Day 1,057: Chaos Reigns After Trump Impeachment Debate Comes To Surprise End | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • After sharp jabs and plenty of finger-pointing, a dramatic day of Trump impeachment debate on the Hill ends in dramatic fashion as Chairman Jerry Nadler surprises Republicans with an abrupt end to the proceedings. Aired on 12/12/19.
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    Day 1,057: Chaos Reigns After Trump Impeachment Debate Comes To Surprise End | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Comments • 4 697

  • Dianne Moyes
    Dianne Moyes Month ago

    A high crime has been committed!! Trump admitted to it unknowingly on camera..... You don't go blackmail or bully another country to try to come up with dirt on a in country political opponents. If Biden had something going on he wouldn't have almost gone bankrupt and almost list his house paying medical bills to fight his son's cancer.
    The Electoral College sure screwed up on this one.

  • Walter Heisenberg
    Walter Heisenberg Month ago

    The way the Democrats paraded Talib to let us know they hate America was great. The face of the left.


    1:15 💚❤💓

  • Jeremiah Hill
    Jeremiah Hill Month ago

    So basically because the money didnt actually change hands we should just leave it alone. So if i go in a bank with a gun to rob the place but get busted then i shouldnt get any time lol..he was busted attempting to extort so the republican party are acting as his lawyers knowing full well its a high crime because a president cant do that folks geesh ....

  • Chris Nova777
    Chris Nova777 Month ago
    back on the 5th of JUNE 2019 > before any phone called took place, they were talking about impeachment before any July 25th event, or September Phone call.. watch the video of the same NADLER whos been in congress since 1992, talk to CNN's Wolf Blitzer about impeaching the president; and ask yourself.. is this CONSTRUCTED + DEVISED? or a real factual violation of the law by president TRUMP?? THINK ABOUT IT..... HOW COULD THEY BE TALKING ABOUT IMPEACHMENT?? BEFORE THE EVENTS OF THE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT EVER HAPPENED???

  • Laquinton Doc
    Laquinton Doc Month ago

    Glade I didnt get put off of tossed

  • da sa
    da sa Month ago

    Hello Americans From Eastern European Socialist ExCommunist country:.... I dont understand why you hate first president that didnt have any wars?
    You really do like WARS dont you?

  • AngeleyeLisa B
    AngeleyeLisa B Month ago

    Waste of taxpayers money
    Fake bull crap

  • joe momma
    joe momma Month ago

    As an American I am embarrassed and ashamed of our democrats in office

  • joe momma
    joe momma Month ago

    How sad. Haters can't handle trumps success. They are lined up to cry and hate on him. I can't stop laughing at all these crybabies

  • joe momma
    joe momma Month ago

    This country looks pretty pathetic right now. Trump isn't gonna be impeached. Trump exposed how weak these haters really are. Loo at how many people cannot handle his success. Pathetic people have been hating since day 1.

  • John Moussiaux
    John Moussiaux Month ago

    Matt Gaetz criticizing drug abuse by Hunter is absolutely hilarious

  • Swampbutt Stinson
    Swampbutt Stinson Month ago

    The defense that treasonous trump was only concerned about corruption is so tired and disproven; all accounts say he was only concerned with the Public announcement of an investigation, not even the actual investigation. If the Trump campaign wants to condemn lawmakers for getting nothing done but "attacking" the PUSS, they should be focused on Mitchy, who is the bottleneck stopping much legislation put forth from BOTH sides of the aisle!

  • Jody Huston
    Jody Huston Month ago

    Sigh … the President indeed has been speaking of "corruption all along". His own.

    • da sa
      da sa Month ago

      First president of USA that didnt start any WAR where real people DIE and kids DIE.... is that why you hate him?
      Hello from EastEuropean socialist country

  • B G
    B G Month ago

    Sounds like a good idea, it's late, go home and sleep on it.

  • Casey Turner
    Casey Turner Month ago

    What's really going on in the world while everyone is tuned into watching all this bs? Lol. I can't believe I watched this crap.

