Xiaomi Mi 8 Review and Pocophone F1 RANT

  • Published on Sep 24, 2018
  • The Xiaomi Mi 8 offers a ton of value with flagship specs under $400, but it seems outclassed by the cheaper Pocophone F1 from the "same" company.
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    Pocophone F1 review | andauth.co/PocoPhoneF1Review
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Comments • 967

  • David Imel
    David Imel Year ago +208

    Hey guys! Kinda trying a narrative thing again, let me know what you think.
    Every phone has basically the same specs now so talking about performance is kinda.. boring? I wanted to give some background on the company and talk about what's going on with their product lineup. Just kinda experimenting.
    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    • M MI
      M MI 7 months ago

      I have a Mi 8 and I want to get the face I feature but I cant as I couldnt change the region from china
      Please help me

    • Avi Wadhwa
      Avi Wadhwa 9 months ago

      FYI The Poco F1 doesn't have ads.. they have a different version called 'MIUI for Poco' which comes with cleaner UI and ZERO ads

    • Larry Small
      Larry Small 10 months ago

      @spkt0r poco is very overrated

    • Sagar Verma
      Sagar Verma Year ago

      David Imel good one indeed just like it want to provide my thoughts after purchasing the Poko
      After using it for 20 days note I do lots of audio recordings the microphone on this device sucks the build quality is kind of okay if you use a cover I sold mine did not like it because of its terrible microphone
      I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go for this phone if you are hugely into audio go for the mix series instead
      I would have fixed the audio/microphone issue by flashing a custom ROM however I did not do it because I didn’t want it to now I’m back to my iPhone 7 because I don’t have any other phone at the moment

    • Tony Nahhat
      Tony Nahhat Year ago

      David Imel in some countries like mine syria 100$ is monthly salary for people ...so it is considered the 100$ in comparison

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali 2 days ago

    When i saw mi 8 ferfomence really Very good I was iphone cell user but now i am using mi 8 I throw iPhone in Ben because huge deferent in price I preffer to my hole family to buy xiaomi mi 8 o any of xiaomi model or Huawei mate 10 or 20 pro

  • SubhanSZN
    SubhanSZN 29 days ago

    Mi 8... or pocophone f1.. so hard..
    Both snapdragon 845...
    2 phones and one stone
    Help me decide below

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne Month ago

    Who cares about the headphone jack

  • Desene in Paint cu Lidia.

    Poch F1 may bee better but If You are not going to use the phone only for games You will whant the Mi 8 beacous he has better camera and Ips will never bee better then Almoled so....

  • Fernando Castillo
    Fernando Castillo 4 months ago

    This guy is sooo stupid 🤣

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 5 months ago

    Poko is not really for the US market. There are a lot of missing LTE bands.

  • paul sturgess sturg gaming

    I had an iPhone X phone is shit


    6:28 I am the guy who is here because I believe the MI 8 is a better phone than the Poco. The price difference between the base variants is around $30 now.

  • mark mac
    mark mac 7 months ago

    Just shows you how apple rip the sheep off

  • Rizky Hadi Felani
    Rizky Hadi Felani 7 months ago

    The poco isn't branded as a flagship at all man so you got it a little bit wrong there at 5:35. It is a mid-range smartphone WITH a bunch of flagship specs.

  • Stratos Nikidis
    Stratos Nikidis 8 months ago

    you are boring and miui is not like stock android mate

  • Ra'ed Abdel-Hadi
    Ra'ed Abdel-Hadi 8 months ago

    I suppose if you only consider specs they are the same. However, for a tech guy comparing a device which does not have the same 4G bandwidths as Mi 8 seems kind of silly? Poco F1 in US is spotty in many areas and ends up only getting H+ (HSPA) network. That is not the same as MI 8..

  • the1point
    the1point 8 months ago

    The Poco screen is good, like a 7/10, but the mi8 screen is 10/10. Now, if you have a 4k UHD Tv, and you're happy... well, you should be, because is a great Tv; But if you switch to an Oled Tv 😁😁😁, you will go to another dimension!

