How this border transformed a subcontinent | India & Pakistan

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • The story of how a hastily-drawn line divided one people into two.
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    The video conferencing session between the two schools was conducted between students of Gyan Mandir Public School (Delhi, India) and Adamjee Model School (Karachi, Pakistan). The session was coordinated by Ms Anju Anand and Ms Devika Mittal from Indian side and Mr Usama Palla and Ms Suraya Islam from Pakistan. We're grateful they let us drop by!
    The British tasked Cyril Radcliffe with the job of drawing a line to separate Punjab and Bengal provinces from India into East and West Pakistan. Muslims and Hindus weren’t the only ones being separated from each other. Sikhs and people from other faiths were affected as well.
    A Sikh pilgrimage was divided because of the new border, Punjabi people of all faiths were separated from each other, and a culture was ultimately divided.
    This Vox Borders episode looks at how the Radcliffe line changed Punjab and how communities are affected now.
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  • Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris 26 days ago +7624

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  • anu roop
    anu roop 15 seconds ago

    Dear vox , you got some wrong information that " hatred between India ( bhaarath) and Pakistan is created by politicians " . It's not true sir . Pakistan is a jihaadi country like Palestine . Israel vs Palestine = India vs Pakistan . Pakistan is a terrorist state .

  • Shahdad Msk
    Shahdad Msk 16 minutes ago

    First time say your vedio for 5 seconds and become your subscriber

  • Tahir Rajput
    Tahir Rajput 41 minute ago

    Please make the same story from Pakistan side to get a better understanding

  • Siddiq Hussain
    Siddiq Hussain 47 minutes ago

    That’s the British plan to make clash between India And Pakistan forever.

  • uthank pettukola
    uthank pettukola 50 minutes ago

    So if the British took the 5 years as intended millions of lives could've been saved and india and pakistan could've been friends now?

  • Cracker Pro
    Cracker Pro 51 minute ago

    When a part of your body forms gangrene beyond help it’s only wise to cut it off if you want to survive. I am sure you get the gist of it. There is no point in blaming the leaders now, it’s way past the point where you can settle things peacefully. It’s not like it wasn’t tried, sadly way too many peace attempts were ended up with painful backstabbing incidents. Since there is no point crying over spilled milk I will not try to blame the INC and Muslim league leaders as well as those wretched Brit lords and their boot lickers who destroyed this peaceful continent where we all used to live together. It’s about time this should be settled once and for all so that the future generations are also not dragged in this senseless farce.

  • king irithel
    king irithel Hour ago

    How brotherhood turned into war head after uncivilized britishers who act as the civilized people to teach the uncivilized people then turn it into bazare game when they're weak 😢

  • Amrit Kumar
    Amrit Kumar 2 hours ago

    i have only one problem with pakistan and that is "cross border terrorism" other wise indians and pakistanis are very similar,.

  • Spam Ansh
    Spam Ansh 2 hours ago

    Can you make a similar video of north east India which was before not a part of ancient india but british captured it and made it part of british india

  • Abhijit Das
    Abhijit Das 2 hours ago

    Most hated country in the world: England

  • md shahparan
    md shahparan 2 hours ago +1

    My grandfather born in India...❤
    My father born in Pakistan...❤
    I born in Bangladesh ❤
    One place but 3 name..ha ha ha😍😍

  • Harsimran Kohli
    Harsimran Kohli 2 hours ago

    The partition is heart breaking my ancestor are from Gujranwala, Pakistan just months away from partition they came to India as my grandfather later got job here....i really want to visit place where my great grand father used to live but sad no trace of it can be found...

  • Wan Fråny
    Wan Fråny 2 hours ago

    Come to think of it, most of the world’s major problems were caused by the Brits...

  • juned ansari
    juned ansari 3 hours ago +1

    Such a lovely video on India and Pakistan relationship,,, thank you so much

  • hari gopalakrishnan
    hari gopalakrishnan 4 hours ago

    Every map of the border is incorrect in the northern portion, except for one. It shows the Indian territory in the state of Jammu and Kashmir occupied by Pakistan after the first war as part of Pakistan.

  • Himanshu Kalwani
    Himanshu Kalwani 4 hours ago

    What Modi ji say's about the export of terrorist from Pakistan is true even according to the Pakistani public.