  • J Allen Braat
    J Allen Braat Month ago

    Republicans gripe about the process yet each of them supported Senator Turtle’s refusal to give Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee a hearing. The Republican Party is turning congress into a war zone.

  • Nicholas Plesko
    Nicholas Plesko Month ago

    In 4 years the federal and civil cases against Trump are going to be so satisfying.

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay Month ago


  • CLP
    CLP Month ago

    Wtf difference does it make?

  • Tribulation Saint
    Tribulation Saint Month ago

    In other words, the Deep State just puked a little.

  • Kalvin nunya
    Kalvin nunya Month ago

    That's a Dem for you

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay Month ago


  • Dean River
    Dean River Month ago

    MSLSD is fake news.

  • D Potter
    D Potter Month ago

    Republican senitors working with the Whitehouse? Outrageous, just proves their corruption and impartiality, not ignoring evidence, refusing to even look at it. I pray for the corrupt leaders of our country, that God uses them for Good and quit allowing them to lie, cheat and steal from the people they swore to protect.

  • BS1
    BS1 Month ago

    I stay indepdent I don't want to be a puppet of any party and I have voted Republican at one Point and Democratic at another time.
    I just at this time don't think I could ever vote Republican again, to say that protecting Trump and his behavior in general seems like mass hypocrisy..on a value system neoconservative say we should have As Americans.
    There action seem just based on the gaining of power and money.
    Digging deep into racial fears and dviding the country like pieces of pie.

  • Trying to make sense

    The Conpeachment.

  • warfumble
    warfumble Month ago

    #walkaway Leave this nonsense, everyone really knows this is nonsense.

  • RJ King
    RJ King Month ago

    Thank God the democrats didn't look into Hillary Clintons case.

  • catrionaakacat
    catrionaakacat Month ago

    Why do Republicans always look like children of Voldemort 🤔🤔🤔 🐍🐍🐍I'm not American nor do I live in America... this is just an unbiased observation.

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams Month ago

    Hank Johnson is a total waste of flesh.

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth Month ago

    I personally favor counting decades (and centuries, and millennia) using the "odometer" method: the significant change is when a digit changes. When the 10s digit changes from "1" to "2" as it will next month, that's a new decade. When the 1000s digit changed from "1" to "2" as it did at midnight, January 1, 2000, that's a new millennium. I also think that there should have been a year "0", but it's too late to fix that now as too many textbooks would have to be changed. The logical consequence of the "odometer" count is that the year "1 B.C." belonged to the first decade, which consisted of that year plus nine other years (1A.C. thru 9A.C.) to make 10 years. And the first century consisted of the 99 years 1A.C. through 99A.C.) plus 1B.C. so that it contains 100 years. I don't see a problem with that. As long as every decade contains 10 years, and every century contains 100 years, and every millennium contains 1,000 years, nothing is inconsistent.
    Really, people who say 1961 began a new decade, 1901 began a new century, and 2001 began a new millennium have got only ONE argument on their side, which is that the contrary view requires including the year 1BC as part of the first of everything. Which again wouldn't be a problem if that year had been numbered "0" as it should have been. Why react to one bad error by perpetuating it across further bad errors? And there is really NO GOOD REASON to oppose the inclusion of 1B.C. in the first decade, first century, and first millennium. It's too long ago to matter, whereas the odometer-digits in the counting of the years are here with us RIGHT NOW, and will be around forever, and DO matter, and SHOULD be (and in fact ARE) what people pay attention to.
    Insisting that the current century and millennium started on Jan 1st, 2001, is moronic, because the change of the one's-digit of the year from "0" to "1" is NOT an event that happens only once every thousand years. It happens once every 10 years. And ANY change in the 1's-digit happens EVERY YEAR. That's not a millennial event. Any change in the thousands digit, such as the change that occurred when 1999 ended and 2000 began, DOES in fact happen only once in a thousand years, and THAT is what makes it a millennium.Furthermore, people who disagree with me actually DO make references to 1950 as "the last year of the 1940s", and their idea of "the 1940s" doesn't INCLUDE 1940, the actual year that is spelled out when you type the name of the decade, "the 1940s". Or else they must scrupulously avoid altogether the uttering names of decades as "the 1970s", "the 60s", or names of centuries like "the 1800s". It is to pile one stupidity on top of another, all in validation of the earliest stupidity at all, which was the failure to have a year "0".Those who disagree are IDIOTS. However, in an act of altruistic love for the intellectually disadvantaged, I will list here the Friday the 13ths that occur in 2020, which is what you will foolishly state is the last year of the 2nd decade of this century and millennium, in your argument to show that Brian Williams should not have referred to December 13, 2019 as "the last Friday the 13th of the decade" in this video. In your idiocy what you will need to cite are March 13, 2020 and November 13, 2020 as additional Friday the 13ths within YOUR stupid definition of "this decade".

