Top 15 Tik Tok Videos With Scary Backstories

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • Narrated by Chills:
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    In this top 15 list, we look at videos from the social media app, Tik Tok, that have scary backstories. Who would have thought there could be such dark cases associated with simple lip syncs. Enjoy our analysis of these entries.
    Written by: jessicaholom
    Edited by: The Benson Brothers
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Top15s
    Top15s  Year ago +739

    *This video was narrated by Chills.*

  • Kishore Krishnan
    Kishore Krishnan 19 days ago

    His voice makes the video slow.

  • Shannon Studd
    Shannon Studd 20 days ago


  • Hermella Yonas
    Hermella Yonas 21 day ago


  • Dalibor Antic
    Dalibor Antic 22 days ago +1

    Am i the only one who thinks, that TikTok isn't a good App for children, how we see in this Video eather for adults?
    Who agrees witn me?

  • Marx Ma
    Marx Ma 23 days ago

    number 15 burger king foot lettuce...

  • Dillan Williams
    Dillan Williams 25 days ago

    This is scary.

  • PC Masterace
    PC Masterace 28 days ago

    Yang soundly get arrested for singing a national anthem wrong chinas j7st a pussy

  • Bleh Bleh
    Bleh Bleh Month ago

    The killing stalking thing is just a cosplay hashtag for a popular dark themed comic, i used to read it but ended up stopping because the themes ya know?

  • crafting table56
    crafting table56 Month ago +2

    Who watch this in 2019?

  • SicKitty !
    SicKitty ! Month ago

    children shoulndt have phone even others have it

  • Jun Li Lim
    Jun Li Lim Month ago

    Douyin is actually TikTok in chinese meaning.

  • Jun Li Lim
    Jun Li Lim Month ago

    Damn illegal chinese records.

  • peterpumpkineater69
    peterpumpkineater69 Month ago +1

    Damn this vid is dark

  • Miss Vidzy
    Miss Vidzy Month ago +1

    Killing stalking is the name of a manga so that is what those tik toks are probably about

  • Vibes
    Vibes Month ago

    I can’t sleep now 0-0

  • Simone Figeroux
    Simone Figeroux Month ago

    Number 7 looked like he was a nice and fun guy. 😞💔 R.I.P.

  • Dejane James
    Dejane James Month ago

    I feel like this whole video was one large run on sentence

  • Jackeline Ramos
    Jackeline Ramos Month ago

    Tik tok is distracting us from important things

  • Jayden48 James
    Jayden48 James Month ago

    Awesome l like number 1 👍

  • Brandon Stokes
    Brandon Stokes Month ago

    But we are in debt to China

  • manga. mushroom
    manga. mushroom Month ago

    just to let you know, killing stalking is a webcomic/manga and they're just posting fan videos and cosplays

  • Gnarly Chuck
    Gnarly Chuck Month ago +1

    3:02 why is the woman in the background smiling at a girl face planted and injured on the floor.

  • Childhood quotes
    Childhood quotes Month ago

    Love him or hate him
    He still

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez Month ago

    number 12 Is because china is communist and any act seen as disrespectful too the party can end u up in prison or in what they call a "re-education camp", better known too the pentagon as concentration camps

  • Amanda Maurer
    Amanda Maurer 2 months ago

    I think TickTock needs to make a 21 and up only and kids should not be on the app at all we are still having problems with ticktock

  • Cole779
    Cole779 2 months ago

    6:08 and doing a little *jiiG*

  • Valeria Aviles
    Valeria Aviles 2 months ago

    Top15s and chills

  • Valeria Aviles
    Valeria Aviles 2 months ago

    He has the two channels

  • Cavan Sullivano
    Cavan Sullivano 2 months ago

    Read more to know what you hate


  • jodilynn spearman
    jodilynn spearman 2 months ago +2

    How is it that Tik Tok can show people doing unbelievable things to themselves? WTF is wrong with this world!!

  • Edward Elrick
    Edward Elrick 2 months ago +1

    It's a proven fact that you sound like an annoying fa gg ot!

  • Edward Elrick
    Edward Elrick 2 months ago

    #7 good riddance!!!

  • Mr Right
    Mr Right 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but if your 8 year old has a device with this access you are the problem. The internet needs to be treated by parents as the highly dangerous place that it is.

  • Mr Right
    Mr Right 2 months ago

    This is a good video if you are one of the American idiots that thinks communism and socialism isn't dangerous.

  • tinyvampire 77
    tinyvampire 77 2 months ago

    6:17) you could of added effects

  • Trisha Aryaa
    Trisha Aryaa 2 months ago

    The scariest existence is tik tok itself

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg 2 months ago

    Its repercussions not reper-cautions. Also you over pronounce the word debtors like "det-turs."

  • aaron perez
    aaron perez 2 months ago

    People who use social media have nothing better to do

  • Grendel -
    Grendel - 2 months ago


  • salokin G
    salokin G 2 months ago

    On weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeboooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • salokin G
    salokin G 2 months ago

    #15's nose looks like it was hit by two cars from different directions

  • LISA Lisa
    LISA Lisa 2 months ago +1

    In India Tera Gatha song is curse song....

  • Kenzie Brock
    Kenzie Brock 2 months ago

    Get rid of tik tok and bring back Vine!

  • Geoff Miller
    Geoff Miller 2 months ago

    Number 5... was arrested for filming people blocking traffic for... some reason? Just protest season in India?

  • Jennifer Rythe
    Jennifer Rythe 2 months ago

    Limiting screen time is good parenting. Proof in this video. Parents need to know passwords or child shouldnt have a phone.

  • Fatimah Barry
    Fatimah Barry 3 months ago

    I am not going to do this nonsense

  • Noobie 13
    Noobie 13 3 months ago

    #7 why would you do that in the first place?

  • mr Jigsaw!
    mr Jigsaw! 3 months ago

    Number 13...It's a fragile child you ideot not a toy!!It amazes me how dumb some people are!!!

  • GrammaticalGabe
    GrammaticalGabe 3 months ago +1

    Are we all just going to ignore the way he says “hashtag”?

  • Chelsea Bayon
    Chelsea Bayon 3 months ago

    Why do you continue to speak in such a "robotic" speech pattern? I can barely stand your commentary. You've seemed to have gotten a bit better bit still quite annoying. Are you using an automated voice over or just crappy at story telling?

  • Mr Reaction
    Mr Reaction 3 months ago

    Tiktok is a pg13 7 to 10 years old should not download the app like wtf dude

  • Makenzie Rangel
    Makenzie Rangel 3 months ago


  • Luis Gamez
    Luis Gamez 3 months ago

    Good thing i deleted Tik Tok

  • Nixx 69
    Nixx 69 3 months ago

    Love Chills ❤️

  • The Guardian Medivh
    The Guardian Medivh 3 months ago

    it is obvious that children should not be allowed to use internet untill they became adult. At this point this the parents responsibilities.

  • Jasmine Phillips
    Jasmine Phillips 3 months ago

    bro 😂 people assume that i'm a guy ALL THE TIME

  • Jasmine Phillips
    Jasmine Phillips 3 months ago

    10:15 because they think they're better than everyone else

  • The KeVcHo
    The KeVcHo 3 months ago

    The Chinese sure love tik tok

  • AquaStar
    AquaStar 3 months ago

    Me and my fiance have already decided that if we have children... they arent getting online until they're 14-15.