Maleficent's Family Backstory Explained! | What Is Maleficent?: Discovering Disney

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
    Isaac dives into the newly revealed backstory on the origins of Maleficent’s ancestors... in the Super Carlin Brothers set!
    Who Was Maleficent’s Master?:
    What Was Aurora’s Third Gift Going To Be?:
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  • Wotso Videos
    Wotso Videos  Month ago +298

    What do you think of the new set??... oh wait...
    Have a magical day!

  • Apple Joy Aniciete

    And Maleficent isn't Aloud To go Near Iron It Can Burn Her Wings

  • Apple Joy Aniciete

    Maleficent's Parents Are Dead Until He Told It To Stefan

  • Andrew Coleman
    Andrew Coleman 7 days ago

    Now I want to know Mr. Bob’s full story.

  • Pierce Kadriel Vincent Garcia

    Love Maleficent ♥️❤️💝💟💘💓💗💞💕💖

  • Lindsey Parsons 😘
    Lindsey Parsons 😘 12 days ago


  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 15 days ago

    On the film, Conel talks about 3 transformations, but notice at the start Maleficent has that earthly greed tone color on her, her cloths and wings, but when she was betrayed (1st transformation) her wings stolen, she turned black.
    2nd trasformation, when she finally learn about true love, lastly 3rd transformation is when she sacrificed herself to save Auro and turning into the the Phoenix, which Conel said that she is her last direct descendant.
    They once talked about her power, none of the dark fae has the same power as her, notice how the dark faea can only manipulate, heal the nature, but not as potent as Maleficent control the nature, when at war, notice how the dark faea controls the vines slowly, slowly crawls on the walls, while maleficent effortlessly creates a wall of thorns, create a wooden bridge.
    Maleficent is the only Dark Faea to have pure Black color, only she made the 3 transformation Conel talks about.

  • john hunst
    john hunst 18 days ago

    So which one of her ancestors banged a huge fire bird? Just curious. Sounds painful.

  • SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios

    I love Maleficent 💚🖤

  • Kylah Wright124
    Kylah Wright124 20 days ago

    I saw the new movie and she’s the last of her kind who is THE LAST that has the Phoenix powers. All the rest are almost powerless

  • Agnes the artist
    Agnes the artist 26 days ago

    At first, I thought that the new "Live Action" wave of Disney movies was never gonna compare with the originals, but that changed when I watched the first Maleficent movie, now, I prefer the more realistic and historical timelines of the live action films. And, about that, do all the new live action movies fit into a timeline/universe of their own?🤔🤔 Hey, that would be a good theory, could you, maybe make a video about it. PLS🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Ndzelani Mamba
    Ndzelani Mamba 27 days ago +3

    I love that Maleficent turned into a Phoenix instead of a Dragon.
    A Phoenix isn’t what we would traditionally consider to be a brutal fighting beast, and that beautifully reflects the journey she goes on in the film when considering whether to wage war on humans or take the path of peace.
    Maleficent is the amalgamation of 2 polar opposites: death and life, and finding a balance between the two means becoming vulnerable to a certain degree. She literally represents hope and hope is always fragile. Her Phoenix form proves that life is as powerful death, peace is as potent as war and vulnerability is as admirable as strength.
    All in all: what a film! 🤩🙌🏾

  • George Edsan
    George Edsan Month ago

    Lessons of life made Maleficent what she is now.

  • Tatum Kubizna
    Tatum Kubizna Month ago

    I just watched the second movie today. It was awesome.

  • Nidhi Kesharwani
    Nidhi Kesharwani Month ago

    The phoenix plushy is here too!! 😂😂😂

  • Stefan Dakovski
    Stefan Dakovski Month ago +3

    Watched the movie, it's absolutely beautiful. Michelle Pfeffer played the role of the Queen so well it made me sympathetic and angry towards her many times, but ultimately love her. Angelina Jolie also made Maleficent stand out far more in this movie, it was just epic.

    • Stefan Dakovski
      Stefan Dakovski 18 days ago

      @Lisitsa Harlow ok

    • Lisitsa Harlow
      Lisitsa Harlow 18 days ago

      @Stefan Dakovski I know, but I don't hate her because of her actions. Be she looks and talks like a person I hate. So I got revenge though Maleficent.

    • Stefan Dakovski
      Stefan Dakovski 18 days ago

      @Lisitsa Harlow That's the idea. You're supposed to dislike the Queen, because of her motives and actions.

    • Lisitsa Harlow
      Lisitsa Harlow 18 days ago

      I hated the queen. Maleficent is the only one I felt positive emotions for.

  • kang yeosang
    kang yeosang Month ago +2

    i can tell he was a good writer in school.

  • Jesse Head
    Jesse Head Month ago

    You’re girlfriend 😉

  • Grace Tedera
    Grace Tedera Month ago

    I watched the movie and It was amaAzINg-

  • Dream Kitty
    Dream Kitty Month ago +2

    This one of those times I didn't care about spoilers.

  • Mojo Mabona
    Mojo Mabona Month ago

    This guy has a girlfriend

  • Kimberly Yurong
    Kimberly Yurong Month ago

    Gkapoy kog sa imo fes.

  • Taneesha Thomas
    Taneesha Thomas Month ago

    Ok I gotta subscribe I love you

  • Dafe Akpoguma
    Dafe Akpoguma Month ago

    Doesn't maleficent have a husband called hades then they divorced but before they divorced the had a child called mal from descendants

  • Amalyah Terry
    Amalyah Terry Month ago +3

    I cried as well during this movie. I literally almost had a heart attack when the queen shot Maleficent with the arrow. Overall, I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE AND I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN ASAP, AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO COME ON MY FIRESTICK SOON!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Theresa Kusznir
    Theresa Kusznir Month ago

    I love this story line! It's really, really cool!