  • Joni Angel
    Joni Angel Month ago

    Officials at the Army and Navy academies are investigating whether hand signs flashed by students standing behind a reporter during a TV interview were intended to convey a message of white supremacy.
    The incident involved two U.S. Military Academy cadets and a Naval Academy midshipman who were behind ESPN’s Rece Davis as he reported on the sideline before the annual rivalry game Saturday in Philadelphia.
    “U.S. Naval Acad

  • Neo
    Neo Month ago

    Hey I remember this guy! He covered the Mars Miners strike. The Martians were asking for better pay rate.

  • My Apple
    My Apple Month ago


  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan Month ago

    Republicans complaining about it being all about the TV screens is so ironic. Most of their outbursts and nonsensical rage rants were all for conservative media. Additionally, they're unironically showing outrage for the tv again. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites.

  • LetzEat
    LetzEat Month ago +1

    As Mulvaney said, "GET OVER IT"

  • everybodylovesdevin

    Brian "why is my nose so broken" Williams

  • Pascale Janssens
    Pascale Janssens Month ago

    All those supporters or those turning a blind eye to the corruption if TDJ are equally dangerous and should be removed @

  • Pascale Janssens
    Pascale Janssens Month ago

    The Republicans are bad loosers. Those who support Trump are just evil.


    So when one uses "bowlow" punches in the ring, and I get stunned, hurt, or jarred and the following round, I use the same tactic, they cry "wolf'? Snowflake mentality.

  • Jarmar Fuerte
    Jarmar Fuerte Month ago

    Trump is. A coward he needs to go to Ireland they should sent him back to Ireland

  • Jarmar Fuerte
    Jarmar Fuerte Month ago

    If they don’t impeach trump USA will no longer be one of the nations that stands for what right and no other nation will longer believe in USA as a united country. How can we trust in USA congress men if trump is corrupted and not impeach it’s just like president of Venezuela that keep himself in power no matter ehat they do Venezuela president manage to elect himself president over and over even though their economy has fallen .

  • Internet Marketing Maps

    *_While we are on the subject of impeachment, MSNBC needs to be impeached for trafficking in fake news, political bias, and acting as the propaganda wing of the weak-minded Democrat party... Instead of simply reporting the news, MSNBC fabricates the news and shows animus towards the President on a daily basis... Isn't it time to remove the protection from liable, so-called news networks use and hide behind under the 'first amendment?' ...Freedom of speech should not allow news organizations to play party politics without first registering as a political party._* 👀😏💰🐓

  • Kris M
    Kris M Month ago

    Lol, GOP dragging out all day and then thought they were going to complain about a vote in dark of night. They got played , no wonder they threw a tantrum, too funny, good for Nadler for beating them at their own game! And Gaetz looks like he wouldn't think twice to slip some poor college girl a ruffie, after all, we know he likes beer!!!