      ZAID WAJID 52 minutes ago

      No Pakistani want enemity with india and in Pakistan there is no terrorism for India but yes India wants to be big boy of South Asia so they always try to export kalbhushan's to Pakistan

  • Lel E
    Lel E 4 hours ago

    When they showed the roti and jalebi I got so hungry

  • रा म
    रा म 5 hours ago

    12:20 Jethalal has the fans in pakistan also hit the like button😂😂

  • Piyush Kant
    Piyush Kant 6 hours ago

    It's wrong to blame it all on the political powers because they aren't the main reason that causes hatred between the nations. The hatred between the two countries wasn't built in a split second rather it took years or unfortunate events and politicians are nothing but the reflections of the people.
    Also, both the current leaders are doing a great job than their predecessors in building the Kartarpur Corridor.

  • singh2sabh
    singh2sabh 7 hours ago

    it feels so good to see . thank you for making this video

  • cat chat
    cat chat 7 hours ago

    this is a very good documentary. I feel like I have to cry.

  • singh2sabh
    singh2sabh 7 hours ago

    u made something . that people never talk about us

  • Mr. ToTo Ji
    Mr. ToTo Ji 8 hours ago +1

    They also devided west Bengal and East Bengal into two pieces. Ish if we could back into the year of 1946! We would live together in a country. ☺

  • Vandana Sethiya
    Vandana Sethiya 9 hours ago

    This border is the among the worst things happened to the subcontinent specially India as Bharat was split into India and Pakistan.

  • Shukla Ji
    Shukla Ji 10 hours ago

    Can we ever reunite?

  • Vedarth Malik
    Vedarth Malik 12 hours ago +1

    We are indebted to British otherwise India would have been an Islamic empire of chaos

  • Sagar lakra
    Sagar lakra 12 hours ago

    But still pak claimed that they have arabs root.
    I'm so proud of being born in India. We Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Chritains live in peace here. I too have a Sikh friend manmohan khana, a Muslim friend Mahatab Alam and a Christian friend Amit toppo. And I'm myself a Hindu. My Sikh friend have roots from pak.

  • truth conscience
    truth conscience 13 hours ago

    Take a look at the non-Muslim religious places of Pakistan. All destroyed and in ruins. Tells you something.

  • truth conscience
    truth conscience 13 hours ago

    It’s a tragedy.

  • truth conscience
    truth conscience 13 hours ago

    Fu$& that British lawyer.

  • Milind Shete
    Milind Shete 14 hours ago

    I agree with most of the content in this video. But what I don't agree with is the fact that its puts the blame equally on both sides? Why doesn't it talk about the terrorists activities that have been taking place in India? It's no secret that Pakistan sponsors terrorism in India. It's not a black and white situation. You cannot just judge it based on a community losing access to their religious institution. There's a lot to it. If you wanna be fair, you gotta cover it all. And btw on India side, Vajpayee did start a bus service between India and Pakistan and try to improve the situation. We all know what we Indians got in return.

  • H kabir
    H kabir 15 hours ago

    Why the border line of indian map not show properly? ?

  • Tarun Deep
    Tarun Deep 16 hours ago

    People on either side want peace ....but the infiltration from Pakistan to India and the spread of terrorism by picking young people from Kashmir and training them to terrorize India is what prompted prime minister Modi to speak those words .....If you see Indians were not the first to react ....take 26/11 or URI or the latest ones in February 2019.... The statements were made after that but not unnecessary claims and also please share facts before and after the terrorist attacks the way many countries stopped supporting Pakistan because of this .....and also question yourself ..1. there was partition, it's true 2. People were asked to move, it's true 3. All habits food and culture was very well intertwined, it's true ....if all of that was true ..why was there a war , what was it fought for and why is it still prevailing today? ....I have my family and friends separated and we know the pain but facts are something's Pakistan political benefit from Indians sacrifice

  • Omer H.M
    Omer H.M 18 hours ago

    That was the best video on this topic, we have more things in common than differences!

  • Rayquaza the Pokémon
    Rayquaza the Pokémon 18 hours ago

    The British ruined India & Pakistan
    now there acting like nothing happened.

    India:Dude u made my country terrible and split lots of family

    CYCL ØNE 19 hours ago

    if you have love for someone a border can not divide you from them. Some times i think about visiting india but when i see the hate for us i loose my hope i hope one day I'll visit india..❤ from PAKISTAN

  • sahilsoccer
    sahilsoccer 22 hours ago

    Very bad reference of India's Prime Minister's speech in this otherwise brilliant video. It was shown totally out of context, whatever he said against Pakistan was said just couple of days after terrorist attack in India, in which 17 Indian soldiers were killed by terrorists who infiltrated from Pakistan.

