PCIe Lanes - PCIe 8x vs 16x in SLI

  • Published on Oct 6, 2014
  • PCIe lanes have, surprisingly enough, a pretty big impact on CPU prices. So, is there a tangible benefit to purchasing a CPU with more lanes when running, let's say, 4 NVIDIA GTX 980s in SLI?
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  • Exaver Gaming
    Exaver Gaming 9 days ago

    does gpu who has pcie x8 can support the pcie x16 ? pls answer

  • Dark Core
    Dark Core 11 days ago

    u make learning fun

  • 1300miles
    1300miles 11 days ago

    What's your Amazon affiliate code?

  • Subith Sukumar
    Subith Sukumar 3 months ago

    #Linustechtips can I install a rtx card on 2nd PCI express 16 slot instead on the first one because my riser is short in length for vertical GPU mount... I'm using a strix x470 mobo..

  • Nick Sparrow Studios
    Nick Sparrow Studios 4 months ago

    2014 Linus: "1000 bucks for a bunch of high end graphics cards"
    2019 Linus: "It's been a year now and we pay at least 1200 bucks for a high end graphics card"

  • Godzilla Abecia
    Godzilla Abecia 5 months ago

    my motherboard is DDR3 PCIE EXPRESS 3.0.. can i put Gddr5?

  • MrChrisMoo
    MrChrisMoo 6 months ago

    gtx 980 is so 2014...

  • WhenCatsfly
    WhenCatsfly 7 months ago

    Will a GTX 1050 Ti work. In a PCIe x16?

  • GenOner
    GenOner 7 months ago

    their old theme song was weird 4 years ago

  • Felix Hofer
    Felix Hofer 7 months ago

    You REALLY NEED TO REDO this test using two GTX 1080 (Ti) with Ghost Recon Wildlands and Far Cry 5 @ 4K max. settings and also consider HB vs. legacy bridges and maybe two flex ones!
    Then you should notice huge differences in fps!

  • Stephen Cameron
    Stephen Cameron 8 months ago

    Did you just pretend to be stupid?

  • Hemantha Kumar
    Hemantha Kumar 8 months ago

    pcie x16 can be changed to x8 or x4 in BIOS setup,it is possible

  • Travis Ristow
    Travis Ristow 8 months ago

    will my gpu pcie lanes be reduced if the second card plugged in is not being used.

  • SpaniardNL
    SpaniardNL 8 months ago

    lol, watching this in late 2018... hearing linus say 1000 dollars for a bunch of graphics cards..... hahahaha yeah try 1000 for just 1 or not even 1 graphics card these days :( boy did times change. I still remember buying a card for 650 dollars which was outragiously much for a card back in the day. nowadays 650 will just get you a decent midrange card. :'( I miss old times....

  • thundermanism
    thundermanism 10 months ago +1

    At 4:14 he turns into a fucking auctioneer!

  • dannyskillz
    dannyskillz 10 months ago

    Anyone know Why I can’t run 3x CF on my x99-E MB? With my 5820K? And,can I run 3 way Sli?

  • SooperFlye
    SooperFlye 11 months ago

    Linus, this is totally unrelated to your discussion, but looking to upgrade my video card to a PCI-E 3.0 video card. However, as you can see below, my motherboard doesn't have a PCI-E 3.0 slot.
    _So, to be totally sure, are _*_PCI-E 3.0_*_ video cards backward compatible?_
    *2 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots, support ATI CrossFireX™ technology at x8 link*
    *(PCIe x16_1 blue, PCIe x16_2 black*)*
    *1 x PCI Express x16 slot at max. x4 link(black)*
    *2 x PCI Express x1 slots*
    *2 x PCI slots*
    *PCI Express x16_2 slot (black at max. x8 link)*

  • JayzBeerz
    JayzBeerz 11 months ago

    what is the battery on the motherboard for? i see it all the time and no one talks about it.

  • babattaja
    babattaja 11 months ago

    My motherboard manufacturer says i have 2x 16 pcie slots but they work as 8/8 if 2 gpus used. rest of them has half the pins vs the upper one. Does it still operate as x16 data?

  • Jonathan Frakes
    Jonathan Frakes Year ago

    Please post an update for a 1080 Ti in SLI.

  • gilad ramon
    gilad ramon Year ago

    M.2 maybe

  • disabled submarine vet

    I learned somting

  • John Coffey
    John Coffey Year ago


  • Blue like You
    Blue like You Year ago

    so 4 980s is like 1 1080ti right? LOL oh how time marches on

  • Spuddy Jim
    Spuddy Jim Year ago +1

    lmao watching in 2018. Suffice it to say was very surprised by the i7-5820k + 5830k being the most high end cpus

  • SNEStilting
    SNEStilting Year ago


  • EZ Rolly
    EZ Rolly Year ago

    Am I correct in assuming that AMD's 64 pcie lane threadripper cpu can run 4x gpu in 16x mode or 8x gpu in 8 mode (leaving out motherboards)?

