How bad Silvers really are in CS:GO?

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • Are Silvers really that bad in CS:GO or could they easily beat you in time trials?
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    1) Reaction time test
    2) Aim React in CS:GO
    30 seconds - time attack mode - target size 2
    3) Aim_Botz in CS:GO
    100 kills challenge - one side - full length - 11 bots
    ▶ 20 minutes maximum for each challenge.

    This video is another experiment that tries to answer a hot CS:GO question - how bad Silver ranked players really are? You may see big surprises. Have fun!
    How much better is a pro CS:GO player than a regular player?:
    So I hired 5 different editors on Fiverr and here is the result..:
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Comments • 1 965

  • NadeKing
    NadeKing  29 days ago +302

    c u on stream, huh? 🤴

    • F3 H3
      F3 H3 6 days ago

      NadeKing Do one of these videos for faceit levels (maybe each colour (green,yellow,oranges&red) instead to make the video less long) and then maybe do 2 level 10’s :one being at 2000 ELO and one being at 3000 ELO/ FPL-C player. :) superG

    • Spencer Spiegel
      Spencer Spiegel 9 days ago

      yo man if u need a silver 1... hook me up ;(

    • LargePEENgaming 9600
      LargePEENgaming 9600 19 days ago
      Enjoy this toxic video

    • Taavi Lahti
      Taavi Lahti 21 day ago

      I tested human benchmark was about my mouse and I had around 234ms

    • rifle prodigy
      rifle prodigy 22 days ago

      that rush guys not silver, i know him lmfao

  • Sad Little Pepe
    Sad Little Pepe 12 hours ago

    ummmm i tried the human benchmark thing and on the first one i got 43ms wtf

  • Sad Little Pepe
    Sad Little Pepe 12 hours ago

    some silvers are amazing but some of them just dont play enough or give up

  • EBYA !
    EBYA ! 19 hours ago

    Ive get 75ms yay

  • gg2
    gg2 Day ago

    Well im in mg1 i get 54 points in the shoot react thing and 1:09.125 in the 100 kills but i only get 190ms reaction

  • Sam Chester
    Sam Chester Day ago

    My current rank is silver now,and it feels guuuud:)

  • Grbic7
    Grbic7 Day ago

    after 6 bears and in 3 hours in morning i was still better than my bro in reaction test XD

  • Filip Karlsson
    Filip Karlsson Day ago

    haha tried the test and had one of those lucky rounds. Actually got 4 ms, just luck tho....Or was it ;)

  • Brendan Fraser
    Brendan Fraser 2 days ago

    I just woke up and my reaction time was 353 is it because I just woke up?

  • Subwolfe
    Subwolfe 2 days ago +1

    I tend to do a lot better than my team in matches and can clutch under pressure but I can’t seem to get out of silver I got to silver elite and uninstalled. After I reinstalled I can’t get out of silver 1 any tips

    Also I got 179ms on the test silver 1

  • Marko Ibranovic
    Marko Ibranovic 2 days ago

    my reaction is 265 and i am silver 3

  • Premium Fruits
    Premium Fruits 3 days ago

    Valve's ranks below LE have almost no meaning. They do literally nothing to combat smurfing and cheats have gotten so good these days that people are rarely caught unless it's blatant. I've played this game at every rank from the bottom to the top, and I can say with 100% certainty that novas are the absolute worst players. Silvers are constantly playing against smurfs, no one smurfs in gold. Also, that rank spread chart is absolute horseshit. At least 50% of the playerbase is silver4 and lower. It's impossible to carry yourself out without playing with 4 friends, and even then you'll run into groups of smurfs every other game. Until Valve actually proactively combats the rampant smurfing in their now f2p game, their ranking system is entirely meaningless. Put that nova in your video in solo queue silver games and see how long he keeps his rank.

  • EliTried
    EliTried 3 days ago

    Why you bully me?

  • FantasticKoala
    FantasticKoala 3 days ago

    Bro. I'm a silver rank 1. I'm not afraid to admit that i'm the lowest rank. I've been playing for 3 months and my clips are really awesome. Some of us silvers aren't TERRIBLE. It's just a rank.

  • Ahkoleiskiller
    Ahkoleiskiller 3 days ago

    i think my matchmaking is bugged, i have 80 wins with a 60% win rate. i dropped a 50 kill last night and i still havent gone from silver 2 to 3

  • Wyatt James
    Wyatt James 3 days ago +1

    Boll is fucking trash not go to lie,

  • DiTech
    DiTech 3 days ago

    silver 1 is here since the game came out

  • Maina Animations
    Maina Animations 4 days ago

    Can you do another one of these silver experiments.

