Rami Malek Talks ‘Surreal’ Awards Buzz for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’


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  • Paul Bertie
    Paul Bertie 9 дней назад

    Should of have a kiss on the cheek, I would of 😉

  • Zeko Ezz
    Zeko Ezz Месяц назад

    Malk and mo salah proud Egypt😘😘

  • April Anne
    April Anne Месяц назад +1

    Humble and very talented

  • R A
    R A Месяц назад

    I loved how they celebrated Freddie's life and how he made people laugh and cry. A lot of people adored him. I am so happy they made the movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody." It made me laugh and cry. Rami Malek did an incredible job portraying Freddie and he deserved to win. Losing Freddie was a tragedy for Queen and for Queen fans. Freddie you will never be forgotten. Always in my heart. You will always be the best. I listen to your songs every night. You inspire me. There will never be anyone like you. When I watched Bohemian Rhapsody the movie, I felt your pain and when I listen to your music, it gives me chills. I admire your courage. You are a very brave man. "In my defense","We are the champions" and "Too much love will kill you " are the greatest ballads ever written. And sung by you. You put your heart and soul in your songs and performances. I wish I had the opportunity to see you in person. But your music lives on. You are a true legend. You will always have a special place in my heart that no one can touch or replace. Love you Freddie. Xoxox 💋💘❤💓💕💖💙💚💛🧡💜🖤💝💞💟❣

  • Noreen
    Noreen Месяц назад +1

    فخر العرب💪💪💪💪

  • polet rojas
    polet rojas Месяц назад


  • Mia Jaksic
    Mia Jaksic Месяц назад +1

    Give me a break....i dont say he is not good but there are others over him...really so many of them....but acadamy is stupid and blind as usual.....

  • Susan Murdock
    Susan Murdock Месяц назад

    He deserves it x

  • Cyan Blue
    Cyan Blue Месяц назад +3

    He is 37 but he looks like a teenager. So lucky.

  • Bondgirl Watson
    Bondgirl Watson Месяц назад +1

    Class act

  • Cecilia Haram
    Cecilia Haram Месяц назад

    Congratulations Rami Malek.Your Fantastic.

  • Kathy Cooper
    Kathy Cooper Месяц назад

    Congratulations, Rami!👏 You’re amazing!

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 Месяц назад

    I'm sorry but John Blunt, who played Freddie in The Freddie Mercury Story: Who Wants to Live Forever .. was a million times better than Malek. Looked like him, sounded like him .. Malek was a poor pastiche.

  • cookies and cream
    cookies and cream Месяц назад

    The way they talk and look at each other is so cute. I hate it!

  • Happiness Site
    Happiness Site Месяц назад +2

    Congratulations, Rami! Woo hooooo!

  • advenia sabiana
    advenia sabiana Месяц назад +2

    I believe Freddie will proud with you Rami.

  • Fiona9164
    Fiona9164 Месяц назад +1


  • D Clement
    D Clement Месяц назад +1

    Of course this film won. Hollywood is run by a bunch of pedophiles and homos.

    • chris claris
      chris claris Месяц назад

      +D Clement doesn't matter. It's like pedophiles and heteros...The same ..Gay people aren't bad. People just born that way..Pedophiles are sick

    • D Clement
      D Clement Месяц назад

      chris claris... thus the word “and”.

    • chris claris
      chris claris Месяц назад

      if you think pedophiles and homos are the same so you have a problem

    • gabyy556
      gabyy556 Месяц назад +5

      D Clement Oh, fuck off homophobe!

  • theoriginalThud
    theoriginalThud Месяц назад +6

    YEEESSSS!!!!! Golden Globe winner for BEST drama and BEST actor!!! Congratulations!! You deserve it!! 👏👏👏

  • Angela Rosales
    Angela Rosales Месяц назад +1

    Definitely earned that award 🏆

  • TheClassica91 Classic
    TheClassica91 Classic Месяц назад +3

    Rami seems like a great human being, and his performance in the film was extraordinary. The odds seemed to be against this film from the very beginning, and according to some critics they still are, but I’ll be rooting hard for Rami and BR.

  • playrewindff
    playrewindff Месяц назад +3

    Go rami ❤️ you deserve all of it!!!

  • Lisa Lemon
    Lisa Lemon Месяц назад +8

    I totally agree with my girl Renee here..BoRhap best film by far..do NOT CARE what the movie snobs & critics said..they are clueless!

