Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

  • Published on Jan 7, 2015
  • Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.
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    Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman
  • ComedyComedy

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  • fire5479
    fire5479 4 hours ago

    He's gay................the truth comes out!

  • fire5479
    fire5479 4 hours ago

    She would screw the lid of a canning jar.

  • Abhishek Bansal
    Abhishek Bansal 5 hours ago

    Wether she admitted it or not, but I'm sure Jimmy's wife would have been upset seeing his natural reaction to having blown that once in a while chance. Not upset, angry rather.

  • gaming with Viraj
    gaming with Viraj 12 hours ago +1

    This is the best comment section...

  • Richard Ars
    Richard Ars 14 hours ago +1

    Nicole: I remember that I liked you
    Jimmy: Brain.exe not responding

  • Sgt DangerCow
    Sgt DangerCow 18 hours ago

    Pure bazinga

  • Arif büyükbaş
    Arif büyükbaş 20 hours ago

    mukkemmel :)

  • bowieknife
    bowieknife Day ago +1

    I want a body language expert dissect this interview.......

  • untitled_63
    untitled_63 Day ago

    Who esle saw that ass grab. Damn.

  • Mark Korenhof
    Mark Korenhof Day ago +3

    You BLEW it Jimmy lol

  • Faustina Thomas
    Faustina Thomas Day ago

    There both handsy with each other...

  • Ruby Galvez
    Ruby Galvez Day ago

    Jimmy can talk through any awkwardness, except when he's this flustered. No jokes land. His timing is off like a rickety bike. :D

  • Justin eis
    Justin eis Day ago

    1:17 his reaction is priceless 😂😂😂

  • Paloma Garza
    Paloma Garza Day ago

    Me feeling the tension here

  • Che1424
    Che1424 Day ago

    She would still hit it

  • Portzy
    Portzy Day ago

    3:35 *clowns horns be like*

  • Cássio Amaral
    Cássio Amaral Day ago +1

    Jimmy's reaction at 2:18 was so genuine lol no way that was scripted haha. You can trully feel his embarrassment of missing the chance to make a move on none other than Nicole Kidman!!
    Now I don't feel so bad for screwing up my own chances anymore, because nothing can't top Jimmy missing on Nicoke Kidman😂😂😂

  • George
    George Day ago

    Jimmy Fallon is gay. Why would he even want to date a woman???

  • Abhishek Ravoor
    Abhishek Ravoor 2 days ago

    This video has 51M views n the 2nd part has ru-clip.com/video/aSsH6tYBgD8/video.html 15M views..

  • Ирина Самохина

    Could anybody help me to understand the main essence of the joke. I'm learning English and couldn't understand all details.

    • Ирина Самохина
      Ирина Самохина Day ago

      @Cássio Amaral Thanks, now I've got. I just did't understand at first why Jimmy ignored Nicole.

    • Cássio Amaral
      Cássio Amaral Day ago +1

      English isn't my native language either but here it goes:
      Nicole liked Jimmy and his friend Rick set a date for her but told him it was a work related meeting. Jimmy didn't catch the signs that Nicole had a crush on him and that a famous and gorgeous woman like her would be way out of his league.
      So, instead of making a move on her, he was oblivious to her hints and spent the time playing video games and completely blew his chance of engaging with one of the sexiest women in the world. Basically, she's taunting him in a lighthearted way for missing the opportunity to hook with her, making him very embarrassed.

  • Товарищ Маузер

    Николь такая красивая и сексуальная, когда рассказывает эту историю и смеётся!

  • Товарищ Маузер

    Шедевр! Смотрю уже который раз! И каждый раз улыбаюсь до ушей!

  • P4P KING
    P4P KING 2 days ago

    bro....she wouldve turned you right the fuck out. she a freak

  • Zorah
    Zorah 2 days ago

    Her accent 😫😫

  • a Zeppelin fan
    a Zeppelin fan 2 days ago

    I think we ALL feel bad for Jimmy on this one I mean damn how does one bounce back from that? 😬 #feelsbadman

  • Mohamed Maksoud
    Mohamed Maksoud 2 days ago

    The comments with thousands likes has no end in this video believe that

  • Godless Bastard
    Godless Bastard 2 days ago

    i dont like him

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 2 days ago

    One of most amazing Jimmy Fallon moments I've ever seen I have to say. Damn, he's gonna remember that moment until the end of his days. So funny.

