LIVE CHAT - Polynesian Resort | YouTube & Facebook Updates

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Join Mark and I for a short, relaxing chat at the Polynesian resort Walt Disney World.
    We'll share a sneak peek at upcoming videos, talk about how changes at RU-clip will impact the channel and give you a Facebook and website update.
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  • Pammie Plus Parks
    Pammie Plus Parks  Month ago +5

    To better answer some questions you've had about changes RU-clip is making to the ad revenue structure for creators like me .... Recently RU-clip was found in violation of COPPA laws that are designed to protect children from being targeted by advertisers. RU-clip had been using their analytic tools to place ads for children on videos that were made for children -- basically targeting children with ads specifically for them. As a result, RU-clip will be paying a $170 million fine and they will be cracking down on the number and type of ads placed on videos that might appeal to children.

    The changes to ads will take place in a few months. I am not positive that this channel will be impacted and to what extent if at all. I am bracing myself for it and want you to know that even if the ad revenue is reduced, Mark and I decided we will be able to get me an annual pass for Disney next year. It might be a lower level pass but I will still have access to the parks and will continue to make Disney videos.

    My pass for Universal Studios expires in June of 2020. By that time RU-clip may have everything sorted out with how they are handling ad revenue and all may be well with this channel. There is no reason to panic at this time but I wanted you to know that I am aware of the possible changes and doing my best to prepare for them. Also, even if things are rough with ad revenue for a bit -- I will still be doing Disney videos and this channel will still be here for you.

  • Shelly Facciola Hassdenteufel

    I REALLY hope the RU-clip change doesn’t affect your ad revenue!!!
    It’s really unfortunate that vloggers have to suffer because RU-clip did something wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Puds Deroiste
    Puds Deroiste 29 days ago

    I hope RU-clip don't impact your ad revenue too much. I watch your channel a lot and when my 3 year old nephew is with me he loves watching it too, he has asked me to watch the Slinky dog review like 20 times! Hope you guys are feeling well now. Thanks from Ireland!

    • Pammie Plus Parks
      Pammie Plus Parks  28 days ago

      I hope so too! But Mark and I have decided that we are going to find a way to make sure I am able to get a Disney pass next year. At the very least, you will continue to see new Disney content from me beyond January of next year.

  • Bella Jones
    Bella Jones Month ago

    Last time I rode space mountain it was way wilder than I expected lol. I can't wait to see what you think of it.

  • Tracie Hess
    Tracie Hess Month ago

    Didn’t get to watch live, but watched the replay. Super excited about the space mountain video!!

  • Kristen Redman
    Kristen Redman Month ago

    Hey! I could have been walking past and not even realized it!

    • Kristen Redman
      Kristen Redman Month ago

      I’m bummed I couldn’t meet you, but I sure do appreciate all of your videos because I was able to make better choices for rides and restaurants based on your reviews. I absolutely loved the sci-fi drive-in. They were very accommodating because I was in a wheelchair by the fourth day. It was one of our favorite meals at WDW.

    • Pammie Plus Parks
      Pammie Plus Parks  Month ago

      We were in a small, out of the way, little noticed area just inside the doors where the monorail lets people into the resort. It would have been really easy to breeze by us and not see us at all.

    AUNT SUEBIE Month ago +1

    I so love the shirt. Let's just hope the you tube fine does not impact you to harshly.

  • Karen D
    Karen D Month ago +1

    I love your shirt, Pammie!

  • Joanne_luvsDisney
    Joanne_luvsDisney Month ago

    I look forward to all of your vlogs! Nice to see Mark too!

  • Joanne_luvsDisney
    Joanne_luvsDisney Month ago

    More Disney content is fine with me!! I hope the ad revenue won’t affect you too much. I guess all the vloggers need to pay for RU-clips mistakes!

  • Joanne_luvsDisney
    Joanne_luvsDisney Month ago

    Sorry I missed you live!

  • Kristin Mishler
    Kristin Mishler Month ago

    mark is hilarious! yall are too cute together

    • Kristin Mishler
      Kristin Mishler Month ago

      tell him the best people are definitely named kristin

    • Pammie Plus Parks
      Pammie Plus Parks  Month ago +1

      I'm hoping he doesn't read this. He really does think he is hilarious. He is not. LOL -- well maybe he is if you are not married to him.😜

  • ThuggishUnicorn88
    ThuggishUnicorn88 Month ago

    Hey Pam! Thank you for making videos and all you do. My sister and I will be going to Disney World in November. Your videos have alleviated a lot of anxiety about getting on most of the rides. The only one we’re still worried about is Flight of Passage.

