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  • Published on Apr 22, 2021
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    what’s your ethnicity? Half English, Half Egyptian
    how tall are you? 5'7"
    where do you live? Cardiff, Wales
    what equipment do you use to film?
    ➭ main vlog camera: canon g7x mark iii ( amzn.to/2UiLbMp )
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    ➭ my fancy camera: sony a7r iii ( amzn.to/39hS3Om_
    ➭ lens: sony 24-105 F4 ( amzn.to/2QJkcaO )
    ➭ main tripod: benro travel tripod ( amzn.to/39nyJiV )
    ➭ lights: godox SL-60W ( amzn.to/2QIWnjf )
    ➭ beauty softbox: selens 105cm beauty dish ( amzn.to/2JfF0m1 )
    ➭ editing software: final cut pro
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Comments • 115

  • JB B
    JB B Year ago +281

    “I am the queen of Hijab tutorials.” Dina knows she began it all and it all started with her. Represent queen.

    • Huda Kristall313
      Huda Kristall313 Year ago +2

      She began with hijab tutorials and influence maybe some girls to starting wearing hijab, and now she stopped wearing hijab by herself..... WHAT A SHAME SHE IS.

    • zurzak ne-etra
      zurzak ne-etra Year ago +6

      @Abir DS omg stop. they're both queens, this isn't a competition. stop pitting women against each other. it's Ramadan!

    • JB B
      JB B Year ago +20

      @Abir DS no Dina is the queen of hijab tutorial. Didn't you hear her?

    • Abir DS
      Abir DS Year ago

      Ameena was doing hijab tutorials even before. So what?

  • sah24
    sah24 Year ago +50

    When dina said she missed the hijab idk but that just was so cute and pure. I have a feeling she’ll put it back on sometime. May Allah always bless her and her family and guide them to what’s best❤️✨

  • Yasmin Ali
    Yasmin Ali Year ago +94

    I just screamed and ran downstairs to tell my husband you mentioned my little business @WildflowerBookmarks
    Thank you so much! Love you guys, been watching for years! 💜💜
    Congrats on the release of your collection Dina! 💜💜

    • Yasmin Ali
      Yasmin Ali Year ago +1

      @사이곤 Thank you 💛

    • 사이곤
      사이곤 Year ago +2

      Theyre so pretty!!

    • Yasmin Ali
      Yasmin Ali Year ago +1

      @Safa alhilli Thank you Safa 💚 Will be hopefully releasing a new collection soon! 💜

    • Safa alhilli
      Safa alhilli Year ago +2

      They look amazing Mashallah! Love all the resin work people do ♥️

  • DW Nerd
    DW Nerd Year ago +116

    Dina realizing she has been saying the dua’a for breaking the fast wrong and made that face 😂😂😂

    • JB B
      JB B Year ago +3

      @motaharehsadaat oh ok....thanks jan

    • motaharehsadaat
      motaharehsadaat Year ago +7

      Thre's actually different ways of saying it, that was just one version. Dina's version is correct too.

    • JB B
      JB B Year ago +5

      My husband noticed her saying wrong but he said look at Sid face while she saying it incorrectly lol...we all make mistake but this needs to be perfected now

  • Sonya Bay
    Sonya Bay Year ago +72

    I LOVED this video. Such creatives in our Muslim community!!! Mashallah every product is so cool

  • zahra khayoun
    zahra khayoun Year ago +22

    So sweet of you sharing my Cocalicious package i sent you ❤️ wishing you blessed month inshallah xx😊

  • GP Spices
    GP Spices Year ago +14

    Thanks guys, what an awesome thing to do for us small businesses, lots of love @gpspices xxx

  • Hiba
    Hiba Year ago +35

    'I'd kill for this stuff when I was a kid' has to be the best line in this vid 😂

  • Alia
    Alia Year ago +8

    Hana and mikas gifts made me smile the whole time

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff Year ago +13

    Love the Ramadan vlogs! I think it’s the third?fourth year for me

    • Kyïv stuff
      Kyïv stuff Year ago

      Salsabil 313 All the best to you too!

    • Rani
      Rani Year ago +3

      How lovely to have you join us 😊 stay blessed 🙏🏽

  • Feast Factory
    Feast Factory Year ago +7

    3:29 dina realizing she’s been saying the dua wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sissy A
    Sissy A Year ago +6

    Loved the video and the concept of sharing small business. Especially during such a difficult time with Covid. Going to check them out :) Thank you for your effort.

  • btwiitsmishal
    btwiitsmishal Year ago +22

    I'd kill for this stuff when I was a kid ~Sid
    Truer words were never spoken!

  • Zarnab Saleem
    Zarnab Saleem Year ago +6

    Olive you Dina and Sid bro, been watching since 5 years now and lovee your videos! Keep up the great work you put in and all the best for your future ventures In Sha Allah!

  • skippykipper101
    skippykipper101 Year ago +14

    Aww I loved this. It reminds me of their old vlogs.