  • Denise Rez
    Denise Rez 9 months ago

    Does it mean pocophone is better than MI 8 in overall performance?

  • Gary Druce
    Gary Druce 9 months ago

    No NFC on Poco deal breaker for me

  • Conservative Canuck
    Conservative Canuck 9 months ago

    A Cadillac is $200, 000 in China... Tariffs, China, Trump... He ain't stupid you know, China does put massive tariffs on American goods, makes it hard for American companies to complete in their market.

  • Larry Small
    Larry Small 10 months ago

    the poco is so overrated I have one and it's just ok its lacking in a lot of areas

    • LB
      LB 9 months ago

      Sell the poco and spend a bit more for the mi8. You wont be disappointed at all, the better hardware and features is definitely worth it. Really nice phone.

  • Ivo Petrov
    Ivo Petrov 10 months ago

    The most boring review of Android Authority, I've ever seen

  • Benjamin Owuye Jagun
    Benjamin Owuye Jagun 10 months ago

    The Pocophone F1 is for those that want performance without the price tag so you're not going to get a premium design, were charging, etc, which performance matters to me more than how a phone looks.

  • Kevin Sinanan
    Kevin Sinanan 10 months ago

    Camera on mi8 is better than poco. That was one of the reasons I got it instead. OIS and a better screen are better reasons to get mi8 especially if you plan to keep it for long term use.

  • L. Jin
    L. Jin 11 months ago

    Can't agree that battery life is More important than the screen.

  • Sergio
    Sergio 11 months ago

    Xiaomi mi8 is the best smartphone

  • bobolender
    bobolender 11 months ago +1

    Poco phone has problem with LTE light,. Not worth the risk. My opinion is that you go with the proven phone, remember it is a phone first.

  • 刘凡铭
    刘凡铭 11 months ago


  • Kittenmittens
    Kittenmittens 11 months ago

    I much rather a mi 8 then a pocophone. What are you even talking about?

  • earlybird3
    earlybird3 11 months ago

    this was a useful review. Don't say "boring" 4x in a video. In fact say it zero times, and just focus on: your honest review, and thoughts. Glad to have found this. Am subscribing.

  • LeYoTheMan69
    LeYoTheMan69 11 months ago

    Hardware is boring.. Yeah. Like. For tech people, hardware is not boring, certainly not this hardware for 400$. If it bores you, then maybe you should try to review something else. Also, MIUI similar to stock Android? Really? I mean.. Are you sure you are on the right channel?

  • Epic Garage
    Epic Garage 11 months ago

    Also the bands are different between poco and xi8

  • João Silva
    João Silva 11 months ago

    You said that the specs are "boring". Boring, boring, boring. And then, you ignore the fact that the pocophone doesn't have NFC which is a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Also, the OLED screen on the Mi 8 makes a huge difference rather than an IPS. If you're gonna compare 2 "similar" phones, at least do it right

  • joseph goemans
    joseph goemans 11 months ago

    In my experience only Miui on Redmi phones has ads. The Mi range seems to be ad free. Not sure about Poco

  • Clay Chapman
    Clay Chapman 11 months ago +1

    BUT, yes the Pocophone is a lot cheaper but it supports none of the 4G bands in America, while the Mi 8 works on many different carriers. The Mi 8 also has an AMOLED screen, which is night and day compared to LCD, and the Mi 8 has much better software behind the camera, producing better photos. While these phones are very similar, they are not direct 1 to 1 comparisons

  • Karl Tabby
    Karl Tabby 11 months ago

    but poco has alot of issues, and the screen is not as good as mi8

  • Bjorn Horlin
    Bjorn Horlin 11 months ago

    Is the hardware boring ? you want a grafity painted snapdragon you are boring!

