Natalia Nonstop Roaming & Ganking - Top 1 Global Natalia by Mav - Mobile Legends

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • Top 1 Global Natalia by Mav
    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, 2017 New Mobile Game Work. Attack Your Opponents With Your Finger Touch And Achieve The Strongest Crown of Challengers!
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Comments • 74

  • Analyn Nazareno
    Analyn Nazareno Day ago


  • Sudaru
    Sudaru 3 days ago +3

    this gave me insane pleasure

  • Tedi Saputra
    Tedi Saputra 3 days ago

    Backsong what's ?

  • Papa bless
    Papa bless 5 days ago

    Literally noone:
    Grock:attack the lord*2minutes into game*

  • Breath of Fire1988
    Breath of Fire1988 5 days ago

    First part of the videos says his enemy are noobs,whats so good about him?lol

  • Christian Ganzon
    Christian Ganzon 6 days ago +1

    Every Intro: "I am a Loli demon" 😂

  • sonu kumar
    sonu kumar 6 days ago

    nat didnt uses ult

  • Maro Gamer
    Maro Gamer 7 days ago

    I play like him/her and I'm epic rank but teame matters

  • Iman Zx
    Iman Zx 12 days ago

    Tombol recalny rusak wk wk

  • 老猫
    老猫 15 days ago

    How become good Nata?
    1. FIRST , your teammates not an idiot
    2. SECOND, you teammates not an idiot
    3. THIRD, you teammates not an idiot

  • Anthony Amistoso
    Anthony Amistoso 16 days ago

    What is the title of background music?

  • Kukuh Wahyu
    Kukuh Wahyu 17 days ago

    Amazing rooming so good game play gg wp men

  • DoggyStyle! Alpha Male! Rank Gusion Savage

  • Rech_plays Roblox
    Rech_plays Roblox 18 days ago

    chou play is so noob he steal all buff and coins

  • Dansyah 02
    Dansyah 02 22 days ago

    Jdul lagunya ap bro

  • Prodigy Enigma
    Prodigy Enigma 23 days ago +1

    Search my Natalia, ProdigyX108. I have some pretty good games!

  • jancok. id
    jancok. id 23 days ago +2

    ..apa cuma aku yang gedek iklan hago
    sama like..!!!

  • JonaATR
    JonaATR 25 days ago

    Heroe de gais

  • joan kyouk
    joan kyouk 27 days ago +4

    0:09 look at the title is that batangas? im from batangas city

  • Virginia Viiry
    Virginia Viiry 29 days ago

    😍😍😍😍Impressive### looking forward to see more of your vids😊

  • mark campos
    mark campos Month ago +1

    1 vs 1

  • Bikram Wahengbam
    Bikram Wahengbam Month ago +2

    What song is this in your first

  • Zangetsu
    Zangetsu Month ago +2

    top 1 global is somwhere no 3 🙄

  • Brian Alcon
    Brian Alcon Month ago


  • meas chay
    meas chay Month ago


  • Dahnilyn Ibale
    Dahnilyn Ibale Month ago

    Same build 100percent

  • litheri Mongzar
    litheri Mongzar Month ago

    plz song title

  • Rahardyan Sentot
    Rahardyan Sentot Month ago +3

    Your map so Wide

  • Gllen Gutierrez
    Gllen Gutierrez Month ago +1

    opening song title?

  • mark layam
    mark layam Month ago +2

    This is a top Natalia ?! Wews im cringing

  • Quoc Tran
    Quoc Tran Month ago one boy main gusion teach me some skill pls

  • Mohd Syam
    Mohd Syam Month ago


  • Seng le ho
    Seng le ho Month ago +2

    I dont nees buff for stronger , I need enemy to be my buff (Understand ?)

  • Priyosakhi Thokchom
    Priyosakhi Thokchom Month ago +1


  • Ino Oo
    Ino Oo Month ago

    itu opening judul lagunya apa yah

  • Dragon Warrior
    Dragon Warrior 2 months ago +5

    Did he use his ult even once

    • Farez Haiqal Farez
      Farez Haiqal Farez 22 hours ago

      He did once... Her ult is useless... Dev team should rework it, it seems weird for her

    • Why So Serious??
      Why So Serious?? 24 days ago

      ulti is useless only for minions maybe.natalia mains knows why he dont use it that much.