  • Casey Michel
    Casey Michel 2 days ago +1

    She's totally still into him

  • R A R
    R A R 3 days ago

    Maybe he's gay? with the gaystapo, Nicole Kidman should immediately be fired forever and all her movies burned, her history removed and her personally shot and killed and we be never allowed to speak of her again EVER!

  • GGR TheMostGodless
    GGR TheMostGodless 3 days ago

    Hot chicks rejected are funny...she expected him to go nuts and go out of his way for her, and why would she think that? she's cute and dopey, so he sits to play his video game, beaches she wasn't talking abut anything the reason she said she went in to begin with, and his friend not puling him aside to tell him anything!!
    Still, she felt rejected and that's funny. That;s the reason she still remembers!

  • Fey Herondale
    Fey Herondale 3 days ago +2

    when you thought the girl is out of your league so you end up doing nothing lol

  • universal truth
    universal truth 3 days ago

    Jimmy's face at 1:16 ha ha

  • Mrfairchap
    Mrfairchap 3 days ago +2

    She’s only a woman - plenty more of them everywhere.

    • BeautyLilyaa
      BeautyLilyaa 2 days ago +2

      Yeah but they ain’t Nicole Kidman...

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire 3 days ago +2

    I can't believe in this video she's 48.

  • PumpkinJack88
    PumpkinJack88 3 days ago


  • Jessica Joseph
    Jessica Joseph 3 days ago +4

    This story never gets old ...

  • Artur Pitanga
    Artur Pitanga 3 days ago +1

    3:33 . Touch his ass.

  • mike oberstien
    mike oberstien 3 days ago +1

    It's a shame. They would have made a very nice inverted couple.

  • Monarch99 99
    Monarch99 99 3 days ago +1

    Oh Nicole Kidman, you knew what sport he liked at 7:22, you just didn't want to seem too eager ;)

  • OnlyHarry
    OnlyHarry 3 days ago +1

    Nicole you're so charming)) and funny and sweet))

  • ham4fun
    ham4fun 3 days ago

    i think this is the first time ever i have laughed at Jimmy for him acting funny.

  • Vlog Ai
    Vlog Ai 3 days ago +1

    She is so beautiful , elegant and charming💕I think she grew up receiving so much love.

  • dvs
    dvs 3 days ago +1

    2:45 PURE REGRET

  • Jazelyn Mariah de Roma-Acosta

    This is cute and hilarious!

  • tag line
    tag line 4 days ago +4

    omg his reaction from 1:13 has me dying, so cute

  • Kabeer Ahmed
    Kabeer Ahmed 4 days ago +1

    I dont know why but I always come back here to watch this. It's just so funny.

  • Ralph Christian
    Ralph Christian 4 days ago +2

    Pay respect to our Fallen brother, Fallon...

  • Khan Umer
    Khan Umer 4 days ago

    That right there.. thats great tv!!!

  • Shahan Mustafa
    Shahan Mustafa 4 days ago

    Still my fav Jimmy episode of all time

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name 4 days ago

    Rare times you see Fallon with genuine reaction.

  • alberto032973
    alberto032973 4 days ago +1


  • Edward R
    Edward R 4 days ago

    raymond robles

  • Daniel Yun
    Daniel Yun 4 days ago

    How stupid you are LoL.
    You kicked up the Nicole.

  • Shavi yassir
    Shavi yassir 4 days ago

    Im watching it for the 100th time, just amazing

  • Daniel Sparrow
    Daniel Sparrow 4 days ago +1

    This video is, like, legend status now

  • Michael Melody
    Michael Melody 4 days ago +1

    Jimmy Fallon is the man

  • ok t
    ok t 4 days ago +1


  • Gabrielle Jackson
    Gabrielle Jackson 4 days ago

    Damn, they still have chemistry. He should’ve noticed and she should’ve said something lol

  • Gaga Zaric
    Gaga Zaric 4 days ago +2

    Rick the worst friend ever