  • 14090583
    14090583 Year ago +11

    Some great businesses, good luck to them all

  • Nika Mikano
    Nika Mikano Year ago +2

    That is so nice of you Guys to promote those brands! ❤

  • Hannah Sheikh
    Hannah Sheikh Year ago +20

    Clicked on this so fast, the products I sent you got delivered today 😩😩 @organicsbyhannah

    • Charlie Wow
      Charlie Wow Year ago +2

      I'm sure she will continue to make these videos!

  • Jinan E.
    Jinan E. Year ago +71

    The smelling thing that came with the prayer mat is called a ma'amoul, you break off a small piece of it and place it on a full lit coal. You might've seen khaleeji's do it also known as bukhoor. Enjoy

  • Karen S.
    Karen S. Year ago +2

    Ramadan Mubarak to you and your husband, Dina ❤️ May your fast be easy 😊

  • Cooking Corner
    Cooking Corner Year ago +39

    I really miss your Ramadan daily vlogs 😔 I watched it every sohurs🙂

  • Mellisa Sooganchand

    Guys you need to send more stuff for Sid. 😆

  • Elaya Online
    Elaya Online Year ago +8

    Thank you for your kind words! ❤️

  • Sassykulture surridge
    Sassykulture surridge Year ago +11

    365 days reminders £30! Having a laugh. Anything islamic tripples in price...

  • Leora k
    Leora k Year ago +1

    You should do another video tasting the different food they sent!

  • Spanglish with Taz
    Spanglish with Taz Year ago +14

    the best part is when the Egyption in Dina is out !😍💖

  • Maryam Zakarya
    Maryam Zakarya Year ago +4

    Love you guys , Ramadan Kareem from Egypt 😍❤

  • sana limalia
    sana limalia Year ago +39

    sis did one try with the turban hijab and it was perfect haha mashallah

  • Shanti
    Shanti Year ago +2

    Dina you look so good in everything!

  • Salma Habib
    Salma Habib Year ago +3

    OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS! I COULD HAVE SENT OUT MY CANDLES DO YOU! Is your po box open still? 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • adidja documents
    adidja documents Year ago +18

    Lol Dina's arab side always shows up when she's happy and start shoulder dancing

  • Anyeka Jamal
    Anyeka Jamal Year ago +2

    Loved this! Part 2? ❤️

  • TheAninas
    TheAninas Year ago

    Nice of them to be supporting small businesses

  • Areeg Tariq I
    Areeg Tariq I Year ago

    Please could you do more videos like these. They're so goooood

  • Alia
    Alia Year ago +2

    Loveeeee that padded prayer mat. I pray with a prayer mat and a yoga mat under for my knee discomfort and also for the warmth. Where can I get this in Australia???

  • Zu Nor
    Zu Nor Year ago +3

    You are so lucky to get so many gifts 😂

    • Belinda Tabarra
      Belinda Tabarra Year ago

      @Zu Nor if you say so🤷‍♀️

    • Zu Nor
      Zu Nor Year ago

      @Belinda Tabarra it's not the only way I view success

    • Belinda Tabarra
      Belinda Tabarra Year ago

      @Zu Nor you think they don’t equal success but thats what you said lol if you don’t want to continue then don’t reply lol 😂

    • Zu Nor
      Zu Nor Year ago +2

      @Belinda Tabarra 😂😂 why is this how I automatically thinking thats how I measure success??? I know gifts isn't equally success, I'm not stupid. Can we not reply to this anymore, this is getting out of hand!!!

    • Belinda Tabarra
      Belinda Tabarra Year ago

      @Zu Nor “not everyone turns out as successful “ yes you are. Why is success only measured in getting gifts? There are multiple ways of success. Dinas outcome is only one of them

  • LovesBlueberryCake
    LovesBlueberryCake Year ago +51

    “But that noise went RIGHT THROUGH ME” lmaooo 😂 #mood

    • LovesBlueberryCake
      LovesBlueberryCake Year ago +6

      @JB B ❓❓ lol

    • JB B
      JB B Year ago

      @LovesBlueberryCake you're completely out of line to judge me and you should not commit sin by doing this. Have a beautiful day sister.

    • LovesBlueberryCake
      LovesBlueberryCake Year ago +14

      @JB B Salam bro/sis.. Its Ramadhan.. Have you ever heard the phrase “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”? If you haven’t, Ma Syaa Allah its such a beautiful advice to incorporate in our lives.. Let’s also not fitnah a beautiful marriage by criticising looks and/or the people with false information. May our fasts be accepted and ramadhan kareem to you.

    • JB B
      JB B Year ago

      Dina is the reason Sids hair is moving to a new country... Poor bloke. If she scares him this much for a noise going through her..then what's the man got to deal with daily? Allah protect Sid and keep him sane with Miss Dina!

  • karla cherry
    karla cherry Year ago +3

    The prayer mat is a must x

  • Luki
    Luki Year ago +5

    That bookmark is so cool

  • SASA
    SASA Year ago +5

    8:52 it is bakhur for the house you can put it on hot coal and defuse the parfum in your house 🥰

  • Yvonne De Aveiro
    Yvonne De Aveiro Year ago

    I love you hair Dina!