    • islam Mustafa
      islam Mustafa 25 days ago

      Her ult is not useful, I am using her ult only to damage forest monsters or minions.

    • Prabesh Gurung
      Prabesh Gurung Month ago

      Offcourse in 3:10 dint u see??

  • John Erriz Layacan
    John Erriz Layacan 2 months ago

    hindi nya masyado ginagamit ung smoke bomb

  • Nocturnal Xpecies
    Nocturnal Xpecies 3 months ago +3

    damn i wish i could be this good

  • jonas alberto
    jonas alberto 3 months ago +2

    Main natalia here.. Wala lang ako skin
    Pwede pagift lods kahit ung elite lang.

    • James Gomez
      James Gomez 22 days ago

      D na pede nakuha elite skin

    • Amiel Santiago
      Amiel Santiago 23 days ago

      Palv40 kna lng sa celestial para may chance hardwork earned pa kung sakali haha

    • Gavin Boncacas
      Gavin Boncacas 2 months ago +1


  • rainers ferrer
    rainers ferrer 4 months ago

    Bat nandyan xborg ko

  • Serchhip Chelsea
    Serchhip Chelsea 4 months ago +1


  • Purple_ Taekook_
    Purple_ Taekook_ 4 months ago +2

    ID- 353992545
    Skin- granger (Bardic whisper)
    Thanks for entertainment 👌

  • Loyss GAMING Mobile
    Loyss GAMING Mobile 4 months ago +1

    Judul lagu
    Di awal apa ya

  • J is for Julius
    J is for Julius 4 months ago +1

    when i use natalia i get little to no kills early to mid game

    • James Gomez
      James Gomez 18 days ago

      @Danshi A you gotta wait for the right moment tho like enemy retreating from war

    • Danshi A
      Danshi A 18 days ago +1

      Natalia is the easiest assassin to use. Hide, attack, smoke then back. You'll eventually get a kill or free farm.

    • James Gomez
      James Gomez 22 days ago

      You can easily kill mm and mages early on because of her buffed passive and 1st skill

    • mark campos
      mark campos Month ago +1

      Bubo mo

    • Jordan Luces
      Jordan Luces 2 months ago

      Because you can't do it alone. Wait for the ally hero to attack, then finish it off.

  • Nzk Gaming
    Nzk Gaming 4 months ago +2

    You are the best friend

  • ZIKCIV Channel
    ZIKCIV Channel 4 months ago +22

    *08:23** Based on this, now we know that Nata can counter esme.*
    *because nata is immune to any basic attack, so esme can't absorb the shield from her basic attack.*
    *And Sorry, If u guys don't mind. watch my videos too ^_^ Thanks.*

    • Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn 23 days ago

      @Amiel Santiago nope. whether you choose first skill or not, a good MID LANER knows how you must act in early game considering that your team is at a disadvantage at level 1 in first minute of the game.

    • Amiel Santiago
      Amiel Santiago 23 days ago

      Welp esme is easy kill mid if the player choose 2nd skill.
      That's why Im using first skill wherever i go in lane lol

    • Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn Month ago

      and if you observe carefully, that esme is one of the noobest esme players I've ever seen, not to mention when she was first blood thinking she can already kill. I'd say this match is too easy to win.

    • •CRU ST•
      •CRU ST• Month ago

      I didnt get your point...But... Its Because CRIT or True damage is a Counter Sh1t For Barriers
      And As you can see,The Crit Didnt Go below 1.2k Its always above it, its really painful

    • ZIKCIV Channel
      ZIKCIV Channel Month ago

      @Ffrz yeah, as long nata inside the smoke.

  • Ronaldo Tandazo
    Ronaldo Tandazo 4 months ago


  • Mohammad Ridho
    Mohammad Ridho 4 months ago +1

    Next lancelot😍🙏