SABATON - Winged Hussars (Official Lyric Video)

  • The official lyric video for Sabaton's "Winged Hussars", from the album "The Last Stand".
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    ======= "Winged Hussars" SONG STORY =======
    During the siege of Vienna in 1683, the situation for the citizens and the small defending force was desperate.
    140 000 soldiers of the Ottoman Empire was slowly but surely tearing the cities defences apart by digging a tunnel under the moat and city walls.
    The plan was to detonate a series of mines under the wall to make it collapse and use the rubble as a walkway into the city itself.
    It was truly a race against time since nobody knew if the christian coalition called ”The Holy League”, under the command of the Polish king John III Sobieski would make it in time.
    They managed to arrive just in time to save Vienna, and the most fearsome of the warriors among them were the Winged Hussars!
    ======= "Winged Hussars" LYRICS =======
    When the winged hussars arrived
    A cry for help in time of need, await relief from holy league
    60 days of siege, outnumbered and weak
    Sent a message to the sky, wounded soldiers left to die
    Will they hold the wall or will the city fall
    They’re outnumbered 15 to one
    And the battle´s begun
    Then the winged hussars arrived
    Coming down the mountainside
    Then the winged hussars arrived
    Coming down they turned the tide
    As the days are passing by and as the dead are piling high
    No escape and no salvation
    Trenches to explosive halls are buried deep beneath the walls
    Plant the charges there and watch the city fear
    It’s a desperate race against the mine
    And a race against time
    Cannonballs are coming down from the sky
    Janissaries are you ready to die?
    We will seek our vengeance eye for an eye
    You’ll be stopped upon the steps of our gate
    On this field you’re only facing our hate
    But back home the Sultan’s sealing your fate
    We remember
    In September
    That’s the night Vienna was freed
    We made the enemy bleed!
    Stormclouds, fire and steel
    Death from above make their enemy kneel
    Shining armour and wings
    Death from above, it’s an army of kings
    We remember
    In September
    When the winged hussars arrived
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Comments • 80

  • Sabaton
    Sabaton  Year ago +820

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    • Andrzej Mikun
      Andrzej Mikun 5 days ago

      Polish nuclear weapon of the Middle Ages, invincible 120 years

    • Ernest 9110
      Ernest 9110 2 months ago

      Dear Sabaton:
      Please, make a song to the Aztec Eagle Warriors and Jaguar Warriors.

    • Amadeusz szybki
      Amadeusz szybki 2 months ago

      super muza

    • Antoni Massalski
      Antoni Massalski 4 months ago

      Sabaton - dzięki !

    • sultryjmac
      sultryjmac 5 months ago

      Your band is the gold standard. Others are worthless fiat.

  • Mickey Lotoc
    Mickey Lotoc 2 hours ago

    I was playing Age Of Empires 3 and was about to choose the Ottomans as my faction...


  • Kauan Gamers
    Kauan Gamers 8 hours ago

    *Ottomans has entered in the chat*
    *Vienna has entered in the chat*
    *Vienna has kicked by Ottomans*
    *Polish Hussars has entered in the chat*
    *Ottomans has died*

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 13 hours ago

    Was playing for honor and blasted this into the mic as I jumped off a ledge and killed the guy about to execute my buddy.THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED!

  • Sergio Romo Muñoz
    Sergio Romo Muñoz 19 hours ago

    Indeed, Poland remains the last defense against Muslim invasion in Europe.

  • Kittsu
    Kittsu 21 hour ago +1

    Poland was almost always our ally in the history.
    Greetings from one of your neigbors that didn't tried to take your land. Czechia

  • Princess Marlena
    Princess Marlena 23 hours ago

    I love these guys! 🤘

  • Rhawkas
    Rhawkas Day ago +1

    This song's lyrics always reminds me of the Battle of Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings. XD The similarities are a bit uncanny. A small force of trapped defenders against overwhelming, the bad guys get in by tunneling under the walls, the allies of the defenders arrive when things look to be at their worst and charge down the hill to save the day. XD

    • Revan
      Revan Day ago +1

      This battle is what inspired the battle of helms deep

  • Seth Greve
    Seth Greve 2 days ago

    the polish are cool and all, but they need to learn that they can't use this same tactic on tanks.

