Training 3 Things: Come When Called, Leash Walking and Fetch!

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  • Shin Asagiri
    Shin Asagiri 11 months ago

    First time trying to play fetch with your dog and you threw the toy , he runs gets something and when he came back his biting something different 😂😂😂😂

  • Benjamin Morris
    Benjamin Morris Year ago

    Should I not walk my dog until we can do it right in the yard or is it okay to do walks even when they aren't trained? I'm worried about setting bad habits. Thanks for your videos!

  • Gamer Rules
    Gamer Rules Year ago

    Best trainer in the world..thanking you its really helpful 70 days old tyson learn so many things..and its very easy to train a dog after watch your videos..
    Please keep it up..

  • golu molu
    golu molu Year ago

    Zac? My dog has stopped working with me while training. I feel she has become too stubborn. Whenever I bring out treats. She just sits and no matter how much I try to engage her she just sits and does nothing. Please help

  • K Woyicki
    K Woyicki Year ago

    I’m getting a golden retriever

  • Iye Hassan
    Iye Hassan Year ago

    My dog won't move once the leash is on... I don't know what to do...

  • Leo Li
    Leo Li Year ago

    The people who disliked are probably cat persons

  • Judet 30
    Judet 30 Year ago

    What food treat do you use??

  • simonton piland
    simonton piland Year ago

    yay one more vid of you browsing the internet ! awesome !

  • Bearkatz
    Bearkatz Year ago

    The Dude and I are learning so much. Thank you

  • B. A. Musick
    B. A. Musick Year ago

    Love the videos. You're videos train me so I can train my puppy. My first order from should be hear today too.

  • Cassandra Garcia
    Cassandra Garcia Year ago

    my 7 month lab is good with walking on a leash my concern is when we play in my yard he just runs out of are fenced yard .. and hes found ways to leave and wont come when being called .. i have noticed he sees it as a giant play area

  • özcan salim
    özcan salim Year ago

    pointing to he's shoes and screaming WHAT ARE THOSE

  • Queen isis
    Queen isis Year ago

    It don't always work bc u don't know if ppl dog badder than yours

  • Eyzhuh
    Eyzhuh Year ago

    ZAK COME TRAIN MY DOG IN PERSON, Im struggling hard

  • TangerineBliss
    TangerineBliss Year ago

    What artist did the dog artwork on your wall? Those are so cool.

  • Gabriel Gutierrez

    This guy is amazing

  • Freal Modz
    Freal Modz Year ago

    Also, there is no escaping my Daisy, she's so fast that she MURDERED 2 birds. Any advice to not get her to kill other animals? Also, she only kills small birds, but plays with ravens.

  • Freal Modz
    Freal Modz Year ago

    Also, my Australian Shepard mix kinda bites me when I play fetch... Any advice?

  • Freal Modz
    Freal Modz Year ago

    The 19 dislikes are from cats

  • Margarita Ortiz
    Margarita Ortiz Year ago +1

    I’m getting a dog tomorrow 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

  • itzz hailey
    itzz hailey Year ago

    I watch these videos for my future pit bull. So I can treat it. I need help with name suggestions !!?

  • swageta the prince of all saiyans

    Hey guys I need some help! I am seriously thinking of getting a German shepherd. The only problem is that while my apartment at the moment is big with a huge yard suited for a dog in a few months I will be moving to a tiny apartment... will this be a deal breaker even if walk him like 3 times a day?

  • Mandy Berry
    Mandy Berry Year ago

    So at my house we put up a babygate in front of the door and whenever I put a leash on her she runs to the gate and when I finally get her away from the gate will u please do a vid on that and I love your channel

  • Tershianna Maharaj

    This video was extremely helpful 🥳🥳
    My golden is just like Rosie and now I know how to handle him better! Please make more videos with goldens/larger breeds!! This is amazing

  • Porush Kumar
    Porush Kumar Year ago

    You should make a video on how to make them attack on command

  • laura dufresne
    laura dufresne Year ago +1

    I love golden retrievers!!!! there so cute.

  • Zara_Cavvie
    Zara_Cavvie Year ago +2

    My new puppy, a cavalier King Charles spaniel, is having some troubles with coming when called and chewing her leash. She is doing so well though and knows fetch, drop, sit and drop fluently.she doesn’t pull forward on a leash but plants herself to a spot. Any ideas?

  • Animals for the Dub
    Animals for the Dub Year ago +3

    I don’t have a dog yet but on December 8th I’m brining Tyson home! My mom has always wanted us to get one but she didn’t think that we were old enough and I’m soooooo excited you have helped us know what to train first! I’m ready for my 10 week old chocolate lab!

    • Caddy Wampus
      Caddy Wampus Year ago

      Good for you! We've had our borador for only 3 weeks and Zak's advice has been great. She already knows come, sit, and lie down all from Zak's videos!