  • SUPG
    SUPG 4 days ago

    Nadeking the thing is, for reaction time theres too much factors to have an accurate test, if youre looking for pure reaction time, theres other variables like monitor refresh rate and mouse button click delay, so you cant get a 100% accurate test.

  • Burned Out gaming
    Burned Out gaming 4 days ago

    haha im silver 1 add me

  • Wizard Koer
    Wizard Koer 4 days ago

    Silver elite and above all have decent aim. After that, there's a lot of brain involved

  • x DeathCon
    x DeathCon 4 days ago +2

    People automatically assume low ranks are bad, but once you're in prime the whole game changes. My friend is also in silver and has almost 4k hours. He's tested a new account and got to gn3 as the placement rank. The only way I ever see myself leaving silver is if I have a team to help tryhard matches because most are actually good at the game. People with 10 year coins and otherwise decorated accounts are NOT noobs, just stuck.

  • kevin Lidgett
    kevin Lidgett 4 days ago

    Get steveclaus as he is silver 1 search on twitch

  • B5EN
    B5EN 4 days ago

    just saying i feel very offended

  • Mario Ivanov
    Mario Ivanov 4 days ago

    Lower ranked player are not that bad mechanically. They miss on other skills like game sense, positioning, ability to use certain weapons and how to engage them ( tap, burst spray), team play, will to try their best when someone is griefing/afk and use of their head. People in low ranks immediately lose will to play when somebody is afk, trolling or have negative attitude. Good thing is all these require experience to learn. Yes, better mechanical player will have edge on same skilled players but being able to outsmart opponent is even greater advantage. People in lower ranks are incosistent and often do same mistakes ( re-peeking mid doors on dust etc.). The higher the rank the more consistent the players are playing. Consistency to be aware of your past mistakes and not repeating them will improve your rank assuming you are decent in the other skills like shooting, positioning etc

  • That Panda Guy
    That Panda Guy 4 days ago

    I did 6 ms take this home boy ( I accidentally pressed but It doesn't matter)

  • pev1ce peace & love
    pev1ce peace & love 4 days ago

    its the only game where a silver can easily kill a global just by buing non-skill ez pz guns to use like awp or aug. And that sucks :( Also the sounds of this game are terrible. Wont talk for hack

  • Reaper
    Reaper 5 days ago

    Im a Silver Elite and I suck hard.
    I'm even more shitty during winter time because of freezing fingers and feet hahaha.

  • SkiPlays
    SkiPlays 5 days ago

    I can't rank up at all.. wanna know why? because i get screaming russians :) and garbage teams, i get like 30 kills and my team like 0

  • Eric
    Eric 5 days ago

    Reaction time and hitting green dots isnt represantable for how good you are in CS:GO.

  • VenomousCompany
    VenomousCompany 5 days ago

    The thing about low silvers is that many of them are better than say Gold Nova 3/4. But there is soooooo many smurfs in Silver. Often it is quite hard to get a game without smurfs.

  • Demon ElseSD
    Demon ElseSD 5 days ago

    I agree but im mvp even i dont wear headphone like wtf

    ZKHUN •YT 5 days ago

    I still silver 3

    Nick : Zynxc2

  • Adam Bouchnag
    Adam Bouchnag 5 days ago

    Im a silver and I went on the reaction test and got 202 score :)

  • Its Propel
    Its Propel 5 days ago

    I think this a good test to see how broken the csgo ranks are, I value myself as a decent player but have been traped in silver for literal years. I've only been able to solo que myself to gold nova 3 once and then fell back to s2. #sendhelp

  • Rasmus1337
    Rasmus1337 5 days ago +1

    Feel bad for Jason man, he looks so sad ;/

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 5 days ago +1

    If anybody is curious I'm a Silver Elite Master about to do these tests.
    1. Reaction time average was 205 ms
    2. 47 points (I feel like I could do way better on this one, adjusted my sense after I took this test)
    3. 1 min 12 seconds (if you want to do this yourself, make sure you enable the map to have 90 degrees like in the vid, not 360)

  • NabsterHax
    NabsterHax 5 days ago

    Just goes to show that aim and reaction time alone doesn't make you a good CS:GO player. For example, even if you have amazing aim, you're always going to lose to someone who knows crosshair placement and game sense if you don't have those.