    • daichai
      daichai 9 months ago

      prob not 4x gpu in 16x mode just cause the sata express or m.2 slots need pcie lanes as well, they were counting total but just dedicated to video must be something less

  • Jefftukang Jeff
    Jefftukang Jeff Year ago

    and now test it with lane number optimized games linke WITHCER or BF1, it will make huge difference of 10 - 25 % FPS. AND NOW: the joke ist, that with coffee lake CPUs no x16/x16 SLI is possible any more. just not enougth lanes available, only x8/x8 possible...... ((

    • daichai
      daichai 9 months ago

      intel is just milking the cow of uninformed consumers.

  • HawkFest RoG
    HawkFest RoG Year ago

    Thanks. It would have been nice to have an XFire (AMD) test too. I don't know if it's true but I've read somewhere that Xfire is more efficient than SLI. At the very least, since their design is different, it would be hard (or bold) to state that it follows the same pattern implying not much difference between 8x8 and 16x16 (especially with the integrated Xfire for which we don't need a dongle between the cards, meaning that it would rely on PCIe lanes)...

  • Naime Bond
    Naime Bond Year ago +1

    It would have made the same sense if he spoke Mandarin. Anyone who understands him, doesn't need this video to being with so what the eff did he even bother to make it?

  • John Lavallee
    John Lavallee Year ago

    Repurpose an older server like a dell power edge for gaming ?

  • Chris James
    Chris James Year ago

    okie so i loked up my damn serial number in cmd of the motherboard i still cant find out if its a x2x4 or x16 gen 3 card i know its gen 3 but i dont know what x it is ughhhhh i got a x4 card in it now 1gb i want to get atleast a 3gb gpu or get a new pc period

  • Kshitiz Talwar
    Kshitiz Talwar Year ago

    I have the black pcie slot but it does not the locker like the ram have

  • Sp1drr
    Sp1drr Year ago


    • daichai
      daichai 9 months ago

      the cpu he talks about is enthusiast grade (thats 1 yr ahead of its time), so its just about equal to the i7 6700k which is from 2015, alrdy 3 yrs old

  • Moisi
    Moisi Year ago +1

    So basicaly get a Ryzen! Lol

  • TheSkodilac
    TheSkodilac Year ago

    2016-in i put 3 way GTX970 in my i7 4790k combo, and didn't work... i just now see why not... tnx linus!! :D

  • traso
    traso Year ago

    i'm just sitting here with a 2.0 PCI express

  • Matthew Noble
    Matthew Noble Year ago

    3:14 ... Who's "but" was that?

  • Klaevin
    Klaevin Year ago

    5:55 "even if you feel the need to spend over $1000 on a bunch of graphics cards to put in your system"
    well, I'm from the future; it's 2018 and spending $1000 on a single graphics card is pretty much normal, especially if it's at least as powerful as those 980s they put in there...

  • Alex Phoenix
    Alex Phoenix Year ago

    Holy shit this is an old video hearing the old intro music.

  • Aized Jamal
    Aized Jamal Year ago

    I want to install 4 graphic cards with sli for 3D and adobe cc 2017 (premier and after effects) softwares. Do they work in sli and which nvidia graphic cards? Don't tell me Titan V because its too expensive!!!

  • dukedurell
    dukedurell Year ago

    I just learned something new today thanks!

  • Farshid Mehrtash
    Farshid Mehrtash Year ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Christopher Kiefer
    Christopher Kiefer Year ago +2

    Note from the future: SLI is dead

  • Elton Spinelli
    Elton Spinelli Year ago

    Very good vídeo!!! Thank you very much!!!

  • Benjamin Tan
    Benjamin Tan Year ago

    So... Does that means that even if we cramp 16 1x PCIe card, it only took 16 lanes?

  • Steven Marshall
    Steven Marshall Year ago +1

    Can we get a update with the newer 6700k-8700k? Surely you got a couple of 1080ti laying around to give us some sli benchmarks with x8/x8 vs x16/x16...🙄

  • SubSonic
    SubSonic Year ago

    why didnt the 5820k do 16/8 in two way sli?

  • Nick Stephens
    Nick Stephens Year ago

    Definitely helpful info.

  • Calvin Wong
    Calvin Wong Year ago

    good one looking for multiple GPU too

  • Ghost Lv
    Ghost Lv Year ago

    How can this guy speak this quickly? : )

  • Ivan Vtorov
    Ivan Vtorov Year ago +1

    @Hey Linus,but what about CPUs having 28 lanes,particularly Core™ i7-7820X.it wont shoot with 4x Sli gpus onboard..but the reasonale question is-how it will work with non-sli mode in Octane render for instance.it will either wont recognize 4th gpu or what?

