125cc KickSled 100.1kmh!

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • See how Special guy and our boys built that thing!
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  • Niko
    Niko Month ago

    This is the most awesome project!!! Keep it coming!

  • liontitties
    liontitties Month ago

    Someone needs to sit in the front seat

  • kAsoutdoors 1
    kAsoutdoors 1 2 months ago

    no use of clutch i bet that clutch smells like shes burning lol

  • Ruudi Utšenikov
    Ruudi Utšenikov 3 months ago

    That moment when u say i dont think it will go over a 100

  • omppsutaja
    omppsutaja 3 months ago +1

    mikä sovellus toi on milla mittasitte nopeuden

  • Jonah Walsh
    Jonah Walsh 4 months ago

    Put the gxr engine on it

  • Haakon
    Haakon 4 months ago

    All fun and games until it sucks his leg in the rear tire and shreds it like a cheese grader!

  • MIDBC1
    MIDBC1 4 months ago

    Put the clutch lever back on the handlebars

  • WiKa
    WiKa 5 months ago

    En oo aikasemmin tähän kanavaan törmänny mut ku näin thumbnailin etusivulla tuli heti semmonen tän on pakko olla suomalainen video fiilis :D

  • Robert Rothvoss
    Robert Rothvoss 5 months ago

    250 pipe on a 125 sick machine for sure like always

  • Charlie Ruddick
    Charlie Ruddick 5 months ago

    You need a new pair of pants don’t you

  • TigeroL42
    TigeroL42 5 months ago

    Pois alta JAFFAT TULLOO

  • W C Emmons
    W C Emmons 5 months ago


  • Danny Tabanji
    Danny Tabanji 5 months ago +1

    I have no brakes! Oh wait yes I do!...🤣

  • dirtrider88
    dirtrider88 5 months ago

    I hope you welded those nuts cause its gonna suck when one of them gets tossed into your crotch or torso

  • Elias S
    Elias S 5 months ago

    These guy's deserve MILLIONS of subscribers!

  • Large Joseph
    Large Joseph 5 months ago +5

    why didn’t you just do a hand clutch?

  • Jay Bannen
    Jay Bannen 5 months ago


    HÄLSINGEBOCKEN 5 months ago

    Meanwhile in Norrland

  • Vili951
    Vili951 5 months ago

    Aika "omaperäisen" näkönen...

  • Time_ Set
    Time_ Set 5 months ago

    Колесница нахуй смерти

  • Vincent Ferrara
    Vincent Ferrara 5 months ago

    If them studs let go there goes his balls longer fender it is cool

  • Jannik Klostermann
    Jannik Klostermann 5 months ago

    Maybe this needs a speedshifter ans blipper

  • NothingToSeeHere
    NothingToSeeHere 5 months ago

    "Holy shit! Holy fucking shit! Fuckshit! Shit holy fuckshit"

  • Reid Byars
    Reid Byars 5 months ago

    I hope you like your huevos buddy

  • Andrew Schwab
    Andrew Schwab 5 months ago

    "Holy fucky Shiiiyy!!"😭😂

  • joe howard
    joe howard 5 months ago

    Dt 125

  • Austin Friedner
    Austin Friedner 5 months ago +3

    "Foot clutch"

  • Cierra Tite
    Cierra Tite 5 months ago

    Wow, what a trip....
    Cool machine though.
    I knew it was only a matter of time before somebody tried to wheelie it 😂

  • Timuka 100
    Timuka 100 5 months ago


  • Jore YT
    Jore YT 5 months ago

    Menkää vittu suoraan asiaan

  • jjfromthebigland
    jjfromthebigland 5 months ago

    And here I thought it was the Americans and Russians that had the insane contraption market cornered. Kudos to you crazy Fins

  • Tiny CheeseGiant
    Tiny CheeseGiant 5 months ago +1

    100.1 kph = 62 mph roughly

  • DPSonly l
    DPSonly l 5 months ago

    Idea nähty jo vuonna 2015

  • WRT
    WRT 5 months ago

    300cc potkuri ois parempi

  • Rod Pasichnyk
    Rod Pasichnyk 5 months ago

    Insane, lol!

  • Matt Pro
    Matt Pro 5 months ago

    Oh man I'd be afraid of one those studs coming off the tire and hitting me where it counts Haha

  • Vance Mac donald
    Vance Mac donald 5 months ago

    Easily dead if have fallen, great work fellas loves the sketchiness and how it is at an all time high.

  • General Malaise
    General Malaise 5 months ago

    If you had some sort of fairing, you might squeeze out another 10 kph.

  • Morte Parla
    Morte Parla 5 months ago

    Personally, I would put a shroud that covers as much of the wheel as reasonably possible, without damaging functionality. Just operating in close proximity to a knobby tire that could rip you too pieces in a crash.

    • Caleb M.
      Caleb M. 5 months ago

      Morte Parla not to mention it has studs

  • Huugo leppänen
    Huugo leppänen 5 months ago

    Ite tein koulusa samallaise yamaha kx 250 koneela

  • Boon Docker
    Boon Docker 5 months ago

    Is that the new Polaris 850

  • Anton Österlund
    Anton Österlund 5 months ago

    Can you guys do a how to wheelie 2stroke

  • Jeff Noe
    Jeff Noe 5 months ago +1

    Scratch the 450f motor and get old big bore 2 stroke then ZOOM,ZOOM.

  • Toni P
    Toni P 5 months ago +4

    Meanwhile in Finland 😂😂

  • _ EST _
    _ EST _ 5 months ago +6

    Haha, I love you finish knuckleheads! Awesome machine! 🤣😂👍👏👏🇸🇪🇫🇮

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 5 months ago

    Hand clutch and foot change would be much much safer and easier to control.

    • Nicholas Hollow
      Nicholas Hollow 5 months ago

      Put the clutch Lever on the gear shifter the already have

  • VHS Mies
    VHS Mies 5 months ago


  • Donnie Noonan
    Donnie Noonan 5 months ago

    Let see the Suzuki Hayabusa kick sled

  • Mike B
    Mike B 5 months ago +2

    One good bump, feet come off the rails onto the ice, massive face plant.

  • danmcclearynigga
    danmcclearynigga 5 months ago

    Your foot or pants get caught in one of the tire studs ur hit

  • Skosa Xantonio
    Skosa Xantonio 5 months ago +6

    balto wouldve never stood a chance against this thing

  • okum
    okum 5 months ago


  • Baboon Anus
    Baboon Anus 5 months ago

    Se on muuten 125cc detsin kone.

  • Mää tässä vaan
    Mää tässä vaan 5 months ago

    Pistäkää tela siihen 450cc Suzuki PV:seen

  • K.I.S.S. Data Technologies

    sooo much fun, soo much danger

  • KusGilis
    KusGilis 5 months ago

    1000cc peräkärry

  • Aaron Odguy
    Aaron Odguy 5 months ago

    Looks like a DT200 engine.

  • Tomas Charles
    Tomas Charles 5 months ago

    Holy fkn shit lol.

  • Jonttu
    Jonttu 5 months ago

    Seuraavaks mopoautoon 1000 gsxr kone