    • Achi
      Achi Day ago +1

      You are another idiot who belive in this nazi propaganda?! WW2 ended 75 years ago but there people who still think that it was true... God....

  • BlueflameKing1
    BlueflameKing1 2 days ago +2

    Who else is enjoying a sabaton marathon in isolation? Thumbs up if you are as well.

  • Mohammad Zaman
    Mohammad Zaman 2 days ago +1


  • 5567 5555
    5567 5555 2 days ago +1

    Sobieski was secretly a Ghost rider

  • KGB
    KGB 2 days ago

    Winning against Germany as Poland in hoi4 be like

  • B6 studios
    B6 studios 2 days ago

    This sounds like the Bismarck song

  • Blazwing S
    Blazwing S 2 days ago

    I was afraid this was just a screamo crapo song, but it's pretty cool actually

  • dorkandproudofit
    dorkandproudofit 2 days ago

    FUN FACT: People often forget that it wasn't just Muslim forces attacking Vienna. There was a sizable force of Protestant-aligned Europeans who were still mostly bitter over the Thirty Years' War and didn't exactly care who they had to ally with if it meant sticking it to the HRE.

  • Syamil Zafran
    Syamil Zafran 3 days ago +2

    That image is just a Mr worldwide trooper

  • Бартош Куликовский

    Hello from Poland! Great song!
    Pozdrowienia z Polski! Świetna piosenka!

  • Hamza Batuhan Turan
    Hamza Batuhan Turan 3 days ago


  • WitzerSlayer
    WitzerSlayer 3 days ago

    Otomans: You can't defeat me
    Byzantines: We know
    Serbians: but
    Hungarians: He can
    *Poland appears*

  • Никола Тесла

    Even though I have many ancestors that were janisaries I like this song

  • Karmy
    Karmy 4 days ago

    Ottoman : Alright My Jannisaries! WE HAVE TO WIN THIS BATTLE

    Ottoman : *Lose A Battle Because Some Polish Cavalry Start Using Wing*

  • Liberum Arbitrium
    Liberum Arbitrium 4 days ago

    Love how the background is almost everything but winged hussars.

    • Liberum Arbitrium
      Liberum Arbitrium 4 days ago

      Alvin Zwe That's why I said "almost"

    • Alvin Zwe
      Alvin Zwe 4 days ago +1

      Preety sure there's one in the right coner

  • Finwaell
    Finwaell 5 days ago +2

    if you liked the Rohan charge in Return of the King... imagine the orcs had cannons and there was 20 times more of them and were charged by 5 times more riders. 3000 of them with motherfucking wings.

  • Matthew Rooke
    Matthew Rooke 5 days ago

    Some drunk kids were throwing bottles at my window 0:54

  • Maresal M05
    Maresal M05 5 days ago +1

    3:41 they used that lyric in a different video.

  • Dominik Adamec
    Dominik Adamec 5 days ago

    We remember in september, when Polish army marched into Cieszyn. Support by the Hitlers warmachine. They took the city stab old friend Czechoslovakia in the back.
    Traitors! You call yourself liberators? Backstabing bitches. Thats what you are!

    • Achi
      Achi Day ago

      You mean this Cieszyn that Czechoslovakia grabbed in 1920 when Poland was busy fighting with soviet army?

    • Konstantin Zhiltsov
      Konstantin Zhiltsov 5 days ago

      >Getting backstabbed later by the USSR
      Oh, how ironic.

  • Mariola Grzesik
    Mariola Grzesik 5 days ago


  • Flaxide
    Flaxide 5 days ago

    Beyler el sonu veziriazamı report etmeyi unutmayalım lehistanada gelebilir

  • Wide Officer
    Wide Officer 6 days ago

    winged hussars are overrated

    • Chuuni Chewer
      Chuuni Chewer 4 days ago

      @Wide Officer Ask some normie what a Hussar is and they will have no idea.

    • Wide Officer
      Wide Officer 4 days ago

      @Chuuni Chewer you sure?

    • Chuuni Chewer
      Chuuni Chewer 4 days ago

      How? Hardly anyone not Polish talks about them.

