan
    DreadPiratLogan Month ago

    "wow didn't know it did that."

  • Time Pass
    Time Pass Month ago

    Glass is Glass! Glass Can Break. 😊
    - JerryRigEverything

  • Conner’s Vlogs
    Conner’s Vlogs Month ago

    In the glass practice you can see the window fall down. The window falling from the sledgehammer made the window lose its strength since it’s not up all the way there for losing much needed strength

  • Hyper Dark
    Hyper Dark Month ago


  • The Empty One
    The Empty One Month ago

    Don't worry guys. I can guarantee that nobody will be throwing metal balls at your car

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins Month ago

    Is he a robot? How can you have no emotion at such a embarrassing event

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins Month ago

    Electric junk. Bad design.

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins Month ago

    What a joke

  • Neftali
    Neftali Month ago

    At least it didn’t go through the window

  • lou Perez
    lou Perez Month ago

    I think ill just stick to my new sierra denali

  • the the
    the the Month ago +1

    They did it on purpose just for more attention...

  • Ian Wright
    Ian Wright Month ago

    So it looks kinda dumb compared to modern cars, but just imagine you look outside your house and there’s three of these parked out there? Sounds terrifying to me. Especially if he gets that glass working, it’s a practical tank. The day the government starts using these is the day I move to Siberia to be harassed by the KGB.

  • Jamin Hardenbrook
    Jamin Hardenbrook Month ago


  • Lustrous Lauren
    Lustrous Lauren Month ago

    Who agrees that the flames were so corny and over the top?

  • More Skittles
    More Skittles Month ago

    who cares about this. I want a real life ROBOCOP.

  • Templeton L. Chong
    Templeton L. Chong Month ago

    I don't care if the Cybertruck glass can be broken or not, I'm getting myself that truck

    • Santi Cheeks
      Santi Cheeks Month ago

      Im gonna be ridin in a low poly truck, picking up low poly girls

  • Bill Pleebles
    Bill Pleebles Month ago

    Jeffery Epstein’s glass did not shatter due to its own Shenanigans

  • Spartan Yeet
    Spartan Yeet Month ago

    Isn't glass supposed to break for safty reasons?

  • Stipe Lozina
    Stipe Lozina Month ago

    A smart marketing move when you look deeper.

  • cary bary
    cary bary Month ago

    Bet unsworth was laughing

  • Port :D
    Port :D Month ago

    Oh, i see the problem here. He should of threw the glass ball first, than hitting it with the sledge hammer...

  • They call me Chad
    They call me Chad Month ago

    U can’t hate it because the windows cracked. Go out side and throw one of them balls at your car window let’s see how it will shatter compared to his windows. Plus I’m positive he will fix the problem.

  • Beejeezaay
    Beejeezaay Month ago

    Franz is just the strongest man alive

  • Lil Peep
    Lil Peep Month ago

    Well the glass is supposed to break
    If you get under water you need to have a chance to break the window open

  • AnxiousAndAnnoyed
    AnxiousAndAnnoyed Month ago

    I mean....you threw the ball over and over before doing it again on stage. Of course the glass was compromised by that point. Lmao


    It’s the Naruto alien car

  • Pelle Andersen
    Pelle Andersen Month ago

    Pretty sure they did the whole glass thing on purpose as a marketing strategy because it’s a great meme template


    The way they showed off the strength of the exterior was poorly thought out. First off anyone can increase or reduce force used when slinging a sledgehammer. A more efficient way other than that guy trying to. make a dent shouldve been use to show the strength of the structure. Secondly, swinging a sledghammer while faced away from the audience couldve ended bad. One misgrip and thats off with somones head. Smh.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman Month ago

    TODAY wouldn’t have covered it without the glass incident

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    imo I think elon knew the glass would break. its something easily fixed and generates a lot of publicity - something I think musk and Tesla is great at doing

  • Yawar Qazi
    Yawar Qazi Month ago

    He is a genius

  • brad clematis
    brad clematis Month ago

    The braking glass bought so much more attention to this presentation.
    Possibly planned to break.

  • obesecoochie8172
    obesecoochie8172 Month ago

    you guys ever just watch some of those movies where like an idol that a community loves, becomes a real bad guy? i’m pretty suspect about Elon. I don’t know what he has planned

  • BAE
    BAE Month ago

    Elon tricked everyone hahaha they don’t have any advertising and putting different glass in the truck gets people talking about the truck so in my opinion he intentionally put different windows in it then it would normally have just to get people talking

  • Anuj Daniel
    Anuj Daniel Month ago

    I feel bad for Elon Musk!
    I mean he did his best to give us something and just because of an error people troll him!
    There is always room for improvement!!
    But I really admire the way he stood and continued the programme even after what happend!

  • Stephen Gonzales2
    Stephen Gonzales2 Month ago +1

    Is it me or does he look like Elon musk

  • Tigreal Main
    Tigreal Main Month ago

    Get those broken glass stickers and stick it on tesla trucks to scare the owner

    ANONYMOUS Month ago +1

    Okay guys...... Who hit the wrong button on the 3D printer again?

      ANONYMOUS Month ago +1

      Was it 3 year old little Timmy again?..... Well good job Timmy. It's your best Picasso yet... Your Pre-School teacher will be proud....... Sure Elon Musk created it, Timmy........ Timmy's so cute... He thinks Elon Musk created his cute little kindergarten picture.

    ANONYMOUS Month ago +1

    If that window didn't break, The stock probably wouldn't of went down OR went down SOOO much..... My opinion on the truck is.... I think it would be cool to see them driving around in our roads. It looks very retro & futuristic at the same time. If there was a car that was the trucks lil brother it would be the 'Back To The Future" car..... Now... If I had the money I would buy it. Especially since if anything breaks you can ONLY get it towed & fixed at Tesla. Also if anything goes witg with it. IE Airbags deployed. It sends a signal back to the mother ship & Tesla renders it Totaled & locks out the software so repairs become impossible. I don't like someone being in control of any item I buy after I purchase it. It should be my choice Where, When, How, If or If Not, I wanna repair it... Not anyone else. But if you buy a Tesla, Legally you don't own it or have 100% Control of what u can or can not do with it.

  • moxie girl
    moxie girl Month ago

    Even god doesn't like this abomination.

  • GusLevoGus
    GusLevoGus Month ago +1

    1:07 Its true but may be a little to harsh

  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph Month ago

    Any way they can draw more attention to the product...
    lol, as if this wasnt planned...duh

  • FUNNIE Boy
    FUNNIE Boy Month ago

    Well if he was going for the ugliest truck award I believe he knocked it out of the park,never seent an more stupid looking truck EVER😳