Darci Lynne Chats About Life After Winning AGT - America's Got Talent: The Champions


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  • Renê Vieira Lousada
    Renê Vieira Lousada 20 дней назад

    Essa menina além de linda é um grande talento.

  • Big boy
    Big boy 22 дня назад

    Damn she got older

  • A No No
    A No No 27 дней назад +1

    A d i o s

  • tiara meliza
    tiara meliza 27 дней назад

    Wow darci, you're so charming

  • this is my channel YT
    this is my channel YT 29 дней назад


  • Bin Phamm
    Bin Phamm 29 дней назад

    What is the theme song ?

  • natalie byrd
    natalie byrd 29 дней назад +1

    Courtney hadwin is fake Darcy should I beat her I definitely disagree with you all and I have definitely lost interest in this show

  • natalie byrd
    natalie byrd 29 дней назад +1

    If you judges cannot understand the talent of darci Lynne then you shouldn't be the judges of America's Got Talent

  • natalie byrd
    natalie byrd 29 дней назад +1

    You know I just watch this video and I'm really upset so I decided never to watch America's Got Talent again darci Lynne should have beaten that little girl she deserves a champion title not her

    • natalie byrd
      natalie byrd 15 дней назад

      +Ihdc1 I no

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 15 дней назад +1

      Darci is back as a wildcard.

  • Sujit
    Sujit Месяц назад

    I hope she doesn't make it through. We don't want kids to convey the American people. The public needs to open their eyes to another talent like Light Balance.

  • Drew Pall
    Drew Pall Месяц назад +3

    I respectfully disagree with those (supperfans) who did not vote for Darci Lynne! there no question that Cristina Ramos, Courtney Hadwin and Darci Lynne, can sing! witch one is a better vocalist? that depend on the listener. in both Cristina and Courtney performance they performed one task (singing) where in Darci's performance She performed multi task at the same time (singing, ventriloquism, puppeteering, voice acting, acting, comedy) She has the ability to speak/sing without moving Her mouth/lips and sound so clear, base on the level of skills that all three young ladies showed on episode 2 Darci should have gone through to the finals.

  • Olly Cherry
    Olly Cherry Месяц назад

    yeah oh yeah

  • JorWat25
    JorWat25 Месяц назад +2

    It's amazing how much she's changed in the last year and a half. Compare this video to the equivalent from her original audition: ru-clip.com/video/e6ez19pqyj4/видео.html Her voice is so much lower now!

    • JorWat25
      JorWat25 16 дней назад

      DrewPall Yes, I have. I have used Brenda Stelzer's quote about Darci being 'The Total Package' many times. You can find most of the sources I use for quotes here: old.reddit.com/r/DarciLynne/comments/9wz0kk/the_lists/

    • Drew Pall
      Drew Pall 16 дней назад

      JorWat25, most likely You have seen this article on Darci Lynne if not yet enjoy! publish on September 23 2017 themoderatevoice.com/darci-lynne-agt-win-wildy-cheered-veteran-ventriloquists-bring-us-tour/

  • Sonic /Gaming/Tracy Playz
    Sonic /Gaming/Tracy Playz Месяц назад


  • Ander Aquino
    Ander Aquino Месяц назад

    A melhor de todos os tempos.

  • 10SeriousGuy05
    10SeriousGuy05 Месяц назад +1

    I feel shes better to get through the finals..amazing talent..

  • Its The Gamers
    Its The Gamers Месяц назад +6

    Why didn’t she go thru? Honestly the only talent there

  • robrobrob73
    robrobrob73 Месяц назад

    Superfans= New Coke

  • Om Shiv Tiwari
    Om Shiv Tiwari Месяц назад

    Wishesh for ur brighter future 😊

    SEX AND THE CITY CLIPS Месяц назад +3

    Hello Darci! You're amazing and you should know that. We all love you and support you! 💖

  • Sarina Faraji
    Sarina Faraji Месяц назад

    She is wonderful

  • lonely emanon
    lonely emanon Месяц назад

    so she won it?

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G Месяц назад +1

    Darcy's act was way better than the other two acts.

  • mot Nicola
    mot Nicola Месяц назад

    She is the champion for me .
    Love u darci

  • Xarutu Uzucrak
    Xarutu Uzucrak Месяц назад

    Brasil alguem

  • rdt999
    rdt999 Месяц назад +1

    im so mad! Darci should have moved on! She is so talented! She will be huge and have a very successful career. Heidi- you blew it!I lost interest in the show now.