  • Василий Быков

    Жыве Беларусь!!! Союз ВКЛ и Королевства Польского!!!

  • turn the page yea
    turn the page yea 6 days ago

    You know us muslims laughs at this ironic charge, Poland basically europe and how did YOU repay them by conquering them only a 100 years later, cmon have you no honor ?

  • GCF Undefined
    GCF Undefined 6 days ago

    anybody watching this during the outbreak? this is a battle unlike we have ever seen. this song is keeping me going

  • M G
    M G 6 days ago +1

    I was reading about historical cavalry and then the winged hussars arrived.

    • garf
      garf 5 days ago

      @Sabaton Hey have you guys ever heard of a guy named piscator

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  6 days ago

      When the winged hussars arrive, there's nothing you can do.

  • Tzimiskes
    Tzimiskes 7 days ago

    Then the Austrians partitioned Poland LOL

  • Sucuklu Yumurta
    Sucuklu Yumurta 7 days ago

    İts funny because jannisarrys are europian kids 😁

  • Aurelian
    Aurelian 7 days ago +1

    Polish troops supported german empires troops to defend christian Europe while the frensh invaded and took Alsace and Lorraine, the homeland of the german emperor, the head of house Habsburg-Lorraine.
    As always

  • Пенис Детров

    Polish help germans in september

  • Marko Stankovic
    Marko Stankovic 8 days ago

    Now when he says "We remember in September" chills go down my spine

  • mysterious miz
    mysterious miz 8 days ago

    I'm sorry I found this band later than I should have as a person who likes rock and is a history buff Sabaton is my current favourite band

  • SonOf Sekhmet
    SonOf Sekhmet 8 days ago

    As I understand it, dislikes are put by the Turks. What guys? Are you offended that the Poles kicked your ass? And no, I'm not trying to offend anyone. Just interested.

  • VGames 1
    VGames 1 8 days ago

    I am a simple german. I see Poland, I'm in

  • budbackeast
    budbackeast 8 days ago

    Polish wife agrees that this song and this band are just the best. But what's with the video's cover art? WW2 art for a song about the Ottoman invasion? Come on boys, you can do better than that.

  • Annie
    Annie 9 days ago +4

    When everyone's making Polish memes, but no one's making Lithuanian memes :(

    • Chris Morris
      Chris Morris 15 hours ago

      Reunite the Commonwealth!

    • Chuuni Chewer
      Chuuni Chewer 4 days ago

      All I know about you guys are basketball and suicide.

  • alla27
    alla27 9 days ago +1

    Lol fucking Poland saves Europe AGAIN ! _!

    2 USSR

  • Pudel Pchlarz
    Pudel Pchlarz 9 days ago


  • Ethan Sylliboy
    Ethan Sylliboy 10 days ago

    Me:laying siege to fortress in civ 6 then I remember there allies are Poland
    Poland: SUP BITCHES then they exterminate my army

  • Soullessgingerftw1
    Soullessgingerftw1 10 days ago +1

    Love the song! Glad to not really see any Nazis in the comments, not that I looked too hard.

    • PavarottiAardvark
      PavarottiAardvark 2 days ago +1

      There's a few. Their shtick here seems to be claiming a current invasion of Europe

  • silhouette
    silhouette 10 days ago


  • LORDOceanus
    LORDOceanus 11 days ago

    Put this at 1.25 times speed its fun

  • LORDOceanus
    LORDOceanus 11 days ago

    I feel like winged Hussars is a good into song to metal. Not too intense, understandable, and still good energy. After this all of Sabaton is open to a new listener

  • Suleiman The Magnificent
    Suleiman The Magnificent 11 days ago +3


  • clashkid 275
    clashkid 275 11 days ago

    When corona virus gets to ur city then the bois turn up in hazmat suits

  • Wolffe Bane
    Wolffe Bane 11 days ago

    When your re watching Stargate SG1 and just have to quote"When the winged hussars arrive" and they get the reinforcements at the right time

    DARREN DM 11 days ago

    we remember, in 30 september, when the PKI arrived

  • Quashad Backus
    Quashad Backus 12 days ago

    Sabaton reached 666k subscribers!!! The number of the Devil Dogs👍😈

  • Poszukiwacze Nieznanego
    Poszukiwacze Nieznanego 12 days ago +1

    Piękna piosenka o polskich husarzach❤️❤️❤️ polska cię kocha sabaton❤️

    ADAM MOHAMAD ALI 12 days ago

    Girls going to Poland: OMG I can’t wait to go to Warsaw

  • lolchief119
    lolchief119 13 days ago +2

    Today's forecast calls for massive storm clouds with a high chance of fire and steel.