  • Jeffery Maher
    Jeffery Maher Month ago

    Hello? Where are all of you liberals who have been proven wrong time and time again? Do you get it, yet? Are you so biased that you DON'T get it?
    The IG report is proof that the Obama dos and FBI are partisan criminals.
    The Nunes report from a couple years ago has been proven to be correct. The media and all of the others, including the democrat politicians, have been ranting and raving about nothing but lies. Extreme partisanship. YOU ARE CAUGHT.
    It does not take a genius to see through your bias, lies and stroking of each others ability at being as hateful as you can of us conservatives. You are screwed. We are going to rub it in hard. You can't hide behind three years of lies, but what you can do is join the conservative/republican party, or at least, become an independent.
    The Democrat party has been on a collision course with reality. With the help of the liberal media and hollywood they have lied and duped all of you who have supported them.
    TRUMP 2020 !! Get smart American Voters.

  • kalaa bandarr
    kalaa bandarr Month ago

    Hang draw and quarter the whole of the republican party . I'm up for the job if noone else objects.

  • John Hearn
    John Hearn Month ago

    My thing is when were any of
    Them in a truly impossible
    Situation like the one I was in
    Fifty years ago. Just like the
    Old timers say. "Dam few"

  • Rick rick
    Rick rick Month ago

    I’m voting for Hillary. If Trump is impeached Hillary automatically becomes the President.
    When the one who holds the Miss America Crown can no longer serve, quits or is fired, the runner up automatically wears the Crown.

  • Final Cut Prox
    Final Cut Prox Month ago

    Welp there ya go. Trump is going anywhere. Wow what a world we live in now.

  • JW
    JW Month ago

    Oh, there are plenty of crimes being committed here, and not just by the defendant.

  • Elaine Koh
    Elaine Koh Month ago

    Smart move by Mr Nadler. True, it is late. Everyone should go home sleep over it and they vote the next day. What is wrong with that logical consideration, Dirty Doug?👍👏 Nadler, Saldwell, Hank Johnson and Democrats. Look at the Republican madmen, Doug Collins and Maet Gaetz. Despicable trump, you mean "do nothing" trump and republicans. 👍👏 Nancy Pelosi. She does not force upon her Democrat members or influence them to sing her tune. The evidences are all presented before them, they should read them and make their own decision like intelligent individuals.. She does not intimidate them like trump forcing loyalty down his Republicans and warning them of being "no trumper". What a world of difference in these two leaders!!! Pathetic trump, wake up and learn a thing or two about great leadership from Mdm Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Kudos to her!🥰😘🥂🏅

  • Sgt.StickyTits
    Sgt.StickyTits Month ago

    It makes me sick to watch these career politicians basically call us stupid. "He did nothing wrong, Americans won't understand, it's too complicated." When did party first become more important than the constitution and the American people? The fact that they still have a base is frightening.

  • Saved By Grace
    Saved By Grace Month ago

    Uh, no...if this President reigns 4 more years, THIS will be a 3rd world nation.

  • Kim Gustavson
    Kim Gustavson Month ago

    I am so tired of the Republican's yelling and whining. They say nothing substantial and they are all starting to sound like Trump who can't even talk in complete sentences.

  • Michael Donovan
    Michael Donovan Month ago

    mcconnell shuld be tarred and feathered then thrown in prison as a traitor...

  • Win
    Win Month ago

    Wow they really can’t handle Power. These are great examples of what not to be like

  • L O.619
    L O.619 Month ago

    Traitor and collaborators in office

  • Xavier Jones
    Xavier Jones Month ago

    My whole family has now left the Democrat party due to the decisions they've not made but forced the past 3 years

  • Ian Willans
    Ian Willans Month ago

    Why do you STUPID democrats think that msnbc and cnn are telling the truth.
    Could it be that you have a BELOW AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE.
    Have you not worked out the fact that msnbc and cnn are only giving you FAKE NEWS.
    When I think of democrats the word DISDAIN comes to mind.
    The democrat party has gone way to far left.
    So what just happened in the UK election the labor party who are the same as the democrats
    We’re blown out of the water.a landslide victory for the Liberals.
    In2020 that is going to happen to the democrat party. DONALD TRUMP will also win by a
    There are some news outlets who actually tell the TRUTH unlike CNN who only give you
    DT has done more for the American people than any other President has ever done.
    And you want to Impeach him.
    That’s why I know that you have LESS THAN AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE.
    DONALD TRUMP 2020.
    Goodbye YOU LOOSERS.