  • Sameer M
    Sameer M 22 hours ago

    The brits are the root of all evil. This is facts

  • The Facken Truth
    The Facken Truth 23 hours ago

    A very negligent anti-British attitude here. It'd be an idea to differentiate between the people of Britain and their particular attitudes to the colonies and the self-interested pro-royalists capitalists that supported the crown in all these colonial endeavours. Britain was a rich nation when it was a colonial power, but that transition of wealth to the state inhabitants did not reach the common people. Yes, the crown needed lapdogs of common class to do their work also, but i believe most British people did not care or support colonisation in the end, because they ended up as poor and downtrodden as those in the colonies. When people say "the British", its clear they mean the leaders and not all British, but i'd like to clarify that the majority of people in Britain are disgraced by what happened, from the senseless and self-interested conflicts and poor governance to the "Britain is superior to everyone" attitude. Yes the British people are proud of their nation, as all modern inhabitants of nation states are, but they do no feel superior, and they do not look back on these humanitarian disasters as anything other than humanitarian disasters caused by our colonial leaders.

  • Hyper Docs
    Hyper Docs Day ago

    No Pakistani leaders base their campaign on the hatred against India, like Indian leaders do.

  • Paul Bodo
    Paul Bodo Day ago

    you must pay back what u did to India, can a donkey back, they have so many probs now with EU now. can a dokey solves the prob ever?

  • Molly V
    Molly V Day ago

    I am an Indian living in the US and meet plenty of Pakistanis socially and at work too. My view 1. We should not romanticize the partition. It was inevitable. The process of partition was messed up but some kind of division was in the coming. 2. We say this a lot about how indians and Pakistanis are similar, but thats a misnomer. North Indians of Punjab and Pakistanis are similar. Indian identity has East, West and South Indians who have zero commonality with Pakistanis, neither in culture, food or language. Stop looking at India as if North is the most important. It is no longer the north but the South and West which determine India's position in the world. I cant imagine the Muslims of Kerala or Karnataka would even consider Pakistan as an imagined homeland.And I am a North indian myself 3. Culturally now the two countries are too different. It is easy to romanticise and say stuff like the bazaars look the same. But the real difference in what people aspire to is very different. The way we value scientific temperament in India, the sheer entrepreneurial spirit which is encouraged culturally --it is absolutely not the same in Pakistan. I think the difference is really apparent in a foreign country like the US where you have members of both communities. Whatever we might say about our leaders there was a lot of investment in education which has taken us to a different level. Even being a North Indian myself I feel we are now different people.

    • Molly V
      Molly V Day ago

      A solution to any problem is reached when you first accept the problem instead of romanticizing it in a nostalgia ridden day-dream. At present the best we can hope for is peaceful co-existence.

  • lovely dude
    lovely dude Day ago

    Politics is what might ruin pak india

  • Harsh Dixit
    Harsh Dixit Day ago

    A person of British origin is now reporting the two nations , that his ancestors divided for their personal motives and gave the people of two countries beautiful scars like kashmir and kartarpur galiyara and many more. This is truly the example shamelessness and disrespectful.

  • Asad Naved
    Asad Naved Day ago

    One of the best videos I have ever watched about partition.

  • Malik Dula
    Malik Dula Day ago

    we opened the border for them

  • Ayaz Khan
    Ayaz Khan Day ago

    These man made lines of the border, we pathans do not believe in. The day will come when these lines will be vanished and the greater ghori will come.

    • Varun Marwah
      Varun Marwah 7 hours ago

      Well he better be careful this time as we Sikhs are armed and dangerous!!

  • Malik Dula
    Malik Dula Day ago


  • Anu Singhal
    Anu Singhal Day ago

    Thank you

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow Day ago

    Pakistan funded terrorism is the main issue dividing the both country's now

  • Srinidhi ಶ್ರೀ

    How many of you from *incredible land* 🇮🇳

  • sooria pragass
    sooria pragass Day ago

    Blame Jinnah for this catastrophe

  • Team Eagle Gaming

    I love to see this and regret that ❤️

  • Ste Richardsson
    Ste Richardsson Day ago

    10:36 That sentence almost made me cry. Sikh people taking such special care of a sacred Muslim site, it's so beautiful.
    I don't like the idea of collective historical guilt but it is still sad to see so many of the conflicts around the world caused by British ignorance and imperial arrogance.