  • Woah Man
    Woah Man Month ago

    This is the first video that I have watched on this channel and I’m confused is that the Super Carlin brothers set?

  • Jp fp
    Jp fp Month ago

    She's should be an eternal

  • Maria Espinoza
    Maria Espinoza Month ago

    Cool 😎

  • Chayle
    Chayle Month ago

    I can’t be the only one who only thinks of Jean Grey when I hear any reference to “Phoenix” 😂

  • Yurice M
    Yurice M Month ago

    She's pharsa??

  • waterlily 1107
    waterlily 1107 Month ago

    I watched the movie yesterday. I liked the original more than this sequel. Maleficent 2, at the beginning of the film prince Philip asked aurora to marry him. They should've put a love story first. Guess it's better. And the ending? after the war, wedding followed that quick. Guess restoration, healing, and friendship among the 2 kingdoms must've shown first before the wedding. And maleficent and aurora? They didn't have an intimate talk, compared to the original they're talking a lot... But the whole cast were good. Especially Angelina, Elle and Michelle. The story just messed up. A bit. For me. 😘✌🏼 But if there'll be another sequel I'll still watch it.i love Angelina and Elle!!! I'm a fan! 😘😘

  • Awesome A
    Awesome A Month ago

    It’s cool how Super Carlin Brothers teamed up with Wotso Videos

  • Tru1Tani
    Tru1Tani Month ago

    Did SCB give you that set? Are you borrowing it?

  • Marisol Diaz
    Marisol Diaz Month ago +1

    Thank you! Love your explanation ♥️♥️👏👏, yes Love that part and I scream so loud when the Big Phoenix apear ♥️♥️♥️👏👏👏

  • bashary555
    bashary555 Month ago


  • Ra On Hong
    Ra On Hong Month ago +2

    The moment when the fairies were trapped in the church and are murdered one by one... i felt ashamed to be a human.

    • Save the Dolphins
      Save the Dolphins Month ago

      Hello hello Hello her name is flittle

    • Ra On Hong
      Ra On Hong Month ago

      @Hello hello Hello she didn't actually die, she just lost her freedom as a fairy, but its still so sad... humas are cruel... i feel bad

    • Hello hello Hello
      Hello hello Hello Month ago

      Ra On Hong omg when the blue one sacrificed herself i cried

  • LaBelleDame DuManor

    I kinda have a theory of my own regarding the original Sleeping Beauty cartoon movie & the 2 Maleficent movies which portray the retelling of the same tale from another perspective. What if there were 2 Maleficents? 1 being the distant ancestor of the other? 1 being the real evil black sheep of the family & the other not so 'evil'. Whichever 1 came 1st in the family line I will leave up to you, the reader of this comment to decide. It would be fun to hear back.

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith Month ago

    I dont get your point

  • Jhun Cuizon
    Jhun Cuizon Month ago

    That is a lot of talking. 🙄

  • ImmortalQueen DivA
    ImmortalQueen DivA Month ago

    The movie is good loved it

  • Chris Bennett
    Chris Bennett Month ago


  • Therabbit Dunn
    Therabbit Dunn Month ago +7

    I completely loved the first movie and the second one was so epic omg I had to preordered to see it as many times as I can

  • Ari Ballantine
    Ari Ballantine Month ago

    So glad that they gave maleficent a great deal of growth

  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez Month ago

    What if I am not a fun person

  • Sul sur
    Sul sur Month ago

    No one, I mean no one could have played better than Angelina jolie as Malafiscent. She's brilliant.

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge Month ago +1


  • ima moonwalker
    ima moonwalker Month ago

    Best review so far!

  • Mark Torino
    Mark Torino Month ago
    pasingit po

  • Ambur sunset Hawkesworth

    I love this guys linking Jumper

  • Michael Driscoll
    Michael Driscoll Month ago +2

    She is one of my fav Disney characters

  • Alexandra Alberti
    Alexandra Alberti Month ago

    I cried at the ending

  • Merelyn Padios
    Merelyn Padios Month ago

  • Agnes Flores
    Agnes Flores Month ago

    why are you keep moving your position

  • Dani King
    Dani King Month ago

    when i was watching the sequel, i seriously thought 'humans are always really the problem' then i remembered im a human and i never been so dissapointed of myself

  • Christian Ali
    Christian Ali Month ago

    maleficent is found by a very large community of Dark fairies like herself, and she is told has come from all the corners of the earth, from the jungle, to the forest, to the desert (which in turn makes for the perfect excuse to have an ethnically diverse cast of dark fairies, which came 1st? The cast, or the diversity? A chicken and egg situation that cannot get into right now.).

  • Jody Hakala
    Jody Hakala Month ago +1

    Yess I really like the Magical 🧙🏻‍♀️ aspects but important to connect with how we need nature and different Elements, we need to use the plants 🌱 as healing and respect them.

  • Eden Fritz
    Eden Fritz Month ago

    I really hate the jump cuts cause you move the chair.

  • Hekate Goddess
    Hekate Goddess Month ago

    Ohhh my God I love the story the movie was excellent GO and See It❤💗💛❤💖💝💘

  • Pierre Buie II
    Pierre Buie II Month ago

    I love maleficent