  • 573FVN
    573FVN Year ago

    Hello, I’m thinkin about mixing a tiny amount of garlic into my puppies food once per day.
    She’s a pomeranian and 2 months old. Would you recommend that or should i wait until she’s older since her body is still so tiny.
    I’m thinking about 1 thin slice of a single clover since a who,e one would definitely be too much.
    Thank you

  • Mildred Nolasco
    Mildred Nolasco Year ago

    Rosie is my dog when it comed to the outside world

  • Steve Kowalski
    Steve Kowalski Year ago

    How did this guy get a show? Not a good trainer at all. Using bribes to get your dog to do what you want isn’t a good technique. Balanced training using rewards like treats, praise, etc and aversive things like spatial pressure, and pressure and release, etc are the better techniques to get a well trained dog

  • Brandi Martin
    Brandi Martin Year ago

    I absolutely love your channel I have a 7month old male Maltese that knows look at me, sit, stay, paw and is pad trained due to me taking the things you teach in your videos.. I was going to do obedience training but I wanted to do it on my own to build our connection but didn’t think I was capable.. That was until I started following your channel.. Thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate you!!

  • Josh Plays
    Josh Plays Year ago

    Zak! My dog keeps eating grass and I need help. Plz help

  • Sambhav Kc
    Sambhav Kc Year ago

    Hey Zak! I have a puppy Siberian husky and he whines when I put him in his cage, what should I do to make him stop whining

  • Lucas
    Lucas Year ago

    "Click thumbs up for Rosie!"
    It's like he expects viewers to be as simple-minded as the dogs he trains.

  • drivewithcasey
    drivewithcasey Year ago

    These videos are so helpful. I was taught to train dogs in a greatly different way. Your modern training is more enjoyable for everyone involved. Thanks!

  • Liz •
    Liz • Year ago

    Does anyone know where I can currently get pug puppies in Northern California?? Please answer🙏🙏

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C Year ago +1

    I love this channel! I am getting a dog in 4 months and these videos are so good for me! I'm so exited! Awesome videos and cute puppies!

  • Jkcrafter 56
    Jkcrafter 56 Year ago

    I don’t have a dog of my own either I’ve been watching these for my future basenji puppy hopefully!!!🐕

  • Xplicid
    Xplicid Year ago

    Your videos are great. Thanks heaps ✌🏽

    JOE LOW Year ago +2

    Zak how do you feel about strangers giving your dog treats? Some people just massively feed my dog treats when I am not looking which causes my dog to beg strangers! please help

  • Riley Coyote
    Riley Coyote Year ago

    Wonder if my 5yo American bulldog can still learn fetch... His favorite games are tug and keep away

  • Awoken
    Awoken Year ago

    How do I train my dog to only listen to me while out, and not run up to any person that smells good?

  • Kadin B
    Kadin B Year ago

    I just adopted a year-and-a-half-old boxer mix, and she is about to start her heartworm treatment. It's going to be really difficult for her, she has a lot of energy but at the same time she is a very calm dog. And for the most part well-trained. My question is do you know a good way to calm dogs down when they get too excited? Since while on the medication she can't get excited at all, and we definitely don't want to keep her in a crate when we are home.

  • Dhameer Govind
    Dhameer Govind Year ago

    I have this problem with outdoor distractions. My Rhodesian Ridgeback won't even listen with fresh chicken. I'm still working on fixing this. Other dogs are a huge dustraction with him. He is not aggressive but wants too smell them. He listens excellently in certain outdoor areas though where its quiet. 😞

  • Chanel Killian
    Chanel Killian Year ago

    What can i do if my dog doesnt want to pee outside?i take him out all the time he is still a puppy but he isnt so small i always tell him he did a good job by doing it outside and one thing he does is he always wait for me to open the back door he just wants to be inside the house and not going outside be his own i leave the door open for him and he knows it.if you have any advice it will really help.thank you i hope you'll read this because i never trained a puppy before so its all new to me

  • Snazpazzels!
    Snazpazzels! Year ago +3

    Thanks for putting me onto pet flow their prices are great and so is the service

  • caleb wetter
    caleb wetter Year ago

    I have a labradoodle that by luck learned how to play fetch properly without tug of war, but I can't get him to Look At Me, and when I try and train it he starts losing attention quickly. What do I do?

  • Toni Mele
    Toni Mele Year ago +2

    Could you do a video on socializing an older dog? Or what needs to be done to acclamate them to other dogs?

  • princess luna
    princess luna Year ago

    DUDE I SAW ZAC GEORGE ON AN EPISODE OF DOGS 101!!! I'm so proud of myself. 😊

  • Tiger Chawla
    Tiger Chawla Year ago

    Hye Sir my Dog Rottweiler He Is Don't Interested in Biscuits So Plzz Tell me What i Use For Treats?