  • Marko Markovic
    Marko Markovic 11 months ago

    To me, screen is twice more important than the 19 century headphone jack

  • Jinto Antony
    Jinto Antony Year ago

    Amoled is better.

  • Jason Robles
    Jason Robles Year ago

    Poco phone dont get service here in states

  • Anthony Chan
    Anthony Chan Year ago

    Pocophone F1 can't use T-Mobile LTE bands in US, has no NFC and all plastic back. Xiaomi 8 has better screen, built quality and more LTE bands, but doesn't accept SD card.

  • Hemp4eva
    Hemp4eva Year ago

    Error showing 2 different versions of the same device? Mi8 and Pro/Explorer?!

  • Miguel Vermeulen
    Miguel Vermeulen Year ago

    I prefer a good camera. For that alone I'm glad to spend a few bucks more. So the MI 8 is my personal choice as the better phone.

  • Kevin Fikes
    Kevin Fikes Year ago

    Hardware I think you mean sofware.

  • Rema Colney
    Rema Colney Year ago


  • Cool Videoust
    Cool Videoust Year ago

    Never got ads on my mi8

  • suzuka1307r
    suzuka1307r Year ago

    poco f1 doesnt have nfc though, right?

  • Sammy Maniix
    Sammy Maniix Year ago

    Have great camera, number 3 at DXOMark,
    Thin phone and look premium.
    Front camera is the greatest i ever try.
    Poco F1=
    Great camera, but so so.
    Conclusion, mi8 might can replace your samsung s8 or iphone X. Poco F1 does not.

  • khayle05
    khayle05 Year ago

    Fan boys are angry pathetic.

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker Year ago +1

    Almost all the latest full screen phones in the market are copying Iphone X and its predecessor even with the shape and location of the back camera.. Tbh I love the IPhone X design just prefer it as an Android rather that IOS!

  • leVinchy
    leVinchy Year ago

    I'd pay extra 100$ for an OLED, can't stand the light bleed at night when I'm reading.

  • Incloud Design
    Incloud Design Year ago

    I'm seriously thinking about ordering this pocophone to replace my LG Q6. The LG is terrible and the camera is the worst I've had. Could you please give me your personal opinion on the poco camera.

  • Arjjunananda Das
    Arjjunananda Das Year ago

    If you are incompetent it is better to keep your mouth shut.

  • Arjjunananda Das
    Arjjunananda Das Year ago

    Man oh man your statement about the Pocophone and the Mi 8 is bull. They are NOT on the same level certainly on the camera front. See this site that makes the difference quite obvious www.digitalnewsasia.com/personal-tech/xiaomi-mi-8-and-pocophone-f1-review-tale-two-affordable-flagships

  • Pls Enable My Monetized thanks !!!

    i have no problem with pocophone f1 :D even bleeding display is free :D thanks to xiaomi and poco :D more power long live :D

  • Lukas
    Lukas Year ago

    You can turn off all ads!

  • Sounak Chowdhury
    Sounak Chowdhury Year ago

    But the pocophone's video buffering problem is a significant one imo. So, that was completely glossed over in for of poco problem in this rant. Jus sayin

  • babyrimafy
    babyrimafy Year ago

    You are noob

  • Azad SIDDIK
    Azad SIDDIK Year ago

    The best case for pocophone is the Ringke fusion-X case.
    The best screen protector for pocophone is Ringke dual easy film (2 pack).

  • __
    __ Year ago

    mi8 has ois, glass design!! it is better choice than poco

  • Nellor Nosmay
    Nellor Nosmay Year ago

    Mid-range of xiaomi phones have ads like on note 6 pro

  • RawLu
    RawLu Year ago

    Chinese based company? I don't support Dictatorships if I can help it.

  • Ole Henning Vårdal

    First thing I did with my Pocophone was unlock the bootloader to get away from MIUI. It may have some similarities with stock android, but there are also a lot of differences (and annoyances). IMHO, MIUI is terrible. I wish they would just go down the Android One path with their phones.