    • Ivan Vtorov
      Ivan Vtorov Year ago

      and moreover.i have Xeon 2699V4 with 40 lanes available.and i have x99 asus WS motherboard with 7! pci-e slots.i saw configs when guys made 7x gpu systems.so i wanna do the same with my system and gladly it is now possible without custom watercooling covers for gpu.evga literally yesterday showed their water cooled 1080ti which is 1 slot high www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=11G-P4-6799-KR
      ...so is that possible to make that all true?

  • Serhat Tuğrul GERGİN

    very informative video. didn't know that cpu's had a max number of pcie lane support at all.

    NBLYNX Year ago

    2017 update
    PCIe Lanes in SLI - 2x16 vs 2x8 + 2x16 vs x16+x8
    with GTX 680, GTX 780Ti, GTX Titan X Maxwell and GTX 1080

  • Themayseffect
    Themayseffect Year ago

    i wish this test was done with a dual chip gpu like the 295x2

  • Nsk
    Nsk Year ago

    @Linus Tech Tips I like to say i sorta got more confused then i was when i read it on a forum can you make a video going in to it a bit slower and more detajls?

  • Babul 007
    Babul 007 Year ago

    this there is ay chance that my asus p5kpl am/ps motherboard support 950 gtx graphics card...? plese reply

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma Year ago

    So intel was pulling this PCI limitation crap even in 2014, fk em.

  • unmellow the gamer

    so having a pcie ssd wont tank my preformace?

  • Ryan Huffman
    Ryan Huffman Year ago

    Thank you...was good info!

  • 111danish111
    111danish111 Year ago

    What is the performance difference between x16 x8 and x8 x8 sli ?

  • Tex2rock
    Tex2rock Year ago

    so i have a 5820k and 2 gtx 970s in sli should i upgrade to a 5830k or is it not worth it

  • chris twoodyhussar

    Jesus Christ!!! A 4 minute add!? Let me talk to you, about investments. I invested in Taylor Swift, and she had like five returns on my investment.

  • KevinMQuan's Second channel

    4:27 Linus dance

    Someone meme that

  • William Daniels
    William Daniels Year ago

    Dont some boards have 16 slots with only some of the pins in it?

  • Mees Boskamp
    Mees Boskamp Year ago

    do the pci expreslanes mather when you mine (gpu) cryptocurrency?

  • Cyborron
    Cyborron Year ago

    MAKE THE GREATEST PC. Ur budget is 5 cents XD

  • Najd Al-Oqaili
    Najd Al-Oqaili Year ago

    I don't understand the dislikers, for what they put dislikes.This video is so great

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth Year ago

    Nice doubling there xd

  • Master Shodinn
    Master Shodinn Year ago

    I was wondering about with the Threadripper launch how does it effect PCI performance on multi SLI config

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez Year ago

    You are fucking genius Linus.

  • lexustheimpaler
    lexustheimpaler Year ago

    When will his voice break?

  • Colin Yapp
    Colin Yapp Year ago

    Great tutorial, thanks.

    • 666Azmodan666
      666Azmodan666 Year ago

      is old tutorial ... The 980ti is already 20% difference and the stronger the gpu will be the worse.

  • CMDR unematti
    CMDR unematti Year ago

    so why the fork did you not do this with AMD cards? ......

  • TheLivingCat 02
    TheLivingCat 02 Year ago

    I want to do an sli set up on the i7 7700k CPU and the tuf z270 mk1 mobo but I also want a pcie x1 capture card in it as well. Am I ok in doing this?

  • sol666
    sol666 Year ago

    what I noticed was that CPU prices were jacked up just because of a cpu having more lanes then the other. so I can conclude that it is really stupid to purchase a thread ripper if u are only going to plug in one GPU in it. because u would be wasting a lot of cash on 64 lanes out of which u are only going to be using 8 or 16 lanes. just as u would be wasting money on 32 threads out of which games only use 4.

  • Ridley Roid
    Ridley Roid Year ago

    One question anyone can answer is:
    how do i know a graphics card will FIT in one of these slots? How can i determine for SURE that a graphics card i want to buy will fit in to my PCI-E slot? I have, what appears to be, one PCI-E 2.0 8x slot that i was able to insert a GT 710 into and still have some space remaining. What do i need to do to figure out if, say, a PCI-E 3.0 16x card will fit physically in to my 8x 2.0 slot? Keep in mind that, as far as i'm concerned, the actual performance cut i will receive is of no matter to me. I don't have the money for a new motherboard nor do i know how to install it.