  • Jack in Black
    Jack in Black 5 days ago

    Silver 1 gang wya

  • mikeXpapa
    mikeXpapa 5 days ago +1

    Clearly the way to get better scores on Aim React is to have a Bloodsport AK

  • KaneArts
    KaneArts 5 days ago

    When I used to play I was inconsistent, I eventually got up to gold nova 2, but took a long time and still some silver players destroyed me! I think csgo ranking system is a little out of balance and unfair honestly, some days I play like silver 2, some days I play like silver 2 😂

  • swhix
    swhix 6 days ago

    I'm gold 1 FUCK YOU

  • Sgt_Steffen
    Sgt_Steffen 6 days ago

    I watched the video about 15 Minutes ago, i see the guy called RushT "Silver Elite Master", so i checked the linked Twitter Account, see his Twitch VOD´s and surprise he isn´t a Silver Elite Master, he is a Legendary Eagle. Its a kinda big Gap between Silver and Eagle i would say.

  • an achorn
    an achorn 6 days ago

    Id love to play sometime with ya sometime if you want.

    • an achorn
      an achorn 6 days ago

      My fastest reaction time was 16ms

  • RamosDaily Yt
    RamosDaily Yt 6 days ago

    I'm a silver I perfect m4a4 AK m4a1 spray7and all smg Good on angles hard carrier Pop flashes Long range head shot crosshair placement I always get many kills good Stats like 23/2/12 but I still doesn't rank up

  • Jonez HD
    Jonez HD 6 days ago

    I was MG 2 about 3 years ago. Played csgo for the first time since then the other week, got ranked silver 3 xD

  • Blacklight 123
    Blacklight 123 6 days ago

    I am Silver Elite Master and i can tell you that it’s only because i play with random mates... I played with some of my friends (MG-LEM) and i was pretty good. So in my opinion, if you have bad teammates, you loose

  • H a p p y
    H a p p y 6 days ago

    Lol im not even silver and i played better than gold nova 2

  • vLotto
    vLotto 6 days ago

    My average was 291 is that good?

  • DageLV
    DageLV 6 days ago

    anyone MG1?
    And no, i dont do warmpups. I dont play for some months, then join comp, play few, leave for some more months.

  • Mate Meerai
    Mate Meerai 6 days ago

    Just saing, a lot of people who are silver are bad because of their bad PCs and internet connection. At least those who try really hard but are still bad. When I played cs:go really hardcore, I never managed to go past s2, I was not into pc specs (was plaing on an old 2 core pc without a graphicscard) and fps was foreign to me. After I upgraded my PC, got into changing my options in the game, after 2-3 plays I got placed in gold nova 2, well I never aspired for much in csgo, and soon got bored of it so im not ranked right now. But with my lack of regular training I think I'm back to silver.

  • wavyfuNk
    wavyfuNk 6 days ago +1

    im silver elite and i got 76 ms

    mums so proud

    edit: I GOT 44 BITCH

  • John Choi
    John Choi 6 days ago

    I was silver 1 for a year and I couldn't seem to get out but I invested into another account and I am now global yay!

    • Wii Remote BROKEN
      Wii Remote BROKEN 3 days ago

      Investing into a new account is worth it. Especially because once your stuck your stuck

  • Scylent Nights
    Scylent Nights 7 days ago

    You can have the mechanical skill of a Global Elite in silver it doesn't matter if your game knowledge is doodoo, what your showing isn't the difference between high elo and low elo all you're showing is how mechanical gaps don't necessarily mean high elo.

  • Dekaz
    Dekaz 7 days ago +1

    Only shroud can beat 22ms xD

  • juma W
    juma W 7 days ago

    Silver can be pro player too but just need good monitor cpu gpu mouse keyboard

  • Malum95
    Malum95 7 days ago

    Im broken af, I did this for about 20mins, about 35% of my reactions were under 60ms, the rest were at like 200-220ms~

    • azenCF
      azenCF 7 days ago +1

      Under 60 is not possible unless its luck

  • RonnyWho
    RonnyWho 7 days ago +1

    why would you do an ONLINE reaction test that measures milliseconds when the ping to server could easily be 100+ ms for some

    • RonnyWho
      RonnyWho 4 days ago

      @rafael it literally says on the website that your ping+monitor+computer affects the results, but ok bud

    • rafael
      rafael 4 days ago

      the reaction test is all local lol

    • NabsterHax
      NabsterHax 5 days ago

      Because that's not how websites work...

  • Owly Music
    Owly Music 7 days ago

    Usually the aimbotz 1 minute challenge is done with the farthest wall disabled, would like to see how they do with that

  • ReLasH
    ReLasH 7 days ago

    I'm pretty good to be silver i woud say, but i've always played "cs like" games.

    • ReLasH
      ReLasH 6 days ago

      @Bruce Lee as i've said, i've played cs like games my whole life. Think i got some clips on my channel.

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 6 days ago

      You are not good if you are silver.