  • Blue Frost
    Blue Frost Месяц назад

    She resembles Olivia Holt so much

  • Blue Frost
    Blue Frost Месяц назад

    She is AWESOME

  • Eli Andrade
    Eli Andrade Месяц назад

    She should’ve won again

  • Madison Culver
    Madison Culver Месяц назад

    Vote for Darci Lynne

  • Peter S
    Peter S Месяц назад

    I bet she is the WildCard

  • abdou Abderrahman
    abdou Abderrahman Месяц назад


  • angrl martin
    angrl martin Месяц назад

    she gets better everytime

  • Olivia Scott
    Olivia Scott Месяц назад

    Hi! I just posted a cover and fun little music video of the song 3:15 by @bazzi and it would mean the world to me if anyone who sees this comment checked it out! Have an amazing day!💖

  • King David Ethridge
    King David Ethridge Месяц назад +58

    Dacri's last performance was great. I'm still upset she didn't get voted, but I think she has a good chance at getting a wildcard.

    • BigBroCol
      BigBroCol 11 дней назад

      She got the wildcard

    • Sprinkle Bitterbear
      Sprinkle Bitterbear 29 дней назад

      Lisa Eh Either the judges or the people vote for someone to have a “second chance” in the competition

    • Lisa Eh
      Lisa Eh 29 дней назад

      What's wildcard?

    • Sprinkle Bitterbear
      Sprinkle Bitterbear Месяц назад

      She deserves the wild card

    • Sabrina Lerma
      Sabrina Lerma Месяц назад +3

      King David Ethridge she gets the wild card!!

  • Inaja Allali
    Inaja Allali Месяц назад +3

    She is so cool and reali goooood

  • gloryboundkev
    gloryboundkev Месяц назад

    Darci is so funny and talented. I thought for sure she would win.

  • Yesenia & Andy
    Yesenia & Andy Месяц назад

    Have you visited your grandma in Beaver🧡 Recently found out your family is from Ok and my aunt also knows your grandma.Crazy small little world. Best wishes to you Darci.

  • Cveta Petreska
    Cveta Petreska Месяц назад

    she is amaizing

  • Nicholas The Reactor
    Nicholas The Reactor Месяц назад +15

    Darci lynne farmer got robbed, She needs to be back as a wild card.

  • Moses lounge
    Moses lounge Месяц назад +2

    don't judge but there were better people who would have won agt

    • ZOE101
      ZOE101 Месяц назад +3

      who cares, that’s your opinion. she’s still talented.

    • JorWat25
      JorWat25 Месяц назад +3

      You are aware that Darci had some 50%-60% approval right? According to these polls, at least:
      She was insanely popular in her season. And that's not 50%-60% thought she'd win, that's 50%-60% wanted her to win. Over 70% of people thought she'd win, according to those same polls.

    • Suacy B
      Suacy B Месяц назад +2

      They why didn’t they

    • Madison overton
      Madison overton Месяц назад +3

      Like who? Hmm?

  • Frank Lesser
    Frank Lesser Месяц назад +37

    "...and Simon is even wearing the same clothes." Made me laugh!

  • Sam Feldstein
    Sam Feldstein Месяц назад +48

    I'm shocked that she received fewer votes than the Spanish opera singer but I have a feeling she'll be brought back as a wildcard for the finals

    • Zincate [HF]
      Zincate [HF] Месяц назад

      Just Adam no kidding? She did!?

    • Just Adam
      Just Adam Месяц назад

      She gets a wildcard!

    • Zincate [HF]
      Zincate [HF] Месяц назад +1

      Madeline Mellert a wildcard is the ability for a judge to place a act to the finals if they got voted away

    • Madeline Mellert
      Madeline Mellert Месяц назад

      Sam Feldstein what a wildcard

  • Gene Riggs
    Gene Riggs Месяц назад +5

    Darci lynne your beautiful and the best there is no contest!!!