  • One Canadian B
    One Canadian B Year ago +11

    Peaceful Ramadan to you!

  • Iqra Yaser
    Iqra Yaser Year ago +1

    Loved it 🥰

  • Miss
    Miss Year ago +2

    I wish your vlogs were daily, I litterly wait till u guys upload

  • Le Ma
    Le Ma Year ago +3

    Hahahahahahaah I love how Dina smells the elaya hijab

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power Year ago +4

    I got so excited when dina put on the scarf. I miss scarf dina...

  • SanaonLife
    SanaonLife Year ago +3

    Haha so glad u realised you wr saying the dua wrong 🤣

  • Khirad 27
    Khirad 27 Year ago

    Is you PO box still open to send things?

    MsSUPERNATURALdean Year ago +6

    I miss the old vlogs!🙄😪 actually it was a part of my Ramadan throughout the years. But this year is different🤷🏻‍♀️. Not much effort and only showing Stuff on camera is not really a vlog is it? BUT I love watching your videos anyway🥰💃🏼. Just please continue with uploading videos . AND this video is also nice! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Layla Abdi
    Layla Abdi Year ago

    Will you be making more of these videos? I have something really lovely I'd like to send you! Ps. Where do I post too, if you are?

  • Johayr Macatanong
    Johayr Macatanong Year ago +1

    Love you guys

  • a Aln
    a Aln Year ago

    Thanks guys. ❤️

  • S M
    S M Year ago +3

    Can’t do Chocolate covered dates in case they have du du’s in them

  • 재
     Year ago +1

    Miss these vlogs 😭

  • Dont be a secret wife!!!
    Dont be a secret wife!!! 10 months ago

    Nice video

  • Caro Spanky
    Caro Spanky Year ago

    Sid Pakistan ta na razay. I used to watch ur video 3 years ago. I finally come back and I found ur video I’m so happy that I found ur video. Salamona sid

  • scratchinsurfaces
    scratchinsurfaces Year ago +1

    Dina and chunks to do a video PLEASEEEEE

  • Mehwish Afridi
    Mehwish Afridi Year ago +1

    I love how we girls are dina took sids moms name and then switched to her dad lol hahahahah her pr her wish lol!!! Totally joking please no hard feelings . Also dina u should do hijab tutorials so we can see exactly how is done on bare hair my turban keeps falling off

    • Laila A
      Laila A Year ago

      I thought it was sweet that she thought of his mum first though! :) bless her, and yes a tutorial from her now that she don't wear it anymore would be helpful as I'd also like to know the exact steps to take as my hair texture is just like hers and slips off all the time, although wearing a cap underneath definitely helps, it just gives me a headache 🙆🏻‍♀️

  • Trading Psychology
    Trading Psychology Year ago +2

    'What's the big business'😂😂😂

  • Laibah Hussain
    Laibah Hussain Year ago

    Nice stuff

  • Sarjina Begum
    Sarjina Begum Year ago

    Sorry I completely forgot to write my Instagram page 🤦‍♀️ its @labisheofficial

  • Fatima Ahmed
    Fatima Ahmed Year ago

    Dina took that lipgloss straight offf looooll

  • MarwaAlaradi
    MarwaAlaradi Year ago

    The little balls that came with the praying mat is bukhoor

  • kaite ross
    kaite ross Year ago +1

    Eid party isn’t a small business tho ?

  • Alia
    Alia Year ago

    Stop with those chocolate dates weve still got 5 hours to go 😫

  • Luki
    Luki Year ago

    What is the last brand Instagram?

  • plainwhitekebaya
    plainwhitekebaya Year ago


  • Ameeinaa Yt
    Ameeinaa Yt Year ago +2

    I thought It’s an old video when dina used to wear turban

  • Sumaier Dick
    Sumaier Dick Year ago +2

    First viewer 😍

  • L n
    L n Year ago

    It would be easier to follow if next time the buisness ig kinks and websites r pasted.

  • Aiperi Subankulova
    Aiperi Subankulova Year ago +2

    3:25 Was I saying it right ?
    3:28 😳😳😳

  • Jeeda Jumps
    Jeeda Jumps Year ago +1

    How my comment disappear x sending love Jeeda x

  • Tracy Holmes
    Tracy Holmes Year ago

    What a yawn fest she is now

  • ajkms
    ajkms Year ago


  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani Year ago +3

    I can’t find cocolicious is it cocoalicious

  • HiyaMate
    HiyaMate Year ago +1


  • Laibah Hussain
    Laibah Hussain Year ago

    Hi I murres ou

  • Fatima Ahmed
    Fatima Ahmed Year ago +1

    She could’ve opened the perfume. So rude

    • z s
      z s Year ago +4

      @rc27 totally agree nothing rude about it.

    • rc27
      rc27 Year ago +6

      nothing rude about it, are you fasting? ask yourself if that comment was necessary

    • z s
      z s Year ago +6

      She smelt the packaging it came in . It's all cool they got the plug