  • Sofia Zavoli
    Sofia Zavoli Месяц назад +6

    He’s so beautiful and kind. I’m in love 🥰

  • Cris Fernandez
    Cris Fernandez Месяц назад +9

    That guy is Freddy Mercury I trust me

  • Nory Reynoso
    Nory Reynoso Месяц назад +17

    Well deserved...he made an extraodinary job!!!...He is so humble, and good actor, also a nice person!! Well done Rami Malek...the world loves you!!!

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green Месяц назад +13

    He deserves it all, he really puts his heart into his work, and we respond to this.

  • Chloe l
    Chloe l Месяц назад +35

    This interview is so nice, the journalist was so kind with him and she asked smart questions, so that was pretty interesting, thanks for this interview

  • Rami Malek Fan123
    Rami Malek Fan123 Месяц назад +88

    Im so happy for him he deserves all this and more!!

  • DiCapricorn Capricorn
    DiCapricorn Capricorn Месяц назад +12

    And he won for Best Lead Actor! I'm so incredibly glad that he did. His performance was magnifying and as a person he is purely a class act . Well done Rami 🎉

  • Dwitia Majumder
    Dwitia Majumder Месяц назад +8

    1:43 Gary Oldman in the background

  • Melissa M
    Melissa M Месяц назад +31

    Why is he so precious

    • polet rojas
      polet rojas Месяц назад

      Sus padres son ejipcios, por eso! ♡

    • Melissa M
      Melissa M Месяц назад +2

      hey u have a cool name

  • BOSS95
    BOSS95 Месяц назад +15

    So humble

    • Jelly Ace
      Jelly Ace Месяц назад

      He'll be one of the biggest actors to watch. He is a very good dumb actor!!!!!

  • Julia
    Julia Месяц назад +10

    My husband!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sami in the background 😂😂)

  • EJ Pingco
    EJ Pingco Месяц назад +19

    Rami is a great actor. He deserve all the award in the world❤❤❤

  • Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette Месяц назад +3

    Looking handsome !!

  • Lily Newman
    Lily Newman Месяц назад +45

    the one dislike is paul prenter

  • TinaLove
    TinaLove Месяц назад +22

    He's so cute and sweet.

  • uplikeaninsomniac
    uplikeaninsomniac Месяц назад +6


  • Joseph Sabando
    Joseph Sabando Месяц назад +98

    I swear if he wears the wembley 1986 yellow outfit to the golden globes I will scream

    • BorissRaco
      BorissRaco Месяц назад

      Hahahahaha of course not

    • Gigi D
      Gigi D Месяц назад +12

      now THAT would be it, totally.

  • afifah hanani Yusuf
    afifah hanani Yusuf Месяц назад +26

    he is so divine

  • Charissa Thompson
    Charissa Thompson Месяц назад +3

    Hello everyone

    • Noreen Ray
      Noreen Ray Месяц назад

      Welcome,all you beautiful people

  • Sophie Tompkins
    Sophie Tompkins Месяц назад +89

    1:47 spying Sami in the background 😂

    • Sophie Tompkins
      Sophie Tompkins Месяц назад +2

      Raabherself literally 😂😂

    • Raabherself
      Raabherself Месяц назад +2

      +Sophie Tompkins One brother: :D ^^ The other: O.o O.o

    • Sophie Tompkins
      Sophie Tompkins Месяц назад +2

      Raabherself te he I know that made me giggle, he must use that look a lot on the red carpet. Or maybe he's been telepathic and telling him to 'introduce me later' 😂

    • Raabherself
      Raabherself Месяц назад +3

      +Sophie Tompkins In 0:01 You can see Sami watch as the journalist bows to Rami. I just wonder what he thinks of THAT XD XD XD

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams Месяц назад +7

    wow my baby

  • Mía Gabaldón
    Mía Gabaldón Месяц назад +5


    • Jelly Ace
      Jelly Ace Месяц назад +1

      He is now one of my favorite actors. Humble and kind hearted!!!!!

  • Apagando Las Luces
    Apagando Las Luces Месяц назад +60

    love to hear him talk about freddie, two wonderful people

  • Eileen Pizarro
    Eileen Pizarro Месяц назад +96

    He’s so talented and such a beautiful person. What a package. He deserves all the accolades bestowed on him. Considering his range from Elliot to Freddie. Amazing.

  • Lone
    Lone Месяц назад +1


  • theJOKER isME
    theJOKER isME Месяц назад +32

    I❤you Rami!

  • Chantell Williams
    Chantell Williams Месяц назад +52

    my baby doing big things 💞 !!

  • Isabella Kjartans.
    Isabella Kjartans. Месяц назад

    first? haha

    • Jelly Ace
      Jelly Ace Месяц назад

      Globe and Academy for him pleaseeee!!!!

  • Michelle Varas
    Michelle Varas Месяц назад +5