  • Della Ortiz
    Della Ortiz Месяц назад

    Follow her on
    @itsdarcilynne www.instagram.com
    @ItsDarciLynne mobile.twitter.com

  • JacobB477
    JacobB477 Месяц назад +14

    Favorite winner of AGT

  • maximus
    maximus Месяц назад +4

    She is so beautiful and talented 😉

  • ZJ Hy
    ZJ Hy Месяц назад +61

    Angelica Hale is avenged haha

    • Sabrina Lerma
      Sabrina Lerma 17 дней назад

      wayne gilbert no it’s real their ppl who were their and have more photos of Darci and Shin and even of Darci winning I don’t remember the website but if I remember it later I’ll send you it

    • wayne gilbert
      wayne gilbert 17 дней назад

      +Sabrina Lerma its all fake what you been seeing in the leaks and spoilers theres a fake person who said they where at the AGTChampions who posted a picture of Darci and shim lin as the final two standing but if you look at the cloths there wearing there the same cloths they both where wearing when they both won there Agt shows its called { Photoshoping its fake so don't beleive these spoilers and leaks AGT is just letting them go on thinking there right ! But I hope Darci comes back as Wild Card theres two that will come back as wild cards so in the finals there will be 12 people competeing

    • Surya Family
      Surya Family Месяц назад +1

      ZJ Xu thats not nice 😡😡😡😡😡

    • giovanni napoles
      giovanni napoles Месяц назад

      ZJ Xu the Angelica girl is never going win

    • Mr. Krabs
      Mr. Krabs Месяц назад

      Lilovuvan Lilovuvan Mam would you mind if you please stop scarring me my jingle jangle only occours once every two days today I have to take a break. Sorry if you're one of the people who read this.

  • Sandra's World
    Sandra's World Месяц назад +1

    Preacher Lawson is shaking right now LMFAOO

  • Laurie Pappas
    Laurie Pappas Месяц назад +92

    She is amazing! She should’ve been the person to get through!!!

    • William Moore
      William Moore 19 дней назад

      +Goldleader7 need to ho back and watch her original run on agt. She not only ventriloqist and singer she transition voices stays on key and doesnt miss a lyric, and she had only 2yrs as ventriloquist when she did that. How many others with more experience could do what she did and she only gets better.

    • jevian arado
      jevian arado 20 дней назад

      +Kenedy Webeewiy Wantoh yeah she won.. But do u have news about paul zerdin? Did he won too?

    • Kenedy Webeewiy Wantoh
      Kenedy Webeewiy Wantoh 20 дней назад

      +jevian arado I learned that Darci came back as wildcard and won

    • Tiffany Ye
      Tiffany Ye 23 дня назад

      Laurie Pappas Paul zerdan is better he literally beat boxed while humming

    • jevian arado
      jevian arado Месяц назад

      Let just wait guys😊

  • Adarsh V Nath
    Adarsh V Nath Месяц назад +15

    She is awesome

  • Beatle GRrL2006
    Beatle GRrL2006 Месяц назад +13

    She is amazing

  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 Месяц назад +18


    • DaiGamerHD
      DaiGamerHD 28 дней назад

      No its not live it was recorded months ago

    • Lisa Eh
      Lisa Eh 29 дней назад

      +DaiGamerHD wait, isn't that live not recorder ? (Sorry for my bad english)

    • DaiGamerHD
      DaiGamerHD Месяц назад +2

      Yes agt the champions (including the finale) was recorded months ago

    • joseph stanton
      joseph stanton Месяц назад

      Was a winner already crowned if so who was it

  • Mofawez Alfawaz
    Mofawez Alfawaz Месяц назад +5

    Very good

  • 100,000 subs no videos?
    100,000 subs no videos? Месяц назад +1


  • nothing kayo
    nothing kayo Месяц назад +16

    She's the best

  • hamza sharawi
    hamza sharawi Месяц назад +6

    How many wildcards will be given in the finals?

    • Daryl Dixon
      Daryl Dixon Месяц назад

      +hamza sharawi from what I know, it'll be from the top 3 in all 5 weeks, so people like Darci and Courtney could come back, but light balance can't because they were in the bottom 6.

    • hamza sharawi
      hamza sharawi Месяц назад

      +Daryl Dixon will they choose the wildcard from the 40 acts that they got eliminated or from only the 2nd & 3rd place

    • Daryl Dixon
      Daryl Dixon Месяц назад


  • Mark Armstrong
    Mark Armstrong Месяц назад +41

    Darcy Lynn will have a bright future 💖👍😍