How the Lakers fell from contention to ruin during Kobe Bryant’s final seasons

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • As far as basketball goes, Kobe Bryant had what he needed by 2010. Without Shaq sharing his spotlight, Bryant won consecutive NBA championships, proving he could do that as the Lakers' primary superstar. But he wasn't done, and he wanted to stick around in Los Angeles, so the Lakers acted accordingly.
    Or at least they tried to. LA -- run by a complex, ever-changing, and sometimes nepotistic front office -- soon realized the core that earned them back-to-back rings wasn't going to cut it against some rising Western Conference powerhouses. So they swung a huge trade to bring in superstar Chris Paul. When that trade got vetoed by the league, things started to spiral: Upset co-stars led to desperate dismissals, which led to desperate acquisitions, which led to diminishing organic growth and eventually a whole lot of losing.
    The Lakers said farewell to Kobe with their worst seasons as a franchise. This episode of Collapse explains how they fell so precipitously within the twilight of their departing star.
    Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
    Shot and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
    Motion graphics by Michael Das
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  • TheGreatHeisman
    TheGreatHeisman 8 hours ago +1

    Lakers are back :)

  • define crazy
    define crazy 3 days ago

    Bynum was hurt all the time during his time with Lakers other then 2012 season.

  • Jov Pal
    Jov Pal 6 days ago

    Kobe and Dirk once met in the playoffs


    after that Kobe retired his body was in trauma

  • Anthony Bricker
    Anthony Bricker 7 days ago

    What if Shaquille O'Neal stay and kobe bryant was traded

  • kenneth griffin
    kenneth griffin 7 days ago

    you coulda saved 15 minutes and just said "basketball reasons" ... cause the chris paul veto is what ultimately killed the lakers and kobe... if that doesn't happen then kobe also never injures his achilles playing too many minutes filling in for nash and other hurt players. phil jackson also never quits on them. then no d'antoni. then no BS system or silly moves. kobe wins 1-2 more titles and becomes co-goat... probably also passes kareem for all time scoring leader. yup... basketball reasons

  • Marvin Allen
    Marvin Allen 7 days ago

    Kobe overrated, you forgot to mention when shaq left Kobe didn't even make the playoffs then the next 2 years he got beat by the suns (TWICE) and blew a 3-1 lead, Kobe didn't win until he got two 7footers

  • Tre
    Tre 8 days ago

    Jeannie can get it tho 💯

  • JonahTube HD101
    JonahTube HD101 8 days ago +3

    Lol half of the players LA drafted then traded are having 20-point seasons this year: Ingram,Russell,Randle.

  • detailsmove
    detailsmove 8 days ago +2

    "basketball experts were thrilled"
    *shows Trump tweet* 😂

  • Sad Raiders Fan
    Sad Raiders Fan 9 days ago

    1st- The Mavs ended the Lakers dynasty in 2011
    2nd- The Spurs ended the Heat dynasty in 2014
    3rd- The Raptors ended the Warriors dynasty in 2019

  • FlashbackGamer Live
    FlashbackGamer Live 12 days ago

    Don't see how anyone could not like this!👍 Great vid! Thanks!!!

  • WestCoastSamoan
    WestCoastSamoan 13 days ago

    Rest in peace Dr. Buss. LA misses you

  • Kajuan S.
    Kajuan S. 14 days ago +1

    I'll never forgive David Stern for nixing the Chris Paul trade

  • 82panther
    82panther 14 days ago

    All your videos about the NBA are great. This one shows the real reason for the Lakers collapse:their front office...

  • dakruise1
    dakruise1 15 days ago

    They back

  • Ian Kervin Sullano
    Ian Kervin Sullano 16 days ago +1

    Man, none of this is fun

  • Joseph Ibarra
    Joseph Ibarra 16 days ago +1

    The Mavs sweep ended their dynasty

  • Anthony Bricker
    Anthony Bricker 17 days ago +1

    I'm glad Dwight Howard is back in LA where he belongs call me crazy this year is we win the championship

  • Calvin Loh
    Calvin Loh 17 days ago +1

    Since THAT YEAR they traded off the 6th man Odom, and Gasol, the Lakers fell off from their prime.. After which, the rest of the changes do not worth mentioning..

  • Mark Garcia
    Mark Garcia 18 days ago

    “Basketball experts were thrilled”💀💀

  • Harieth Velasco
    Harieth Velasco 19 days ago +1

    When will you do Golden State Collapse?

  • Sunny Bibra
    Sunny Bibra 19 days ago +1

    The CP3 veto will never be forgiven

  • Andrew Campa
    Andrew Campa 19 days ago +1

    If we’re being real, Kobe’s career REALLY fell apart when the Lakers started to wear purple arm sleeves at home every game instead of the white sleeves.

  • Kamit Fx
    Kamit Fx 19 days ago

  • Victor Jones
    Victor Jones 20 days ago

    So trump is a basketball expert?

  • comander ToTpik
    comander ToTpik 21 day ago

    I've suffered for 5 hard years. Now this year is the time to shine.

