10 Dark Theories About Dead Disney Characters

  • Published on Dec 24, 2017
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    There’s no denying Disney movies have a lot of death involved in them. Not only do villains like Scar die, but a number of other characters meet terrible fates as well. Because the company tries to maintain a family-friendly rating, sometimes these deaths are a little more vague than the others. Naturally, fans speculate, come up with theories, and put all types of clues together based off their favorite Disney animation.
    In Frozen, we meet Sven when he’s just a baby, likely indicating his mother is dead. The truth about Sven’s mother is closer than most think and Kristoff may be involved. Bambi’s mother dies from a mysterious hunter in the classic animated movie, but the fatal shot may have been blown by a villain from Beauty and the Beast. Sully and the other creatures in Monsters Inc. were afraid of humans and for good reason as a Toy Story short once proved. Scar’s death was pretty brutal as they come, but did he suffer the same exact fate as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast? Zira suffered a huge fall in the Lion King 2, but was it a fall or an intention jump? Deleted scenes on the DVD may provide a huge clue to the answer. A small fly dies in the Emperor’s New Groove, but it could have been a human all along. Ariel’s mother’s death was off-screen for several years until some footage revealed a dastardly pirate may have been involved. Watch these deaths and learn about several more to see the dark theories fans have tied to them!
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  • Lyndon McArthur
    Lyndon McArthur 3 days ago

    I like the Bambi idea

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop 3 days ago

    8:57 Does this mean jack skellington is a lost boy to.

  • Xander Dawson
    Xander Dawson 3 days ago

    3:34 that might be his mom or ugh his d d dad

  • The Mindreeder
    The Mindreeder 3 days ago +1

    Land before time

  • Wasaku Kokyku
    Wasaku Kokyku 5 days ago +1

    The emoji stand for the land before time

  • Frasier Gallacher
    Frasier Gallacher 6 days ago +1

    I think the secret movie is ether the good dinosaur or the land before time

  • Carlos Nathan Garcia
    Carlos Nathan Garcia 6 days ago +1

    The land before time

  • RobloxDudeMaster 143
    RobloxDudeMaster 143 7 days ago +1


  • Foxy Xbox
    Foxy Xbox 7 days ago

    Have yall ever noticed in Tarzan after Clayton dies and you see the vine tighten and his knife hits the ground but when the lightning stikes on the tree behind tarzan you see the shadow of claytons body hanging by the neck from the vine which is intensely creppy one thing i noticed in the movie yestersay after watching it for the 10billionth time basically just thought yall would like to know that about Tarzan

  • Peter daley
    Peter daley 7 days ago

    Its the good dinosuor

  • Fhaye Meyer
    Fhaye Meyer 11 days ago

    I Think Those Kids In Peter Pan Died In A Fire, And Peter Pan Is Taking Them To Heaven.

  • winter comps
    winter comps 11 days ago

    The good dinosaur

  • That One Edgy Wiccan Sloth You All Know

    the emojis probably represent "the land before time"

  • Kaleigh The Gacha Life Maker

    The Land of Time

  • Yael Baroz
    Yael Baroz 13 days ago +1

    9:18 it seas dizney

  • Theresa Raymond
    Theresa Raymond 15 days ago

    Plot twist Boo is Bonnie

  • LadyMeowsAlot !!!!
    LadyMeowsAlot !!!! 15 days ago +3

    Peter pan is a brat

  • fun time Diaz
    fun time Diaz 15 days ago

    the land before time or arlo

  • TekTheNinja
    TekTheNinja 16 days ago

    Wow these theories are total asspulls.

  • Aliandrin
    Aliandrin 17 days ago +2

    Gaston kills male deer. Female deer aren't worth anything to him.

  • doge party18
    doge party18 17 days ago

    Land before time I think

  • Max Wax
    Max Wax 18 days ago

    Or sully is bald

  • TJ Nguyen
    TJ Nguyen 19 days ago

    How about Scar killed by Hercules?

  • sandy Aurora
    sandy Aurora 19 days ago

    The land bifor time

  • Birute Janulaitiene
    Birute Janulaitiene 19 days ago

    The Lorax

  • Series Yu
    Series Yu 19 days ago


  • Robyn Young
    Robyn Young 19 days ago


  • Chanel's Life
    Chanel's Life 19 days ago +1


  • Alex Moss
    Alex Moss 20 days ago

    For some reason on my ad Ken said i love Ken for the whisper challenge

  • Dag0109 G
    Dag0109 G 20 days ago

    The good dinosaur

  • •Chubby Puppy•
    •Chubby Puppy• 21 day ago

    How come for all the ads on this video was a bunch of Barbie ads..