  • Gagandeep Shergill

    Bla Bla Bla Bla... Can't understand anything

  • Silver fox studios
    Silver fox studios 2 years ago

    too slow. had to watch at x2 speed

  • Dinko Colic
    Dinko Colic 2 years ago

    I have a 16 lane CPU, with 2-way SLI and an NVMe SSD. Does that mean my GPU uses 8/4 and the SSD uses the last 4?

  • Hans S
    Hans S 2 years ago

    PCIE sounds like the greatest compatibility innovation since UTF-8

  • Theworthsearcher
    Theworthsearcher 2 years ago

    Could you please do a similar test with the new Threadripper CPU? It has 64 PCIE Lanes. ;) I am very interested in, how it works. ;)

  • synl 88
    synl 88 2 years ago

    1:44 legit question would love to know are there any uncommon Lane speeds?

  • Lucas Bongiovanni
    Lucas Bongiovanni 2 years ago

    I have the 5820k processor and have since it came out a few years ago and it still is beast mode! The best thing I think personally is that it has MASSIVE OC potential, i have mine currently running stable at 4.7Ghz @ 1.32Volts & my temps dont go above 65C' on load. Not just a lucky lotto winner either, its actually quite typical of the 5820K to have said 'headroom', not so much is said for the more expensive 5930k bahahahaha

  • GameRage Dad
    GameRage Dad 2 years ago +1

    Average FPS really doesn't tell me much about the performance of the different cards in different configurations. As a gamer, I'm more concerned with what the outcome will be when multiple particle effects happen in a 3D world that create heavy FPS drop. This is where I think the extra graphics cards come into play, when max performance is needed to ensure no lag. We know average FPS will be about the same because there arent many situations where large particle effects happen in games that really test how good a GPU is when it needs to perform at its best to ensure smooth game play. I wonder if some of the different configurations can handle that hardcore frame rate hit better than others, because what you demonstrated is fairly meaningless in terms of performance when consolidated into an average. That 1% difference in average FPS can be extremely more meaningful at the right moment if one SLI configuration is at 30 FPS while another is at 60 FPS when an explosion is happening in a game and you're trying to snipe someone.

  • Percentexz
    Percentexz 2 years ago

    Wish I knew this earlier Dx

  • WalkinOSF
    WalkinOSF 2 years ago

    Hit 4:24 for Linus gay moment.

  • wuselmaster95
    wuselmaster95 2 years ago

    so looks like no difference between 8x and 16x? my gtx 970s running at 16x and the other at 8x with my 5820K.

  • Ricardo de Lemos
    Ricardo de Lemos 2 years ago +1

    Finally learned what the fuck pcie lanes were

  • Qualitystuff
    Qualitystuff 2 years ago

    please help: i have a gtx 770 which have 1 6pin pcie and 1 8pin pcie ..I only have 1 6pin pcie, should i buy another 8pin or should i get rid of the one i have and buy a Y splitter PCIE 8 pin to dual 6-2 pin like this one here ???www.amazon.co.uk/sourcingmap-Express-Y-Splitter-Adapter-Supply/dp/B01N9VLYW2/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1497309436&sr=8-3-fkmr1&keywords=gpu+pcie+splitter

  • Khmer Vecheka
    Khmer Vecheka 2 years ago

    Hi Mr. my PC work on win8.1 pro have PCI card not the same Quadro k5000 -k4200-Quadro 4000 it show only Quadro k5000?
    Please show me Thank!!!!!

  • Rokas Getautas
    Rokas Getautas 2 years ago

    could yous do a multiple low end graphics cards build, just to se if its any good.

  • Mark Jay
    Mark Jay 2 years ago

    glad I chose the 5280k!!!

  • José Ravelo
    José Ravelo 2 years ago

    Thanks I learn something today, should be nice to see how affects in the coin mining.

  • Gaming Needed
    Gaming Needed 2 years ago

    so 7700k is ok for 2 gpu configuration

  • Emanuel Fernán
    Emanuel Fernán 2 years ago

    Great video with good in depth discussion on a topic I've been researching lately. Thanks for posting. Good content. A+

  • CDubs HasIt
    CDubs HasIt 2 years ago

    I've been trying to tell people this for years since 3.0 came out. That even though you may only have a certain number of lanes, cutting the lanes in half or by 3 doesn't really mess with performance; that yes the CPU does drive only a certain number of lanes but the SLI/Crossfire tech makes up for on the backend .. and I'm glad you finally proved that...

  • Jaffy
    Jaffy 2 years ago

    why are linus hands less yellow here and in 2017 theyre much more yellow.

  • SOU6900
    SOU6900 2 years ago

    At 2:19 why does the Motherboard have a Molex connection?

  • mark wellman
    mark wellman 2 years ago

    oh Christ, all this work and didn't even show the results of one graphics card running at 8x. *sigh*