10 Richest Kids In The World

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
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    Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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Comments • 5 351

  • joan banjoko
    joan banjoko 21 hour ago

    Jaden like father like son , Good .😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jingle jangle addict Blesiv addict

    When I saw jaden I saw his dad they look alike

  • Lesley Leong
    Lesley Leong 4 days ago


  • shahana malik
    shahana malik 12 days ago

    Only Nick D'Aloisi is the real deal on this list

  • Breeann Best
    Breeann Best 14 days ago

    Souri needs to fix those bangs asap.

  • Camila Franco
    Camila Franco 14 days ago

    I have a Pandora bracelet

  • Olivier Pietrzak
    Olivier Pietrzak 17 days ago +1

    I’m 65 I have 53 kids they are all called Jeffery and ones a girl :) good life aye?

  • unnknown gamer op
    unnknown gamer op 22 days ago +1

    if you have a family to live with a house to stay in a bed to sleep in and food to eat
    then you are richest than 75% of the world

  • Adejoh Gracious
    Adejoh Gracious 26 days ago

    So basically this is the richest kids from very rich families

  • Serita  Germe
    Serita Germe Month ago

    Alot of jealous comments stating richness is being happy and having family to love..yall know yall want some of that money..some of yall not even happy with family, yall just broke jealous n bitter. im glad that these kids have money, family, and love all together. money is essential too. Absence of money is not a happy thing.

  • mamathe pita
    mamathe pita Month ago

    Eish wish it was me.

  • buka &ruka
    buka &ruka Month ago

    Haha😶😑where lil tay

  • peter marinelli
    peter marinelli Month ago

    Onassis ??????????

  • Moddie Seven
    Moddie Seven Month ago

    "Poor little Rich Kids".......

  • Kiratikorn Sangsung


  • Mayaaa aaa
    Mayaaa aaa Month ago


    can you?

  • Miss Quey
    Miss Quey Month ago

    They have friends and family too. Let's just accept that they're really rich. Haha

  • Angela van Es
    Angela van Es Month ago

    These kids do not look happy!

  • barbara joh
    barbara joh Month ago

    I'm health , l'm happy I have small money to eat and dress anything I wish I think I'm More than rich

  • james hughes
    james hughes Month ago

    “Spoiled Barts!” Hahahahaha

  • Janice Emmerson
    Janice Emmerson Month ago

    Didn’t know vic and David beckham was getting a divorce, think that’s wrong

  • Yu Chang
    Yu Chang 2 months ago +1

    My Mumbai’s 28millon dollar

  • Rosemary Wood
    Rosemary Wood 2 months ago

    I'm the richest person in the world because i have the Lord i am blessed THANK YOU LORD🙏

  • G D
    G D 2 months ago +2

    Thank you for sharing this video it was very motivating and I'm so happy for these children that they are having high quality lives because life is supposed to be fun and we're in the physical body we have to enjoy life and it's okay to have net worth of millions or even billions of dollars as long as you have a kind heart.😁🥂💜

    • G D
      G D Month ago +1

      @Serita Germe You're welcome!

    • Serita  Germe
      Serita Germe Month ago

      finally a comment that is not bitter and jealous

  • Monica Carrillo
    Monica Carrillo 2 months ago

    La hija de Salma Hayek le pagan una cirugía cuando sea mas grande. Horrible!!

  • World Today
    World Today 2 months ago

    I am 9
    And I have 2500 rupee

  • Janne Smedegaard
    Janne Smedegaard 2 months ago +1

    Who cares?????..................

  • Caroline Sheen
    Caroline Sheen 2 months ago +1

    Jayden I wish just t meet you am your biggest fan

  • Jyothi
    Jyothi 2 months ago +4

    Health is wealth. If we don't have a good health , how can we enjoy these comforts , In front of health nothing is great , l am glad that l hv a good health and l hv a good environment around me and that is enough
    I'm happy with wt l hv 😊☺😉 I'm great ful to God cuz some people may be rich but if they don't have a good health there's no use.