  • Tilixo Jxones
    Tilixo Jxones 21 day ago +7


    Put it on the lowest speed and pause at exactly 4:22

    • Tilixo Jxones
      Tilixo Jxones 18 days ago

      Blind Shot not really, he falls too fast for you to see them clearly

    • Blind Shot
      Blind Shot 18 days ago

      Didn't even have to slow it down. There are skulls in his eyes

  • NHF Entertainment
    NHF Entertainment 21 day ago

    The answer is The Land Before Time

  • Jug Catcher
    Jug Catcher 22 days ago +1

    Land Before Time

  • MR. D
    MR. D 22 days ago

    Childhood ruined

  • Tyra Tube
    Tyra Tube 22 days ago +2

    0:24 The Land Before Time?

  • Graeme Wearne
    Graeme Wearne 22 days ago

    I think caption hook is trying to save the lost boys

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 22 days ago

    No the tiger from jungle book killed Bambi's mother not gastonn

  • David Erika
    David Erika 23 days ago +1

    It's the land before timr

  • Lukas Jorgensen
    Lukas Jorgensen 23 days ago

    The toilet seat is an Easter egg

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis 24 days ago +1

    The shadow mans was he got killed by his own "friends"

  • Lohen Phillips
    Lohen Phillips 24 days ago +1

    For the first one one of the reindeer’s was used for the older guys deers and she had a baby for cristof I don’t know why people would assume all of those things

  • Bodey Laursen
    Bodey Laursen 24 days ago +1

    0:25 land before time

  • Bernadette Okoli
    Bernadette Okoli 24 days ago

    How people throw around the word 'theory' like it is some kind of slut. Most of them are just hypotheses...

  • Shane Bauman
    Shane Bauman 24 days ago +1

    9:18 Typo, 'Dizney'

  • Gemica Tienzo
    Gemica Tienzo 24 days ago

    The good dinoosuar

  • Don johnston
    Don johnston 26 days ago

    Zira did not die. She is in the show "The Lion Guard"

  • Sage Christie
    Sage Christie 26 days ago

    6 mid rolls

  • Davia Klint
    Davia Klint 26 days ago

    What if Bonnie was boo that is why sully came back and was killed

  • Nightflight The Nightwing

    I found Scar in the movie Hurculese (is that right?)

  • Queen’s #1 Fan
    Queen’s #1 Fan 27 days ago

    The land before time

  • ItsAlexaGaming
    ItsAlexaGaming 27 days ago

    what if the stone elf things are his mother 😑

  • Alex Barlow
    Alex Barlow 27 days ago +1

    The fly might have been kuzcos father

  • Arranadon Studios
    Arranadon Studios 27 days ago

    9:18 it says Dizney not Disney.

  • Akdragonic
    Akdragonic 27 days ago

    it might be his dad that is it

  • EndieTheGachaTuber
    EndieTheGachaTuber 27 days ago +3

    Mother: **Doesn't exist**
    Everyone: SHE DIED

  • KingPanda
    KingPanda 27 days ago


  • Julie Crossno
    Julie Crossno 28 days ago

    Great video way to many ads.

  • CamilaTheGamer
    CamilaTheGamer 28 days ago +1

    This so sad I’m going to smash that like button oops MOMMMM WHY IS YOUR TABLET BROKEN umm 😐 it wasn’t my fault because the you tuber said SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON lol ummm this is a edit SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON ON THIS VIDEO OR MINE or you are RUDE

  • Lily M Squishies And slime

    Omg the Peter Pan heaven theory makes so much sense. I’m so disturbed

  • Anja Van Houdenhove
    Anja Van Houdenhove 28 days ago

    I think that the movie is: the good dinosaur.

  • Underkid182
    Underkid182 28 days ago

    The good dinosaur

  • NONE
    NONE 29 days ago

    Why does everyone think Gaston killed bambi's mother? I think it's more likely for it to be clayton.

  • LAXMI PRASAD Devotional

    Is it the land before time or the good dinosaur

  • XxMarchoxX
    XxMarchoxX 29 days ago

    The land before time

  • Kaden Gieseck
    Kaden Gieseck 29 days ago

    The good dinosaur.

  • the amphibian master
    the amphibian master Month ago +1

    In the Peter pan book it states "every time he takes a breath a parent dies" in the movie when the children say they want to go home he starts breathing heavily.