  • Fun Junkies
    Fun Junkies Day ago

    it is so sad and heart breaking to see it.

  • Fun Junkies
    Fun Junkies Day ago

    gornament are just trying to divide us. culture and everything is same

  • Akhilesh R
    Akhilesh R Day ago

    3.7k 'Bhakts' disliked this video

  • Mayur Thakor
    Mayur Thakor Day ago +7

    The moment you show only Narendra Modi speaking against Pakistan...and not Imran Khan speaking against India...
    You lost CREDEBILITY!!!
    You missed the whole point... It's the politicians from both the side.

    • Hamza Gilani
      Hamza Gilani 21 hour ago

      Imran khan hardly talks like that and the fact that he is trying to push for better relations is a sign..

    • Muhammad Usama
      Muhammad Usama Day ago +3

      Because you may find someone like sheikh rasheed talking against india but mainstream politicians do not care much as this narati\/e doesnt buy amany \/otes here in pakistan , sadly in india elections are still won with these slogans.

  • Rohit Midha
    Rohit Midha Day ago

    Partition was necessary. However, the unplanned way in which it was done, in haste, was surely wrong and deadly. However, the partition was necessary like I said. The two communities were not quite living in harmony, in spite of the 1000s of instances where you will find that they were. The 2 countries (and religions) have a completely different outlook towards life and society, justice and morality.

    MUGAMBO KHUS HUA Day ago +1

    U shows the real face of modi

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher Day ago

    Jinnah is only responsible for this

  • Harsh yadav
    Harsh yadav Day ago

    Really being an Indian! i thank Vox media for such a great informative video! Great job guys
    keep it up!

  • ירמיהו Williamson

    13:21 she talking about Curry right? 🤔🤓

    • Lel E
      Lel E 4 hours ago

      All the food is almost the EXACT same.

  • arun kumar
    arun kumar Day ago

    but kashmir has been always a issue since independence

  • Akshay D
    Akshay D Day ago

    1:06 mind it the maps shown are inaccurate. While a portion of Kashmir is occupied by Pakistan, it yet remains an Indian territory. Make sure to take care of same

  • naveen kumar
    naveen kumar Day ago +1

    Neharu and Congress reson for the mess

  • Yajuvendra Raghav
    Yajuvendra Raghav Day ago +2

    Wrong information
    Actually Partition was the demand of Jinnah(Muslim league)
    No mistake of British

  • Biswapradipdas
    Biswapradipdas Day ago

    The line that you have depicted here in the animation showed in the first clip ,may having falacies.
    According to Radcliff line declared in 1947,
    1.POK was a part of India that you havnt shown here.
    2.Bangladesh was Pakistan,called East-Pakistan.

  • Sukanta Patra
    Sukanta Patra Day ago +1

    If you want peace prepare for war. JAI HIND. MERA BHARAT MAHAN

    • Sukanta Patra
      Sukanta Patra Day ago

      @Mr. Rajput Prevention is better than cure .

    • Mr. Rajput
      Mr. Rajput Day ago

      And after war , your economy gets back to 2000's 🙂

  • Gopala Krishnan
    Gopala Krishnan Day ago

    We don't have any problem with different nation or the divide's okay we being the big brother we will tolerate their mischiefs...but not religious terrorism...people should know the real reason behind today's border adventurism by Pakistan is just religion other real reason... Indians never did aggression.. we are just defending their aggression....

  • Gopala Krishnan
    Gopala Krishnan Day ago

    You say it's all because of politicians????? Don't assume the wrong story.... Fact is Indians don't see the divide..we are united because of the realisation of we are Indians ....but Pakistanis are united because they are Muslims.. don't always project every body is equal and good... have courage to know the truth and post real feelings...

  • Danial Sandhu
    Danial Sandhu Day ago

    Come to Pakistan ... and you will make this video again ....

  • rns
    rns Day ago

    Great videos, please make some videos on the Sahel. Cheers.

  • F
    F Day ago


  • Dawood Faqier
    Dawood Faqier Day ago

    The Britishes are the most hated people in the world right now

  • Rohit Shinde
    Rohit Shinde Day ago

    Blame Brits for all this

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Day ago

    Dude you are just hearing Indians point of views so how can you judge equal

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Day ago

    Muslims are way different from Hindus and we are happy to be separate d

  • ari20
    ari20 Day ago

    Everyone talks about India Pakistan but nobody talk about India Bangladesh ?.. they are the reason so many people died , people got separated... nobody can forget and should not forget what happened in Noakhali

  • april umer
    april umer Day ago

    Superb and awesome

  • Jayashan _b
    Jayashan _b Day ago

    I think all parkistan, bangaladesh, afghanistan must belong to India. What do you think.