    #TEAMWANG JACKSON WANG 2 months ago

    this is what the public knows but it probably more richer kids who live a private life cause people will target them.
    Go to prep private international schools bet you find boatload of them

  • breggy breggy
    breggy breggy 2 months ago

    Money isnt all

  • PettyKing Take this L
    PettyKing Take this L 2 months ago

    Lucky kids😭

  • Kristy Barker
    Kristy Barker 2 months ago

    I didn't realize she was rich.

  • UwU
    UwU 2 months ago +1

    He's just too rich.
    We are rich

  • sylviaaloise akinyi
    sylviaaloise akinyi 2 months ago

    I don't even have a net worth, the only thing I own with my name is my birth certificate 🥴🥴

  • Ylleny Marto
    Ylleny Marto 3 months ago +1

    their are not rich they dont even make money u know what rich mean rich is u make it on your own not ur parents i am happy i have a family that is not that rich

  • Diamond4U1000
    Diamond4U1000 3 months ago

    Where is Melanie Trump son?

  • Wayne Drummond
    Wayne Drummond 3 months ago

    I'm so poor I can't afford a net.

  • Sen Pamei
    Sen Pamei 3 months ago

    lucky kids wish they use the god's blessing wisely

  • Tryna Kelley
    Tryna Kelley 3 months ago

    Can i have some please?

  • Elaine Cloutier
    Elaine Cloutier 3 months ago

    All these billions out there, and there's people who have no food and there dying. I wish I was rich! I would know what to do.

  • Kiara Gabutero
    Kiara Gabutero 3 months ago

    actually not to mention that I'm an only child and of course if your an only child then your spoiled and I am too

  • kpop lover all kpop idols loves me!!

    Being happy is the only way of being rich

  • Jolita zit
    Jolita zit 3 months ago

    The list is not accurate. Half of them have their own money, half no. How can you rank all of them in one list?

  • Bean
    Bean 3 months ago +1

    They may be rich but are they happy?

  • Lima Temsu
    Lima Temsu 3 months ago

    This is really good at all and I don't know what to say

  • Angel_Youtube
    Angel_Youtube 3 months ago +2

    💖you don’t need money to be cool💖 justed be yourself👼 be proud of who you are💖😋😊

  • Yuuko Takeuchi
    Yuuko Takeuchi 3 months ago


  • Julie solé
    Julie solé 4 months ago +1

    Deux filles de deux mamans sagittaires (comme moi) ey😉

    JABEA MASSOMA EKOLO 4 months ago

    Yeah. Why do we all have to be different? There are poor children out there. Too boring😞😞😞😞😞

  • smartin smartin
    smartin smartin 4 months ago

    I mean it's ok to be rich but what matters most is that everyone is happy and has God on their side and family that loves you and always has your back😇😇😇 what i'm trying to say is you could replace money but you can't replace your own family

  • Omokuwa Agbabokha
    Omokuwa Agbabokha 4 months ago +6

    I have God and my family what more do I need with God everything is possible and with God I have everything

  • Kloe Mungia
    Kloe Mungia 4 months ago

    I got family and god. They would go crazy if they went poor and starting losing everything.

  • Sul sur
    Sul sur 4 months ago

    Where's Padma laxmi's daughter Krishna? She got lot from her 2 fathers and 1 mom.

  • Afshan Niaz
    Afshan Niaz 4 months ago

    I am because Allah my family is with me

    • Afshan Niaz
      Afshan Niaz 4 months ago

      I am rich because Allah, Muhammad and my family is with me

  • RealRacing3 ProGamer
    RealRacing3 ProGamer 4 months ago

    My name is jayden

  • abhishek sharma
    abhishek sharma 4 months ago

    British royal kids are worth billions of $ 🤣, even queen's net worth isn't that high .

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman 5 months ago

    Number 9 u r go boy u r a lucky boy

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman 5 months ago

    Money don't make u happy, love friend and not. Sl life makes u happy u can have millions but its not going to stop u getting cancer, depression, or anything else

  • Anam Aamir
    Anam Aamir 5 months ago

    Ok now these kids are buying stuff AND IM HERE FIGGURING OUT WATS 2+2 TO GES RICH