  • LinusXV
    LinusXV 22 days ago

    My Lakers fanboy ass rubbing more sadness to my face

  • Paul Hilary
    Paul Hilary 22 days ago


  • Shotgunner42
    Shotgunner42 23 days ago

    He ran Shaq out of town, he didn’t lose anything but respect of real basketball fans ...

  • Panzerkampfwagen 1
    Panzerkampfwagen 1 23 days ago +2

    Nash knew what he was doing when he signed the deal. 3 years, $30 million, just need to pose for Sports Illustrated photos and stand on the sidelines wearing lakers-theme warmups

  • Colleen  Ross
    Colleen Ross 23 days ago

    Nepotism and nincompoops!

  • CJ
    CJ 25 days ago

    The Vince Carter Toronto Raptors! Not a lengthy stay, or even successful as a whole, but definitely one of the most exciting teams that saw the likes of Camby, Billups, McGrady, Carter, and Bosh come through before it all fell apart.

  • Roberto Reyes
    Roberto Reyes 27 days ago

    This is sad to watch.

  • William Morris
    William Morris 27 days ago

    This video can be just one word. Injuries

  • geomatiq
    geomatiq 27 days ago

    Remember when Magic quit on live TV

  • I Had To Make This Account

    With Kawhi in town, all the lakers can do is hope! 😉😉😉 don't @ me

  • Chris A
    Chris A Month ago

    And now 7-1

  • AnthonyAnimate
    AnthonyAnimate Month ago

    you realize that metta world peace returned in 2015

  • Ryan Dunham
    Ryan Dunham Month ago

    The failed super team was Kobe’s best season change my mind

  • A space being
    A space being Month ago

    I love Kobe but those 09 and 2010 Laker teams would just be average today especially since they ran their offense through Pau Gasol they'd get run out the building the league right now is the most talented it's ever been and the most athletic even the early 2000 Lakers would be average the Kings in that Era played like todays teams a bit not as fast but up and down shooting a lot of 3s and as we know they were completely robbed out of a title by that horribly rigged series the Kings no doubt would have beaten the Neys in the finals they got robbed

  • define crazy
    define crazy Month ago

    Kobe has too many injuries by 2013 and he was no longer a great player after his ACL injury. Also playing in the West is so much tougher then playing in the East.

  • Your GF's BF
    Your GF's BF Month ago

    6:41- "Basketball experts were thrilled'
    *Shows Donald Trump tweet*

  • Don Damn
    Don Damn Month ago

    Let’s put it this way. The nba did what they could to hold Kobe back. The nba did everything they could to get lebron his championships including giving him AD

    • Don Damn
      Don Damn Month ago

      And you’re easily a bronsexual with zero knowledge of the nba

    • Drifting Soul
      Drifting Soul Month ago

      Lol you're a joke

  • SparkinHeart
    SparkinHeart Month ago

    Really entertaining!

  • balltalkdeep
    balltalkdeep Month ago

    I remember being hyped when Kobe, Nash, and Howard got put together and almost expected them to win the chip soon; crazy how things work out

  • Pipsqueak
    Pipsqueak Month ago

    if we atleast get c paul that year kobe wont suffer injuries after injuries.

  • steverl22
    steverl22 Month ago +1

    Those Bus kids.....SUCK!

  • ViZi
    ViZi Month ago +6

    The lakers never “turned it around” Kobe just went off and carried them into a playoff seed.

  • Yahya Rajaee
    Yahya Rajaee Month ago

    At this point, the next Collapse would be about the Golden State Warriors!

  • Wes Maranan
    Wes Maranan Month ago +1

    smush parker woulda helped him win 7 rings...

  • poooky321
    poooky321 Month ago

    They got a passed his prime lebron. Big deal. They still suck.

    • Drifting Soul
      Drifting Soul Month ago

      The hate is strong in you it's ok let it out

  • Dez Bryant
    Dez Bryant Month ago

    Losing D-lo is going to prove futile

  • Play That Again Bruh

    Could've stopped after 4:35

  • Jay Sin
    Jay Sin Month ago +2

    Kobe Bryant: The only Hall of Fame legend that caused a franchise more harm than good.

  • iNiMCaL x NuKe
    iNiMCaL x NuKe Month ago

    Hilarious the whole thing about basket ball experts and had a pic DJ trump

  • Joshua Schoonwater
    Joshua Schoonwater Month ago

    And now people think this Lakers superteam will sink like the other ones from the 10s.

  • Tiito Motivs
    Tiito Motivs Month ago

    The most painful period is lakers history

  • Carl Bra på basket
    Carl Bra på basket Month ago +1

    .R.I.P. Jerry buzz sey for miss speling🙏🏻

  • walterlv01
    walterlv01 Month ago

    I'll never forget after what turned out to be Kobe's final playoff game in 2012 against OKC him saying "this is not going to be a 90s Detroit Pistons situation where they lost and were never heard from again." I thought that was an odd comment to make - and yet it did turn out exactly like that, sadly. Next thing anyone knew the Lakers were losing 60+ games a year.

  • Tora Chan
    Tora Chan Month ago

    Jeanie Buss can get it.
    I’ll Buss a nut in that