  • Mr. Poop
    Mr. Poop Month ago

    So god damn edgy

  • XxShadowGirlxX 13
    XxShadowGirlxX 13 Month ago

    0:25 it's obviously a dinosaur in time i think

    PRO PROBABLY Month ago

    I think the emojis were the good dinosaur.

  • cmkristi
    cmkristi Month ago

    Sven the raindeer is probably one of many tamw raindeers owned by the Sapmi...

  • Smoky Mcpot
    Smoky Mcpot Month ago

    The emperor's new groove is one of the best movies ever made

  • Krystal Rodriguez
    Krystal Rodriguez Month ago

    Land before time

  • Kiel Vincent
    Kiel Vincent Month ago

    I think boo is Sully

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc Month ago

    Is it me or does the Oogie Boogie Man look like Patrick Star (but green)

    • Striker Kills
      Striker Kills 21 day ago

      It was project zorgo you can tell by the guy fox mask

    • Curtis LeBlanc
      Curtis LeBlanc 21 day ago

      @Striker Kills


    • Striker Kills
      Striker Kills 23 days ago

      @Curtis LeBlanc its Tyler changed my name kept getting hacked

    • Curtis LeBlanc
      Curtis LeBlanc 27 days ago

      @Striker Kills truthful

    • Striker Kills
      Striker Kills 27 days ago

      If your being sarcastic: GFY
      If your being truthful: thanks

  • Emma Gravestock
    Emma Gravestock Month ago


  • Just Bored
    Just Bored Month ago

    When mufasha dies.... Thats the saddest

  • NinjaKid Omega
    NinjaKid Omega Month ago

    6 ads in 1 video!!!! REEEEEEEEEE

  • *HadenPlayz*
    *HadenPlayz* Month ago

    Land Before time!!!!!!

  • WeirdNerd Paradise
    WeirdNerd Paradise Month ago +12

    watch once upon a time and you'll have A LOT more theories

  • Jalon Smith
    Jalon Smith Month ago

    Land before Time

  • David Klemen
    David Klemen Month ago

    Its de end of time of time i think

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Month ago

    Land before time

  • mr.comicbot 38
    mr.comicbot 38 Month ago

    i think the sully one is just an easter egg, dont look into it too much

  • Gabriel Messing
    Gabriel Messing Month ago

    A land before time

  • Tru Pype
    Tru Pype Month ago

    Superimposing Gaston's face over Belle's was bloody hilarious!

  • IronHydra 1020
    IronHydra 1020 Month ago

    Im pretty sure it is " The Good Dinosaur " my guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • tony flamingo
    tony flamingo Month ago

    It's just oogie boogie not the the oogie boogie man

  • Just be Happy
    Just be Happy Month ago

    No I won’t believe this you know what I fucken won’t those purple dots are darker

    Long live sully

  • luke knott
    luke knott Month ago

    i guessing the movie is the land before time

  • Clout Guy
    Clout Guy Month ago


  • Blue Bear
    Blue Bear Month ago

    5:19 that doesn’t look right...

  • Tiffany Bradley
    Tiffany Bradley Month ago

    The land before time 🍀

  • TayLOLpup gacha
    TayLOLpup gacha Month ago

    The movie is Dino Time

    PRESTON CONLEY Month ago

    So does that mean Peter Pan is like the witch who took repunzel and has magic of his own that keeps him young and what if Peter Pan is captain hooks son but he got hurt really bad and got the ability to fly and Captain Hook is really a scientist who is trying to kill Peter Pan to get his power to fly? Anyone agree or am I crazy lol

  • II DemonicGamer88 II

    I just pieced together Oogie Boogie's Orgin, He was a casino owner, that got WAY into debt with sum loan sharks, and to show him not to mess with them, they skinned him, and left him to die in a shallow grave..

  • Nyuol Deng
    Nyuol Deng Month ago +20

    I a m guessing the movie with the dinosaur is The Land Before Time
    🦖 🌋 ⌚️

  • Kidy07
    Kidy07 Month ago

    The Good Dinosaur!!!

  • Isabella Graves
    Isabella Graves Month ago

    What is boo is Bonnie it makes sense she was at the age where she didn’t know how to fully Say her name and this is the long shot part but she was also at the age of potty training and if she was afraid of the Toilet but because the toilet looked likely sully she trusted it just think about it I work with kids all the time and this is makes total sense Screen Rant please do this people need to know