    • Terry T
      Terry T Year ago

      Meat. Simple bits of turkey or chicken lunch meat or boil some chicken yourself to use.

  • Bryan Spain
    Bryan Spain Year ago

    Hey Zak, you are so much help. Thanks. When should we begin training our new pup. We got her Friday, the earliest we could take him from Mom.

    • Bryan Spain
      Bryan Spain Year ago

      Zaak, thank you for the love, but would you also mind answering my question?😍

  • Shelley McCain
    Shelley McCain Year ago

    We are about to get a lab puppy . Few questions , maybe its links to old videos,but chew toys for them ( safe and not swallow) also best harness for lab type dogs . Thank you !

  • Ash
    Ash Year ago

    I just want to say thank you for all of your amazing videos. I had really lost my confidence with my dogs for various reasons but my pup has just turned a year old and all of the work I've been putting in has really paid off and it's so rewarding. My other dog (reactive/nervous) is making progress too, having reached a point 2 years ago where I was considering putting her to sleep as I couldn't cope. Helped massively by your videos and a book series of a UK based trainer. Hoping Santa will bring me your book this year :)

  • Ptmb Mm
    Ptmb Mm Year ago

    Em update on rottie pup tiberius i think his name was. I want to compare him to my rottweiler pup.

  • Dawn Keith
    Dawn Keith Year ago

    What's the best way to train a dog when you are in a wheelchair

  • Lucy Wonsower
    Lucy Wonsower Year ago

    I have a 12 week old corgi/heeler mix that is still learning to walk on a leash properly. He sits at every crosswalk when I ask him, though and will run with me up hills. He's doing such a good job! He also picked up fetch really quickly (I taught him using the methods you've given in other videos :)).

  • Alina Nechiporenko

    You always promote pet flow but isn’t homemade dog food better?

  • Bruno Arellano
    Bruno Arellano Year ago

    I can't stop my dog jumping on people

  • Andrea Chalfan
    Andrea Chalfan Year ago

    I have a question. You always say real meat is the best for training. Can I use thanksgiving leftovers?

  • Jana Vegana
    Jana Vegana Year ago

    Where can i buy the beautiful dog art in the backround

  • Real Cane Corso
    Real Cane Corso Year ago

    Yes! See the result of a good training. -->

  • Nerdybirdguy
    Nerdybirdguy Year ago

    Hey Sal i have a dog that runs from me when I try to grab the toy it's no fun playing with him can you help me out thx alo t

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Year ago

    Come to Romania and teach my 2 dogs, Cane corso and Lab :>
    Jk, way to far, but i love your videos and you inspire me♡

  • Makena
    Makena Year ago

    My German shepherd is like that

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +4

    Hey, Zak. Can you please make a video where you train a dog out of negative behaviors like food aggression or other similar problems? People keep telling me that positive training won't work on dogs like that.

  • Ghalya Al ali
    Ghalya Al ali Year ago

    you are a rally great trainer that i cant believe it dont stop making videos

  • Akshay j
    Akshay j Year ago

    Sir,how to teach a very dull 2 years old dog to sit ,stand,

  • Shadyy
    Shadyy Year ago +1

    My puppy is just about to turn 6 months old, his come when call is getting great in a distracting area such as the beach. fetch is challenging... with leach training, my dog seems to be great at it naturally, he used to be terrible I never used treats or anything, I just got him used to being around other people and animals by carrying him by, he used to bark like crazy at them but now I can walk him and he just walks by like nothing, took about 2 weeks of carrying him past busy places such as soccer games and festivals.. will definitely try the tips in this video for fetch though !! Thanks Zak for another great and helpful video

  • P- BoX
    P- BoX Year ago +1

    Rosie is such a good girl.....

  • Atharva Kamalakar Jadhav

    Wow great video 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • cinnamongirl622
    cinnamongirl622 Year ago

    With Zak in charge,everything is sure to come up "rosie" 😊

  • Madeline
    Madeline Year ago +1

    I love training videos that have pups that are a little bit older - this is when training can prove challenging, and a lot of owners will give up on a dog at this stage because they get to be "too much".
    Hopefully videos like these cut down on that happening

  • Adilene Emojis
    Adilene Emojis Year ago

    Zak what did you feed Rosie as a treat? I might want to use what you used as a treat for my dog 🐶😁😁😁😁👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  • Samir Kumar Maharana

    Awesome....your training tips really helps me with my german shepard puppy...thanks

  • DIMI K
    DIMI K Year ago

    I LOVE your videos

  • HowKidsBecomeKids

    My dog is so dumb I called for him and he slammed into my glass door 😂

  • Inside The Dog-World

    She's such a beautiful pup, just watching the pure "puppiness" in her makes me smile 😍😁

  • Nigeriangamer 00
    Nigeriangamer 00 Year ago

    Why would any body dislike your vids😫😭