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  12 days ago +1

      ...and then the winged hussars arrived.

  • Cannon Gaming
    Cannon Gaming 13 days ago

    2020: then the winged huSARS arrived ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • ahmed bojadzic
    ahmed bojadzic 13 days ago

    chanakale. mohac .....

  • _poker faec_
    _poker faec_ 14 days ago


  • Sultan Ogwebe of Congo

    >subtitles are czech
    >in a song by a swedish band
    >with english lyrics
    >about polish soldiers
    >fighting a battle in austria
    >against turks
    >all whilst the background has a samurai
    >trying to cut down what seems to be an English ww2 soldier
    >And a spartan is fighting something
    >And a winged hussar is vibin to the beat

    Corrected version thank me later

    • PavarottiAardvark
      PavarottiAardvark 2 days ago

      Not an english ww2 soldier (helmet is wrong) I think it's American?

  • Ral Esper
    Ral Esper 14 days ago +2

    One of those great days Europeans fought together instead of vs each other. Spainiards, Austrians, Germans and the mighty Polish Cavalry. You are the reason I was able to get my son to love history so much guys, truly thank you for keeping our history so alive in the modern times.

  • Iron and Doom
    Iron and Doom 14 days ago

    I play this chorus every time I bust a nut on a chicks ass.

  • big boiii
    big boiii 14 days ago +1

    Osman empire.exe stop working

  • Carlo Caballero
    Carlo Caballero 15 days ago

    Oh, someone's knocking at the door. I wonder who it is?

  • Søren Jannerup
    Søren Jannerup 16 days ago

    Storm clouds, fire and steel!

  • S. E
    S. E 16 days ago

    after sacrificing all those souls to defend your land & sending Janissaries to Hill, Europe turned around & asked Janissaries to comeback & paid them to have extended family & rule their country. what a waste for your ancestors.

  • Abhilash Sharma
    Abhilash Sharma 16 days ago +1

    I just headbutted my table lamp. Well, the belt it is tonight, WHEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVE!!!!

  • Reaper
    Reaper 16 days ago +1

    I always thought that it was "Army of Wings" not "Army of Kings".

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  15 days ago

      It's never too late to discover the truth!

  • R. Hasan
    R. Hasan 16 days ago +3

    hi i am a muslim....i really love this song....i listen to this when i workout really gives me motivation....polish people are very badass

  • Axel Laurence
    Axel Laurence 16 days ago

    Poland can into space

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 17 days ago +1

    Then the Carolean prayers arrived

  • George107
    George107 17 days ago +6

    When Polish troops arrive in Greece.

  • Justin
    Justin 18 days ago

    To quote isorrow when he used this for the Japanese bicycle divisions "UNLEASH THE DOG OF HELL AND FIGHT THE ENEMY WITH YOUR SIX GEAR BICYCLE MADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • f0reva
    f0reva 18 days ago

    Ottomans : Vienna will be our!

  • Michal K
    Michal K 18 days ago

    Many people in the comments I have read confuse "Winged Hussars" from 17th century with "Hussars" of many other nations later. These were totally different kinds of cavalry (heavy/light). Only the name is the same in English, but in Polish these are "Husarze" and "Huzarzy" - two different terms.
    For the Polish speakers:
    Dla zainteresownych historią polecam kanał "Szablotłuk polski".

  • Getting 1 million subs before 2021?

    Still awesome!

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man 19 days ago +1

    Can’t believe a historical battle was inspired by this epic song

    • PavarottiAardvark
      PavarottiAardvark 2 days ago

      The series Extra History did a great series on the whole siege, a fascinating campaign.