CRAZIEST Bridges From Around the World

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • If you struggle with Acrophobia, I highly recommend you move on to another video on our channel, because today we have a look at some of the craziest and amazing bridges from across the globe. Some are mighty, others rickety, and many of heights you never deemed possible for a bridge. Enjoy!
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    11 - A river runs through it…
    This is definitely not your regular kind of bridge, and it’s aptly named The Moses Bridge or the Invisible Bridge. This was an active defense line during the 17th century, and the moat fell into disrepair in the 19th century. People were so eager to explore the other side, but the water was too shallow for boats, so this bridge was the perfect solution. It’s located in The Netherlands, and is made from waterproof wood. There are of course those that worry that the water could spill over, but amazingly the water levels are adjustable. Crossing this creative bridge should definitely be added to your bucket list!
    10 - Build Bridges…
    This insane bridge is the Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia. It’s 2,170 feet above sea level and was completed in 2005. It’s designed as a curved walkway, so pedestrians can get the best views possible. It cost $1.2 million to build, and it was done within 12-months. It did close for construction in 2012 and partially reopened in 2015. The last update was that some parts of the bridge are still shut off to the public.
    9 - Grass Roots…
    We’re off to Cambodia to brave the Bamboo Bridge, a bridge that is literally made from Bamboo and gives hundreds of people daily access to a nearby island. The bridge is rebuilt every single year, with the framework consisting of the bamboo sticks and the floor being made of several layers of cane cut in half. 2017 may have been the last year this special bridge would have been made, as funding has become available to build a proper bridge for the people.
    8 - Sun’s Up…
    This is the design of Santiago Calatrava, a renowned Spanish Architect. It’s called the Sundial Bridge, and as the name suggests, the bridge also acts as a giant sundial. The structure is made from steel, glass and granite and it allows pedestrians to cross the Sacramento River in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.
    7 - Soak it all in…
    When it comes to viewing pleasure, not many can beat the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada. It hangs above the Capilano River in Vancouver, and is a tourist hotspot. You’re surrounded by the West Coast rainforest, and the beautiful waters of the river, seriously, what more could ask for? There’s a lot to do at the park if you’re ever in the area, you won’t be sorry you stayed a bit longer!
    6 - Excellent Support…
    This quirky bridge is situated at Wuppertal in Germany and has been aptly named the Lego Bridge. It’s not scary, and the view isn’t that great, but we just love the quirkiness of this awesome bridge which brings back fond memories of our childhood.
    5 - Cross at your own risk…
    It’s been dubbed the, “Oh my God bridge”, which doesn’t leave you with much confidence, however, people cross the Quepos Bridge every day and nothing happens to them. It looks like it’s going to fall down any minute, but it’s still there and has stood since the mid 1930’s! It can hold a 30-ton lorry, so I promise you’ll be ok should you need to cross!
    4 - Worth the risk?
    You’ll be pretty chuffed with yourself if you make it across and live to tell the tale! This is the Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, found in Nepal and mimics an old abandoned rollercoaster. Herds of animals use this bridge daily to get to the other side, and is 443 feet high and 1,128 feet long. This bridge was built specifically for animals, to ease the congestion caused by cattle.
    3 - A masterpiece…
    This is the Da Vinci Bridge, and the original plans were sketched by Da Vinci himself in 1502. It was presented to Sultan Bajazet II of Constantinople, but only used 500-years later by Norwegian artist Vebjørn Sand. Opened in 2001, this pedestrian bridge crosses the E18 highway, which is just 12-miles from Oslo. It’s much smaller than the original drawing, but still spectacular. It’s been called one of the 5 coolest bridges in the world by Wired.
    2 - Let’s get deep…
    The Germans can be credited with building the longest navigable aqueduct bridge called the Madgeburg Water Bridge and has pedestrian space on either side. It’s been in the making since 1905, but for various reasons throughout the years, work had to be halted. It was completed in 1998.
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