  • Candace Cherry
    Candace Cherry Month ago

    Hi pam and husband alwas injoy your blogs

  • Deborah Frost
    Deborah Frost Month ago +1

    Love your videos Pammie hope you continue to do them. I have just come back from Disney World and because of you I knew what I could ride and what I couldn't. No humiliation for me.Thank you so much

    • Pammie Plus Parks
      Pammie Plus Parks  Month ago

      I definately plan to continue to do Disney content. Even if I have to get a low-level annual pass next year I will still be able to do Disney videos and I can expand coverage of the resorts too. The channel income is what covers the annual passes and equipment upgrades and replacements .... so I will have to tighten up expenditures there. We still don't know how hard RU-clip creators will be impacted so we can't panic, just have to wait and see.

  • Lynn MacDonald
    Lynn MacDonald Month ago +3

    Wow. It’s not right that RU-clip breaks the law, gets fined but you have to pay the price for that. Google is one greedy, shady, corrupt company.

    • Pammie Plus Parks
      Pammie Plus Parks  Month ago +3

      Well, they aren't fining us, just being ultra careful to ensure that they aren't collecting information on ads that kids might be watching. Something like 80 percent of parents let kids watch videos while signed on as the parents -- so RU-clip can't rely on age analytics to be sure that kids aren't watching a channel.
      If a channel does videos about cartoons, candy, video games, toys and theme parks -- they are going to either eliminate ads on those videos/channels or severely limit the number and types of ads run on those videos/channels. I'm hoping that by June of next year things will have shaken out and there will be a better way for RU-clip to ensure channels like mine aren't targeted to children and it's safe to collect viewer data and run viewer targeted ads.
      Remember -- if RU-clip isn't running ads on a videos, they aren't making money either so it behooves them to figure this all out in the next few months before the rules kick in and refine it within a few months to ensure they can still make money.

    • veryberry39
      veryberry39 Month ago +1

      I read an article about it, and there are some lawmakers who think that fine wasn't nearly enough. Google makes that amount in less than 2 days, so it's not even a dent to them. It's more like the cost of operation.
      On the other hand, if they were punished accordingly, imagine how much more they'd punish the content creators. :/
      I love RU-clip for giving us a place for great content, but I'm really mad about how they treat the people making videos.

  • melissa edwards
    melissa edwards Month ago


    • melissa edwards
      melissa edwards Month ago

      I have missed the last 2 lives because I don’t know how to chat during a live feed? Help

  • Sandra Powers
    Sandra Powers Month ago

    I really like your t shirt .

  • opchick05
    opchick05 Month ago

    What the heck is youtube doing? They have started messing with alot of peoples channels. Pammie, have much weight have you lost? You look fabulous!

    • Pammie Plus Parks
      Pammie Plus Parks  Month ago +3

      They are trying to make sure they are compliant with COPPA laws. They have to make sure that ads designed to target children aren't placed on videos that appeal to children. So, starting in January RU-clip will restrict which videos can have ads and the types of ads that can run on those videos. They are focusing on videos that are kid friendly. Even though my videos are designed for adults who are planning trips to Disney and Universal -- the content is about theme parks, which happen to appeal to children. It is possible some or all of the videos I post may not be allowed to have ads on them or the number or types of ads may be restricted, meaning that I could lose most of the ad generated income on the videos and thereby compromising my ability to make more videos in the future. However, we are working towards ensuring I can get an annual pass for next year -- maybe a lower level pass but I will still be able to cover all the new rides coming up in the future. I've lost about 40 lbs -- it is coming off slower and I have the occassional set back but as long as I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night and am able to keep my stress level lower -- I seem to be slowly but surely taking weight off. Surprising how much stress can contribute to weight gain.

  • GQDisneyFan
    GQDisneyFan Month ago +1

    Hello Pam, sorry to hear about RU-clip decreasing the ad revenue. Just so I understand, it'll still be status quo on your channel right? Your videos have been EXTREMELY helpful since my girlfriend is an SSBBW herself and I'm taking her to her first Disney World trip in a couple years. Anyway, hopefully any changes to your channel won't be too drastic. :)

    • Pammie Plus Parks
      Pammie Plus Parks  Month ago +2

      My first concentration will be on Disney and Mark and I will make sure I can keep doing Disney, even if it is on a low level pass. Universal and other parks will take a back seat. We aren't going to panic. We have faith that everything happens for a reason and things will sort out for the best.