  • liquidswordfish
    liquidswordfish Day ago

    Indian are are taking care of muslim mosques yet you go to pakistan dont be surprised by the state of hindu temple...ruin and demolish...its all about mentality

  • Jawad H
    Jawad H Day ago

    Modi was the biggest setback too peace since the british.

  • Awais khan
    Awais khan Day ago

    I love my indian brothers and sisters

  • Rajesh G.
    Rajesh G. Day ago

    Useless british empire.... Mindless british..

  • Abcd Zyx
    Abcd Zyx Day ago

    The Bengal famine during world war 2. And how the UK bankers control America..All wars are bankers wars.. and you know who are the bankers of this world.. proud to be born in India.. Sad to be born on this planet..

  • Abhishek Dutta
    Abhishek Dutta 2 days ago

    That kind of respect to a community that has a history of slaughtering Sikhs could have been possible only by the Sikhs. Unfortunately I am not one, but I can proudly say they have the biggest hearts in this world.

  • Abhishek Dutta
    Abhishek Dutta 2 days ago

    The Pakistan map shown as of 1947 is wrong. PoK was formed after the 1971 war. Get your facts right.

  • Sandesh Kadam
    Sandesh Kadam 2 days ago

    Made artificial border in middle East. Still alive civil war

  • Sandesh Kadam
    Sandesh Kadam 2 days ago

    British divide world

  • Veeresh Kumar
    Veeresh Kumar 2 days ago

    In 1947 two Countries got Independence one reached Mars another still trying to enter Kashmir 🙏 I want foreigners to stay away from our issues we know how to handle our issues!!! India is economic beast it will be a superpower and Indian's are strong, intelligent and hard-working people 🇮🇳

  • mehtab hussain
    mehtab hussain 2 days ago

    Behnchod thy angrez

  • Fateh Gyani
    Fateh Gyani 2 days ago +8

    I'm an indian teen living in New Delhi, and I have never been to Pakistan before...
    One day I was playing an online game. It randomly matched me with people from my region (Asia)
    I get matched with this guy a year younger to me..he spoke the same language as me..
    We both won the game...and just as I was about to turn my system off, out of curiosity, I asked him where he was from..
    He replied that he was from Islamabad, Pakistan
    I played with him several times after that and I found out about the similarities of our cultures.... he was a very warm and friendly person.....
    I wish could meet in person but unfortunately it is not allowed... I wish all of these political issues just end and we can start a new era of peace and friendship with our brothers and sisters across the border...
    If all people in Pakistan are as nice, friendly and genuine as he was, I salute you all...
    -a very rational thinker

  • Pradhyumn Sikarwar
    Pradhyumn Sikarwar 2 days ago +2

    The tensions between India and Pakistan are because of one factor, Pakistan islamic fundamentalism and its establishment

  • Quinn Reed
    Quinn Reed 2 days ago

    The peoples love each other but the governments are at odds

  • Sufyan Arshad
    Sufyan Arshad 2 days ago

    Jo kehta ha ke dono same hain wo mental hospital jaye

  • The Shades End
    The Shades End 2 days ago +2

    It didn't cost the rest of India as much it cost Punjab and Bengal - the partition .

  • TGG-Ghost
    TGG-Ghost 2 days ago +4

    THE ISSUE OF KASHMIR aroused just because of unjust borderline drawn between them.Only if they conduct a referendum in Kashmir,everything will become peaceful.Let Kashmiris decide if they want a new country named Kashmir for themselves,they want to get annexed with Pakistan,or annexed with India....Why isn't this happening?!!

    • TGG-Ghost
      TGG-Ghost 3 hours ago

      @Lel E Nope....Then,why thousands of Kashimiris have died in the struggle for freedom uptil now? There has been lots of people telling me that they just freedom.Indians have occupied it by force.Referendum is the best option but no one wants the solution of that matter!

    • Lel E
      Lel E 5 hours ago

      TGG-Ghost because neither India nor Pakistan wants to let them go. And different Kashmiris prefer different countries too. It’s too complicated they can’t get a referendum

  • Alphaz thakur
    Alphaz thakur 2 days ago +2

    Why dont you cover video on sikh sacrifice. to this country.
    how sikh religion came to existance
    to protect hindu and sikhs
    coz you already cant